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    The Coquille Herald
Entered as second class mailer May
b, 1905. at tiie poet office at Coquille,
Oreg.u, under act of Congress oi March
8, 187*.
F. C. ! EVAR, LeaBee.
Devoted to the material and aocial
upbuilding of the Coquille Valley par­
ticularly and of Coos County generally.
Subscription, *1.60 per year in advance
Phone Main 354.
All Skin Remedies Fail?
have principles o f honor »nd de­
cency and some chivalrous respect
for the sex to which their mothers |
and sisters belong. At the same j
H a ve you tried all the advertised you not a cent. You owe it to your­
■kin rem edies without success? H ave s e lf to take advantage o f this offer.
time, they are not fully awake to
you sought medical treatm ent in vain? W e are confident it w ill succeed or wa
And you s till suffer from that ir r ita t­ could not afford to make the offer.
the hellishness of the offenses com
ing itch, that horrible, unsightly skiu
D.D.D. Is a penetrating liquid that
k ills and w ashes away disease germs,
mi'ted by some ol their number, or
Do not despair.
lea vin g the skin smooth and healthy.
Come to our store /-.nd we w ill A 50c bottle Is enough to sta rt the
all seducers would be huuted down
O f A R A N T EE YOU IN S T A N T R E ­ cure o f the most obstinate cases o f
like wild beasts
The laws on the
L IE F .
W e w ill let you have a fu ll Eczema, P soriasis and allied diseases.
size bottle o f the D.D.D. Prescription
D.D.D. soap Is a valuable aid. Aslc
statute books would hear a different
fo r Eczema, a simple, antiseptic wash, us about It*
©n our po sitive guarantee that unless
The betrayer o f fe­ It stops the Itch A T ONCE it w ill cost
C.M. FUHRMAN.iDruggist
male virtue would be classed belot.
all other offenders against society,
acres in the said proposed Drainage
and the penalties imposed would be District are 289.18.
Hair Health
as severe as the ingenuity o f man
If Rmall “ 93” Hair Tonic dot*
That the names o f the owners o f
not improve the health of your
could devise
each tract o f land included in said pro­
scalp and hair, we will pay for
That the weaknes of the law is posed Drainage Distrct, aud the tracta
what you uao during tha trial.
of land owned separately by them are
We could not so strongly endorse
recognized is shown in the con­ as follows, to-wit:
Rexall ‘‘OS’* Hair Tonic and continue
sell it to the same people if it did
sideration given to "th e unwritten
not do all we claim. Should it not
lowing tract of land: Beginning at the
la w ," which, in spite of courts and Northwest corner of Jesse D. Clinton’s
prove entirely satisfactory our cus­
tomers would lose faith in us, we
statutes, so often exonerates the land, the same being situated 668.3 feet
would loee their patronage, and our
South and 244.2 feet East o f the corner
business would sutler.
avenger of crimes against woman’s of Sections 5 and 6, 31 and 32 in Town­
If your hair is falling out or you
The lather who shoots ships 28 and 29 South of Range 12 West
suffer any scalp trouble, we believe
of the Willamette meridian, in Coos
Rexall ,,93” Hair Tonic will do more
down the betrayer of bis daughter County, Oregon, and running thence
to eradicate the dandruff, give health
to the scalp, stimulate new hair
has uo defense at law, but in the South parallel with the line between
growth and prevent premature bald­
Sections 5 and 6, Township 29 South of
ness than any other human agency.
hearts of real men he is cleared of Range 12 West of the Willamette meri­
Wo want you to make us prove
dian 2481 feet to the middle of the
all crime.
this. We ask you to risk no money
County road; thence North67ty degrees
whatever. Buy a bottle of Rexall
Yet, in nearly all cases the moral West 617 feet along County road;
” 93” Hair Tome, use it according to
directions for thirty days; then if
leper who is responsible for the thence north 57 L. degrees West 400 feet
you are not entirely satisfied, come
along County road; thence North paral­
and tell us and we will promptly hand
downfall of a young girl goes free; lel winh the line between said Sections
back the money you paid us for it. |
aud if, by dragging his victim 5 and 6 between the land o f H. L. Carl
We won’t ask you to sign any­
and S. L. Lafferty and Carl and P. S.
nor even to bring the bottle
through the unbearable slime of Robison 2700 feet to the line between
back. We won’t obligate you in
We will take your mere
publicity, some measure of punish­
word. Could anything be more fairT
West; thence East along said Township
ment is dealt out to him it is farci­ line 423 feet to Robison’s Southeast
Could we do anything more to prove
our belief in Rexall ” 93” Hair Tonic,
cal in its leniency and has no deter­ corner; thence North 36 degrees East
and our honesty of purpose in recom­
along the line as now fenced between
it to you?
rent influence on others of his kind. the lands o f Carl and Robison 1230 feet
Rexall ” 93” Hair Tonic is as pleas­
The result is that the worst pos­ more or less to low water line o f the
ant to use as spring water and has
Coquille river; thence Southerly along
but a faint, pleasing odor. It comee
sible crime, beside which murder is low water line up stream to a point due
in two sizes of bottles, 50c and $1.00.
You can buy Rexall "9 3 " Hair Tool*
a light offense, the crime which
I d this community only at our store:
West 350 feet to the place of beginning,
rums the life aud destroys the soul containing 74.78 acres, less one acre
while letting the body live on. goes conveyed by H. L. Carl to School Dis­
trict No. 80. Coos County, Oregon, and
T h t V s n a f t Start
unpunished by men
I f in “ this particularly described in paragraph I of Coquille
There Is a Rexall Store In nearly every town
sorty scheme ot things entire," this Petition, all o f said land Delonging
and city In the United States, Canada and
to said H. L. Carl Petitioner, B. F.
Great Britain. There is a different Rexall
there is not a hell for the adequate Wyatt has an option to purchase.
Remedy for nearly every ordinary human ill—-
each especially designed for the particular Ul
Second: Price S. Robinson owning
punishment of such black offense
for which it is reoammended.
the following described tracts: Begin­
T h e R c u ll Stores are Am erica*« G reatest
against everything that is purest ning 15.12 chains North and 9 links
D rug Store«
and best, then indeed might even West of the Sontheast comer of Sec­
tion 31 in Township 28 South of Range 12
man "rem old it nearer to the West of the Willamette meridian, in
North and 3.70 chains East of the 8. \V.
Coos County, Oregon, at a cedar stake corner of the N. W. l4 of S. W.
heart’s desire.”
W e all gratefully accept the soft­
ening down o f the old beliefs as to
future punishment, but once in a
while a case comes up which shows
that in abolishing the idea of a ma­
terial hell we have takeu away one
prop Irom our confidence in eternal
There are some crimes
that can never meet with adequate
punishmeut on earth. T b eie are
some sins so black that even death
o f the offender can not purge his
record, and if there be no future
expiation, then the whole system is
an uumoral farce.
Take the Marshfield „case of a
week ago, whereby a young i»irl
Dot yet fifteen, but buddiag early
into womanhood, bright,intelligent,
with possibilities of a useful and
happy life before her, was led so tar
astray that she died by her own
hand rather than face the shame
that had come to her.
further knowledge ot fke case than
has been published in the news­
papers, it is easy to supply the
Young, giddy, undiscip
lined and uncontrolled, with a
woman’s passions and a child’s
strength, she fell a victim to the
That she was not de
praved is shown by her pitiful way
of escape from the darkness which
surrounded her. It was the best
solution, and we can not but be­
lieve that her case is safe with Him
whose heart ever had compassion
lor the Magdalene.
But what can we say of him who
was responsible for her downfall?
There is no language to properly
designate him. Whether the right
party has been apprehended is not
now under discussion
Some one
in the semblance of a man is guilty
It is useless to say that the parents
were to blame. Perhaps they were,
in some degree, and perhaps not.
It ought not to be necessary (or
parents to guard their growing
daughters as the shepherd would
guard his sheep among ravening
The mauhood ol men
themselves Ought to be sufficient
protection for pure and innocent
young girlhood. W ith women of
an older growth with more experi­
ence and knowledge of the world,
with stronger will power and better
control of their passions, with their
eyes wide open, there may be some
excuse lor considering the game
legitimate. But iu the case of a
girl in her teens, and especially her
early teens, with new forces stir­
ring within her. without knowledge
of her danger, without, the cold sell
control that may come later, to ex
pose her to the free influence of a
man who knows how to play upon
her affections, her emotions and her
passions is to leave her only pro­
tection in his sense ol honor
It is a broad assertion but an
absolute fact that no girl ever grew
up into healthy and well developed
without passing
through a period of danger
females may be so constituted, so
self-centered, so emotionless, so
lacking in those softer feminine at
tributes which are at once the great­
est strength and the greatest weak­
ness of tire sex, that they are al­
ways “ safe,” that no influence can
swerve them from the path laid out
by icy conventionality and cold
But such a nature can
never blossom into periect woman­
hood. The ideal ol humanity is
not the marble statue, but the
warm, pulsating, feminine w o m a n ,
with capabilities ot love and trust
and sacrifice. The thing without
sex is not a woman
Given, then, the young girl
gtowiug up witli all the qualities of
true womanhood i-oming to jrerfee-
tion within her, and without the
knowledge aud experience that
would later be her protection, and
she is an easy prey to the arts of
the seducer if he be given unre­
stricted opportunity to work his
w ill. The wonder is not that so
many fall by the wayside but that
so few are lost;_and it speaks well
for the honor ot men in general
that with tire freedom given to
our American girls so lew disasters
occur. It shows that nearly ail men
Donates Tree
E N. Moon, who was in town
Saturday, informed the Herald that
on bia return home he expected to
take out a walnut shade tree which
had been donated to School District
No. 22 on the upper north f ol k by
C O. Croaby, the Fairview nursery
man. He said that Mr. Croaby was
geDeroualy willing to give a shade
tree to any school district that
want* one and will take care of it
The grounds iu District 22 are just
now being encloaed with’ a fence, so
that the newly planted tiee wifi be
A Good
The Edwards and Merritt Music­
al Comedy Company opens a two-
nights engagement at the Royal
tomorrow night, playing the popul­
ar musical comedy "Coney Island.”
This company has been playing the
Bay towns aud it is reported that
they made good over there.
Herald is informed by a Marshfield
theatre goer that the company is
much better than tlie road shows
ordinarily seen here.
There are »
hunch of shapely and clever girls
and plenty of good musical comedy
stunts are pulled off. When a good
show comes this far off the beaten
path it should be well patronized,
and we predict good houses for this
short engagement.
To the Honorable County Court for
Coos County, Oregon:
We the undersigned persons hereby
petition your Honorable Body for the
organization of a Drainage District to
tie named and known as West Norway
Drainage District and Numbered 8, and
respectfully show the following state
of facts, to-wit:
That we comprise more than twenty-
five per cent, of the owners of a body
o f land susceptible o f one system of
drainage and desire to drain the same
for the improvement of agriculture
and to prevent the overfiow from flood
waters or any possible rise o f the sub­
surface of thi waters thereof, the
boundaries of which said body o f land
arc described as follows, to-wit:
"Beginning at a point 10.10 chains
North and 3.70 chains East o f the
Southwest corner o f the Northwest
quarter o f the Southwest quarter of
Section 5, in Township 29 South of
Range 12 West of the Willamette
meridian, in Coos County, Oregon, and
running thence South <18 degrees East
13.70 chains along County road; thence
North to low water line of the Coquille
river; thence with and along low water
line down stream to a point North 5
degrees East 27.50 chains and East 1
chain from the Southwest corner o f the
Northwest quarter of the Northeast
quarter o f Section 6 in said Township
and Range; thence South 5 degrees
West 27.50 chains; thence West 1 chain
to quarter quarter section corner;
thence South 20 chains to the center of
said section 6; thence East along quar­
ter section line 30 chains; thence South
parallel with the section line between
sections 5 and 6 to the middle o f the
County road; thence along said County
road South 57 S degrees East 400 feet;
thence South 671 degrees East along
road 617 feet to the place of beginning,
containing 290.18 acres, more or less,
save and except from the above de­
scribed body of land one acre belonging
to School District No. 80, described as
follows, to-wit: Beginning at a point
on North line of the County road 494
feet South and 217 feet East o f the
quarter section corner tietween Sections
5 and 6, Township 29 South o f Range
12 West o f the Willamette Meridian,
and running thence North 67'.; degrees
West along North side of County road
268.7 feet; thence North 14 degrees
East 183.4 feet; thence South 67 \ de­
grees East 217 feet; thence South to
the place o f beginning.
That the approximate number
4 inches square two and one-half feet
long driven two feet in the ground,
running thence North 60 degrees West
2.50 chains; thence North 22'a degrees
West 1.96 chains; thence North 40 de­
grees East 2.26 chains; thence South
45l2 degrees East 4.06 chains; thence
South 37 degrees West 2.40 chains to
the place o f beginning, containing 1.10
acres o f land in Sections 31 and 32 in
Township 28 South o f Range 12 West
o f the Willamette meridian;
Also commencing at the quarter
quarter .section post situated on the
Township line between Townships 28
and 29 South o f Range 12 West o f the
Willamette meridian, 20 chains West
of the corner of Sections 5 and 6, 31
and 32, running thence north 37 % de­
grees East to a certain willow tree
situated on the left hank o f the Co-
quille river, thence up stream 18 rods
to a point; thence South 37% degrees
West 22.90 chains to Township line;
thence South 22 degrees West 20.20
chains to a point; thence West 14.40
chains to a point; thence North 37%
degrees East 23.60 chains to the place
o f beginning, containing 25.30 acres;
Also commencing at a point situated
on township line between Townships 28
and 29 South o f Range 12 West of the
Willamette Meridian, said point being
15 chains West o f the corner to Sec­
tions 5, 6, 31 and 32, running thence
North 37% degrees East along the
boundary o f Asa M yer’s land 22.90
chains to the bank of the Coquille river;
thence with the meander of said
stream, up stream 8.50 chains to a
point; thence South 3734 degrees East
16.11 chain to township’ line; thence
West 5.60 chains to a point; thence
South 18.79 chains to a point; thence
West 12.72 chains to a point, the South­
east corner of Asa Myer’s land; thence
North 22 degrees East 20.20 chains to
the place o f beginning, and containing
33 acres, more or less.
Save and except from the second
tract above described 2 acres more or
less in the Southwest corner thereof
heretofore conveyed to Oleff Reed and
and by him conveyed to Amelia
said of said Section 5, thence South
68 degrees East 13.70 chains along
County road, thence North to Co­
quille river, thence down said river
to a point 13.70 chains East of the West
line of Section 5, thence South 2.18
chains, thence West 10 chains, to place
o f beginning, containing 39 acres, more
or less.
at the C' unty Court Room, in rlu*
Court House, at Coquille, in said Coo#
County, have been appointed by said
Court, as the time aud place f r the
hearing of said final account, aud for
the final settlement of said estate.
Now therefore, all {»ortons interested
in the said estate are hereby notified
and required to he and appear at said
time and place so appointed lor the
hearing of said final account and then
ami there show cause ii any exists why
said final account should not he allowed
and approved, said estate forever and
finally settled and said administrator
discharged anti his bondsmen ex­
Dated this 1st day of April, A. D.
Administrator of the Estate of Geo. M.
Payne, deceased.
F arm ers , A t t e n t io n !
(in bulk)
In the Circuit Court of the S tite of
Oregon for the County of Coos
H. L. Carl,
Hans K. Reed, Christ'na Oil­
man and Lena Hall, formerly
Lena Thelin, including all the
heirs at law of Oloff Reed, (also
known as Olaff Reed or Orloff
Reed). Deceased, the unknown
heirs of Nickalai Reed, (also
known as Nickolia Reed) De­
ceased, Asa Myers, Andrew
Hoover, Willis A. Hoover,
Laura Robison, Aaron J. My­
ers, All»ert Myers, John ft.
Myers, Ed. J. Myers, Lueioiis
L. Myers, Ralph A. Myers,
Daisy Clinton and Mary Murry,
including all the heirs at law of
Aaron Hoover, deceased, Price
8. Robison, Jesse D. Clinton
and S. L. Lafferty and his wife,
Amelia Lafferty, Jennie Fehet-
ter, Albert Thelin,
Thelin, Alice Baldwin, Alonzo
Thelin and Arthur Thelin in­
cluding all the heirs at law of
John Thelin, Dee eased, Anne
Barklow, widow of S. S. Bark-
low, Deceased, James H. Bark
low', Sarah Randeim&n, Nathan
E. Barklow, John D. Barklow,
Laura Broadbent, Bertha Snell,
and Alta Abbott, including all
the heirs at law of S. S. Bark­
low, Deceased, Edward kack-
leff, Ralph R. Rackleff, Charles
Rackleff, George Rackleff, Ly­
man Rackleff, Owen Rackleff,
Annie Lehmanowsky, E l l e n
Angel, Rose Butler, Frank
Tripp, Ollie Shaw, Rachael
Schroeder, Rose So wash, Laura
Huntley, Emily C. Schumacker,
Beatrice Beattie, Mary Simons,
George Clark, and Edward
Clark, including all the heirs at
law of William Rackleff, (also
known ao William Rackhff) De­
ceased, and also all other per­
sons or parties unknown claim­
ing any right, title, estate, lien,
or interest in the real estate de­
scribed in the complaint herein,
Delendants. -
(for treating seed before planting)
(for spraying fruit trees)
K n o w l t o n ' s D r u g S to r e
¡Mrs. Housewife
If you wont the BEST in
Wellman Brands
W E L L M A N stands for absolutely the BEST
of I
To Lena Hall, Alonzo Thelin, Arthur
Thelin, Anbert Thelin, Walter Thelin.
■ If you buy Wellm an, Silver Thistle or Park Brands I
Alice Baldwin, Andrew' Hoover, Maiy
Murry, Bertha Snell, Ollie Shaw , Emily
you are assured of a good article.
C. Schumacker, Beatrice Beattie, Mary
Simons, George Clark, Edward Clark,
Stands for the Best Grade of Swift’s Ham
Rose Sowash, Annie Lehmanowsky, and
the unknown heirs of Nickalai Reed,
and Bacon.
Ask your Grocer for these
and also all other persons or parties
Brands. I f he doesn’t have them, ask him
unknown claiming any right, title,
estate, lien, or interest in the real
to call up
estate herein described, Defendants.
In the Name of the State of Oregon :
you and each of you are hereby notified
that the plaintiff, H . L. Carl, has com­
menced a suit in the Circuit Court of
the State of Oregon, for Coos Count\,
against you, impleaded with otheis,
and that in pursuance of an order made
and entered in said cause and court by
Honorable John S. Coke, Presiding
Judge of said Court, on the 31st day of
March, 1913, you anti each of you are
hereby required to appear in said cau-e
and court and answer the complaint of
the plaintiff filed therein, on or before
six weeks Irom the first publication of
this summons, which first publication
w ill he upon the 1st day of April, 1913,
and that for want of answer thereto, on
or before said time, the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the lelief de­
manded in the Complaint, a succinct
statement of which is as follows: that
it be declared and adjudged that the
plaintiff is the owner in fee simple of
the following described real estate,
situated in Coos County, State of
Oregon, to wit:
The Southeast ^ of Section 6 T. 29
South, Range 12 West of the Willam­
ette Meridian, in Oregon, containing
160 acres.
Also. Beginning at the N. W. corner
of Jesse D. Clinton’s land, the same
That the general character o f said being situated 668.3 feet South and
Third: Amelia Lafferty and Walter proposed drainage system is as follows: 244.2 feet East of the corner of Sections
Thelin owning the following tract of one main ditch along the above men­ 5, 6, 31 and 32 Townships 28 and 29
land: Beginning at a point 18.79chains tioned route with a floodgate at or near South, Range 12 West of the Willam­
South and 1 chain East of the % post the mouth of said ditch, and with such ette Meridian, Coon County. Oregon,
on Township line between Section 31, such laterals or feeders as may be and running thence South parallel with
Township 28 South of Range 12 West necessary, practical, or convenient for the line between said S« ctions 5 and 6
of theWillamette meridian, in Coos Coun­ the successful drainage o f said proposed of T. 29 s., R. 12 West 3292 feet to the
ty, Oregon, and Section 6, Township district.
quarter quarter section line running
29 South o f Range 12 West of Willam­
East and West through the S. W.
ette meridian in Coos County, Oregon,
That Wednesday, the 7th day o f May, said Section 5, thence West 244.2 teei
running North 5 degrees East 27.50 1913, at the County Court Room is here­ to the line between said Sections 5 ami
chains to Coquille river; thence with by designated as the time and place for 6 at the quarter quarter section corner;
and along low water line of said river the hearing of this^jetition;
thence North along said section line 1320
up stream to a point where Reed’s and
feet to the
section corner; thence
Hoover’s line intersects said river;
That the land embraced in said pro­ West 660 feet to the line between Carl
thence South 38 degrees West to a posed drainage district is river bottom and S. L. Laferly; thence North parallel
point 5.25 chains East and 18.79 chains and that muen of it is covered with wa­ with the section line between the land
South of % post on Township line on ter during a greater part o f the year, of S. L. Laferty and Carl and P. S.
line between Sections 31 and 6 in Town­ and it is necessary to drain the same Robison and Carl 2640 feet to the line
ship 28 and 29 South o f Range 12 West; for the improvement o f agriculture and between Twpe. 28 and 29 S., R. 12
thence West 5.25 chains to the place of and for the development o f said land;
West; thence East along T. line 423 feet
beginning; also beginning 10 chains
to the s. E. corner of Robison land;
West of the Southeast corner o f the
That Petitioners, Price S. Robison, : thence North 36 degrees E. along the
Northeast quarter o f Section 6 in Town­ Jesse D. Clinton and B. F. Wyatt are : line as now fenced between the lands of
ship 29 South of Range Range 12 West three persons, qualified and competent, | Carl and Robieon 1230 leet, more or
of the Willamette meridian, in Coos I and desire to serve as Trustees for the | less, to low water line of Coquille River;
County, Oregon, thence West 30 chains; 1 first year from the date o f the forma­ thence Southerly along low water up
thence North 20 chains; thence East 30 tion of said drainage district, and until stream to a point due East of begiu-
Notice lo Creditors
chains; thence South 20 chains to the their successor are chosen and quali­ ' ning; thence West 350 feet to the place
No lice
Notice is hereby given that the
place o f beginning, and containing in fied.
| of beginning, being a part of Lot 8 of
o f the State of Oregon,
both parcels herein described 113 acres, j
i Section 3» and a part of lx>t 1 of Section
for Coos County, has appointed the
more or less.
B. F. W Y A T T ,
Notice is hereby given by the under­
32of T. 28 South, Range 12 West and a
undersigned executor of the last will of signed, that at a regular meeting of
H. L. C ARL,
part of Sections 5 and 6 T. 29 S., R. 12
Fourth: Jesse D. Clinton owning the 1
Moses A. Welch, deceased, to adminis­ the common council o f the City o f Co­
following described tracts: Beginning
the said estate.
quille, to be held on the 21st day o f
taining in all 235.76 acres, more or ler-s. ter All
3.70 chains East of the section line be­ STATE OF OREGON,F - c
persons having claims against the
Save and except from the above de- said estate are required to exhibit the April, 1913, in said City of Coquille, a
tween Sections 5 and 6, Township 29 COUNTY OF COOS, $
petition will be presented to said com­
I scribed lend one acre heretofore sol 1 by
South, Range 12 West, Willamette
same with the necessary vouchers to mon council praying for the vacation of
Meridian, Coos County, Oregon, 13.27 sworn depose and say that I am one of H. L. Carl to School District No. 80 as the undersigned at Lampa, Oregon.
that part or portion of Burn’s Avenue
chains South of the North boundary of the Petitioners named in and making follows: Beginning at a point on North ; Coquille, Oregon, Msrch 7, 1913.
situate, lying and being between blocks
said township at a cedar post 3% inches the foregoing Petition askincr the Coun­ line of the County Road 494 leet South
square, 2% feet long driven full length ty Court of ( oos County, Oregon, to and 217 feet East of the l \ section Executor Estate of Moses A. Welch, seven and eight of Barrow and Strang's
addition to the City of Coquille, ac
in the ground, running thence South 52 firm the West Norway Drainage Dis­ corner between Sections 5 and 6 above i Deceased.
cording to the recorded plat of said ad­
minutes East parallel with the section trict that I have read said petition, mentioned and running thence N. 67 L.
dition; said vacation o f said street so
line 7.22 chains to a cedar post driven know the contents thereof and the same degrees W. along North side oi County
prayed for, extending from the North
Road 268.7 feet; :hence North 14 de­
in the ground, thence East 10.00 chains | is true as I verily believe.
grees E 183.4 L e t; thence South 67’v.
Notice is hereby given by Mary Me tine o f Nosier street and between said
to » cedar post marked C. S., thence \
blocks seven and eight to the South
North 52 minutes West 2.18 chains to a
John K Mcl.eod, deceased, tlint said Ad- line o f Sanford street in said addition.
place of beginning.
cedar post marked C. S., on the left ; this 7th day of April 1913.
And that you, and each of you, have 1 n inistralrix did upon March 29ih, 1913, Said petition will also pray for the
bank of the Coquille river, thence down [ seal [
Notary Public for Oregon. no estate, right, title, or interest what- , i tile her final rep.rl and account in the vacation of the alley in said block seven
said hank of said river North 67 degrees i
West 1.08 chains, thence North 37b. i
ever in or to said premises, or any part matter of said estate, and that the Hon. and for the vacation o f the alley in said
degrees West 4. IK) chains, thence North
thereof, and also that you, and each Judge of the County Court of Coos block eight. Said street or portion
14 degrees West 1.50 chains to a cedar
and every one of you, be forever <ie- county, Oregon, made an order on thereof, and .said alleys so sought to lie
post marked C. S., thence West 6.301 Notice is hereby given that the under­ I hi re ! Irom asst rting any claim what- April 3rd, 1913, fixing May 12, 1913 at vacated, are to be vaented by said com­
chains to the place o f beginning, con­ signed, A. M. Mnnott, as Administrator t vet in or to said land or premises ad­ 10 o'clock a. in. as the time, and (lie mon council to school district No. 8, of
taining 6 acres;
of the Estate of George M Payne, de­ verse to the plaintiff, and for such I Court house in the Citv of Coquille, Coquille, Coos County, Oregon for
Also beginning 3.70 chains East and ceased. has filed his final account of other nd further relief as to the Court County, Oregon as the place for school purposes.
| hearing objectio n to said final ac­
20.49 enains South o f the N. W. corner the administration of said Estate with may seem equitable.
count and tiie settlement of raid Estate.
o f Section 5 in Township 29 South of the Clerk of Connty Court of Coos
Doted this 1st day of April, 1913.
Range 12 West of the \\ illamette Meri­ County. State of Oregon, and that the
L A. R oh krts ,
Dated this 4lh day of April. 1913
M a m M c I. kod
dian, Coos County, Oregon, running 9th day of May, A. D. 1913, at the hour
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Adnunistratirx 3-18-4t
thence South to a point 10.10 chains of 10 o clock in the forenoon of said day, I Residing at Myrtle Point, Oregon.
That a general description of the
route o f the said proposed Drainage
System is as follows: Variation 22 de­
grees East. Commencing at a point
marked by a willow stake set in the
ground on the Southerly bank of the
Coquille river distant from low water
line 50 feet, and from which a mvrtle
tree 5 feet in diameter bears South 69 de­
grees East 140.5 feet and running thence
North 28 degrees 42 minutes West 50
feet to low water line in the Coquille
river, and from first named point run­
ning South 28 degrees 42 minutes East
482 feet to a point marked by a stake
driven into the ground; thence South 43
degrees 24 miuutes East 140.7 feet to
the line between Townships 28 and 29
South, and of .Range 12 West of the
Willamette Meridian, Coos County,
Oregon, at a point on said township
line which is 1865.5 feet West o f the
corner common to Sections 31 and 32 of
Township 28 South, Range 12 West,
and Sections 5 and 6 o f Township 29
South, Range 12 West o f Willamette
meridian, and continuing thence South­
easterly in a direct line to a point which
is 660 feet West and 1234.5 feet South
from the corner common to Sections 31
and 32 Township 28 >outh. Range 12
W e s to ftb e Willamette Meridian and
Section 5 and 6 Township 29 South,
Range 12 West of the Willamette Meri­
dian; thence South 990 feet more or
less, to the low contour line o f foothills;
thence in an Easterly direction along
said low contour line of foothills
1250 feet to a point 594 feet Easterly
from the line between Sections 5
and 6 o f Township 29 South, Range
12 West of the Willamette Meridian,
and terminating at last named point;
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