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    T he C oquille H erald
V **
Q T h e Herald, the old estab­
lished reliable newspaper of
the Coquille Valley in which
an “ ad" always brings results.
V O L . 31,
N O . 30
C O Q U IL L E , C O O S C O U N T Y , O R E G O N , T U E S D A Y , A P R IL
Fraternal and BeneVolent Orders
Diamond Rope
F. A A. M.—Regular meeting of
• Chadwick Dodge No. 68 A. F. A A.
M.. at Masonic Hall, every Ka'urday
night in each month oil or before the
full moon.
C. W . K .N m c o r r , W. M.
K. If. M ast , ecreta ry. !
K. 8.— Regular meeting of Heulah
• Chapter No. (i, recoud and fourth
Friday evenings of each month, in Ma­
sonic Hall.
E va B a k r o w , W. M
J O S K I'H IN K t i .
J Or, T he M y s te r y
I ’ EOIM.KH, 8 e C .
By C L A R I S S A M A C H I E
T O. O. F.—Coquille larlge No. 53, 1 .0
1 . O. F., meet» every î-atuiday night
n Odd Fellows Hall.
Rogers thrust the morning newspa­
C. tf. C i . kavkm , N. G.
per under my nose and pointed to the
J. 8. I.AWKKNCK, Sec-
glaring headlines.
amie k e b e k a h lod ge . No.20
“ Read that!” he commanded.
1. O. O. F., meets every second and
“ I huve read It, confound you!” I
fourth Wednesday nights ill Odd Fellow.
growled. “ You can’t stir up any sen­
E m ily H khsky , N. G,
sational argument in this office today.
A n n ie L ayyuxnce , Hec.
Jack. I don’t care If Mrs. Slashliu
/-»O Q U II.LE ENCAMPMENT. No. 2’ Goeshy has lost her diamond necklace!
I. O. O. F., meets ihe first and I hi r
She hasn’t consulted us. She Is no
Thursday nights in Odd Fellows Hall.
client o f ours.”
■t. 8 . B a r t o n , 0 . t*.
J . 8 .L am - resck , Sec.
] “True, true -sadly true,” agreed my
partner, sitting down on the edge o f
n i g h t s o f p y t h i a *.— Lycurgu«
the table and ptjsbing his hat back
Lodge No. 72, meets Tuesday nights j
with an excited gesture. “ Neverthe­
in W. 0 . W. Hall. »
less, my dear Harley, you mustn’t for­
K. R. W a tso n , K R . S.
get that the pleasant side line or diver­
O. A. M intosyk , C. C.
sion, avocation, or whatever you call It,
YTHIAN SISTERS—Justus o f this particular law firm Is to do a
No. 35, meet» first and Third Mon­
bit of amateur detective work, espe­
day nights in VV. 0 . W. Hall. •
cially when there’s a reward of real
Mas. G k » rob D avis , M. E. C.
money out.”
M r s . F rb d L in e g a r , K. of R.
“ Real money, Jack?” I pricked up my
ED MEN—Coquille Tribe No, 46, 1. ears.
O. R. M., meets every Friday niglii
“ Five thousand dollars reward,” re­
in W. O. VV. Hall.
turned my partuer crisply.
J. **. B a r t o n , Sachem.
A. P. M il l e r , C. of R. I I whistled “ I’d like to get hold o f
that, Jack.”
W. A.— Regular meetings of Rea- i "Same here. Want to try for It?”
. ver Camp No. 10,550 in M . W . A. j “ Where shall we begin? What do
Hall, Front street, first and third Sat- you know about It?”
urdavs in each month.
“ Only what It says In the paper here,
M. O. H awkins . Consul.
bui I’ ve drawn my own conclusions.”
R. B. R o g e r s . V. C.
I picked up the newspaper. “ I’ ll
N kd C. K e l l e y , Clerk.
read It over carefully, and we can com­
N. A.— Regular meeting of L«ur* I pare notes,” I suggested, and Jack nod­
. i amp No. 2972 at M. W. A . Hall
Front street, second and fourth Tue?-- ded assent and lighted his pipe. At
last I threw aside the sheet. “ Fire
day night» in each month.
ahead,” I said.
M a r y K ern , Oracle
E dn a K e l l e y , Rec.
“ In the first place, Mrs. Goesby de­
clares that she removed the rope of
O. VV.— Myrtle Camp No. 197 diamonds from her neck and laid it on
. meets first and third .Mondays at
her dressing table. She passed Into
W . O. W. Hall.
her boudoir for an instant, and when
It. S. K n o w lto n , C. C.
she returned the rope had disappeared.
J ohn I. e n e v e , S ec.
It was 2 o’clock in the morning. She
VENINOTIDB G1HCLB No. -Ml. had Just returned from a function of
meets »econd and fourth Mondas
some sort and had ordered that her
nights in VV. O. W. Hall.
maid need not be in attendance. She
O ra X . M a u r y , G. N .
was practically alone. Her husband
M a r y A . P ie r c e , Clerk.
was In Washington. She neither heard
ARMERS UNION.— Regular meet­
ings f econd and fourth Saturdays in
each month in VV. O. W. Hall.
F r a n k B u r k h o l d e r , Pres.
O. A. M inton y e , Sec.
R A T E R N A L AID N o . 398, Wit U tli*
second and fourth Thursdays each
inontli at VV. O. W . Hall
M r ». C h a s . F v i . a n d , Pres.
M rs . L ora H a r r in g t o n , Sec.
Educational Organizations and Clubs
LEAGUE—Meets monthly at the
High School Building during the school
year for the purpose of discussing edu­
cational topics.
R ena A n d e r so n , Pres.
E d n a M i n a rd , Sec._____
repeated Severn! times as we question­
ed her in our capacity o f private de­
“ She is French?” I asked.
“ Yes; she has l>eeii with me for flve
yours and \x most reliable.”
“ Where is she now?”
“ In the house somewhere-- perhaps In
her own room. She was much upset
by the robbery as well as by the police
command that no one leave the house.”
“ That is a detective In the lower
“ Yes. He came a half hour ago. I
have felt easier since he has beeu on
Mrs. Goesby showed us the dressing
table whereon she had laid the rope of
diamonds which bad so mysteriously
disappeared during the few minutes
she was absent from the room.
We looked the room over carefully
without result. There was no chimney,
nit hole
mode of escape for man or
beast of any shape or size. It was a
charming room, this dressing room of
fashionable beauty—the walls paper­
ed with trelllsed roses that rambled
over the celling and almost appeared
to hang in clusters over our heads.
The ceiling attracted me strangely.
When I stood on u chair and poked
my cane ut a spot over the dressing
table a look o f intelligence came into
Rogers’ expressionless face.
“ What are you doing?” half laughed
Mrs. Goesby. Then she added, “ How
very odd!”
It was curious, odd, absurd, any­
thing you care to call It. for my cane
had poked right tiirough one o f those
lovely pink roses on the ceiling, and
there flopped down to the carpet the
cut out rose itself and left up there an
u glyiittle hole through ceiling, plaster
and lath.
“ I guess we’ ll find a loose hoard up
there in the room o f your maid.” sug­
gested Rogers.
“ As well as a long, slender stick
with a hook on one end,” 1 added
briskly, for I could see that $5,000 re­
ward in the distance, and it looked
good to me.
“ Oh. do you believe that that is the
way It happened?” cried Mrs. Goesby,
quite unnerved by the discovery we
had made. “ I cannot believe that Fe­
lice would do anything o f that sort.”
“ If you will accompany me up­
stairs,” I suggested, leaving my part­
ner In the dressing room on guard.
We found the door o f the maid’s
room wide open and the biffl flown,
by what underground route we never
found out.
I pulled up the rugs from the floor
and searched until 1 found the loose
board In her closet. When I pried it
up I could look right down on to the
dressing table, from which the dia­
mond neckluce had disappeared.
“ How is this for a fishing pole?” 1
asked after a search o f the room, and
I brought forth two strips o f bamboo,
perhaps six feet each in length. Once
they had formed [»art o f a bamboo
porch screen. On the end o f one strip
there was fastened a piece of wire
firmly twisted into a strong hook.
When one pole was fitted into the oth­
er and thrust down the hole we were
enabled to flsh up almost auythiug
from the dressing table below.
Now that the method o f robbery had
been solved, it remained to catch the
clever maid, who had disappeared
(JJob Printing— N ew presses
new material and experienced
workmen. A guarantee that
Herald printing will please
P E R Y E A R $ 1 .5 0
with the diamonds
A search' o f the
house resulted *n nothing.
No oue
had seen her since the Inflated break­
fast hour. We obtained her descrip­
tion from Mgs. Goesby. and. having
that lady’s assurance that our discov­
eries should remain a secret for the
time being, we went on our way re­
joicing. large visions of the $5.000 re­
ward dazzling our eyes.
“ If you were a French maid and had
attached yourself to n fortune in dia­
monds what would yon do?” I a»ked
Rogers the next morning
“ I’d make track« for the French
line pier!” he exclaimed, and I was
with him instantly. So we were soon
whirling down Houston street to the
French line pier.
Steven Redmond was twenty years
Passengers were straggling aboard, old when he met Lulu Beckwith,
and for several hours we watched j Very few men are developed at twen-
there, finding no one who came within j ty, and Steven was not oue o f tbe
a mile o f the description Mrs, Goesby few. Nevertheless he considered him­
had given us o f her maid Felice.
self a full fledged man. and since he
Tw o black garbed nuns hastened was at the mating age lie engaged him­
past us. and Rogers* grip on my arm self to Miss Beckwith, she being will­
brought me to instant attention.
One o f the uuns fitted the descrip­
Miss Beckwith, like Mr. Redmond,
tion of Felice. We could not see her was n member of the main social cir­
hair because o f the stiffly starched cle in ttie place where they lived and
both used to the artificial life pertain­
The other woman was stout and ing to society. But there was a vast
commonplace looking, hut somehow difference between them.
they did not have the serene expres­ was capable of being developed. Miss
sion o f the sweet sisters of the church. Beckwith was not.
The small, dark one. like her com­
Why Is it that a pretty girl In
panion. wore a heavy rosary of large, pretty clothes and with pretty ways
black, irregular beads. It swung from should necessarily be a divinity to
her waist and swung in and out of the a young man? It is Impossible to
thick folds o f her skirts. I caught all say unless it is to carry out the mating
this at a glance as they passed, and we law of nature. At any rate, so did
followed them aboard
Miss Beckwith, who was a very shal­
I was almost ashamed of my suspi low young lady, appear to Mr. Red­
cions, but Rogers was whispering in mond. But he was not destined to
my ear.
possess her, for her father and moth­
“ The short oue—notice her rosary: er thought that so admirable a per­
Looks like black woodeu beads or jet. son us their daughter should marry an
eh? Caught a glimpse of a sparkle equally admirable mau. Where they
that would dazzle your eyes.’ ’
were going to get him was another
“ What is it. Jack?” I breathed.
matter. There was no hurry. Lulu
“ The diamond rope painted bla-k. was very young.
What do you think of that? .lust step
Possibly had the girl been the life
ashore and call an officer. Telephone helpmate Redmond really wanted she
to headquarters if you think best. I’ ll might have had something to say about
watch here and see that they don’t get the matter herself However this lie,
away or suspect.”
she a< quiesced. threw Steven ov« r and
“ You’re sure?” I insisted as 1 went waited for r. n.i n t > appear whom her
parents would approve. Steven was
“ Sure as guns!” he said.
plunged in deep<*t grief. “ That i lids it
And he was right! When the heavy for me.” he said "1 shall never love
black rosary was taken from the de­ any one else. My heart is broken.”
fiant, scratching, biting little French­
There was something about Redmond
woman and the beads were carefully to attract Mar- art ( ’atherwood. Ked-
scraped with a knife they revealed the ! mond being a broken hearted man it
brilliant sparkle of the Goesby dia­ I was necessary that Margaret should
rather seel; him than that he should
It was a clever trick, and its discov­ seek her. Afier awhile he began to
ery won us the $5.000 reward
think that life need not be lonely; if
Ihe could not ha\e a love he mi; h: at
I least have a companion. Acting on this
P R E C IO U S M O M E N T S .
he proposed to Margaret. He was too
Bacon’s fame is mainly due to
honorable to let her suppose that she
books written in his spare hours
could ever occupy first place n his
while he was England’s chancellor.
| heart.
H um boldt’s days were so occupied
Margaret listened to Ills proposal,
with his business that he had to
co in m eh ding him for his honesty, and
pursue his scientific labors in the
methodically set It down in the list of
night or early morning.
Bum ,
his recommendations for a hustand
wrote his most beautiful poems in
In the list of his shortcomings there
his spare moments while working
was only this < linging to a lost love
She told him that she would com-i .ei
on a farm. G rote wrote his “ H is­
the matter and determine whether she
tory of G r e e c e ” during the o d d ,
would consoiit to marry a man who
and ends of time snatched from
loved another woman
Steven was
his duty as a hanker. “ M om ent,
slightly disconcerted at tills cool way
are the golden sands of tim e" if
of looking on the matter, hut admitted
rightly used.
to himself that under the circumstances
the lady had a choice between but two
Constant Man
* But tie Required a Founda-
1 tion For his Constancy.
courses either to refuse him or take
him as a broken hearted man.
Margaret hud heard o f Steven’a love
affair, but knew nothing o f the girl
who kept his heart in her possession
without making any use o f It. She
made inquiries, and the report she re­
ceived that best expressed Miss Beck­
with’s character was that there was
“ nothing in her.” There was a good
deal in Miss ( ’atherwood, and from the
time she received this report she felt
no fear o f her rival. She was well
uvvare of Mr. Redmond’a good points
and, womanlike, was rather inclined
to love him for his absurd devotion
than for some of bis more admirable
qualities—that is, so long as he was
When Redmond came for his answer
she told him that she had earnest­
ly considered his proposition. She re­
gretted that she could not be first in
his esteem^, but his devotion to his first
love showed that he was o f a constant
nature. Was It not better to occupy
a second place with such n man than
first place with one who would be con­
stantly shifting? At any rate, sucl had
unwise lu It at ull. The status wiia
the name 11 » It had been. Ml«» Beck-|
with » parent« were »till looking (or a
hiiabaud for her o f sufficient eminence
to match her perfections, and there
wns no reason why she should not en­
joy Steven’s society occasionally and
be lid’s.
There was something so decided lu
tbe w ife’s tnauner us well ns her
words that the husband made uo other
reply than a scowl To tell the truth,
he thought his wife wus trying to dis­
cover whether or uo he hud recovered
from his utfnlr with the lady lu ques-
What wua bis aatouhdimeut
when a few days Inter Margaret show­
ed him a note from Miss Beckwith ac­
cepting an Invitation for a visit. But
w hat was there to do? Only to let her
The guest arrived just before din­
ner. It was uii years since Steven
Itedmond had seen her. She wns then
eighteen. She was now twenty-four.
There was uo greet change lu her ap­
She was still a beauty,
though she wns very thin.
what there was bloomed like a pale
been her conclusion, and she had de­ pink rose, there was not much o f It to
bloom Somehow its delicacy was not
cided to accept him.
Possibly under the pleasing influence as effective with Itedmond aa It bad
of an engagement Steven might have beeh. There was evidence lu it of an
No Intellectual change
admitted that there was hope for a enrl.v decay.
patching of his broken heart; but, con­ appeared In the Indy, but there had
sidering all llull had pTussed between been uo Intellectual development A
him and Margaret, there was nothing certain cblldllkenesa that had beeu de-
to he said. He had been com mended Uclousnesa six year« ago waa now In­
for his constancy; it would not do for sipid.
Mrs. Itedmond watched her husband
him to become at once iucoustaut. So
on the face of It tbe two began life out o f the corner o f her eye as be sur­
together under the supposition that the veyed Ills old .lo v e and la n at once
husband loved another woman, and his that the Image he bad 8et up In bla
wife accepted the position of a friend heart had tumbled off Ita pedestal and
been broken lu pieces. From tbe mo­
and companion.
Mrs. Redmond, having secured a sec­ ment she knew the place her rival had
ondary position with the man she want­ occupied was vacant and abe bad but
ed for a husband, began to consider to step Inside she became especially
how she might drive out the party of tenia I
There is a status occupied by each
the first part and occupy first place.
Perhaps she acted on the principle of person that cannot be assumed or got
the bride who as soon as married pro­ rid of. Mrs. Redmond was herself, and
Miss Beckwith was herself, and there
ceeds to break up her husband’s con
nectlons with the members of his fam­ was u wide gap betweeu tbelr person­
Redmond winced under the
ily and his intimate friends that she alities.
may have no rivals. Another Illustra­ shallow remarks o f the girl whom,
tion is the usurper who decapitates the when he proposed to bis wife, be had
princes o f the blood who may stand in said wns his first and would be hla
his way. At any rate, Margaret did only true love. When the coffee was
not propose that any corner o f her hus­ brought on he snld, “ You and Lulu go
band’s heart should be long occupied into the library and make yourselves
by any oue but herself. What did she comfortable; I’ m going to smoke here."
“ You dou’t mind smoke, do you, Miss
do? What many women would con­
sider walking right into the den o f the Beckwith?" asked Mrs. Redmond. “ I
Miss Beckwith snld she dldD’ t mind
“ Dear,” she said to her husband one
day, “ I see no reason why you should It at all. Since Mr. Redmond would
not derive com fort from Lulu Beck­ not be permitted to smoke alone he
went with them to the library.
with. Had I married a widower I
would not have been Jealous of his
first wife, and I have no Jealousy of
one who has preceded me in your af­
fections. So long as she occupies first
place there’s no reason why she should
not come here occasionally to help me
be a com fort to you. I’ve decided to
invite her to make us a visit.”
Now, Redmond was enjoying the
comforts of a home, had got used to
working in double harness and was de­
voted to his profession. But we are
all contrary at times, and insteud of
replying as he felt, “Qh, let that alone
—I’ m all over it,” he said, “ Don’t you
think, dear, it would be unwise to
throw temptation in my w ay?”
Mrs. Redmond did not see anything
O KEEL KLUB—A business men’ s
social organization. Hall in Laird’ s
building, Second street.
A. J. S h er w oo d . Pres.
F re d S l a g l e , Sec.
club — j . e . K okvob
C ommercial
President; J. C.
Secret» *
S avage ,
*Transportation Facilities
RAl NS — Leave, south hound 9 :00 a.
m. and 3:00 p m. North bound
i0:40 a. m. *nd 4 :40 p. m.
o a t s —Six boats plying on the Co­
quille river afford ample accommo­
dation h»r carrying freight anil passen­
gers to Bandon and way po nte. Boat»
leave at 7 :30, 8:30, 9:20 and 9:30 a. m.
and at 1:00, 3:30 and 4:4> p. m.
< 2 >
fi ose
a sound nor saw anything out of tlie
The windows and doors
were all closed and locked.
“ How about chimneys?” 1 asked
OSTOFFICE.— A. F. Linegar, |*>st-
“ Well, I’ m blessed!” Rogers stared
ma9ter. The mails close aw iollow i: at me and then dashed for the tele­
Myrtle Point 8:40 a. m. and 2:35 p. m.
Marshfield 10:15 a. in. and 4:15 p. in. phone.
1 heard him call Mrs. Goesby’s num­
Bandon and way points. Norway and
Arago 12:45 p. in. Eastern mail 5:15 ber and hold a conversation with a
servant at the other end. When he
p. m. Eastern mail arrives 7 :45 a. m.
hung up the receiver all the satisfac­
tion had disappeared from his face,
City and County Officers
leaving (>erplexlty and doubt.
“ No chimney there; house is steam
...... .........J. S. Lawrence
heated. The Goesbys don’ t like fire­
............... R. II. Mart places, and that room is not connected
..............L. A. Liljeqvist with any chimney. Now. what?”
l>. M. Hall-Lewis
“ Where did the maid sleep?” 1 asked
............ C. A. Evernden
Night Marshal
John Hurley suddenly.
“ On the fourth floor, in a room di­
Water Superintendent 8. V. Epperson
Fire Chief.....
..Walter Oerding rectly over that o f her mistress,” said
Councilmen —D. D. PierCP, C. T. Skeels Rogers, with a puzzled glance at me.
W. CL le«)r< 1, G. O. Leach, W . H. Ly­
“ 1 wonder If we could gain admit­
ons, Leo J. Cary. Regular meetings tance to the house?”
first and third Mondays each month.
“ I think so Wellington will give me
a letter o f Introduction to Mrs. Goes­
J. J. Stanley by.”
Justice of the Peace
Constable......... ..................Ned C. Kelley
“ Come on: let’s get about earning
that five thousand,” I said, closing my
County Judge .....................John T. Hall desk and reaching for my hat
Commissioners —W . T. Dement, Geo. J.
“ Oh, let’» hurry!” scoffed my partner.
“ Let’s get it before luncheon, eh?”
“ Come along!”
W. W. Osgo
Jack came eagerly. We got the nec
............... T. M. Dimmick
T. .1. Thrift essnry letter from Wellington and
made our way uptown to the splendid
... .....A. N. Gould mansion owned by the millionaire
.................. F. E. Wilson Slashlln Goesby. We were admitted
Dr. Walter Cul’.n to the house and received by a pom­
Health Officer
pous butler, who Anally led us upstairs
into the presence of Mrs. Goesby her
will get the very best
She was a fair, plump woman o f gra
cions presence and made no secret of
her anxiety about the famous rope o f
ic e o f Coquille Herald
“ My maid Is above Musplch/n,” sue
B 0 8 B A N D ’»
The mun who could never love hut
one woman held out for three days,
showing by tils actions that Ids ’’ love"
hml heroine a liore to lilm, but he was
unwilling to go back on himself and
confess that he had talked like a fool.
Three days o f tioredom were enough to
bring out the white flag, and be capit-
ulnted without a single coudltlou. In­
deed. he didn’t care to do so. At the
end o f the third day he said to bis
i wife:
- “ For heaven’s sake, send her away!”
Mrs. Redmond threw her arms about
her husband’s neck and snld;
"You needn’t explain. I’ ve seen It
all from the first moment you met her
here. Your constancy does you credit,
and had It been based on something
more solid would have abided with
"It la based on n rock, nnd there’ s
not the slightest danger of Its sliding
off Its foundation.” he replied, with a
An excuse waa made to end Miss
Beckwith's visit, and she departed the
next day
L. Laird, proprietor.
parts 5:30 p. m. for Lose burg
Myrtle Point,carrying the United Siates
mail and pa»engcr».
F O U R T H IN G S .
Four thing, a man mud learn to d o
It he w ould make hit record true—
T o think without confuuon clearly.
T o love hi, (ellow men rii.cerely,
T o act from hon ed motive* purely,
T o trud in G o d and heaven se­
— H en ry van Dyke.
________ ; ________
Edwards & Merritt’s Musical Comedy Co., at the Royal Theater Two
Nights Only--W ednesday and Thursday, April 9 and 10
Domeatio Dl«cipline.
"Can't we get Johnny to take hl»
m e d lc ln e ? ” asked tbe father.
"1 thlnk we can,” replled tha motiv­
er, “ If we drop It Info the préserves
anil then prétend we hâve forgotten to
| look them up.” - Washington Star.