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    t|The Herald, the o ld estab­
lished reliable newspaper of
the Coquille Valley in which
an “ ad” always brings results.
T he C oquille H erald
C O Q U IL L E , C O O S C O U N T Y , O R E G O N , T H U R S D A Y , M A R C H
VOL. 29, NO. 28
Senator W. 0. Chase has decided
I not to become a candidate for re-
election, much to the regret of his
The United Sutes and Russia to­ many triends, and gives his reasons
gether own about half the horses in in the following letter:
the world.
"As you are aware, I have for a
Italy consumes less tobacco per long time been besieged by many
capita than any other country in friends, on every hand, relative to
the world.
my being returned to the legislature
Paper 174 inches wide, for news­ for another term. I have consider­
paper use, is made at the rate of ed the matter seriously and care­
fully. I have also giyeti considerable
650 feet a minute.
For the first time in several years thought to the political situation in
line was mined commercially in our state, and the welfare of the re­
publican party.' Other aspirants
New York last year.-
are seeking to know my wishes,
October 12, Columbus day, was
and since the time has arrived when
declared public holiday by act of
I feel that I should announce my
the 1911 Legislature.
position concerning the state sena-
James Luck, Forest Grove’s old­
torship, I have decided to state, that
est citizen, celebrated his ninety-
inasmuch as a division of the re­
seventh birthday last Saturday.
publican vote at this time might
Out of a population of 464 at the jeopardize the election of a republi­
state penitentiary the\e are 189 hon­ can to our state senate, considera­
or men working outside the walls. tions of party fealty have caused
There are 30 cases of leprosy in me to determine not to be a candi­
London, according to the latest re­ date for nomination.
port of the local government board.
“ While 1 deeply and most sin­
In a mutiny March 14, at the cerely appreciate the earnest solici­
Nebraska state penitentiary the tations and generous confidence ol
warden and three guards were kill­ my Iriends, I wish to point out
that it Is vitally important that har­
The United States supplies more mony should exist and that the
than half the oleomargarine used by unity of the llepublican party be
Norway, several million pounds a maintained upon a safe and con­
sistent platform, and that it is the
duty of every Republican to sub­
A tent which may be converted
serve the interests of our people by
into a boat, the poles and stakes
strict adherence to the principles of
forming the frame, has been invent­
his party, and loyalty to our State.
ed by a Connecticut man.
“Any announcement, at this time,
The largest timber land deal in as to my future political aspirations,
years in Clatsop county occurred in view of the foregoing, would, I
when 13,010 acres of timber were take it, be improper.”
sold to a Michigan corporation re­
tion, consisting ot three and one-
“ Don’t kiss one another iu public.
half acres of land. It faces the bay
It’s awful to see a woman doing a
and overlooks the Golden Gate.
man’s work,” is one of the “ don’t”
Completely surrounding the site is
instructions given the Wellsley col­
a circle of full-grown trees, that en.
lege girls.
hance the stateliness of the tract.
The floor of a large Paris theatre
The House interstate commerce
is reversible, one side being made
for dancing and the other for carry­ committee has added an amendment
ing the seats, the whole revolving to the Panama Canal government
bill which would have the effect ol
on a horizontal axis.
barring from the canal all railroad-
The annual meeting of the North­
owned steamships engaged in
west Development League will be
i oast wise trade.
held in Seattle June 5 to 8 inclusive
A telegram received by the Rose-
and will be known as the “ North­
Commercial Club from J. Ar­
western Development Congress.”
of Spokane, stated that
A government commission has
ordered that the whole town of the contract for construction ot the
Frank, Alberta, be moved as a pro­ Roseburg-Coos Bay Railroad had
tection against rock and snowslides been let and actual work would be
It has 3,000 inhabitants. Nine years commenced within ten days. The
telegram was dated March 14.
ago, in a slide, 84 lives were lost.
The Milwaukee Orchard compa­
On March 14, Oregon, the first
state or nation to select a site for an ny, which is clearing and planting
exhibit at the Panama-Pacific ex ­ a large tract in the Lorane valley, is
position, chose a place where it will digging the holes by powder. The
participate in the great world’s fair method is said to be more than suc­
of 1915. The site is an ideal one cessful, as the explosion loosens the
being situated on a commanding ground all around the hole and
eminence ot the Presidio reserva- gives the trees a much better start.
G A G E ’ S
21, 1912
P E R Y E A R $ 1 .5 0
The Best Lasts Longest 1
IN S A C K S , F U L L
Sheriff Gage is now the possessor
of diamond ear and finger rings
brought about by the arrest of Bert
Belieu, who was made to answer to
the strong arm of the law for the
wrongful disposal of property of
which he was bailee. Belieu was a
resident of Marshfield at the time
the offense was committed, but had
left the state and was located iu
Vancouver, Washington. Sheriff
Gage vested T. A. Walker of Port­
land with the proper authority to
arrest the offender, which was ac­
complished on the 13th inst., and
he was brought back without the
formality of extradition papers. The
prisoner was charged with taking
diamonds from his wife valued at
$550 which he pawned to a jeweler
of Marshfield tor $250. The deputy
with his charge reached the justice
dispensary of Judge Holden on
Friday last who set the case for
trial the following day at io a. m.
Attorney Liljeqvist for the prosecu­
tion, Harry G. Hoy, a Marshfield
attorney, for defendant. Four wit­
nesses were subpoened for the state
being the wife from whom the gems
were taken, the pawnbroker who
received them, a jeweler to testify
as to their value and a domestic
maid in the house where the Belieus
resided at the time the diamonds
were taken. The prisoner was bound
over to the grand jury in the sum
of $750, and alter serving a brief
time in jail, the father and brother
came to the rescue with the neces­
sary bond and the prison doors
were opened to Ireedom Coos
county pays over one hundred dol­
lars in costs and fees in the trans­
Advertised with advance notices
like a circus, playing five day stands
_ I in the largest auditoriums that can
Mrs. Mary A. Bunch, of Gravel Ford, Enjoys be leased in cities of from 10,000 to
a Family Reunion and Assemblage
50,000 inhabitants throughout the
of Friends on her 86th
east and middle west, the North­
west Development League is plan­
ning to send out next fall a special
On Sunday. March 17 last, a fam­ train filled with exhibits showing
ily gathering took place at the home the resources of the American
of Mrs. J. D. Bennett, Gravel Ford, Northwest.
iu honor of the eighty-sixth birth­
This is probably the greatest ad­
day of her mother, Mary A. Bunch. vertising scheme ever promoted
Not only were direct descendants and it is said by men who have
present but many from the Academy spent practically millions iu devel­
at that place were at hand to pay opment work, to be capable of se­
homage to the "dear old lad y” curing better results than any cam­
whose kindness of heart and long paign ever planned to aid the settle­
residence iu the community had ment and development of any sec­
endeared herself in the hearts of all. tion.
The following were present :
The shows will be known as “ See
Mrs. Jane Goodrich (sister).
America First” Expositions and
County Superintendent W. H. Bunch will aim not only to attract tourists
(son) w ife and children Emma, Minnie,
and induce them to travel through
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bennett, wife the seven northwest states, but by
(daughter) and children Eva, Lois, Ray displays of products the expositions
and married son Arthur and wife.
will also claim the attention of the
Prof. F. S. Bunch (son) wife and homeseekers and show them the op­
children Edith, Bessie, Raymond, Her-
portunities and inducements offered
schel, Paul, Dorsey.
Mrs. Watkins, (daughter) and Mr. on western lands.
The trip will last four months
and Mrs. Mereen and their son Wallace
and infant daughter.
and start from Minneapolis in early
From the Academy were Prof. Ham­ December, following the North­
mond and w ife; teachers Miss Pennie
western Products Exposition to be
and Miss Graves; students Miss Wanda
in that city November 12 and
Harry, Alva Harry, Leon Smith, Alice
and Lorena Redding, Mary Simmons,
Earl Simmons, Miss Rosalie Hoit.
Mr. Ole Iverson was also present.
Mrs. Mary A. Bunch is hale and
hearty and maintains all her facul­
ties unimpaired, and many years
yet remain for her to gladden the
hearts or her relatives and friends
Mrs. Bunch lives with her sister,
Mrs. Jane Goodrich, but four years
than Mrs. B. and a life full
of contentment is enjoyed where
List of unclaimed letters remain­ they can receive and entertain their
ing in Coquille P. O. on March 18, friends in a manner such as only
those blessed with years of life’s
Baisley, J. L .—1.
experiences can give.
Carico, W . C.—1.
Cove, Ernest—1.
Charlton, H. S .—1.
Davis, Jos. J .—1.
Freiss, George—1.
Grove, Mrs. Margaret—1.
Hall, George—1.
Hamilton, Thos. C —1.
Jarvis, Fred—1.
Kimball, Frank—1.
Lyons, Daniel P .—1.
Leino, David—1.
Marlin, William—1.
McMillan, C. H . - l .
Morris, Adam—1.
Nelson, G. B .—1.
Smith, Ward C.—1.
Stewart, Fred—1.
Smith, Chas L .—2.
Sheridan, Jas.—1.
Trumbull, Mrs. A. F .—1—card.
Weaver, Walter—1.
If not called for by March 31, ’12,
same will be sent to dead letter
A. F. L inegar , P. M.
Following the conviction of Lloyd
Allen on a felony charge, a deadly
shooting affray occurred at Hills-
ville, Carroll county, Va., the presid­
ing judge, sheriff and district attor­
ney being killed at the beginning of
the riot. Trouble was expected, but
the sheriff was unprepared for the
attack made by a troop of 20 moun­
taineers who began firing as soon
as sentence was pronounced. In
addition to the fatalities three spec­
tators were wounded by stray bul­
lets. Troops were rushed from
Richmond to stop the fight.
f l jo b Printing— N ew presses
new material and experienced
workmen. A guarantee that
Herald printing will please
M. E. Church South
Services Sunday,
March 24,
preaching by the pastor. The eveu-
ing theme will be Act 3 of “ The
Drama of Life.” You are cordially
invited to be present.
O. H. C l e a v e s , P a s t o r .
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching next Sunday at 11 a. m.
No evening services.
Frank H. Adams, Pastor.
Preaching each Sunday, morning
and evening, except the third Sun­
day in each month.
Bible school at 10 a. m.
Christian Endeavor each Sunday
You are heartily welcom e.
T. B. McDonald, Minister
Services first and third Sundays
o f each
Sunday school
every Sunday at 10 a. m.
. H o rsfa ll, rector.
I hereby announce myself as can­
didate for the Republican nomina­
tion for the office of State Senator
for the Eighth Senatorial District.
I stand on the following platlorm:
If I am nominated and electc’ l whl.
during my term of office, faithfully per
form the duties of my office and trust
to the best of my ability. I stand for
the initiative and referendum, primary
election law, jieoples' choice for United
States Senator, corrupt practices act,
recall, legislation exempting personal
property to the value of four hundred
dollars for taxation, good roads legis­
lation favorable to farmers, legislation
favorable to laborers, the regulation of
firearms, opposition to the raising of
salaries of state and county officers,
and greater economy in appropriations.
I stand for Statement No. One.
Words to be printed after name on
ballot: “ Statement No. One, economy
in appropriations, legislation more fav­
orable to laborers.”
The Evangelical Lutheran
church is havtng services at Nor­
I hereby announce myself a can­
way every Sunday morning at didate for thj republican nomina­
11 o 'c lo c k .
Every first and third Sunday in tion for Assessor for Coos county at
each month the service is conduct­ the primary to be held April 19,1912.
ed in the German language, and pd adv
G e o r g e E. P e o p l e s .
all other Sundays in the English
Sunday school every Sunday at
10 o ’ clock .
I hereby announce my candidacy
The Bible class meets every for the Republican nomination for
Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock.
I am also having services at Co­ State Representative from the Fifth
quille every second and fourth Sun­ District, Ceos County, Oregon, at the
day in each month in the little primary election to be held April
chnrch at 3 p. m. All are invited.
19, 1912
pd a dv
J. S. B a r t o n .
F r e d Z e h e , Pastor,
Vast Sum for Church Work
Through the kindness of liev.
Frank H. Adams we place ‘ before
our readers a statement of receipts
for current work as rendered by
Harvey C. Olin, Treasurer of the
Board of Home Missions of the
Presbyterian church of the United
States. The receipts following are
for eleven months ending February
29 last, and give the source from
The states which will participate whence derived.
in these expositions will be the same Churches
( 179,859.47
as those represented in the exposi­ W om an's Societies
tion in Minneapolis, which are Sabbath Schools
Minnesota, South Dakota, North Young People’ s Societies
Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washing­ Individuals, etc
W om an’ s Board o f Home
ton and Oregon.
Missions, all sources
-- —«♦ «-<-------
Legacies ...............................
I hereby announce myself as a candi­
date for the nomination as joint repre­
sentative from Coos and Curry counties,
Oregon, subject to the votes o f the
republican electors at the primary to
he held April 19, 1912.
Paid adv.
The farmers in the Mohawk val­
ley are suffering from the loss of
lambs and kids which are being car­
ried away by the eagles in that vi­
cinity, one farmer losing no less
than 12 young animals. Since the
state passed a law protecting the
eagles, they have greatly multipli­
ed and are getting very bold. One
young farmer in the Camp creek
neighborhood shot one of these
birds and was fined $25 by the
430,905.51 game warden.
----------- . < § » > --------
An acre of bananas will produce
state legislature conven­
more than one and one-third as
Increase over a like previous period, ed at Santa Fe, New Mexico, March
much food substance as an acre ol $356,821.09.
» * ♦ * - • — -----
corn, almost three times as much as
Loose habits generally lead to
Great Britain exported nearly
an acre of wheat or potatoes and
tight places.
four times as much as an acre of rye. $10,000,000 worth of soap last year.
You judge a man not by what he
Some spiders in Java make webs
Horseflesh is being eaten now in
promises to do, but by what he has done.
Paris by invalids who have been so strong that it requires a knife to That is the only true test. Chamber­
lain’ s Cough Remedy judged by this
ordered it by their medical attend­ sever them.
standard has no superior. People ev­
In London and its suburbs there erywhere speak o f it in the highest
ants. Many French doctors hold
terms o f praise. For sale by all druggists
that horse meat is more nourishing,
easier to digest, and of greater re­
Pearl Wheeler, the 16-year-old cuperative value for consumptives
daughter of A. O Wheeler of Upper than other meats.
Lake, Lake county, California, was
On March 15, 937 letters were sent
found March 14 last drowned in a from the office of Superintendent of
creek near that place. The girl had j Schools, L. R. Alderman, to minis-
been missing lor a day and the sup- ters of every denomination in the
position is she committed suicide, state asking them to preach a Sun-
Mr. Wheeler and family were lor- day sermon, March 31,on the child-
mer residents of Coquille, were ren’s industrial work now being
honorable and upright citizens and ^ promoted through the schools of
the sympathy of the community is the state.
extended to them in their great
^ pack of 20 limber wolves has
j taken up its habitation on the ice a
mile from Eagle river, Michigan,
A half dollar of the year 1843,
where it is feasting on ducks which
which Bryce Halwood, a prisoner ,
.. .
I can sell to you, delivered at Coquille,
. , have become imprisoned on the ice,
at the Ohio penitentiary, has carried * 1
, r
or are too weak from starvation to
special Lime in sacks, just what your
as a pocket piece for many years, 1
may net the man a fortune and tur-! escaPe'
ground needs, at $25.00 per ton.
nish capital to start him in a re-
Under an opinton of A9sistant
Super Phosphate at $30.00 per ton and
spectable business when he is re- Attorney-General Crawford, Hatt.e
leased from the institution. There Beeman- recently appointed record-
also Nitrate o f Soda at 3c per pound.
are only lour coins of the special er of Qold Hil1’ Probab'y will have
No orders taken for less than y2 ton lots.
mintage of that year in existence. ,0 * ive UP her Position- Th' °Pin*
A Los Angeles collector refused iou holds that a woman cannot hold
$25,000 for one of the mates of the this P°sition’ even if appointed,
coin owned by Halwood, and he
The tools we borrow are our
succeeded in getting into corres- guests, and we should treat them
pondence with a New York bank- accordingly.
ing house with a view to placing
Even it a word to the wise is
the coin upon the market. Hal­ sufficient, there are lew who ate!
wood is serving fifteen years for willing to let go at that.
Plans for a i6 inch gun that will
1 hurl a 2,000 pound shell and pen­
etrate armor at 14 miles, the most
gigantic and powerful piece of ord­
nance yet contrived, are now com­
Many a girl thinks she has brok­
plete in the office of Rear Admiral
her heart when she has really
N. C. Twining, chief ot the bureau
only sprained her imagination.
! of ordnance, W’ashington, D C.
Chamberlain’ s Cough Remedy has
won its great reputation and extensive
sale by its remarkable cure o f coughs,
colds and croup. It can be depended
upon. Try it. Sold by all druggists.