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The Q uality Line
Premium Hams
Empire Bacon
Transpiring in Oregon Boiled
Down to Least Number of
Lines and Yet Make the
Subject Understood
Winchester Bacon
Silverleaf Lard
Jewel Compound
Nosier S t Norton
D I S T K I I I I ’T O H S
Coquille, Oregon
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F arm ers 4 8 3
Coquille Herald
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faces of type and accessories
for the execution of
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-------------------------------------- -----------------------------
The following from the Florence
West will be of interest to Herald
readers as it eulogizes a brother of
E. G D Holden, who too has pass­
ed to that land “ from whose bourne
no traveler returns.” I.ike our for
mer townsman it will he seen that
the subject of this sketch was one
who had rendered valuable service
to his country- and fellow man:
Col. C H Holden, one of the
best known residents ol this section
died at his home iti Gleuada, Tues
day afternoon, Dec. 24, after an ill
ness of about three weeks.
Charles H, Llolden was born in
New Hampshiie, April 18, 1832
When two months old his parents
to Michigan where
they settled on a faun in Kent
Here the subject of our
sketch grew to mandood, assisting
his father in bis labors and getting
such training as was afforded by
the common schools At the age
of nineteen he entered Plainfield
Academy, and afterwards graduat­
ing from Knox college with the de­
gree of A B. He studied law and
was admitted to the bar in 1857.
The next yeat he was elected dis
trict attorney and held that office
until the breaking out ol the Civil
War. At the beginning of the war
he raised a company, of which he
became first lieutenant, afterwards
being promoted for meritorious ser­
vice till he reached the rank ol lieu­
tenant colonel, and taking part in
tnauy bard battles ol the great
After peace was restored Col. Hoi
den took up his residence in Wash
ington, D. C., remaining there till
1879 For ten years of this time
he held a position in the treasury
department and was the last presi
dent of the last city council of the
national capital.
In 1879 he returned to Michigan
where he practiced law for twelve
years. He then came to the Pacific
co^st. arriving in Florence in 1894,
and afterwards making his residence
in Glenada.
After coming to this section Col.
Holden engaged in buying and sell
ing timber lands from which be
acquired a comfortable fortune. H.-
was a member ol Florence Masonic
lodge, the Grand Array of the Re
public, Knights of Pythias and In
dependent Order of P'oresters.
Besides his aged partner in life,
who has been in feeble health for
many years, he leaves sevetai neph­
ews who reside in Michigan.
Newberg is soon to have a city
hall to cost $15,000.
The poultry show at Salem Jan
14 to 1S. is the uext hig eveut in
poultry interest.
T. A. Samuels, the potato king
of Wasco county, is reported to
have raised about 30.000 sacks of
potatoes ibis year.
E. Elvey, a farmer near Merrill,
has a black Tartarian cherry tree
54 inches in circumference which is
loaded with fruit every year.
The unsurveyed lands in Mal­
heur county will soon be opened to
settlement, government surveyors
to begin on the work immediately.
Four courses in vegetable grow­
ing are to be given in the short
coutse at the Oregon Agricultural
college which opens its four weeks’
session January 6.
Secretary of State B. W Olcott was
married Dec. 25. to Miss Lena Hut­
ton, a sister of Mrs. Oswald West.
The ceremony was performed at the
home of Governor West in Salem
Oregon now stands fourth among
the states in its lumber cut, and will
probably advance to third place
next year. Of the total amount o*
timber in the United States, this
state has one-fifth.
Gov. West has drafted a bill pro­
viding that prison guards shall go
after convicts instead of having
them brought bv sheriffs. This
will effect a saviug of about 50
per cent to the slate.
Steps are being taken toward the
incorporation of Edenbower, the
postoffice of which is located about
one mile north of Roseburg. The
territory to be included in the new
city contains about 600 people and
property of the assessable value ol
perhaps half a million dollars.
Blue prints of plans for the con­
struction of various farm buildings
such as barns, silos and houses,
will soon be furnished to the farm­
ers of the state by the farm me­
chanics department of the Oregon
Agricultural college upon request
This is a new departure ia the ser­
vice of the college to the state.
Albany was an especially favored
section ol our beautiful state. On
Christmas day forty pounds of hon­
ey were taken from a bee tree in
Chautauqua park, within the city
limits. Ripe raspberries were pick­
ed in the garden of Henry Mi-El-
tnurty 011 Christmas day, and the
Albany college was the recipient of
a Chrsitmas check for $ro,ooo from
a friend of the institution in New
Senator Bourne has received a
letter from General Bixby, head of
the engineers in the war depart­
ment, giving the Willamette Pacific
railroad permission to build a bridge
across Coos Bay under the follow­
ing conditions: The bridge to he
12 feet above high water and the
draw open except when trains are
crossing, or 24 feet above high wat­
er and the draw open only when
necessary. The railroad company
is to maintain tugs, if necessary, to
help ships through the draw.
An Offer That Involves No
Risk For Those Who
Accept It
We are bo positive our remedy
will relieve constipation, th at we
offer to furnish it free of all cost if
it fails.
Constipation is caused by weak
ness of the nerves and muscles ol
the large intestines or descending
colon. To expect relief you must
therefore tone up and strengthen
those organs aud restore them to
healthier activity
We want you to try Iiexall Or­
derlies on our gaurantoe. They are
eat«u like candy, and are particu
larly ideal for children. They act
on the nerves and muscles of the
bowels They have a neutral action
on the other organs or glands.
They do Dot purge or cause any in­
convenience whatever. They act to
overcome chronic or habitual con­
stipation and the myriad of associ­
ate or dependent chronic ailmeDte.
Try Iiexall Orderlies at our risk.
Hints for Housekeepers
Two sixes, 10 c. and 25 c. Sold only
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pound always on hand, and you can
quickly bead of! a cold by its prompt Fuhrman’s Pharmacy.
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soothes the inflamed air passages, stops
Borrow from jour enemies, lend
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at Fuhrman’s Pharmacy.
Str. Elizabeth
Str. Br ookl yn
Regular as the Clock
Plying Between
San Francisco
a n d Bandon
San Francisco
and Bandon
Firat-class fare only
Up freigl,:, per ton
. 1.00
E . & E . T. Kruse
2 4 C alifornia S treet, San F ran cisco
First-class fare only.............$7.50
Up freight, per ton............. 3.00
Sudden & Christiansen
Notice ot Sheriff’:, Sale
By virtue of an execution and order
of sale duly issued by the Llerk of the
Circuit Court of the County of Coos,
State of Oregon, dated the 26th day of
December, 1912, in a certain action in
the Circuit Court for said County and
State wherein Josephine 0. Peoples an
Plaintiff recovered judgment against
Arthur Peart and Lillian Peart, Defen­
dants, for the sum of Two Hundred
Seven und 96-100 Dollars and costs and
disbursements taxed at Pifty-one and
20-100 Dollars, on the Oth day of De­
cember, 1012;
Notice is hereby given that I will on'
Saturday, the 1st day of February,
I01J, at the front door of the County
Court House in the City of Coquilie, in
said County, at ten o’clock in the fore­
noon of said day, sell at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash, the fol­
lowing described property, to-wit:
The West hall of the North-west
quarter of the North-west quarter of
Section Thirty-six in Township Twenty-
seven South of Range Thirteen West of
the Willamette Meridian; also begin­
ning at a point on the Section fine 10
chains East of the corners of Sections
25, 25, 35 and 30, Township Twenty-
seven South, Range Thirteen West of
W. M., thence East along said Section
line to a line between Sections 25 and
26, 5 chains, thence South 10 chains,
thence West 5 chains to a point due
South of the place of beginning, thence
North 10 chains to the place of begin­
ning, containing 5 acres of land, more
or less, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy the said juigment
in favor of said Plaintiff anil against
said Defendants with interest thereon,
together with all costs and disburse­
ments that have or may accrue.
Dated December 26th, 1912.
Sheriff of Coos County, Oregon.
rows FOR SALE — Two good
milch cows both coming fresh in
the spriug.
Nile Miller.
Nearly Anyone May Secure
A Splendid Growth
Of Hair
Pay priuter promptly, please.
Notice to Creditors
We have a remedy that has a Notice is hereby given that the un­
dersigned has been duly appointed ad­
record of retarding baldness and ministrate.x of the estate of Harry E.
promoting hair growth in 1)3 out of Disman, deceased, and that all persons
having claims against said estate are
every 100 oases where used accord­ required to present the same, duly ver­
ing fo directions for a reasonable ified, and with proper vouchers there­
for, to the undersigned at the office of
length of time. That may seem C. R. Barrow, in Coquilie, Coos county,
like a stroi g statement it is, aud Oregon, within S'x months from the
of this notice.
we menu it lo lie, and no one should date
Dated this the 12th day of December,
doubt it until they have pul our 1912.
E va M . B a r r o w ,
claims to au actual test.
Administratrix of the estate of Har­
We are so ceituiu Rexall ” 03 ”
Hair Tome will eradicate dandruff,
act to prevrut baldness, stimulate
the sca'p aud hair roots, anest pre­
mature loss of hair and promote
hair growth, that wo personally
give our positive guanantee to re­
ined every penny paid us for it in
every instance where it does uot
give eutiie satisfaction to the user.
Uexall " 03 ” Huir Tonic is as
pleasant to use as clear spriug wa­
ter. It is delightfully pirfumed,
and does uot grease or gum the
Sam e Old Place
hair. Two sizes, 50 c. and $ 1 . 00 .
With our guarantee back of it, you
Sheriff7s Sale of Real Property on Foreclosure certainly take no risk. Sold only at
our store— The Rexall Store, Fubr-
Notice is hereby given. That by vir­
tue of an execution duly issued out of uian's Pharmacy.
Manufacturers of
the Circuit Court of the State of Ore­
The Oregon Merchants’ Mutual The CelebratedRergmann Shoe
gon for the County of Coos and to me
directed on the luth day of December, Fire Insurance Associatiou issues a the Strongest and Nearest Water
1912, upon a judgment and decree duly lull paidup policy of fire insurance
rendered, entered of record and docket­ or 30 per cetrtcless than Old Line Proof shoe made for loggers, mini rs
prospectors and mill men.
ed in and by said Court on the 26th day
of April, 1909, in a certain suit then in companies. Write or call on T. A. 21 Thurman Street
said Court pending, wherein Florence Walker, couuty agent, Coquilie.
P o r t l a n d , O regon .
Emily Converse, substituted for Emily
C. Converse, deceased, was plaintiff and
R. E. SHINE, V.-Fres
Mae MacClary, formerly Mae Graves, r J. SHERWOOD P rê t.
and Lucius D. MacClary, her husband,
L. H. HAZARD, C i m i t i
0. C SANFORD, Atti. Clshler
were defendants in favor of plaintiff
and against said defendants by which
execution I ain commanded to sell the
property in said execution and herein
O P C O Q U IU U B , C R E G O r».
after described to nay the sum due the
plaintiff of Two Thousand Ninety-one
and 65-100 Dollars, with interest there­ T r a n s a c t s a G e n e r a l B a n k i n g B u s i n e b f e
on at the rate of Six per cent, per
annum from the sixth day of Decembe
1912, until paid together with the costs
Boar d of Ol r ect or a.
Cor respondent s.
and disbursements of said suit taxed at
A . J . Sherw ood,
N a tio n a l Bank o C om m erce, New Y olk C i
One Hundred Eighty-two and 25-100 f t . 0 . D em ent,
L. R arlo o k e r,
L . H . H azard ,
O rooker W oolw orth N ’lB an k , San F r a n c i
Dollars and costs and expenses of said
execution, I will on Saturday, the 11th
Isaiah H acker.
R .E . Shine. F irst N a t’l Bank of P o rtla n d , P o rtla n d .
day or January. 1913, at the hour ol 10
o’clock a. m. of said day at the front
door of the County Court House in Co-
quille, Coos County, Oregon, sell at 2
R. S. K nowlton , President
G eo . A. R obinson , Viee-Pres.
public auction to the highest bidder for
R. II. M ast , Cashier.
cash in hand on the day of sale, all the
right, title, interest and estate which
said defendants Mae MacClarey, for­ $
merly Mae Graves, and Lucius D
Macllarey, her husband, and all per­
sons claiming under them subsequent to
the plaintiff’s mortgage lien in, of and
to said real property. Said premises
hereinbefore mentioned are described
in said execution as follows, to-wit:
The Southwest quarter of the North­
Op ned lor Busines March. 1 9 0 9
east quarter of Section Thirty-six in
Township Thirty south of range twelve
west of the Willamette meridian, in
CORR kspondents :
Coos County, Oregon.
Said sale being made subject to re­
Ladd & Tilton Bank, Portland
First National Bank, San Francisco
demption in the manner provided by
National Park, New Y’ork
First Trust & Savings, Coos Bay
Dated this 11th day of December,
W. W. G age ,
Sheriff of Coos County, Oregon.
Come and See
! Farmers
Notice of Final Settlement
Merchants Bank
Notice is hereby given that the un­
dersigned has lileil his tinal account in
the matter of the Estate of H. W. Mc­
Clellan, whose lull name was Hugh IV.
McClellan (and who was sometimes
known as and called H. W. McClellan
and sometimes II. W. McClellen), de­
ceased, and that the County Court has
set Friday, the 3rd day of January,
1911, as the day and the County Court
Room at Die County Court Mouse in
Coquilie City, Coos County, Oregon, as
the place for hearing objections to said
final account and the settlement of said
A. J. S h e r w o o d ,
Administrator with the will annexed.
From Portland 8 P. M.
December 3, 10. 17, 24, 31
From Coos Bay
December 7, 14, 21, 28,
Phone Main 181
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the un­
dersigned has been appointed adminis­
trator af the estate of Mary J. Fellows,
deceased, by the County Court of Coos
County, Oregon; and all persons having
claims against said estate are required
to present the same, duly verified and
with proper vouchers thereto, to the
undersigned at the office of C. R. Bar-
row, in Coquilie, Cooi County, Oregon,
within six months from the da e of this
Dated this the 19th day of December,
C, A. P endleton ,
Administrator of the Estate of Mary J.
Fellows, deceased.
C. R. Barrow, Attorney for Administra­
Notice of Final Account
Notice is liorebv given that A. L.
Volktnar, administrator of the estate of
B. ill. Greene, deceased, has fill'd his fi­
lial account a» such administrator with
the clei k of the County Court for Coos
County, Sia e of Oregon, and that Mon­
day, tile lltli day ol January, 191.1, at
the Court House io said Coos County,
ha- been appointed by Hon. John F.
Hall, Judge of said Court, as the day
and | lace for the hearing of objections
to said final account and the settlement
First publication December 12, 1912.
A. L. Vol.xM ill,
Administrator of said Estate.
Notice of Final Account
Notice is hereby given that I have
filed my final report as administratrix
of the estate of Emil Ogren, deceased,
in the County Court of the State of Or­
egon for Coos County, and that by or­
der of the Judge of said Court, January
6, 1913, was duly set for the hearing of
objections thereto.
Coquilie, Oregon, December 5, 1912.
M aggie O gren
Administratrix of the Estate of Emil
Ogren, deceased.
A gent», San F rancisco, C alifornia
For R eserv a tio n s
For R eservation s
I.m lt r« ! A«b j ro n r !*r.-
r h l f h f e . l i ' r ’ll IMuninin
r i l l * in H i d ami «¿»Id
b o x « , sealed with Blue
A g e n ts, C oq u ille, O regon
A g e n ts, C oq u ille, O regon
T a k e n o o th e r .
H u t o f yt
! » r n r r U t . A k f r C I I I -C II L S - T F R U
D IA M O N D IIR A M L P I L L » , tor 8 5
years known as Best. Safest, A U ty s R ein! !•
No. 10
Hire Good Help
You can hire some men fo r sm all wages,
but even then they are high priced, because
o f the work they w on’t do. Just so with
. „
gasoline e n g in e s-T h e Stickney Engine will
do all its work all the time and does it all right.
Nosier & Norton
Coquilie, Ore.
Ago i n
a 4
y o u n Gr’o c e n s ’
B read
Roseburg-Myrtle Point Auto Line
J. L. LAIRD, Proprietor
Leaves Mrytle Point daily at 7 o’clock
a. m. Arrives at Roseburg at 2 o’clock
Leaves Rosebuig daily at 7 a. m., ar­
riving at Myrtle Point at 2 o’clock.
Special rigs for parties at any time.
S t a g e R u n n i n g in C o n n e c t i o n
Carrying United States Mail and Passengers’ Baggage
Office at Laird’s Livery Barn, Myrtle Point
HLIF Home Telephone 461
Farmers Telephone 156