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    T he C oquille H erald
VOL. 28;
NO. 31
PER YEAR $1.50
Facts and Figures Compiled by th e Coquille
Commercial Club—To Be Issued in
Pamphlets Soon.
Following is the jury list, drawn
'oqullle Commercial club met
for the regular term of the circuit
’ ar session Monday evening,
court, which convenes April 24:
one of the most import­
Phil W. Pearson. Bandon.
ant i)
. >K8 held to date.
G. A. Henry, Bandon.
R. H. Mast being absent, J. C.
W. W. Lawhorn, McKinley.
Savage was electee a chairman pro
(1910), 17,969.
T. M. Hermann Myrtle Point.
Area, 1,578 square miles; 1,189,-
R. I
no sor<l Bend.
600 acres.
J. N . cher.
Bar. t o
Timber (standing), in 000,000,-
I». M
* . •,
i • • t l . c ,d.
1 'KKirm that the
000 feet.
W. 1
m i - ■ Mar k m 1.
Coal, 400 square miles.
W. I 1 i .nil
Taxable property (1910), $15,-
W. Starblrd, North Bend.
he ••Mintv eonrt to hot ;! I .*
I. T. Weekly, Gravel Ford.
e e iiiq ,u, oue million uoimrs l'or
Annual shipment of lumber per
Geo. Goodrum, Marshfield.
building permanent
annum, 150,000,000 feet.
A. E. BettyB, Fairvlew.
court is Baid to favor the move, but
Geo. McAdams, Coquille.
Annual shipment of butter, 1,-
desires the backing of the commer­
000,000 pounds.
William Grow, Coquille.
cial clubs of the county.
F. H. Schetter, North Bend.
A large quantity of cheese is also
A general discussion on road mat­
W. H. Kennedy, Marshfield.
and shipped annually.
ters followed. A. J. Sherwood gave
A. L. Buell, Myrtle Point.
The quality of both butter and
it as his opinion that since the road
Chas. F. Eckhoff, North Bend.
cheese Is first class and they com­
bills passed by the last legislature
Geo. E. Pike, Coquille.
mand top prices on both the San
had been vetoed by the governor it
A. H. Hodgins, Marshfield.
was not possible to bond the county
Francisco and Portland markets.
W. F. HodBon, Marshfield.
for road building.
It was voted,
Oregon's annual output of dairy
J. B. R. Shelton, Coquille.
however, to appoint a committee to
products amounts to $1 7,000,000
A. M. Ross, Marshfield.
act with the committees sent by the
and Coos County ranks second la
Fred Nosier, Bridge.
other towns of the county to appear
tho state as .a butter and cheese
C. D. Garautte, Bandon.
before the court Friday, and leave
E. H. Korn, Coquille.
The major portion of
the matter of legality to be deter­
K. H. Hansen, Gravel Ford.
and cheese of the
mined later.
Joseph A. Collier, Jr., Coquille.
county is produced in the Coquille
J. S. Lyons, W. C. Laird and J.
H. A. Delong, Bandon.
Valley, where there is a vast acre­
A. Lamb were appointed as a com­
E. S. Barzie, North Bend.
mittee on good roads. These men
age of unimproved land which Is of
formerly constituted the “ agitating
the very best for dairy purposes.
committee/’ but will hereafter be
known as the “ mllUon-dollar com­
Pop u lation , 2,000.
Coquille is the county seat of
It was also voted that the peti­
Coos County. It is located In the
tions asking that the county court
geographical center of the county,
decide on Ferry street as the site
Services first and third Sundays as well as midway in the length of
for the bridge should be presented
of each month.
Sunday school the Coquille Valley. It is on the
at the next session of the court.
in order to increase the member­ every Sunday at 10 a. m.
Coos Bay, Rosoburg & Eastern Rail­
ship and also the finances of the Archdeacon Wm. Horsfall, rector.
way & Navigation Company's road,
club, it was decided to divide the
which is owned by the Southern Pa­
members into two opposing teams
Biblo school at 10 a. m
cific and which runs from Coos Bay
and begin a campaign for members,
Preaching at 11 a. m.
to Myrtle Point, and is also on the
tlie side secring the least number
Class meeting 12 m
Coquille River. From Coquille the
to banquet the club. The Herald
Epworth League 7 p. m.
distance to The ocean is twenty-five
and Sentinel were selected to head
Preaching 8 p. m.
miles by river and steamers ply reg­
the opposing teams, in order to se­
The subjects for Sunday are:
cure as much “ free advertising” as Morning, ’Tho Resurrection;’’ even­ ularly to the mouth of the river.
Coquille Is surrounded by rich
ing, “ What Will Be the Result of
The Herald team is composed of Christ’s Coming to the World."
dairy, fruit and farming country and
some of the most noted boosters in
vast forests of virgin timber. The
Coos county, and are in the cam­
Coquille Valley extends Inland a dis­
Preaching each Sunday, morning
paign to win. Several victims were
tance of over one hundred miles,
waylaid after the meeting Monday and evening, except the third Sun­
including the valleys along the dif­
night, and a large number since. day in each month.
ferent branches of the river. There
Bible school at 10 a. m.
One enterprising member by some
means signed up his brother-in-law
Christian Endeavor each Sunday are three towns in the valley. Myr­
tle Point, at the head of tide water
Tuesday morning before the latter evening.
You are heartily welcome.
fourteen miles above Coquille; Co­
was out of bed.
T. B. McDonald, Minister quille, and Bandon, at the mouth
Following Is a list of tho mem­
bers, and we feel safe in assuring
of the river, where one of the finest
everyone at least one opportunity to
Services next Sunday morning as beaches on the Pacific Coast may
become members of the club:
usual. No evening service. Ladles' be found.
J. E. Updike, J. S. Lyons, J. W.
Auxiliary meets with Mrs. Barrow
The valley or bottom lands, of
I enove, Frank Burkholder, S. M.
next Friday afternoon.
All ladies which there are many thousands of
¡Nosier, W. C. Laird, E. E. Johnson,
acres, arc level and composed of
J. A. Lamb, A. J. Sherwood, Geo.
rich, sedimentary soil from five to
Peoples. A. T. Morrison. T. T.
Land, W. L. Kistner, C. T. Skocls,
Subject Sunday morning, "The fifteen foet deep and very rich and
J. J. Stanley, J. S. Barton, F. L. Resurrection.”
In the evening an fertile, producing enormous crops.
Greenough, Judge E. D. Sperry, E. Easter cantata will be given by the A large portion of the bottom land
C. Barker.
choir, under the direction of Mrs. is as yet unimproved. The soil of
Tyrrell. All music lovers will en-, the low hill and bench land along
joy this service.
the river is of a brown, or reddish,
Tlie Educational League met in
the high school rooms April 7, with
The following couples were grant­
Mrs Maury as president.
ed marriage license by County grain and vegetables and are the
The following program was giv­ Clerk Watson during the week.
very best for orchards and small
April 8— T. Smith and Nsllle L. fruits.
Those hill lands also fur­
America, by the league.
nish excellent pasture lands.
Reading, “ The Puritans," by Rev.
April 10-— Walter R. Smith and
The yield per acre of the prin­
F. H. Adams.
Sarah S. Watson.
cipal crops raised In the valley are:
Reading, “ Lasca," by Miss Eva
April 12— George M. Brown and
Wheat, 40 to 60 bushels: oats, 35
Mary Emily Johnson.
Rev. T. J. M. Knox, the Presby­
I ’ ter J. Butterfield and Anna to 136 bushels; barley, 40 to 130
terian minister from Marshfield, de­ Lassv 4.
livered an address on “ Today’s
W illlam R. Ward and Edith C.
Problems," which was thoroughly Robinson.
enjoyed by all.
Two teams passed through town
last Saturday, having driven all the
H M IT H -W A T S O N .
Walter R. Smith and Sarah S. way from Portland.
A baby boy was born April 6 to
Watson, both of Riverton, were
united In marriage at the Wickham Mr. and Mrs. John McDonald, of
hotel at noon yesterday. Rev. C. H. this city.
Cleaves officiating. Only Immediate
Mrs. Oscar Nosier, who under­
relatives were present. Tlie bridd
went an operation some time ago
and groom will make thrlr home on
at the hospital In Marshfield,
tho ranch of the groom near River­
was brought home last Saturday,
time ago, >vas brought home last
W. P. Murphy, of MarBhfleld, pur-,
chased the bankrupt stock of the
Pc.iples Co-operative company this
week and Immediately sold it to
Fred Powers, of the Smith-Powers
Logging company.
Lame Shoulder 'is nearly always
duo to rheumatism of the muscles,
and quickly yields to the free ap­
plication of Chamberlain's Liniment.
For sale by all dealers.
Kime & Von Pegert have
chased two lots of Edwin Ellingson
and expect to Immediately begin the
construction of a building 50x100
feet, to be used for a blacksmith
and general machine shop. Mr. El­
lingson will build the structure and
deliver the property ready for oc­
cupancy about the middle of May.
The site purchased Is immediately
In the rear of Pointer's livery barn,
and the building will face on First
street. As soon as they get locat­
ed In the new building Measrs. Kime
and Von Pegert intend to install a
lot of new tools and machinery, and
make their equipment complete for
handling all kinds of automobile re­
pairing and general machine work
j bushels; corn, 25 to 50 bushels; concrete works, two newspapers
peas, 40 to 75 bushels; potatoes, one butcher shop, two jewelry
300 to 60< k ah«
20 to stores, one electrical supply store,
30 tons; hi ,
at a two automobile garages, one boot
single cutti
I- ti
r. ps In and shoe repair shop, one harness
shop, two millinery stores, four sa
the valley is unknown.
loons, two blacksmith shops, two
The principal resources of the wholesale commission houses, two
county are Lumbering, Dairying, merchant tailors, one livery barn,
Farming, Fruit Growing, Coal Min­ three real estate companies, one
ing, Market Gardening, Cattle and creamery, three abstract offices, six
Poultry Raising and Salmon Fish­ lawyers, four doctors, two dentists.
The city also has an electric light
The soil and climate are partic­
ularly favorable to fruit growing,
especially apples, as all kinds of
pests that infect the apples in other
localities are unknown in this coun­
ty. The climate is also especially
adapted to dairying— grass grows
the year round and dairy herds
have the advantage of green pas­
ture every month in the year.
Prices of land In this section vary
according to location, condition of
development and cultivation and
amount of improvements.
bottom lands, (unimproved), from
$70 to $100 per acre. Valley bot­
tom lands (improved), from $100 to
$200 per acre. Bench or low hill
lands (unimproved), from $8 up.
Bench or low hill lands (improved),
from $20 up.
There la some government land in
Coos County subject to the home­
stead laws, but it is mostly very
rough and mountainous, and a large
portion is practically worthless. We
plant which furnishes night light
and power. The city gravity water
system is owned by the city.
There are two saw mills at this
city, one in operation and the other
will be completed and in operation
before June 1, 1911. The two mills
will employ about 75 men.
A coal mine is located one mile
from the city and another company
is making arrangements to open up
a mine three miles from the city,
the development work alone to cost
This mine expects to
Bhlp 500 tons of coal dally.
Coos County affords everything
desired by sportsmen or pleasure
Ocean beaches, lakes,
rivers,' mountains for summer out­
Bear, cougar, deer, and
smaller animals, in the way of big
game. Ducks, quail, grouse, pheas­
ants and other birds abound here.
Trout fishing in the lakes and rivers
and sea fishing in the ocean.
would not advise anyone to take the
trouble and expense of finding land
On account of the central loca­
tion of Coquille and its excellent
to homestead in this county.
shipping facilities, either by rail or
The climate of Coos County and water, good opportunities are of­
the Coquille Valley is exceedingly fered for the following industries:
Saw mills.
equable. Grass is green the year
Veneer plants.
round and flowers will bloom out
Woolen mills.
of doors nearly every month in the
Furniture factories.
year. The thermometer seldom reg­
Shingle mills.
isters below freezing and the maxi­
Milk condensaries.
mum summer heat is generally be­
Cheese factories.
low 80 degrees. The mean tempera­
Canning factories.
ture for the year is about 58 de­
Broom handle factories
grees. The annual rainfall is about
Pulp mills.
60 inches. No destructive storms of
Box factories and basket splint
any kind visit tho county. There is
no malaria, fever and ague, or dan­ factories.
A fruit and vegetable cannery is
gerous epidemics.
The schools of Coquille and the being constructed in the Coquille
county rank among the very best Valley, which will insure a market
In the state. Tlie Coquille school for all the fruits, vegetables and
is composed of all the grades and berries.
high school.
Coquille has all the leading fra­
ternal orders.
The city has six
churches, two banks, two drugstores,
three hotels, two bakeries, three
stores, two billiard halls, four bar­
ber shops, one bowling alley, six
Coquille and Coos County are not
yet connected with the interior
country by rail. They are reached
general merchandise stores, two gro­
cery stores, two hardware stores,
one racket store, three furniture
stores, one machine shop, two pho­
tograph galleries, two motion pic­
ture shows, one steam laundry and
ice plant, one furniture factory, one
this section
The school board held a meeting
Wednesday evening and hired one
more teacher for the coming year,
Miss Bessie Brown, of North Da­
kota, being employed to teach the
third grade. The board has 25
30 applications on file for the, re­
maining positions, hut nothing was
done with them further than to In­
struct the clerk to write some of
the applicants for further refer­
The following delegates have been
appointed to attend the grand
I edge, I. O. O. F., which convenes
in Portland May 17:
John Law­
rence, George Moulton, L. H. Haz­
ard and T. T. Land.
by steamer either from Portland or
San Francisco, and overland from
Roseburg by stage.
stages run between Roseburg and
The sub-district Ministerial asso­
ciation of the Methodist Episcopal
church, comprising all of Coos coun-
worth League convention of
same district, will be held in this
city April 20 to 23.
The program of the Ministerial
Association begins at 2 o'clock on
Thursday afternoon, April 20, and
continues a part Of Friday.
Epworth League program begins on
Friday evening and continues over
The lecture Friday evening on
“ The Passion Play,” by Rev. H. S.
Wilkinson, D. D., is said to be very
Following i3 the program in full:
Thursday, April 20, 2 p. m.
Reports from pastors.
Paper, “ Sin and Its Cure,” Rev.
F. E. Scofield.
Address, “ The Child’s Relation to
tlie Kingdom of Christ,” Rev. A
S. Hisey.
Paper. “ How Much Creed is Nec­
essary in Order to be a Christian,’
Rev. H. I. Rutledge.
Thursday Evening.
Sermon and Evangelistic Service.
Rev. A. S. Hisey.
Friday Morning.
Devotional service, 8:30, led by
H. . Rutledge.
Paper, “ The Preacher in- the
Study," Ktv. k. Sutton Mace.
Paper, “ The
in the
Pulpit," Rev. H. L. Grafious.
Paper, "W hat Arc the Essential
Elements of a Revival of Religion,"
Rev. Isa Sparks.
Address, “ The Work of the Holy
Spirit in the Christian Life," Rev.
J. S. Green.
Closing Thoughts by the district
Friday Evening, April 21.
“ The Passion
Play,” Rev. H. S. Wilkinson.
Saturday Morning.
8:30, Devotions, Marshfield.
Business session.
Meaning of Church Membership,
The Epworth League Pledge,
Port Orford.
How to Make Devotional Meetings
More Spiritual, North Bend.
Question Box In charge of Rev. J.
T. Abbott.
Saturday Afternoon Session.
1:45, Devotional meeting, Ban­
Mercy and Help Work, Gardiner.
The Epworthion s Duty to the Ju­
niors, Myrtle oPint.
The Social Department, Coquille.
Question Box or Round Table con
ducted by Dr. J. T. Abbott.
Saturday Eevning.
Devotional service. Myrtle Point.
Model business meeting conduct­
ed, Marshfield.
Why the League Should Be a Li vs
Wire In the Church, Bandon.
Sunday Morning.
Love feast at 9 o’clock.
Biblo school at 10.
Sermon and sacrament at 11.
Sunday Afternoon.
Platform meeting, 2:30.
Devotional hour, 6:30.
Address to Young People, 7:30,
Dr. H. S. Willnson.
Consecration service.
At a special meeting of the city
council Monday evening, called for
the purpose of opening bids for the
Spurgeon slreet improvements, Coun-
cilmen L. H. Hazard and E. E.
Johnson resigned.
Both gave as
their reasons for so doing that th y
were too busy with their own ; f-
fairs to give the neoessary time r -
quired by the city.
As these two council men were
the only ones whose terms of office
did not expire this spring, it ne­
cessitates the election of an entir-
new council next month.
The terms of Anderson. I l,
Kistner and Morrison expire at the
next regular meeting. It is not now
known whether any of these gentle­
men will be candidates for election
or hot.
A. W. Kelley announces
his candidacy for the office of city
recorder again.
At the meeting Monday night suf­
ficient opposition to the p* ins of
improvements for Spurgeon street
developed to cause the council to
adopt an ordinance repealing the
one recently passed. The principal
objection of the residents of that
section was on the grades estab­
lished and the fill ia the gulch that
crosses the street. Instead of hav­
ing a 16-foct roadway acioss thu
latter and board walks on the side,
they want the road bulklieaded and
filled the entire width, so that ce­
ment walks can be laid the same as
along the balance of the street.
Following is the election board
appointed for the city election, on
May 8th.
Judges— J. J. Lamb, J. C. Noel
and J. H. Oerdiag.
Clerks— John Lawrence, Geo 1
Moulton and J. W. Lo ' ■
Wm. Oddy received a letter the
first of tlie week stating that Sam­
uel Shuck, for many years a resi­
dent of this county, died in Los
Angeles April 4. The letter con­
tained hut little information regard­
ing the death of Mr. Shuck, merely
stating that lie was In Los Angeles
lor trealment and that lie became
seriously ill at 4 a. tu. and died at
11 a. m. the same day.
Mr. Shuck was one of the pio­
neers of Coos county, having lived
here in the neighborhood of forty
Last fall Mr. and Mrs.
Shuck, accompanied by a son and
his wife, left for California in or­
der to receive chiropractic treat­
ment, and have since been living
in a suburb of Los Angeles.
Deceased is survived by a wife,
one daughter and two sons in Cali­
fornia, and two daughters in tills
A new gasoline launch, the May,
lias appeared on the river and is
now carrying passengers and cream
between the creamery, above town,
and Bandon. She arrives up about
9 30 in the morning and leaves for
lower river points about 10:30. Tho
boat Is a very neat appearing craft,
about 50 feet in length and capable
of attaining considerable speed. It
was built by Herman Bros., at Pros­
per, and Albert Herman is captain.
Any additional information will
Mr. Henglesteln, superintendent
be gladly furnished by the
of the Minnesota state park, has
COQUILLE COMMERCIAL CLUB, been visiting Charles Gage and fam­
Coquille, Coos County, Ore.
ily for several days, and looking
over Coos county with a view of lo­
cating here. He stated that he was
On the 8th day of April, 1911,
At a business meeting last week very favorably impressed, and in
the following delegates were ap­ case he determines to locate here Mr. Tony Smith and Miss Nelllu
pointed to attend the conference of that several other parties would Godeski, both of Marshfield, were
married in this city, E. G. D. Hol­
the M. E. church South, at Tangent, probably come too.
den officiating. It was a tidy, mod­
Ore.: J. J. Lamb, Geo. T. Moul­
J. A. Plyler, a brother of Newt est little wedding, and many friends
ton, E. E. Johnson, A. T. Morrison,
P. E. Drane, W. H. Henry, J. S. Plyler, arrived on the Redondo Fri­ were present to wish the
Lawrence and W. E. Cleghorn. The day from San Francisco, and ex­ couple God speed In the lew rela-
conference is to be held some time pects to remain In this section for •ton.
in June, but as yet no definite date some time.
Sheriff W. W. Gage returned
has been set.
George Halter came down from
Fishtrap Tuesday morning for
a Wednesday evening from Medford
short business visit In town Tues­ with Sherman Stage, and took hint
to North Bend Thursday for Ills pre­
A large attendance Is reported at day.
S. M. Harper, of Marshfield, was liminary hearing.
I the meeting of the Farmers’ Union
' Saturday afternoon. The next meet In town a short time Tuesday morn­
¡Leave your orders at Lyons &
| ing will he on the regular meeting ing, en route to Myrtle Point.
! Jones for good things for your Kas-
date, but will be held at 8 p. m.
H. L. Stephens, the nurseryman, I ter dinner— tho best the market af­
Subscribe for the Herald, $1.60 { was down from Fishtrap Tuesday fords.