Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, November 09, 1910, Image 3

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Social dance Friday evening.
McCalle' patterns
10 and 15i.
W. E. Crane was up from the
lower river on Saturday.
Mrs. Black, of Sumner, visited
friend« in (JoquiMe on Thursday.
Springs stretched and furniture
mi nded at the Second baud Store.
The Dime (home of the Imp) to­
Dr. Taylor, the Marshfield den­
tist, was a Coquille visitor on Fri­
Silk hoods for the babies, Robin-
eon’s Store.
011 n post card.
The Bandou Eagle appeared on
onr table today
Mrs. Arthur Johnson, of Bandon,
Long and short winter kimonos
is visiting in town, lor a few weeks
just in at Robinson’s.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at 2:30
Cash Goodman, of Prosper, was!
Friday Nov. 11th in the M. FJ
in town one or two days last week.
Nobody can deny that the col­
H. II. Brownson, of Bridge, had
onel is advertising bis paper succor-
business with the county court one
or two days last week.
Attorney Chas. B. Salby, of
We have just received a nice line
Marshfield, was a Bandon visitor on
ot Ladies short and long kimono’s
Rose’s Cash Stose.
Shark steak is now on the menu
Married— In Roeeburg, Nov. 7,
a Broadway restaurant. Lawyers
1010, O. M. Mattoon and Miss Mar­
dine there.
garet Krewson, both of Drane.
“The Golden Rule.”— C. H . Cleaves. none higher Rose’ s Cash Store
Come to the Scenic tonight fun
for everybody come
Your potrait
Desns Studio.
Our fall line of Gents Shoes
are arriving on every boat
and the Ladies line will be
in in a few days.
P. 8 . Robinson, of Norway, wen
Be sure and don’ t miss the fun
to tbe Bay on business wbiob call­
to be had at the box social at Fish-
ed him to the Bay Thursday.
Wm, Oallier, ol Bandon, who trap Friday evening. Nov. 11th.
has been ill for some weeks is em«
Try Slagle for dry cleaning.
Found— A watch. The loser will
Work guaranteed.
inquire of W. H. Mansell.
Fred Nosier, of Bridge, was a
If you want pictures for the holi­
T. W. Drane, of Parkersburg, had
Coquille visitor on Thursday of
days, come now. Dean’s Studio
business pertaining to road matters
last week.
open every day except Sunday.
with the county court Thursday.
Some of Robinson’s fall dress
Judge Coke and Herbert Lock­
You can find Ladies Skirts, Coats
goods have arrived.
hart, of Marshfield, were Coquille
Ladies and ohidrens sweaters, fancy
valley visitors the first of the week.
W. W. Faust was over from Coal
scarfs etc. at Rose’s Cash Store.
cdo Thursday with a lot of fine Bell­
New hand bags, the kind they all
A fine lice of Silverware and cut want at Robinson's.
flower apples.
glass at M. H. Hersey’s Store.
A grand time is certain to be en­
Beautiful scarfs in tbo latest de­
Born— In Coquille, Oregon Oct. joyed by all who attend tbe box
signs at Robinson's.
29, 1910 at the home of J. B. Fox, aocial to be given at the Fistrap
Furniture mended and springs
to Mrs. Chas. Myers, a daughter
church next Friday.
stretched at H. O. Anderson’s Sec­
The rainy season is here we have
Fine line of Tardiniers and flower
ond band store.
Umberellas for
All pots at tbe Racket. Come and Bee.
Best values in school tablets at
sizes, all prices Rose's Cash Store.
Knowltons Drug Stre.
There will be services at the
Scarfs in silk and wool all colors
H. \V. Holvcrstott, of Fairview,
Presbyterian Church Coquille, next
for ladies at Roses Cash Store.
was a business visitor to Coquille
Sunday morning at 11 and in tbe
Look— Ladies you can have any
on Saturday.
tbe evening at 7.30.
kind of a silk petticoat plain or
The latestsin pillow tops, ruffles
Have you tried a pair of tbope
fancy, any color. The latest. Rose’s
and cords at Robinson's.
Newport hose? 25c a pair at Lyons
Cash Store.
& Jones’ .
Miss Galon Machado, of Myrtle
Msrried— At the borne o f tbe
Now is tbe time, to get your hol­
Point, visited Mrs. Nosier, of this
bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. 3 . iday pictu 68 . Dean’s Studio. Hours
city, over Sunday.
Belieu, in Roseburg, Nov. fi 1910, 9. to 12 a m. 1. to 5. p. m. Open
Silkolcnes in dainty and beauti­
Preston linker and Miss Cora Belieu. every day exetpt Sunday.
ful désignant Robinsons.
II. B Guthrey and R. E Doan,
Lyons A Jones have the pun
Albert Bright and wife, of Gravel
two primiic<ant capit alists fro’n San pinenpple juice at 25 cents per not-
Ford, passed through town Satur­
Francisco, were in town l»>t week tie. A nice cool drink-
day on their way to the Bay for a
looking over the field for invest­
William B. English, o f Parkers­
burg, had business at the count'
Umberellas Umberellas for little
New fall waists have arrived. seat Monday, and made the H erald
big old and young, at Roses Cash
Call and see them. Robinson’s office r pleasant call while in town.
“ A oent W anted .— For the Pheo-
Albert Garfield, of Bandon, who
J. N. McVay recieved »letter re­ nix Mutual Fire Insurance Comp­
recently sold out bis iron foundry
in that place, was a Coquille visitor cently from Joe Bledsoe which in­ any of Oregon.
formed him that he and Mrs Bled­
on Thursday.
McCalls’ Magagine only 50c a
soe would be at El Monte, California, year including a free pattern. Gar­
Round thread art, also butchers’
D ied.— In Coquille, November 7,
and unbeleached linen at Robin­ for a short time.
ments made by McCall’s patterns
son’s. ,
Wanted,— All kinds of Furs and look like the picture. We have 1910, Mrs. S. T. Johnson, nged 69
years. F u n tn l today at Fairview
The new Peoples’ Co-Operative skins by Geo. T. Monition Coquille them. Rose's Cash Store.
by Rev. Thomas Barklow.
store is now open and doing busi­
It is only seven waeks until
We can take good pictures on
ness, but not us much as they would
Try the-New Catchem Fly trap'
Christmas. What can you get that
d«rk days but it takes longer to fin­
Drane has them on sale, at 15c or
if all their goods were here.
will go farther or be more appro­
two for 25c.
ish them up. Get your holiday
Miss Agnes Tuppcr returned
priate than than a dozen nice Cabi­
work now. Dean’s Studio, open
The Educational League will
home last week, from a visit with
net portraits. Now is tbe time ot get
everyday except Sunday.
at tbe school heuse Friday af­
her sister, Mrs. Kenneth Perkins,
them. Dean’s Studio.
New Hosery— You will find tbe
who lives on the coast, below Ban-
Dr. Elgin, sage and Postmaster
qcst bosery in town at Lyons &
b j as follows: Mrs. McDonald,
of Sixes was in town Monday night
Jones’ .
paper; Mrs. Tyrrell, solo; Fred
Sweaters all sizes and colors for
on business connected with the set­
Redding, recitation; Thelma LyoDs,
both women and men at Roses Cash
tlement of the estate of Capt Wat­
recitation; Naomi Knowlton recita­
italist, and Herbert D. Wise, cap­
ers, of which the doctor is adminis­
Willian Berry, of Loon Lake, was italist, of Oakland, Cal., were in trator.— Port Orford Tribune.
a passenger to the Bay Monday
For Sale.—Thoroughbred Shrop- W Oman’s Christian Tem perance
on his return from a visit with rela They are lookibg over Coos Coun­ soire rams. A,ddress C. H. Nosier
U nion C outest
tives and friends in the Myrtle Point ty with the idea of making pur­ A Sou., Bridge, Oregon.
chase of valuable properties.
The W . C. T. U. Juuior Medal
We learn that this «’as a new
Contest held last Thursday evening
You can get pictures in any finish
bridge having just recently been
of style at Dean’s Studio. All work sewing machine, call at the H er ­ completed, and that tbe cause of was a decided success. There were
ald office.
five contestants, Mary Fussone,
gnat antoed,
the catastrope was fire. The young
Merlon Tyrrell, Gladys Howe, Olive
Mrs. Clarence Harris came up
men came to tbe bridge and found
Howey, and Vera Kelsey.
from Lampa la«t Saturday and went spent several days in town lately, it burniDgdown and at once began
to the Bay by tbe morning train. went down to Lakeport last week to work to save tbe structure when
The judges, Mr. Anderson, Mr.
She goes to see her parents, Mr. with the intention of making tbe it collapsed, precipitating them to
Adams ned Mrs. Mace, decided in
and Mrs. J. Mills and friends.
favor of Vera Kelley.
F or fruit, ornamental trees, ber­ tbe Lakeport Banner. We have with tbe results mentioned.
Mrs. MeCray, the county W. C.
ries, rose bushes aud shrubbery
Try a pair of those Newpo T. U. County Supt. presented the
give Geo. T. Moulton your order.
medal after which Mrs. Watkics
Wanted— Men and women to any other hose on tbe marxet. A gave a short talk on Medal Contest
Frank Ray, of the Bay side, came
have clothes cleaned, pressed and
over last week and spent a couple repaired Slagle the tailor.
A B 'X Social and Moving Pioture Work of which she is Supt.
The piogrom was interspersed
of days, having business at the
entertainment will be given at tbe
Start Church.— The Seventh Day
with music consisting of a chorus,
county seat in regard to road mat­
Fisbtrap church Friday evening, song by the little folks, duet, solo,
ters. He visited his niece and Adventists today started the con­ Nov. 11th. Admission to tbe enter­
trio und contest roily song.
nephew, Mr. and Mrs. Alva W arner struction of their new church at tainment, 10 cents. Boxes will be
the corner of Seventh and West
M eth od ist E p isco p a l Church.
while in town.
sold at one cent for of the weight of
Commercial avenue. It will occu­
You will always find what you
the owner. The proceeds sre for
All boys from 13 to 17, may com­
py a ground space of 26 x 70 feet.
arc looking for in gentlemen's up-
tbe benefit of the church and will pete for the gold prize in the con.
Rev. T. G. Bunch and his father.
ot-date clothing at Robinson’s Storr.
be used to purchase an organ. test that closes Nov. 19. A list of
W. H. Bunch county superintendant
You will en­ questions in tbe competition can be
C . O . Crosby, the Fairview nurs­ of schools, purchased the site for Everybody welcome.
eryman, was in town Thursday and the church which will be rushed to joy this.
secured from the pnster. The
Big M oney—We want an agent Judges for the contest are, Judge
informs us that he has a large lot of completion.
in every town; salary and Commis­ E. D. G. Holden, Principal Hoi ket
fine trees in stock, free from all in­
For Rent.— A Small house near
sion; references required; for full and Mrs. Chase. Boys Day Dec. 11.
sec* pests, which it will be to the
tbe Christian Church at $4 25 per
particulars, address subscription
The Subject for next Sunday
intrest of those setting out orchards
month. Inquire at the Peoples Co-
Dept., National Sportsman, In c, 75 morning at 11 o ’clock. The Saddest
to examine ’■ efere buying else­ operative Store. C. A. Pendleton.
Federal St., Boston, Mass.
Question Jesus Asked.
Miss Rose Lilly and Miss Beulah
A^Voting Contest is d > w running
The evening subject at 7,30 The
Prepare— the time is here. Rob­
Hess, teachers, went to Bridge the at tbe Dime Theatre. With each 10c Jury Verdict.
inson’s Store have opened up tbeir
Prof, and Mrs. H . O. Anderson
rubber and aquapelle goods
Get last of tbe week where they will be­ ticket you get a coupon for 50 votes
your size while tbe stock is complete^ gin an eight-moDtbs’ term of school and with each half ticket 25 votes, will entertaiu the League next Fri­
^ Miss Hess wbo taught this sum­ which should be cast for ths most 1 day evening at their home.
Mrs. William Morras who bal
mer atfSunny side, opposite Riv­ popular young lady of Coquille.! The Ladies Aid Society meets with
been at Mercy hospital for several
erton, resigned at that place a few This contest will run 4 weeks at the Mrs James Nosier on Thursday P.
woeks, during which time she suf-
days before tbe expiration of the end of which time the lady receiv- M.
fertd tbe amputation of one foot,
terra, but left Miss Jessie Sweet to ing the most votes will receive $10 j
Mrs. E. 8 Mace gave an address
and later tbe amputation of tbe same
take ber place, which wss satisf»c- as the first prize. A prize of $5 wil; last Sunday at the mornning service,
limb above the knee for gsogreene
tory all round.
be given tbe one receiving next to j
has so recovered that she was
Books!! Books!!! At the the greatest numberof votes. Every
W ood W ood W ood
brought home Saturday by her son
~ ~
Mark Morras, who has been by her the Racket store, M. H. Hersey bss Saturday night there will be a prize
given to th. one leading in the'
Lay in your w.nlers supply, while
side during her illness. Her many tbe largest assortment of books for
contest, the prixe can be seen L .ird ’s y° °
Alder- ,h# best
friends hope to see her
her up
up in a | the young snd old ever brought to
Furniture Store window
“ ,r k e t 1 , 00 *
dcllv,r* M
Phone 353,
short, time.
We are sole agents for the Florsheim Shoes
for Men and the Utz and Dunn shoes for the
Ladies. These two lines will give us the
strongest shoe line in the county.
D ry Goods and Groceries.
..Flour and Feed..
Give us a trial order and we
will do our best to please you.
Second Street, Coquille
Phone 251.
W afers
are the thin edge of
the wedge for a split­
ting headache.
Easily Taken.
There is a whole lot
of concentrated relief
in each wafer.
25 cents a package.
I will sell at Public Auction on the
above dates the following described
Property. About 60 lots in
Notley’s Addition
These lots are all 50x100 feet and are located
in that part of the tract commencing at the
School House, running three blocks east and
two blocks north, in the most desirable resi­
dence district in the city.
Term s o f Sale:
One third cash and the balance
secured by mortgage, one and two
years at 8 per cent interest.
s ." - f - r . -»— :-----
Church of Christ
The safe and reliable tw in -,^ 0
The New and Speedy,.^^
Str. Elizabeth
Capt. Olaen, Maate.
Will make regular trips between
C oquille River an.J San
No Stop-over at W ay Porta.
Electric Lights. Everything in First
Class Style.
Notice is hereby given that George
A. Gilman, the undersigned, has been
appointed administrator of theestate of
William Harvey Gilman, deceased; all
persons having claims against said estate
arc hereby directed and required to
present the same to the undersigned at
the office of A. J. Sherwood at Coquille,
Coos County, Oregon, properly verti-
fled, together with the vouchers there­
for, w ithin six months from the date of
this notice.
Dated this 19th day ofOctotier, A. D.
G eckos A. G il m a n , Administrator.
Notice is hereby given that the un­
dersigned lias lieen appointed adminis­
tratrix of the Estate of Roliert J. Dean,
deceased; all persons having claims
against said eitate are required to pre­
sent the same properly vertifleil, to­
gether with the vouchers therefor, to
the undersigned at the office of A. J.
Sherwood at Coquille, Coos County,
Oregon, within six months from the
to make the very liest biscuit, bread ami pastry
you know how. The best flour you can get hold ot
will produce the best baking you can accomplish.
You have got to know the flour—so it is best to
use a brand that you know « ill be the same—al­
ways. One tlral sack of Snow Drift will open lip a
new field of successful baking for you. It’ s an uu-
bleached flour. Made from selected Northwestern
grown Blue Stem Wheat. The flour that proves.
Ask for Snow Drift Flour. Take no substitute.
date of this notice.
Dated this 19th day of October, A. D.
A g e n t , M a r s h fie ld , O re g o n
M avis A. D ban ,