Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, February 25, 1913, Image 2

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T h e C o q u i lle H e r a ld
Entered a» second claB» m atter May
8, 1905. at the post oltice at C oquille,
Oregon, u n d era ct o f Congress o f March
8, 1879.
P. C. L E V A K ,
D evoted to the m aterial and social
upbuilding o f the Coquille V alley par
o cu la rly and o f Coos County generally .
Subscription, $1.50 p er year in advance
Phone, Main 354.
Au contest is going on
at Coos Bay and its outcome will
have the greatest influence on the
future of that port, directly, and of
all Coos county indirectly. In its
endeavor to bottle up the harbor
the Southern Pacific! is using con­
siderable finesse and it seems new
as though it had a fighting chance
to carry its point. It has the east
side of the bay effectually under
control; it has North Bend over a
barrel; all it needs is to capture
Marshfield, and the trick is done, so
far as the upper bay is concerned.
What hold it has or may get on the
remaining water fiont, from Pony
inlet to South inlet no one seems to
know or care.
Just now, the S. P. is trying
openly to secure the franchise of
the Terminal Kailway Co. If that
be turned over, then it iB all off
with Marshfield, so far as any other
road is concerned. The “ common
user clause” of the Terminal Co.
franchise is a joke— not to call it a
harsher name. It is no more a com­
mon user clause than a rabbit
How so many wise men of Marsh­
field have rested in the assurance
that under that franchise the termi­
nal company must allow all rail
roads to run their trains over that
road on equal terinB passes under­
standing. Aoy school kid who has
gone far enough to diagram a sent­
ence (if sentences are still “ dia­
gramed” ) ought to be able to show
that all this clause does is to compel
the terminal company to receive and
switch cars or trains over its lines
at reasonable rates. This, as it is
generally understood^ all roads are
compelled to do, uud that is all the
terminal company is compelled to
The much-discussed clause
reads as follows:
Section 11. The City of Marsh­
field expressly reserves the right
and power to permit and allow any
and every railroad company which
shall desire to run its freight or
passenger cars or trains of cats into
or through the City of Marshfield
upon fr o n t street north, und
Front street south, H roa d w a y
south, anil K ru se a ven u e east,
und a n y person, tirm or cor­
poration iviio shall desire to
receive a n y freig h t cars at
a n y warehouse or fa cto ry in
said City o f M arshfield <o con­
nect with the above main tracks of
said grantees, their heirs or assigns,
with proper spurs or switches, aud
to require said grantees, their heirs
or assigns to receive said cars or
trains of cars and transport and
switch the same on and over
said tracks at such uniform and
reasonable rates, aud under reason-
able regulations ns the City of
Significant statments were made
Marshfield may by ordinance fix and
otder, and this shall apply to their by ex-Govenor Geer at the Lane
roads constructed on rights of way bauquet Friday evening.
He said he believed Statement
acquired over private properly on
|'s road where steam may be used ' One had become so firmly ground­
ed in the public mind in Oregon
in said city.
For a confusing conglomeration that even if the pledge were not
of words this would be hard to taken by members, the legislative
beat, but no one can possibly read body would feel bound to ratify the
said that
more than one meaning into it by people's choice. He
any of the rules of Engiish as she though it had been a hard lesson
is wrote. To clarify it somewhat, for many to learn, he believed the
we have printed in italics above the manner o f Senator Lane’s election
clauses which, coming where they do showed it to be the better method.
Possibly it is so. It would be
seem to send the wits of the reader
on a wool-gathering expedition. were men of sense and sobriety
Skip the italics as yon read, and the elected to the legislature.
But with the legisature as the
meaning is perfectly plain: “ any
and every railroad company” may dumping ground o f such a consider­
connect up with the terminal tracks able precentage of unfits and flat-
and “ require said grantees to re­ heads, there is no telling what
ceive said cars or trains of cars and might happen. It is beyond the
transport or switch the same” over bounds of speculation to divine
the terminal tracks. There is no what might not be done by such a
shadow of a provision that other menagerie of impossibles as might
roads may run their own trains over at any time be elected.
It is however reassuring to the
the tracks. The Marshfield city at-
terney says he thinks the clauso is a cause of people's election of senator
good common user clause. It is not in Oregon, for a man of the intelli­
a question of law; it is a ques­ gence of ex-Governor Geer not on­
tion of the plain meaning of ly to declare Statment One to be ir­
language. If Marshfield allows it­ revocably established, but to him­
self to be bamboozled into letting self publicly acknowledge its effici­
the S. P. get caDtrol of the terminal ency. It is the true attitude for all
road under snch a franchise, it will leaders of political thought in Ore­
have only itself to blame. J. W. gon to maintain. The failure to
Bennett and J II. Flanagan long do so has produced in this state a
ago expressed a perfect willingness large crop of political cadavers.
Incidentally, if the Mays law
to accept a revision of the disputed
contained a Statement One
clause, and a revision was in fact
prepared, then the council returned povision, ex-Senator Geer would
to its slumbers. If the S. P. gets probably have served in the United
the franchise in its present condi­ States senate, the term that fell to
tion it will have the whole upper ex-Senator Fulton. Geer received
the popular vote and under the
bay effectually corked and sealed.
Mays law, was entitled to the legis­
lative choice.
The resolution amending the con-
But those were the days of sena­
stition so that only taxpayers can torial riot and ruin at Salem, and
vote on bond issues should be there was no mandate o f the people
adopted. It is not just that irre­ that the legislature lelt bound to
sponsible persons should be per­ respect. The struggle continued
mitted to vote heavy burdens on the forty legislative days anc the elec­
taxpayers. They bear none of the tion took place on the last night ot
burdeD, but are every ready to vote the session eight or ten minutes af­
for aoy fool thing that will increase ter midnight.— Portland Journal.
the load of the ones who have ac­
quired a little property.—Jefferson N A T IO N A L W A T E R -P O W E R
(Saturday Evening Post)
In waterpower the Federal Gov­
Get off the earth, you “ irresponsi­
ble persons” who own no property ernment owns out-right a national
on which you pay a tax. You “ bear asset the present value of which is
none of the burdens.” You are con­ great and the future value hardly
tributing the rent money which en­ calculable. Most of the other so-
ables your landlord to pay his taxes; culled natural resources of the coun­
vou are contributiong the added try that were once public property
profit which the merchant must add have been given to private owners,
to his selling price in order to meet with little or no compensation to
his taxes. You are working for a the public. Upon some of them
little lower wages in order that the great individual fortunes have been
manufacturer may meet his taxes. built.
No water-power that is publicly
You are taking a little less for
today should be surrendered
everything you sell and paying a
little more for everything you buv, to private ownership upon any con­
so that the “ property owner” may ditions whatever; neither should it
pay his taxes, but you "bear none be leased except with explicit re­
of the burdens.” What right have servation to the Government of
you to “ vote for any fool thing that broad powers of regulation over
will increase the load of the ones rates and service of railroads that
who have” made enough out of your were created mainly by private
labor or your trade to acquire a capital. There can be no reason­
little property? You ought not to able question of its duty to reserve
be allowed to vote at all, for the a like right with respect to public­
officials elected by your votes have ly owned water-power; and there
the power to spend the money should be a reasonable compensa­
wrung from those who have accu tion to the public for use of it.
There ought to be no dispute
mulated a little property.
these propositions; but un­
How can you be interested in
good government? You “ have no fortunately Washington is so ob­
stake in the country." It is true sessed by antimonopoly notions
that you may be raising a family that it may waste the public water-
and may imagine that you ought powers through excessive fear lest
to have something to say about the they be captured by some mono­
conditions under which you must polistic bogy of its feverish dreams.
live and rear your children; but It may hedge them about with
what’s a wife and a few children foolish conditions that will keep
them idle. Reserving broad power
compared to “ a little property?”
You are “ irresponsible;” you are of regulation over rates and ser­
an “ undesirable citizen;" you are vice, so that the capital invested
just laying for a chance to rob your can never earn more than a reason­
able return, what ground remains
neighbor, the taxpayer. Get out!
for fearing a monopoly? In case of
a water power it is hardly feasible to
prescribe that every citizen who
wishes to-travel a mile shall draw his
barrelful of water, convert it into
electric current and propel himself
! the desired distance. If Washington
is going to leal with this subject in
a horror of all large aggregations
of capital it will get nowhere.
Featuring Hose Coghlan, the famous actress, and
Maurice Costello, the popular Vitagraph favorite. This is
one of Shakespeare’s noted stories told in three big reels.
A feature par excellence.
A good comedy reel will lie shown entitled “ ALKALI
IK E’S CLOSE SHAVE,” featuring that funny comedian,
The following from the Eaiidon
Recorder is worthy the attention of
every country town in Oregon—
and of some o f larger growth:
At the last meeting of the W om­
en’s Commercial Club, a “ Clean-
Up Day” was proposed. It was
finally decided to set aside one day
in the first week of April for that
As we walk the streets of our
city how many unsightly yards and
corners are seen. The streets also
are littered aud untidy; often tin
cans and other rubbish are dumped
by the roadside to offend the eye of
every passer by. More ettention
should be given this matter by the
city authorities, and will in time
Meanwhile the ladies propose to
remedy conditions in some degree.
First by securing a place where
rubbish of all sorts can be dumped
and burned as far as possible Second,
by arousing every one to the neces­
sity of making our city neat and
thus more attractive.
Third, by
setting a day tor general spring
clean up when they will provide
teams to cart away the rubbish.
Let every citizen “ get busy” and
clean up their individual yards, and
beautify them as mnch as they can.
Try and have your own surround­
ings in a cleanly condition, and
then on “ clean-up day,” give a
hearty co-operation in the street and
vacant lot cleaning. The children
can do much to help in this. Their
bright eyes, active feet and willing
bands can accomplish much. Begin
now, citizens, all who have the
welfare of the city at heart and
clear out the unsightly, unhealthy
spots. Let us have a clean city to
attract and not repel the people who
may come here.
It is not what you eat but what you
digest and assimilate that d »os you
good. Home of the strongest, health­
iest persons aru modern to eaters.
Nothing will cause more trouble than
a disordered stomach, aud many
people contract serious maladies
through disregard or abuse of the
We urge all who suffer from indi-
ration, or dyspepsia, tq try Rexall
lyspepsia Tablets, with the under­
standing that wo will refund the
money paid us without question or
formality, if after uso you are not
perfectly satislicd with results.
Wo recommend Rozall Dyspepsia
Tablets to customers every day, and
have vet to hear of one who has not
been benefited. Wo believe them to
be without equal. They five prompt
relief, niding to neutralize acidity,
stimulate now of gastric juice,
strengthen the digestive organs, and
thus promote perfect nutrition and
correct unhealthy symptoms. Three
sizes, 25 cents, 50 cents, and $1.
You can buy Resali Dyspepsia Tablet*
in this community only ut our store:
A high buff polish outside, “ sun ray” inside.
E xtra heavy rolled edge on cooking utensils.
Not the cheap, light weight, but heavy, high
grade goods.
20 centim eters, $1.10
22 cen tim eters, $1.80
24 centim eters, $1.50
22 cen tim eters, $1.50
26 cen tim eters, $2.00
24 cen tim eters, $1.75
28 cen tim eters, $2.25
20 centim eters, $2.25
22 cen tim eters, $2.75
24 centim eters, $3.40
20 centim eters, $4.55
There Is a Itexall Storo In nearly every town
and city in >the United States, Canada and
Great Britain. There Is a different Rexali
Remedy for nearly every ordinary human Bl­
each especially designed for tha particular 01
for which it is, recommended.
14 centim eters, $2.55
9 centim eters, 40c
25 cen tim eters, 60c
T h e R exali S tore« are A m erica*« O fM le e k
D r u g Store#
20 cen tim eters, 65c
22 centim eters, 75c
24 centim eters, $1.05
The Herald is iu receipt from the
U. S. Department of Agriculture of
the “ Monthly List of Eublications”
for January. The list is too long to
New and Second-Hand Goods
publish here, but it contains mauy
titles which should be of interest to
every one engaged iu agricultuie.
The list is sent regularly to every
one who applies for it, and we TO COMPLETE ROAD
would suggest i hut our farmers and
fruit growers send their names to
the Division of Fublicatious, Wash­
Encouraging Assurances From a
ington, D. C., to be placed on the
Man in Whose Word the
F or General Gardening
mailing list.
People Believe
Hemy Nebin, of Boise, Ariz., was
convicted of a misdemeanor and
sentenced to the county jail at
Yuma, He was given bis ticket and
commitment papers and set out for
the county seat unattended. While
at Maricopa he was robbed of bis
cash and commitment papers, but
proceeded to Y’ uma. The sheriff re­
fused to receive him because ho had
uo papers. That’s what you call
hard luck.
ings of the audience. No one annoj-9
wil fully and if people w ith coughs,cold s
HT. J A M B S E P IS C O P A L .
hoarseness and tickling in throat w ould
use F oley ’ s Honey & T ar C om p ou n d ,
S ervices fir s t an d th ir d Sun days
they could quickly cure their coughs,
m on th .
S u n da y sch ool
and colds and avoid this annoyance. o f
F uh rm an’ s Pharmacy.
e v e r y S un day at 10 a. m .
Y ou are h ea rtily w elcom e.
A r ch d e a co n W m . H o r s fa ll, rector.
C H U R C H O F C H R IS T .
Big Ben, he’ll call you
on the dot at any tim e
y o u say.
Ami if you roll over and
try “ ju st-o n e -m o re -n a p , ”
he’ ll repeat his call 30 sec­
onds later and keep on call­
y o u ’ re
Big Ben .lands 7 inches tall—
He’ s heavy, massive, handsome,
lie's g. t a great, big dial you can
easily read in the dim morning
light, a sunny deep toned voice
you’ II hear distinctly on your sleep­
iest mornings.
I’ ve placed him in the window
La k a
. whc«;vcr you C’’ I Ï
cheer from Mr*. 0 . J. M artin, Boone
v id e . Ya., who is the m other o f eighteen
c o it d n n
Mr?. Martin was cured of
stom ach trouble and constipation by
Ohamlterlrtin’ s Tablets after five years
of suffering, and now recom m ends these
tablets to the public. For sale by all
T he Jeweler
F or P otatoes
(Marshfield Record)
F or Special Purposes
Thomas Dixon representative of
the MaaArthur aud Perks company
J. E. Q U IC K
construction department, who has
jusTreturned to North Bend from
a business trip to Eugene, says that
his firm will be buiding the railroad
at the Co os Bay end of the route
immediately. The company is now
assembling construction material at
both Han Francisco and Portland
and part of it will commence to ar­
rive here within (he next two weeks.
The company will bring iu steam A reading lens is hidden in
shovels, dump cars, track iron and the “ distance” lens undiscern-
everything necessary to railroad able. No “ lines;” no cement
G e t K rypto ks
Crews will be assembled immedi­
W I L S O N , O. D
ately to commence the work of clear­
o f Vision Scientifically
ing the right of way between Coos
C orrected
Bay and the Umpqua river and men C O Q U IL L E
wiil be on the ground next week.
N e x t door to S k eels’ Store
There is about 17 miles of this
work to be done between the bridge
site nnd the south portal of the
tunnel. Camps will be established
along the route and the work is
expected to be completed within a
very short time.
Mr. Dixon said the contractors
on the Eugene end of the line
have orders to get the railroad
ready for operation from Eugene to
tidewater by next fall and they are
expending every energy towards
that end. The tunnel will be com­
pleted at Noti before summer and
S am e O ld P lace
the work will then be greatly ab-
vanced since the material can be
brought iu that way from the main
Paid the printer lately ?
Preaching each Sunday at 11 a.
in. and 7:30 p. m., except third Sun­
Ex-Printer Now Farmer.
day of each month.
Sunday school at 10 ». m.
L. J. Roberts, formerly one of the
Christian Endeavor at G:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday even­ propiietors of tbe Myrtle Point En
ing of each week at 7:30.
terprise, was in town Friday, tie
You'are cordially invited to all is now located on a farm at Bridge
hese service s.
T. B. M cD on a ld , M inister and Bays he is well satisfied at the
---- -
- -----------
change to pure air from the atmos­
phere of printer’s iuk and lead poi­
Socialists Have Plans
He is paying considerable
A Socialist convention was held attention to apple culture and says
here last Saturday, the locals at that last season be raised bell­
Bandon, Marshfield and Coquille flowers that went 38 to the box,
being represented.
Plans were and he bas realized good prices for
formuluted for the proposal of or- his output.
--------- «■,« » . - . — -
gauizing a county local of which all
A Home Industry.
the existing locals are to be
branches. These plaus will be sub
A. R. Wilmont assistant minager
mitted to a referendum vote of the
membership for approval or rejec­ of tha North Bend Sish and Door
tion. If carried out, the new plan factory, was on the river last week
embodies tbe employment of a paid on one of his monthly business
secretary to devote all his time to I trips. His firm is furnishing the
| funishings for the new city hall
the work of organization.
! here,as well as for several buildings
I at Myrtle Point. The North Bend
Licenses to Wed
I plant is equipped to furnish ar.y-
C ounty C lerk W atson issued the fo l­ j thing in its line needed in Coos
low in g m arriage licenses during the
county, and our builders have no
w eek:
' reason to send their money out of
William Smith and Ella Long.
Carl E. Matthews and Stella L. the county for what they need,
j They can “ keep their money at
George L. YVatters and Florence home” and save freight bills too.
E. Dye.
♦ • ♦
I T his is tbs season o f tb e year when
H ere is a m essage of hope ami good m others feel very m uch concerneil over
your call with
O reg on
A. F. Estabrook of San Francisco
has been on Coos. Bay figuring on
the building of a new vessel. He
has not yet let the contract but bas
been negotiation with Kruse and
Banks the North Beud ship build­
ers. The new vessel wijl be a little
larger than the steamer Fifiehl which
the Estabrook company how oper­
P R E S B Y T E R IA N C H U R C H .
ates out of Bandon.
Services Sunday at 1 1 a . m and
The Tidewater Lumber company 7 :30 p. m.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
mill on the Siuslaw river is to be
Frank H. Adams, Pastor.
open for operation March 1st and
Mr Estabrook has secured the con­
Christian Science Society
tract for earring that lumber from
Corner Third and Hall streets.
the mill. The new vessel it is un­
Services at 11 a m next Sunday
derstood will used on the Siuslaw Subject lesson
sermon “ Spirit.’’
run. Pending the buildiug of the Wednesday evening meeting 7:30.
new boat some other vessel will be
M. E. Church South
on the run for the Tidewater Mill.—
Services Sunday as usual.
Marshfield Record.
Services next Sunday as usual
Sunday school at io . a. m.
W h en B urton Holmes recen tly gave
Epworth League at 6:45 p m.
his celebrated travelogue on “ Panam a”
at O rchestra Hall, C hicago, lie was ser-
You are invited to be present.
ion ly interrupted by continual cougli-
C. H. C l e a v e s , Pastor.
C O Q r iL .L E ,
C o q u ille
Will Build Another Boat
The Sentinel says that the Her­
ald's suggestion that literature he \
prepared for mailing in answer to I
inquires from the outeide had been
adopted a week or ten days before
the Herald said anything about it.
That just corroborates the old adage
that great minds run in the same
The garden seeds that Ktiowlton
sells are northern grown—are tresh
stock and the best seed it is posssi-
ble to produce. Three papers toe.
Knowlton’s Drug Store.
Cause for Alarm
Loss o f a p p «tit« o r dU troa« a ft or
• a tin g —a ly m p t o m th a t ah ou lJ
n o t be disregard ed .
the frequent colds contracted by their
children , and have abundan t reason for
it as every cold weakens the lun^rs, low ­
ers the vitality ami paves the way for
the m ore serious diseases that so often
follow . C ham berlain’ s C ough R em edy
is fam ous for its cures and i3 rdeasant
and safe to take. Sold by all tfruggists.
and See
Str. Elizabeth
R egular as the Clock
San Francisco
a n d Bandon
First-class fare o n ly ................ $7.50
Up freight, per ton
E. & E. T. Kruse
24 California Street, San. Francisco
F or R eservation«
A gent«, Coquille, O regon
Str. B r o o k l y n
P lyin g Between
San Francisco
and Bandon
First-class fare only
Up freight, per ton
Sudden & Christiansen
Agent«, San Francisco, California
For Reservations
Agents, C oquille, O regon