Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, August 15, 1912, Image 3

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snil Mercantile company’s
and others of lesser note.
Dr. H. E. HerniHUu, eye specialiar,
will bo at tbe Baxt>r Hotel, Co-
quille, Monday and Tuesday, An
“ Blest Be the Tie That Binds"
gust 10 and 20 . Remember tbe
County Clerk Watson issued the fol­ dates.
lowing marriage licenses during the
Most excellent scenes can always
Frank O. Demarestand Violet Stauff, be witnessed at the Scenic Theater,
both of Cooston.
and large audiences are iu attend­
Roy A. Ballard and Bessie C. Wil­ ance nightly
Wilson & Foote are
liams, both of Bandon.
the right men in the right place— so
Maurice W. Ray and Ollie Farber,
much unlike others— the tight men
both of Myrtle Point.
Claud H. Giles and Lois A. Perkins, in tbe tight place.
both of Myrtle Point.
Mrs. Clara Beckwick Colby will
-».■»» —
speak on Amendment No. 1 at the
Born— To the wife of Marion
Little Church, this etty, Mondav
Clinton, Fisbtiap, A -gust 2, a son.
evening, August 19 . Mrs. Colby is
Born— To the wife o f R ha-in a speaker ol international fame and
Ellingsen, Coquille, August 12. a represents the College Equal Suff­
rage League. All ate welcome.
Watermelons, nice ones, Nosier
Th-t regular meeting of the Com­
A Nortou.
mercial club scheduled for Monday
Sign boards at the comers of the
streets giving tlnir names, would
be an acceptable accommodation to
the new-comer and add to the piide
of the old-timers. Business blocks
snd residences should be numbered
sud ere long we should receive free
Purified petrolium, emul­
mail delivery at our doors.
sified with hypophos-
Our mayor and counciliucn are
Magnificent Homes Being Built and in Contem­
excellent work iu advancing
phites o f lime and soda.
plation in all Parts of the City—
civic improvements, and we call at­
Gratifying Conditions
tention to the ubove paragraph be-,
Tonic, stimulant, nutri
lieviug it will receive favorable
Coquille is not only growing, but
recognition at their hands.
tive, intestinal, a n t i ­
is beiog beautified in a substautisl
way by paviDg the business streets,
s e p t i c , anti-tubercular.
and the construction of spacious
concrete sidewalks. The removal
of the old wooden awnings in front
of stores on First street is gratifying
Deer have been seen near the
Attorney J. J. Stanley made a fly­
and with the railroad relegated to
ing trip to Marshfield between trains poor farm.
the rear, that thoroughfare presents
The Presbyterians of Bandon are
Monday and speaks glowingly of
a decidedly different scene than it
the improvements going on in our soon to have a new church edifice.
did laBt full.
sister town on the bay. He men­
The couDty convention of the
Among tbe improvements for the
tions particularly the pulp mill W. C. T. U. will be held in this city
near future will be a new city hall,
being elected by the Smith people— Friday, August 23.
school bouse, library and gymna­
The Rexall Store
of its proportions and cost. He had
Miss Anna Lund of Eastside has
sium and briek business buildings
a conversation with Al. Powers of been the guest of Mrs. Win. Hum­
are contemplated.
the Smith-Powers Logging compa­ ber for a fsw days.
Residences in various parts of the
ny, and Mr. Powers stated that in
city have received the magic touch
The Royal theater has been at­
tne construction of tb s mill they
of tbe painters’ brush, residence
tached to satisfy a claim ol $¡68
would drive nine thousand piles,
streets have been improved— nota­
due for film service.
moBt of them to be one hundred feet
bly on Spurgeon hill— neat garages
A Socialist picnic and mass meet­
deep, being driven to bed rock, the
have been built by many and evi­
The good housewife finds the family
will be held at Noith Bend
big stack to be 227 feet high. There
washing particularly disagreeable—
dence of thrift is manifested in all
Sunday next (August 18).
the hot, steaming suds—the muss
portions of the city.
Walling & Wickham have estab­
and dirt—house upside down—Hub­
and Ihe cost will approximate a mil­
Among tbe more recent improve­
by gets home to a cold lunch and is
lion dollars. Tbe building, roof lished an auto stage line between
ments we note the following:
cross—baby cries, etc.
and all, is to be concrete.
Six new Coquille and Myrtle Point.
Z. (J. Strang has bought the Er­
The work of taking care of the
boilers are being placed in tbe pres­
K. Halverson returned on last
nest Perrott place on Spurgeon hill
family wash is a pleasure to us—
ent mill, from which the pulp mill Breakwater from Portland where he
it is our business—we are equipped
and will move the house now on the
will get its power, which will be has been for several weeks.
for it. Send it to us—be rid of all
premisos back to give room for a
practically all electricity. The water
the worry and hard work. You
Three loaves for ten cents hereaf­
$3,000 residence, to be built of con­
will be glad—the baby will be
will be taken from the bay, a ter at the City Bakery. Cheaper
good — Hubby will smile over a
secret process being used for pur­ and better than home baking.
to-date manner with all modern
warm dinner—you will live longer
ifying it, and it will be under
V. R. Wilson, optician, will be in
and be happier.
tbe management of a man who
Friday and Saturday, Au­
Charles Vincent has just complet­ has been manager of the larg­
ed a residence in the Academy ad­ est pulp mill in the world, wlrch gust 16 and 17 , at Hotel Baxter.
For Sale—Young mare, weight
is in Finland, the manager beiog
Frank Morse will soon construct now on the bay to assist with his 1,400; gentle, sound and true. Ad­
dress I. Nordstrom, Parkersburg.
a building for his electric light suggestions in the construction,
Mrs. E. C. Ostrander was in the
the mill being on the plan and
during the past few days calling
The fine new bungalow of Charles
on friends. She reports everything
Monday Night, Aug. 19
not in the habit of advertising lovely at Bridge.
Mrs. A. H Kellogg I ihm returned
they were doing, and intimat­
Lumber on the property of Sher­
to Coquille after an absence of six
iff Gage indicates improvements to
ments which would be of interest to weeks visiting friends at Sacramen­
his residence.
the-public generally, but would re­ to aud Pacific Grove.
Easel Brothers nre clearing lots
frain out of deference to Mr. Smith,
Mrs. Frank Denning of Marsh­
in the Academy addition upon which
who is the proper member of the field, who has been visiting Mrs
they will build a house.
concern to talk for publication
Chas. Baxter, returned to her home
Work is progressing Dicely upon
* -m- -
tbe first of tbe week.
Leo. J. Carey's bungalow near the
Attended Agate Carnival
The ladies of the Presbyterian
home of George E. Peoples.
A. J Sherwood and party return­ church nre plauning a “Tom Thumb”
Complete in Three Big Reels Bert Nichols has started work ed Monday evening from Port Or- entertainment next Tuesday even
upon his residence on East First ford wh-re they a'teDded the Agate
ing at the Masonic hall.
A Guaranteed Attraction,
street near the Kidder borne.
Carnival, Port Orford’s annual fes­
showing Sawmill in Opera­
The City Bakery will sell three
Postmaster Linegar will goon tival. He says that everything con­
tion—The County Fair—
loaves of bread for ten cents hereat
move his present house back to nected with the carnival was n great
Exciting H orse Races—
ter. Excellence maintained Noth­
Real Penitentiary L ife -
make room for a modern bungalow. success. All the events in the day’s
ing reduced but the price.
Sensational Sewer Escape
Will Forbes is building a neat entertainment came off ns scheduled
—A Leap for Life—The
Wanted Agent.—To write health
little home in the Academy addition without delay, the rivalry was good and accident insurance. Oregon
Man Hunt — Trailed by
on lots purchased from B. Folsom.
Blood Hounds—The Arrest
Surety & Casualty Co., 322 Board
—A Great Wrong Righted
R. H Smith, the abstracter, ap­ athletic events very keen. The ex­ of Trade, Portland, Oregon
preciates tbe enlarged rooms given hibit of agates and curios was far
German family wants to rent a
Positively the only moving pic­ him by the addition to Drane's beyond his expectation and tbe dis dairy ranch for October. References
play of fancy work by the Curry can be given. Write to Mrs. E
ture ever taken within the walls store.
couuty women would have graced Kiumminga, Lakeside, Ore.
o f a State Penitentiary.
Lloyd Irvintr purchased lots of B.
the walls of the arts pavillion at any
Call and examine our showcases
Folsom in the Academy addition,
fair in the state. The crowd was
and has lumber on the ground for
and shelves of candies and beat
very large and the ladies who fur­
them if you can. Coquille Bakery
a residence.
nished and served the public dinner
and Confectionery, Mrs. M. Nosier,
The large barn east of the M. E
deserve more than special mention,
churcb has been razed to tbe ground
as it could not have been better
and the appearance of that section
Steamer I’ atsey arrived Saturday
The weather was delightful and
is greatly improved thereby.
night last from Portland and, after
everybody present seemed to enjoy
The frame work for the ware­ himself very much. It was plain to discharging a good cargo for our
house on the city wharf is up snd see on every hand that it was not merchants, left at noon Sunday for
the much needed building will soon the aim of the Port Orford people the Oregon metropolis.
be ready for public patronage.
Margaret lies and her popular
to speculate off the guests, but they
George & Gibier, Props.
Mr. Davis recently bought one used their best endeavors to enter­ company favored the people of Co­
acre of B. Folsom in the Notley ad­ tain and make them welcome. He quille with two pleasing plays at
dition and is clearing the ground further says the town has improved the Scenic Theater last week. The
General photographic
ami improving tbe residence there­ wonderfully since bis last visit. Tbe company will return in October.
work, portraiture and
To n nt dairy ranch.
parly consisted of Mr. and Mrs.
viewing, developing
Nick Johnson’s new residence on Leneve, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Ramp State terms. References given. Ad­
and printing for ama-^
dress Lock Box 141. Brockwav, Ore.
East First street will be ready for and Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood.
teurs. Call and see us
occupancy soon. It is a cozy home
To all who anticipate a camping
and get our prices.
Farmers’ Union Festival
and presents a splendid appearance
trip, leave orders for home made
The Farmers’ Union had a fine bread, pies and c sea, cookies and
amid the fine fir trees.
at W. O. W. hall Saturday last doughnuts with Mr- M. Nosier, who
Tbe fine passenger steamer Co­
Storage R oom 'for Rent
quille, on tbe run between Bandon at which time the annual Harvest will supply you with everything
and Coquille, is one of the new Festival of the organization was in­ fresh from the oven.
boats added during the year to ac­ augurated. Well filled tables at­
Mrs. C. H. Cleare» and her chil­
tested to the bountiful production dren left for Grant« Pass Tuesday
commodate river traffic.
The salooo operated by Mr. of our Boil and the generosity and by automobile to Ro«eburg. She
Beckett, as well as the barber shop brotherly love of our farmers. The will lie absent three weeks visiting
Plying Between
adjoining, has been added to in wives contributed greater to the relatives and friouda at the "old
front so that the entrances are now success of the banquet as they Dot home.’ ’
only prepared the delectable dishes,
directly from the sidewalk.
W. H. Bunch, county school su­
but served them with willing hands
perintendent, was presented with a
Lack of cement held up street
and cheerful hearts to the throng at magnificent Persian rocker by mem­
work for two weeks. A sufficient
the tables. Tbe merry laughter of bers of the teachers’ Institute, held
First-class fare only
$7.50 , supply is now on band and labor
the children present added pleasure at BandoD recently, in appreciation
I is again reaumod with prospects of
Up freight, per ton
to the occasion. Many members of lung and faithful service.
an early completion of the contract
were admitted and several petitions
The county court has let a con­
Sudden & Christiansen
Business enterprises for the past were received snd referred to com­
A f «nt». San Frmncitco, California
! year include tbe new Coquille saw­ mittees to report at next meeting tract for driving five hundred piles
mill, farmers’ co-operative cream­ Saturday, August 24. The Farmers’ along tbe hanks of the Coquille riv­
For R oterrations
ery, a large addition to J.H Oerdiog's Union is growing in influence as er from the city to Beaver Slough,
a distance of about four miles. The
manufacturing establishment, en­ well as numbers.
work is done to protect tbe banks
Agent*, Coquille, O regon
I from being washed away.
Dirt abhors a vacuum cleaner.
provements about tbe Coquille Mill
$ 1 . the Bottle
evening did not take place on ac
count of no quorum. Those who
showed up were President Peoples,
Secretary Savage, A. II Clinton, L.
J. Carey, C. A. Howard and H. O.
In the Good Old
Summer Time
Machinery is bn the ground for a
brick yard at Arago which will
soon be in operation. Four and six
inch tile will also be manufactured.
The machine is capable of turning
out 25,000 brick per day and it is
the intention to manufacture a half
million before the fall rains set in
Special Feature
2 0 Y ears
Sing Sing
Str. B ro oklyn
San Francisco
and Bandon
Mrs. M. Nosier wishes to an­
nounce to her many customers that
she has added to her already well
selected stock of bakery and confec­
tionery goods, a nice line of luneb
goods, consisting ot crackers of all
kinds, o\ sters, shrips, sardines,
lunch tongue, Vienna sausage, pork
and beans— all the best grade of
The Coos county commissioners
have appropriate I $200 forS beiiff
Gage as a reward for the recov» ry­
ot Bill Joiner, the South Slough
rancher who disappeared several
days ago. The reward is to be paid
for Joiner's finding dead or alive.
Sheriff Gage had asked for a re­
ward of $500.
About twenty-five of the women
of Coquille interested in the ques­
tion of equal Suffrage assembled in
the Little Church Wednesday after­
noon for the purpose of advicing
togethir for the advancement of the
cause. Opinions of tbe different
ladies were freely expressed and fu­
ture work along this line mapped
Win Candlin, the manufacturers’
agent, accompanied by tiis wife, re­
turned Sunday from Portland by
overland from Drain. Mr Candlin
had been absent three weeks and he
will now be obliged to increase ac­
tivity in calling upon tbe patrons
of bis wares to make up for lost
time. Upon returning home he was
surprised to note the growth made
by vegetables in his splendid gar­
Herbert D. Gale, for twelve years
Judge Court First Instance, Manila,
P. I. has secured a leave of absence
from Uncle Sim for five months’
duration and is, with his family, so-
journing on greater and broader
ground. Mrs. Gale is an old friend
of Mr. and Mrs. E I) Sperry of this
city with whom the family have been
visiting the past few days. The
distinguished party leaves to lay on
the Breakwater for Portltnd where
Mrs. Gale will reside in order that
her children may have suitable en­
vironments and receive a proper
educatitn. Judge Gale will return
to tbe Philippines to serve out bis
allotted time in the employ of the
government. Tbe Herald received
a pleasant call from Mr. Gale.
---------- .a ------------
D. C. Byt>ee, teaming contractor liv­
ing at 86» Keeling Court, Canton, III.,
is now well rid of a severe and annoying
case of kidney trouble.
His back
pained him and he was tiothered with
headaches and dizzy spells. ” 1 took
Foley Kidney Pills jui.. as directed and
in a few days I felt much better. My
life and strength seemed to come back,
and I slept well. I am now all over my
trouble and glad to recommend Fo’ey’s
Kidney Pills.” Try them. Fuhrman's
-- -----
■ #
Have you paid the printer?
DR. H . E.
Assessor Thrift has started in to
“ do things up brown.” His resi
dence has received touches from the
painters’ brush producing that color
aud it is pleasing. There is also a
little matter in November that he
intends to “ brush up” with equally
as good results, being loyally aided
by many friendly volunteers.
O. O. Lund, Marshfield, republi­
can candidate for sheriff, called at
Coquille yesterday between trains
Mr. Lund has wagered that none
of the three candidates for presi­
dent of the United States will be
elected that not one of them will
receive a majority of the electoral
vote. He is coufident he will win.
Monday = Tuesday
August 19, 2 0
L ia n w a B ^
i-mm mmmmmmmJ
M ali!
In A Class B y Its e lf
M P A R T IA L tests made by The Columbus Labo­
ratories of Chicago give F isher ’ s B lend F lour
a higher rating than that of the Dakota all-Hard
Wheat Patent Flour.
Considering that this scientific combination of East­
ern Hard Wheat and Western Soft Wheat costs you
from 20 to 25% less than what has always been con­
sidered the highest grade of breadstuff, you can readily
see that it will pay you to insist 011 having
F is h e r ’ s B l e n d
F lour
For Sale bv All Dealers
Manured FISHER |- 1_ o U RING MILLS CO.
s e u a st t a l e
Crescent Ranges
M ade by the Pacific Stove and Range C o., St. Johns, Oregon
Largest S t o c k
of Ranges in
Fourteen Ranges on
the floor
W e are prepared to
offer six of these Ran­
ges at the Reduced
Price of
T h e bodies of these
Ranges are made of
one-piece Wellsville
Polished Steel.
Call and see them
New and Second-Hand Goods