Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, December 26, 1912, Image 2

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    Gravel Ford Ripple«
The Coquille Herald
. I
K. R B in arti, who has heen
___ ,
, .__
helf-cg his father ta the coostrac*
EawreO a* « m í rhu* ■ » ( » M*y .
8 . I*.« >i t„c po*« « £ . « at t : ». non ol tue IL k tu .e y bridge, tetarn-
O rr e o *.c a d w »t at fo » t iw t « < M»rrh ^
hL., hoœe „ , he Ford, p lid4T
s. is n .
— ----- ------------------ _
H a a t tlrf
IV\ ud to l i *
Happy New Year
H e was tat
-»«tortai arei ».icial en serkasly ill some taro or three
2 * " »«**»
-:= -
V. ì l i - pee year in adrarle been ¡o tue hospital at Marshfield.
Phone, Mau. 354.
¡ends are giaJ to see him
able to return.
Prof Fmmtrson, with his assi«t-
act? o f the manna! training class,
: :re the old beating plant cat of the
aca istnv building Mooday
; one
wii! be
A new
¥ i>
E d . Olson was one o f M ca-
: d a v p a s s e n g e i s oo the Pear! to
My- ii Point where she joined her
■ sister. Mis* Electa Brady, in an ex-
Big Ben
helps run the farm
on time
Is « tard for joe to get tbn
farm hands
> 3 time?
tenJed visit to the Bay site-
l< h -a r i for vow to get tbea
up in the m-ruing?
i'e n d - g 'he vacation with relatives
If so. why act .et Big Bea do it
for yoc?
in Coqoille.
trips cn
\ D V E R T IS IN G « tr royal
high-cay lo opulence and
wcakh. It is the vital pracipie
that makes lot succxss in any
business iirihtutna. Selling is a
moei important science and de­
serves every consideration by
states :h it this
!: s fc s t stuess to get people
■p in tne world
Au i be'üdstt every day at aay
time )ow say.
with bnt little improvement would
S e n t me yxta drtwe to tows,
o 1 wt
the sture aud ' « V*
a look a* bin:
r a mnch longer
have been
f Ve—u t —. t tue vudow waer»
*rv< te can see ma».
creased from one to four or £ve a
week notwithstanding the tact that
tnere are tocr ether
-tats carrying
freight to this place.
A ll sconld be
interested in
the improvement of
the river.
Tki Je» der
C O Q IT L L F -
Brguiar as the Clock
San Francisco
and Bandon
Servie** ftre ani third Suuiaj*
o f each month
S i t f i y aehool
every s s t i i j at 1 * a. m_
T o t are heartily welcome
xrchdeaeoa W a . Horeiaii. rector.
sure trans-nissioa through the mills
after Jacnary i. t j t j .
Stamps new
F r?*.-et j.-e fare t «
U p freie - 1 . p«er tow_____
CHtTtCH OF I'H R liT .
'« o d a j schc* *: 1 k b .
Postmaster Ltnegar a nsttrg Christian E nleavyr at 6 30. e n
all means pcsst-Ve to educate the. lurteJ by the young men.
people on this point that no n n iae
l o w preset -e :s soieited
T. B McDo&xId. Minister
annovance or loss to the public w illj
Far Re
Coq oiile, Orefoa
& L Cm á S m é
Str. B rooklyn
Sundav sch col a: to. a m
Epwoith League a: 6 -4 5 p m
V o a i-e invited to be present
C H C u t a VES. Paster
T he Herald isbeiite-d tb s issue
in coesequiucec-: C rtis tc is . an ithe
dearth o f local news can be attri-
p tillf E-f:Vrrf-
Sem Frcuicisco
and Bandon
bated to the tact that a générons
with when» we
diced, j
dolled oar thoughts aud ambitious
nse of «he pen. :y 6 ! ug us with
de i: U, E
podi g If Y o u
other made ou. : ta f
perfect • n
as the good oàd !
Scalp or Hair
Trouble Take Advantage
Of This Offer
Fir§t-< s±* LAre c«ly
W e coni J
Afeats, Saa FraacK : C-a_ferai*
For R ««n a t; :cu
H ave
t a d a r ] to so stroeg-
T he idea c f permanent exhibits lly eujcrse RsxvL "3 3 *1 Hair X.tue
at iaa Diego, the erse p ri o f entry u J eoctinse to sei! it a* « e do. if
- gi-rs satr-facticn
p - » : 'i c i ” y assit-ed of * ic'u perma-
states ;
u t n , th«v
U> thè
w^ald Ioae faith in os
Colora-i- i s ! N ew Mexico Every- aaCer
W e ase .ra -oc that if yoar kmr
c ie concede-'
is a great d ea
b e f i t a - t ì ' Bc 6 *i..r».;y fall oa
aid, as "he v>
ates are heard
t t r very Sew or
trim , it seem
tnat t n " nave oopocf nitie
al will fail :
re*ented at the San P ie c :
ttew with attrae«-ve exhibí;
yca nave t u
C. A . H A R R IN G T O N
sca.'p trovbl».
Hacr Tonte is wiihtat
ter set- Reta.
>«t remedy we kaow
be rep
X x p ri-
:f to «ra t
tue lic d ra ff.
Come and See
r e i grewth n i preveat f re-nature
C&lf Born Inside Out
»treug t * u we ask yoo to
was born try it oa o ;r poative gu aran i««
:i ams of : i * t yc-ur c 't e r wiU b* etteerfory
A c
cm ibe
. r a cf T b o c
H ::is .v . Oregco be:t
Pv *ff~.e i t - . v
i 'i i
tvrt »n tbe interzai
cali tba- re' is-ied if n d.oea sol do ns we
aia. Tw su s 5-v an i Jl W>
: l tide out
:ce-^s of na- S c i! cu li al oar store— Tne Rexait
-gaas o f he St : re. F i b r a aa s P i i :
cslf, n ; il w tbe I m
mad : C* » • i r s . arc i
the cwtsite
came ;c to t h e
heart, liier
aad the head, tret ar.
m u caiL
W . B. Cooc, 1 veterinary
P ,»«' - J W
the free
Dr. H. E.
W ater power nserve* were cre-
t tue S ecret.-' . ! tue later-
w r lir in g
bet there
tTÜÄHisi '.j-.'Q ; !“C 3
Sane Old Place
O ar faith : R e m i : - « ' Ha.r Ton
ir la s:
c C »H fo rt:a
U l t a M - attua. Orse w u j Wash-
t- r . j», N « r . i g
■- r -.
au area of 36,961
The B a x t e r
Irosa s it r r and thè rewerve» m al*
o «he n c c n s e : l»t: :a cf th» Vnit-
■ays he h is »ever
eoe -etere, to .1 one be: ug m a New
Y .-< m j e t s - j c a i . i l
* ' - t!e> G s t io g 1 5 ;r »iT
W t- .e thè mna a ho » e
talioa B «y b » a « * » r i
H o w 's T h is ?
T * t f i r Cue B a i n t r«:rars S e
M M b e any eaae cf Catarrh (hat
eaxu.-e hw cured I t HaHs C atu tl
r i.
r-a C - -
.e -
twaiT te
e tx* -m J j t-e-a »-^
1 s . ,
|te »*1 r *— T '
t* at! K iu a a
awt aay «aS svisw = ì : i V 7 it* irr.
O aW M
aad « w r y v*w wewkr -.aerwafter
and W A S H O W I U H '
Business Directory
Tit-d'w: a
Hdu i C4:cr\ Crr»
S a V -
gxvrrs? z.~‘ a - a
f u l se­
ccia furiai--* «C - '■* mz4m~
a n t fr-- F*” = 3 : : j 5 ». r t-stt-i. &¿4
>y * i !>rurrftM
f » will
L h 'i *
ca. * fe c m z
| City Bakery
Paul Stephan, Prop.
Three Loaves for Ten Cents
Sanitary Drip
Easy to Clean
All Sizes 6x9 to 18x19 Ins
Prices 10c to 30c
f l
N ew and Second-Hand Goods
— v
Lb*- ■ - « -
s ä » it » ¿
- ." ■
If you have idea?— if you cat T H IN K — we »sill show
you the secrets of this fascinating new profession. Positively no
experience of ¡it er ary excellence necessary. No "Bowery lan­
guage" ts wanted.
The demand for photoplays is practically unlimited. The
c-:g ¿lm manufacturers are "moving heaven and earth" in their
attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing
demand. They are oienng $100 and more, for single scen­
arios. or written ideas.
Nearly aS the big him companies, the buyers of photoplays,
are located m or near N e w York City. Being nght on the
spot and knowing at all times just what sort of plots are wanted
by the producers, our Sales Department has a tremendous
advantage over agencies situated in distant cities.
^ e have received many letters from the big him manufac­
turers. such as Vitagraph. Edison. Essanav. Lubin, Imp.
Solax. Rex. Reliance. Champion, Com et Melies, Etc.,
urging us to send photoplays to them. W e want more writers
aud w e l gisdiv teach you the secrets of success.
W*e are selling photoplays written In-
people who “ never before wrote a line
for pupiieation.**
Perhaps we can do the same for you. If you can think of
only one good idea every week and will wnte it out as directed
by ns. aad rt seus for only S25_ a lew htgure.
' T' 1^
« n i ix im n r
• O LL
your name and address for free copy
r - ’••js*’-atedboo*
l o w picniE PLOWKmNu
D. a ! «""Htate. Don t Aigue. \\ nte now and learn
just what that new professaoa may mean for you and your future.
No Rivets
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays!
r P r r
December 2l» »V 21
xaiExaL eaxz o r c c s m t i
Come look and be tempted to
You W ill Earn S I 00 Monthly for Spare Time
-------- AZti - - ■
!■> do b-**er ti tn -he oc* who g « *
a r o .« 1 b .« -in * «t
csxjrrr n ca. ? ;*iv cv. PO LK’ S-
is too big a task to impose on
any wonan. She certainly has
enough other things to do be-
sade- baking the bread, cakes
and pie* She doesn't have to.
At this bakery she can get
just what she wants and better
than she could bake it herself.
^feati. Coqmüle, Oregoc
Oregcn. Idah>. Mon­ acJ 0 0 « s'atemeuU, aa I in eoese-
tecce ;r
- cesa prestigi wo - i
tana, W rein in g. U tah, Nevada
tiers and ca;
___ îj »
Notice is hereby given. That by vir­
Taylorsbarg O hio— A t * Skin­ tue of an execution duly issaed out of
Circuit Court of the State of Ore-
ner. the village pessimist, laughed
gor for the County of Coos and to me
himself to death fiom reading directed on the ' ch day of December.
B IF F ! the Great American M aga­ , W t upon a judgment and decree duly ; ‘
rendered, entered of record and docket­
zine of Fun whtch is making great­ ed ia and by saad Court on the U»th day
er strides that »ay o'her magazine of April. ¡> b . in a certain suit then in
sas: Court pernhug. wherein Florence
before the American punlic today. Err y Converse, sabstitated for Emily i
Converse, deceased, was plair tiff nud ! .
It is a magazine that will keep the
M. Mi-Clary former!;. Mar Grave a
whole familv in good burner. The am: Lucius D. MaeCUry. her husband,
s tiff of Btff contains the greatest were defendants in far or of plaintiff
and -gainst said defendants by which
artists, cartel ter is.s, critics and ed­ execution I am commanded to sei! the
itors on the c o c .aent
It is highly property in said execution and herein-
after described to pay tbe sum due tbe
illustrated and printed in many plaintiff of Two T h n a a d Ninety 01
colcrx It will keep tbe whole tara- and «55-10? Dollars, with interest then
on at the rate of Six per cent, per
ily cheerful the year ’round. Yon annum from the sixth day of December. 1
can aflord to spend 50 c a year to 191i .ntii paid togetber’with the costs
d-> this. Send this clipping and 50 c and disbuuseasetits of said suit taxed at
One Hundred Eighty two aud S190.
t-day to the B.a Publishing C o , Dotal? and coats and expenses of taid 1
Da» too. Ohio, for cue year's sub­ ae c n o m , I will on Saturday, the 11 th
day or January. 1913. at the’hour of 10 j
o’clock a. m. of said day at the front |
The sweetus: g a s s is » vavs arrow* door of the County Court House in Co
qoille, Coos Coo-ty. Oregon, sell at
t t « deepest river
puhiic auction to the highest bidder fo
• cash in hand on the day of sale, all the
Dr. W i
Sadler, aatb-w of "Tae right, title, interest and estate which
Cao aud Cere >f Cord».’' §ayw that sa--l defendants Mae Mac Urey i-Jt
u m » cold* sbt>.id be taken seriocaly. merit Mae Graves, ani Lucius D
r ipe, U 5y wbeu. they ' hiug oo. ■ F>- Mac iarey. her husband, and all per
k r 'r Hooey an: Tar Compoosd is a sovs eiaiming under them suhoop.-rt to
r.äahie booaeho ,: ssnloeme foe coughs the plaintiff's mortgage dec in. of aud ,
a.-rd coick. ecpu.ty effect.vw for eh.Virer to sail real property. Said
ned »re
» id grown persi, us. Taee it when tow m
feel a eotd coem-g oo.
il will avert in said exeention as foSowa. to-wit:
¿anger of w r ais result* and cure Tbe Soathwwat quarter of the North-'
-.' - Kw ! y. No harmful Fofcnuan’s east quarter of Section Ttarty-six in
Township Thirty s f range twelve
west o f the Willamette meridian, in
Coos County. Oregt-n.
Ü W r u CnAtert
Said sale being made subject to re­
Notice is heretiT given that tbe uu- demption is the manner provided by
C-; rswrrsrd has reco duly apy cutei ai- law.
uur.istrwcr x of the estate of Harrr E.
Dated this 11th day of December.
Dusrua.u. deeraici and that a.; persona 1912.
having e aims «gainst slid estate are
W. W. GadE.
rvrjonwi to present the same, t i h ver-
Sher.ff c f Coos County. Oregon.
i i « . and with proper voucher* there­
for. to the wnirrstgtie«] at the office >f
W d U y i K M
C R. Bartow in CopnQe. Coos exaty,
Notice is hereby gives that the as-1
•i-egoe. with r n months from tbe
has 6 h l his uci! >«r m l ia
¿ate of this notice.
Dated this the lid i dav of December. tbe matter of the Estate of H W Me- -
. C V laa. wbese lull name * as Hugh W.
1 -1 Ì
MeCleiiaa aad who was fomeiimes
E va V- B a lio w.
Administrât::!, of the estate of Har- known »s and ca ie! H. W. McCtel an
s w t ir .r f H Vf. McC!*i:*n , de­
ry E. Dig-au. -Aeceased.
cease I, *a-l that th* Couatv Court bas
set rr.-iav. th* 3ri ia.- of January.
h t » « Fwai Kcam t
191V as 11 .« day iu ) ib* County C ««u
Notioe is Wrebv rrveo that A. i_ B o m «t to* Coonty Coart H .us* in
V .»mar. aim .str,-..— of th* estate of C o ,— leC.ty. C ■ « County. Orv-r-o »*
M. * ir m e , O-oe«**,! ar filed his fi­ tbe : l a e fcr - «a- uu obyscuses to **il
ll ao -cot as rich ndmiwimrator wito fins' aco-uus and the ie:i.en.sut
tie clerk of the County C oon for Coos estate.
■ octtv - a u
r>r-cu. aud tun Moo-
A. J. Mttxwooo, |
ay, tbe 23st. day <n Jansary. 1“I3. at
administrator « t h tLe will aeneioi.
;: e Court Hewer in m o C oo * C<«atr
at b**w appaia :ed by How. John F.
t e r ta CthWrs.
Hi. . J u if- of
Court, as tie dav
Notice is hereby given that the un-
»I piare fc-r th- hesriftz of ohynrtions
• *:■] final accoant and the leuVreef.; •Jersig-ed uas been »upvalued ad~:~is-
trater af the estate of Mary J Fel wws,
r .m paM>cati>>r. [V ern ier 12. 1ÏI1 deceased ry the C.wuty Coort of Coos
County, Ore-ror.: »n ia l per?.*--* kavu-g
A. L V iv w i « ,
Administrator of swad Betate. riaiais agamsu saad estate are required
to present the same, da y ver-Sed and
with prop*- re*;-hers thereto, to the
M n W U t o M
itdcrsg-ed it the off.-re of C. S. Bar-
Notie* is hereby p t t a that I have rt-v. it Coqtaiie. C.:<>- County. Ore*>-.
' sd my ¿tal repon as ad-ul-.:str*trix withti sex mooths f- m the :"a e of this
: the fSUiU of Eu. . Ogre- deosased, node«.
uhe County Court a t the State of Or-
Datoi this the I «th day of Devesber,
- c x f v C oos Cocuty. aud that by ar- 191i
iev of the
of said Court. Ja-.uary
•1 1S1-1 v u duly set for the hearirg :-f A sL tix n ro r of the Estate of Mary J.
oéieetious thereto.
Fellows, deceased.
Cotrc ie. 'Trig i, Deeetneer 5. IÙÎ2. t C. R- Barrow. Attoruev for Aamuuistz»-
M a . uuie O uaen
Administratrix • : the Estate of Emil
Ogren. deeewied.
H * » e y.ju pwj 1 toe primer?
in the Vuited Sratts » ter leaving t t i col do all we elaim U wilL
the Panama Canal, is taking hold Shr-ult cur «atkasiam « m
so wei ’ha: 'i t ! ! ' - p
s ilrea-iy away. t e i Retai; ' J 3 " H «ìx Totie
txi :
p*r too
Sudden Sc Christiansen
Ecgiisu pe-tple can
*T ^0
E. & E. T . K ru se
24 Calermi* 5 t r «t Saw Frau
: --
he new
Str. Elizabeth
S tm ee* S.udav at 11 a. m and
' S ) p. m.
Satday School at 10 a el
Frank H Adams, Paster.
ler will require special stames fo in­
'. c: :: ' ' • - - :st :: '
mx:i mat er ott and a fe r
•gati n daring the wtt seascn, and
~ i '-
in use c a m :t be rceep-c t is
H's Beu s a truth telling aad
tv- -, ile a lit a c.oek.
tfcu N crth Fork wi-h his'
fork is an excellent stream for nav-
¿scenting men.
T ie Cotp. Lie Herald wtfl be
found an excellent salesman.
Prosperous men are those who
advertise. No one will dispute
this. The Herald is at your
The circulation is
extensive and the rates are very
reasonable. C Our subscription
books are open for inspection
to ail our customers. Fair, isn’t
it? T ty an “ ad with us.
g g r v \ i . fenrtr. :!;ss
Belle is now making regular
He Laughed Till He Died” Skrf* * * ë
1 543 BrotHlwny