Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, May 25, 1911, Image 4

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    the right to reject any and all bids
of the or to accept a bid not the lowest if
deem It for the best Interest of
bid to be deposited with the County
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the county.
----------------------------------------------------------------| Clerk, with bid, either by bond or cer­ Dated this 16th day o f May, A.
tified check, the same to be forfeited D. 1911.
W H Boyle, carpenter work at
court house......................... 42 00 to Coos County, Oregon, in case con­
H. E. W ILC O X,
Coquille Steam Laundry, laundry
tract is awarded to bidder and he fail Special Road Master R. D. No. 11.
for court house.....................14.10 to enter into contract within Five (5)
H C Train, wood for court
house........................................ 86.25 days after award is made, with bond
and sureties In an amount equal to i of
J T labor In yard at
court house...............................4.00 bid.
In the County Court o f the State
W W Gage, stamps, pnctls,
All bids to be filed with the County
for the County of
e tc .............................................18.38
Clerk on or before 11 o’clock A. M.
A N Gould, transcribing field
notes, e tc .................................26.15
In the matter of the estate of C.
The County Court reserves the right 1
| Coquille Furniture ('o, repairing
M. Skeels, deceased.
ch air........................................... 1.00 to reject any and all bids or to accept
H N Lorenz, duck and curtain
Notice Is hereby given by the un
a bid not the lowest if it deem it for
c loth ........................................... 2.55
dersigned, administratrix of the es­
the best interest of the County.
W illia m B a y a r d H a la T h r o w » S o m a Remington Typew riter Co,
Dated May 20, 1911.
tate of C. M. Skeels, deceased, to
T yp ew riter............................ 110.00
In t e ra c t in g S id e L ig h t s on G o v e rn o r
Coquille Electric Supply Co,
the creditors of, and all persons
o f N e w Je rse y, W h o F o rc e d the E n ­
wiring, electrical fixtures ..45.40
Special Road Master, R. D, No. 18.
having claims against, the said de­
a c tm e n t of the P e o p le 's W ill In to Fred Arfman, extra labor plas­
ceased, to exhibit such claims, with
te rin g ......................................... 1-35
L a w , D e s p ite P o litic a l D ic ta to rs.
Notice to Contractors.
E A Howie, extra labor plas­
the necessary vouchers, within six
te rin g ....................................... 15.00
“ Woodrow Wilson, Possible l'resi
that months after the first publication
dent," is the title of an Interesting artl E G Perham, balance due on
contract, remodeling cir­
sealed bids will be received for spe­ of this notice, to the said adminis­
vie lu the May World’s Work by Wil­
cuit court r o o m ............... 422t00 cial Improvements i:i
Road Dis­ tratrix at the office o f C. R . Bar-
liam Bayard Hale concerning the per­
W W Gage
board of pris­
trict No. 30, Coos County, Oregon,
sonality and record of the militant
oners.......................................173.42 grading and planking on the Coos row, in Coquille, Coos county, Ore­
governor o f New Jersey, whose sue­ Dennis McCarthy, cruising 14,-
Bay Wagon Road, and grading alon gon, which said office the under­
leas 111 obtaining popular reforms from
492 acres timbr la n d .. ..869.52 i n tho Lee-Norway-Coos Bay Mid­
signed has selected as the place foi
an unwilling legislature has focused
In Re O fficers and Deputies
dle Creek Road, according to the
Clerk’s Office
upon him the eyes of progressives of
plans and specifications 0:1 file I11 the transaction of the business ol
all stripes and parties throughout the Ines F Bunch, lab or................129.00 the office of the County Clerk.
said estate.
Five per cent of the amount of
country. Here are some of the things Nels Osumndson, la b o r.. ..182.00
the bid to De deposited with the
Mr. Hale has to say about the man
A B Collier, assessing . . ..117.00 County Clerk, with bid, either by
who may be the leader of the tight
Alice Mahn, list for Assessor.. 3.50 bond or certified check, the same of the estate of C. M. Skeels, de­
against President T aft in 1912:
J S Lawrence, assessing . . . . 30.00 to be forfeited to Coos County, Ore- I
"There may have been fiercer po­ A W Cope, labor in County
gon, In case contract is awarded to j ceased.
litical battles than that which was
Treasurer's o f f i c e ................ 13.50 bidder and he fail to enter into
C. R. B ARRO W ,
now Joined between the Democratic
Sheriffs 'Office
contract within five (5 ) days after
Attorney fo r Adm inistratrix
old guard of New Jersey and #!s new Ada McConnll, l a b o r ..............106.00 award is made, with bond and sur­
Dated and first publication at Co­
governor, but few have been In their Claude L Kidder, labor. . . . 84.00 eties in an amount equal to one-
quille, on the 27th day of April,
Issue of greater possible significance L W Oddy, la b or..................... 171.00 Dalf of amount of bid.
A ll
bids to be filed with the 1911.
to the political future o f the United Claude L Kidder, labor . . . .39.00
Geo O Leach, l a b o r ............... 165.00 County
on or before
W W Gage, arrest and return
o’clock a. m., June 13th 1911.
“ The quiet gentleman who had Just
of Stage, Duffy, Foster . . 71.20
The County Court reserves the
emerged from the delectable groves of W H Bunch, salary and ex-
right to reject any and all bids or
virtue of an execution and or­
P: inceton academy,
Ills garments
pensnses as County School
to accept a bid not the lowest if
by the
Supt, 2 m o ....................... 238.50 it deem it for the best interest of der of sale duly
odorous with the vapors of Parnassus,
Clerk of the Circuit Court of the
the county.
his lips wet with the waters of Helicon P M Hall-Lewis, County Fruit
County of Coos, State o f Oregon,
Inspector and expense . . . .135.40
Dated May 16, 1911.
-th is long haired bookworm of a pro­
dated the 16th day of May, 1911,
fessor wind had Just laid his spectacles W alter Culin, health officer, in­
vestigating death, etc ....6 6 .7 8
Special Road Master R. D. No. 30 In a certain action in the Circuit
on Ids dictionary- came down to the
Court for said County and State
County Court
Trenton stateliouse nnd 'licked the John F Hall, 2 mo salary as
wherein George W itte as plaintiff,
Notice to Contractors.
recovered judgment against Henry
gang to a frazzle.’
County Judge, expense in re
Hoeck and H. D. J. Hoeck, defend­
"It appeared that he did know the
roads and bridges.................172.67
that ants, for the sum for T w elve Hun­
difference between a seminar and a W T Dement, Commissioner,
sealed bids will
received for dred Forty-One and 65-100 Dollars
attendance on court, mile­
caucus, a syllabus and a New Jersey
Special Improvements in Road Dis­
age, etc
................................63.80 trict No. 12. Coos County, Oregon, and costs and disbursements taxed
corporation; that he did know Hobo­
at Twenty-four and 20-100 Dollars,
ken and Camden politics pretty nearly
grading according to the plans and on the 17th day o f April, 1911,
as well ns he did his Burke and his In Re Bills Continued or Not A l­ specifications on file In the office
Notice is hereby given that I will
of the County Clerk.
Bagehot and that, able to write a book Wm J Smith, expense and care
on Saturday, the 24th day of June,
on constitutional government, be was of Wm Cox, claim $35.CO, re­
1911, at the front door of the Coun­
the bid to be deposited with the
Just ns able to handle a governor's
duced and allowed at . . . .19.75 County Clerk, with bid, either by ty Court House In the City of Co
quille In said County, at ten o'clock
Job, constitutionally or otherwise.
Mercy Hospital, care of
bond or certified check, the same in the forenoon o f said day, sill
Isaacson, amt $4 4.50, or­
"This is the fact that makes Gov­
to be forfeited to Coos County, Or­ at public auction to the highest hi.’,
dered returned for itemized
ernor Woodrow Wilson a looming lig
egon, in ease contract is awarded to der for cash, the follow ing described
statement o f account.
ure In the world today. This is tho
bidder and he fail to enter into property, to-w it'
coutract within five (5 ) days after
reason it was worth while to go to
Twelve, Thirteen and
award is made, with bond and sur­ and a strip Ten feet in width oft
Trenton to observe the advent of a
lowed; the same comes un­
eties in an amount equal to one- and along the North side of lot
new type of man Into the arena of
der contract o f Mrs J e ff D
half of amount of bid.
Eleven all in Block Fifteen,
W ilson for care of county
to be filed with the North Bend, Coos County, Oregon,
Here is the pen picture of Governor
on or before
11 together with the tenements, hered
Beall & Co, freight bill, amt
Wilson as painted by Mr. Hale:
o'clock a. m., June 13th, 1911.
itaments and appurtenances there­
$1 20, not allowed.
“ Dr. Wilson's face is familiar—a
reserves unto belonging or appertaining or
the right to reject any and all bids so much thereof aa may be noci s
high forehead, gray eyes, a long Jaw. George Thrush, 3 trips with
"B u ifa lo B ill” In place of
or to accept a bid not the lowest if sary to satisfy t i e said Judgment
a very long Jaw. lie instantly recalls
Ferry Transit, amt $6.00,
it deem it for the best interest of in favor of George W itte againa.
Joseph Chamberlain as that British
the county.
statesman was in other days. The W illey A Schroeder, steel plate
said Henry
Hoeck and
H. D. J.
Dated May 16, 1911.
Hoeck with
inteie3t thereon,
profiles of the two might be ex­
for holler, amt $2.75, not
H. E. W ILC O X,
changed almost without detection.
Special Road Master R. D. No. 12
ments that have or may accrue.
Dr. Wilson is of good height, sturdily State of Oregon I g8
built, with square shoulders.
County o f Coos \
Notice to Contractors.
stands erect and on his feet. I f you
I, James Watson, County Clerk for
Dated at Coquille, Oregon, May
want mannerisms you noto that his Coos County, State o f Oregon, ex
hands seek bis trousers pockets; that offiicio Clerk o f the County Court for
sealed bids will bo received for the
he changes his glasses with much care
said County and State, custodian o f the Special Improvements in Road Dis­ NOTICE OF F IN A L SE TTLE M EN T.
when ho looks down at a document
Notice is hereby given that the
records, archives and files o f said Coun­ trict No. 11, Coos County, Oregon,
or up from It; that every time he has
by grading and planking or gravel­
used his pen he wipes it carefully ty, do hereby certify that the fore­ ing, according to plans and speci­ undersigned has filed her final ac­
with a cloth taken from a drawer. going is a true and correct Statement fications on file with tho County count in the matter of the adminis­
Into which he painstakingly replaces of the amount o f bills o f expense, in Clerk, a copy o f the same also in tration o f the estate of Charles A
It, closing the drawer. There Is a cer­ whose favor drawn or allowed, con­ the hands of the Special Road Mas­
Peterson, Sr., deceased,
and that
tain trained precision o f habit in mat­ tinued or not allowed, on the various ter.
lilds w ill be received for any part the County Court has named the
ters of routine and a free spontaneity funds of the County as audited by the
In others. There would be a gray County Court o f said County and State of improvements, or for the whole, County Court Room, in the Court
five per cent of t i e amount o f the
grimness about him except for the
at the Regular May 1911 Term thereof, bid t > accompany bid. either by cer­ House, in Coquille, Coos County
pocketed hnnds, a frequent sunburst
tified c lic k or bend to be forfeit­ Oregon, as the place, and Monday,
of a smile nnd n voice like music.
ed in case bid thnll be accepted and
You learn in the course o f a few hours said Court now in my office and cus­ bidder fail 'o entri into contract the 5tb day o f June, 1911, as the
that a man with a stiff Jaw nnd a sen­ tody.
within five (5 ) days after awaid time for hearing objections to the
Witness my hand and the seal of the with
sitive mouth Is pretty sure to be mas­
sureties in ,ir. final account and the settlement of
ter In any situation. Governor W il­ County Court affixed this 11th day o f amount equal to one-half ( % ) of said estate.
, ne amount of the bid.
son Is n mnn of positive opinion, re­ May, A. D. 1911.
Dated this the 18th day o f April,
A ll bids to to tiled with toe
lieved by an eager sense of humor.
James Watson,
County Clerk on 01 betore eleven 1911.
He moves and spenks with unfailing
County Clerk.
o'clock a. 111. June 13, 1911
poise, with good nntured certainty of
The County Court reserves the
C. R. Barrow, Attorney.
right to reject
any and all bids
The story of Governor Wilson's fight
O f improvement o f a portion of
with the bosses and the special inter­
ests is Interestingly told by Mr. Hale, Spurgeon street and the extension of
nere Is one o f tho governor's quoted Spurgeon street in the city of Coquille.
statements, which gives a clear idea of
Notice is hereby given that the Com­
his attitude on popular government;
mon Council o f the City o f Coquille
T he gasoline boat L im it is now owned
"Back of all reform lies the means
has deemed it necessary and expedient
of getting It. Back o f the question
operated by the undersigned, and
what you want Is the question, How and by resoluiion has duly declared its
a general towing and freighting
are you going to get it? We nre all intention to improve that portion of
pretty well agreed, I take It, that cer­ Spurgeon Street in said city from a
business on the river. Can be chartered
tain reforms nre needed. But we find point 95 feet westerly from the east
for passengers
that the first necessary reform Is oue end of said Street thence westerly and
that will render us able to get reform. continuously as a whole to the west
“ W e have been calling our govern­ end o f the Extension of Spurgeon
ment a republic, and we have been Street in said city in the manner speci­
living under the delusion that It is a fied in said resolution and to assess the
representative government.
That is
cost thereof upon the property bene
the theory. But the fact is that we
are not living under a representative fitted thereby; said Resolution was
government W e arc living under a filed in the office o f the city Recorder
government o f party bosses, who In se­ on the 10th day o f May, 1911 and is
cret conference nnd for their private kept on record therein and reference is
ends determine whnt we shall and made to such Resolutions as a part
shall not have. The first, the imme­ of this notice.
diate thing that we have got to do Is
That the probable cost o f such im­
to restore representa live government. provement is the sum o f $2268.78.
'There has got to be a popular rebel­
Any and all objections and remon­
lón for the reconquest and reassmnp
strances to said improvements must
tlon by the people of tho rights of the
be filed with the said Recorder on or
people too long surrendered."
before June 12, 1911.
Notices o f said proposed improve­
ment were posted on the 11th day of
I would a great deal rather lie ♦
May, A. D. 1911
put In Jail for something I was $
A. W. K E L L E Y
Innocent of or for something
City Recorder.
that 1 had not done than to
As a Rule They Are Clean, but
Bare and Comfortless.
W h e n T h . y D o G ot In to T h o ir H o u m s
T h o ir P r in c ip a l O c c u p a t io n la L o o k ­
in g O u t of tha W in d o w » — T h a M a r ­
ria g e C u s t o m s of Graeco.
Home life In Greece, particularly lu
Athens, Is peculiar. It might almost
be said that there Is no such thing.
In Mr. Duckett Ferrlmau's book on
"Greece and the Greeks" the manners
ami customs of tho picturesque Hel­
lenes, which are little known to the
average English reader, are described
ai length. Mr. Ferrlman states that
the Greeks do not know anything
about the art of making a home.
"One may meet with exquisite clean
llness,” he writes, "with beautifully
embroidered bed linen scented with
r-cemary, but never with what we
mean by cozlness. The Greeks are for
less In tliclr houses than we are, and
when they are at home they appear to
spend most of their time In looking
out of tho window. They nre not given
(• Inviting their friends to their
houses. It Is not that they are nig­
gardly, for they will gladly entertain
you at a restaurant at far greater cost
to themselves. But it does not enter
Into their Ideas to ask you home to
dinner, even after an acquaintance of
many years.
“ They do not ask each other, so It
can hnrdly be expected that they
should make an exception in the case
of foreigners. The cafe is a second
home to them.
There they meet
friends and gossip. That Is one reason
perhaps why they dislike country life.
“ It offers no alternative to the home:
there the hearth Is the social center,
while In town It Is the cafe. In Atheus
those who do not own the house they
dwell In seldom remain long In the
same abode. Two or three years Is
quite n long tenure.
Many people
make n point of moving every year.
“ The imposing facades of Athenian
houses conceal, for the most part, a
bare and comfortless interior, and a
well kept garden Is rare. A garden Is
not made In a year, and a person who
changes his residence every twelve
mouths does not want to be troubled
with much furniture, nor Is he par­
ticular ns to Its arrangement, seeing
that It will be carted away In a few
“ Home life lias no resources tor the
Greeks, as It has for us. It alTords
them little o cupntlon and no amuse
ment. They lllce to eat and drink In
crowds, where there Is noise and move
ment. Their Instincts nre too gregari­
ous to allow them to appreciate the
domestic Intimacy which we prize.
“ The day chosen for mnrrlage In
Greece is usually Sunday, but the day
o f all days In the year Is the Sunday
preceding the Christmas feast. It is
not fashionable now to be married In
church. In Athens the ceremony takes
place in the house of the bride's par­
ents. A temporary altar Is set up In
the middle of the room.
“ At the conclusion o f the ceremony
tho priest and the couple Join hands
and walk three times round the altar,
tho guests pelting them with comfits.
Tho most Important part of the cere­
mony Is the crowning of the bride and
bridegroom with wreaths of orange
blossom; hence n wedding Is popular­
ly called ‘the crowning.'
“ Love marriages nre rare exceptions.
Tho match Is made by the parents and
relatives rather than by the parties
principally concerned. There nre cer­
tain established usages which, though
not legally binding, nre not to be con­
travened with Impunity.
“Then It Is considered wrong for
brothers to marry until their sisters
have been wed. Again, girls must
marry In order of seniority. It would
not be right for a girl to be married
while she had an elder sister who re­
mained single. The men of a family
are thus naturally anxious to see their
sisters set Heel, and ns a dowry Is In­
dispensable Its provision Is often a
matter of serious anxiety and the fruit
of great self denial on the part of the
brothers If the parents nre dead.
“ There nre eases In which brothers
have remained unmarried for years
and have devoted all their hard enrned
snvlngs to the dowries of their sisters.
Among the poorer classes emigration
Is resorted to, not Infrequently solely
with tills object, and many a dowry
comes to a Greek maiden from across
the Atlantic.”
W h a t W a s L a c k in g .
The Hobo—riease, mum. I'm n sick
mnn. Do doctor gimme dls medicine,
but I needs assistance In takln' It. The
Lady—Poor fellow! Do you went a
spoon and a glass of water? The Ho­
bo—No, mum: I wouldn't trouble yer.
But dls medicine has to be took before
meals. Ilavo yer got a meal handy?—
Cleveland Leader.
Fam e.
Fame Is easily ncqulred. All you
have to do Is to be In the right place
at the right time and do the right
thing In the right wav-and then ad­
vertise It properly.—ruck.
Tommy—Top. whnt Is ennui? Tom­
my's Top—Ennui, my son, la a disease
that attacks the people who are so
lazy that they get tired of resting.—
Philadelphia Record.
Death expeeteth thee everywhere;
lie wise, therefore, and expect death
o f the County Clerk.
Five per cent o f the amount
Eat More and
Digest All
Woodrow Wilson Hailed as
“Possible President,“
River Towing & Freighting
Steve :s & Root, Coquille, Ore.
know In my heart that I had
done some dishonorable, dirty
thing, where I could see the sug­
gestion o f It In the eye o f every
9 man I looked at.—Governor Wti-
j son o f New Jersey In n Recent
$ Speech.
Ladies' two-piece khaki suita-
jlist tho thing for tho auto some
W H A T M M HE 11 D ll) 4 01 GET?
Get them at
Also ladies' ready-to-
No. 9— 1 pair men's shoes.
wear dresses in messaline, foulards
No. 1224— 1 pair ladles shoes.
and poplin.
No. 60— 1 pair boya shoos.
No. 1042— 1 pair girls shoes.
Eggs W e will be able to supply
Bring In the number.
your wants for Easter.
Lyons ê
Horses ior Sale
S]>nn o f
you u g
tusres, coming
6 this spring; w e igh t between 1600
single or
One black horse, com ing
5 years old in spring: w eight about
Inquire A, R m allev’ s ranch
H a ll’ s creek.
J 1614
Notice lo Contractor*
Notice is hereby given that scaled
: bids will be received for Special Im
provements In Road District No. 18,
Coos County, Oregon, according to the
i plans and specifications on file in the
In our new, up-to-date quarters
in the First National Bank Building,
and we will be pleased to have the
public generally call and inspect the
store. We are proud of our new
home, and believe it will be a gen­
uine pleasure for our customers to
trade here,
We are headquarters for fresh
Groceries, Vegetables, Utz & Dunne
^liocs. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Fur­
nishings — everything in General
You know that there is nothingquite so aggravating and distressing as
—you can’t eat half the time and then not what you are craving.
i f you are so situated—afraid to eat—food don’ t agree with you
| stomach trouble when you do, it’s a sure sign the digestive fluids are
sluggish— the food is not properly assimilated.
Stir them up, increase your appetite and eat your meals with en­
joyment and relish*
There is nothing quite so sure as
—they will work wonders with your system, increase your vitality, and
make your daily tasks a pleasure.
We sell them
Cl Nosier and Norton
General Commission and Wholesale
Feed, Flour, Hay
Fresh Fruits and
for De Laval c ep-
Freight and
Ticket Agents
Fifield, Bando n,
a 1 1 Albane i
Farmers 43J
Phone Home 111.
Coquille, -
Tailorin g, C leaning and Repairing
For h j'.h o f fir t-elins i n t i ling, «lying r c!e*»nii,g, «»r
a n* w suit lull
cull at the r c »r of the plmriuJUM
hui’d io g
I am agent or t so 'ad orin g Is use.« iu Chicago.
Cornu and
my style« nnd samples.
I w ill h iv you
m ney and guarantee a good tit.
K. Holverson
Coquille, Ore.
160 acre ranch. About 25 acres proposition for orchard. Plenty of
bottom land, mostly In cultivation. ! good water. Good 7-room house and
House and barn and good orchard. I good barn. Orchard. Located about
Price $2,500.00. Terms on part.
I oae-half mile from steamboat land­
80 acre farm.
Nice house and ing on the Coquille river.
good barn. Located on county road. $4.500; $2,500 cash, balance In 3
Price $5,750.00. Good terms.
years time.
160 acres. 40 or more acres bot­
30 acre farm located on Coquilli.
tom land.
20 acres In cultivation. river.
20 acres In cultivation.
80 acres in pasture. Good orchard. House, barn and other outbuildings
Good house and two barns. 15 or i Good orchard
Price $3,400.
20 tons grain hay.
Price $3,500.
800 acre stock ranch.
600 a c r e
159 acre farm.
132 acres rich open land In grass. Two barns. A
river bottom land.
100 acres of it good 7 room house. Good orchard.
cleared. Good 1 1-2 story 7;rooom Plenty of water. Located one h : f
Large dairy barn.
Other mile from county road. Price, per
good outbuildings.
Good orchard. acre, $8.00.
Two running springs with an abun­
250 acre ranch, with house and
dance o f good water. 20 head of bar.i and orchard, located only two
dairy cows. Oue tlioeoughbred Jer­ miles from
Coquille. A bargain.
sey bull.
Several head o f young $30 per acre.
Cash $2,500;
4 0 head of hogs.
Lots of ance long terms at 6 1-2 per c e :'.
chickens, ducks and turkeys.
16# acres logged o ff land, all In
hack and one buggy. Full and com­
A fine tract for orcht r,l
plete outfit of farming tools. One
and berries. L evel enough to pi a v
cream separator.
100 bushels of
almost the entire tract.
wheat and 60 bushels of oata, for
within 2 miles of Coquille.
food or good for seed. Price if sold
soon, $110 per acre.
120 acre farm located on the Co-
| 130 acre farm.
35 acres bottom
qultlo river close to Coquille. Fine
| land cleared and mostly under the
house and good barn. Several head
l dow.
H ill land most all In pas-
o f slock and farming tools.
\ ure. 6 room house and good barn.
per acre, $85.
H alf cash Is re­
I I 2 cows and one bull. All farming
quired. This Is a good buy.
oolg. Tw o colts, one and 2 years
Nice city lots at from $225 up,
goods. Located
$50 cash, bal­
close to market and creamery. Price on easy payments.
ance $50 every six months with in ­
per acre $62. Term » on $3,000.
80 acre farm.
25 acres bottom terest.
land all in cltivatlon. H ill land is
40 acres bench land, no Improve­
used for pasture, but an excellent ments, for $500.
.1. W
M apagar.