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    Coquille îientlà
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27: No 5
tereil äh »ecoiul-class matter May
*5. at the postolliee at Coquille,
in, umlor a :t of Oonureaa of Mardi
S e es M enace in P ic tu re s
London^ July 7,— Sir Howell
Davies has given notice of his in­
tention to ask the Home Secretary
On Account ot Flagrant Fakes Ring in the House of Commons “ in the Substantial Structures Replacing
interest of publlcy,” to prohibit the
Contests it is Thought Will Soon
Old Wooden Shacks Keop
exhibit of the Jefferies-johnsoo
Be Thing of the Past.
Good Work Going.
moving pictures.
*e over Koae’ a Store, Frout SI.,
O kkoon .
Lynchburg, Va„ July 7.— The
Iieno, Nev., July 6.— Was Jef
While Coquille is not taking on
tries disqualified or was he knocked Jefferies-Johnsou pictures will be the proportions oi a boom, still her
out, is the point Tex Rickard is be­
Dr. C. hV. Endicott
Cincinatati, July 7.— Reports building goes on a pace, and her
ing asked by telegraph from several
new buildings are taking on a very
Eastern cities to decide. Rickard from all tire important towns in Ken­ much substantial uature than those
I bntiht
hnds it difficult to make an official
of former years. The big schooner
•Ilice over First National Hank
ruling on the technical points in­ ington and Frankfort, will the pic­ Advance lately brought up from Sau
volved, hut is disposed to rule that tures be allowed.
ne Main 431.
Coquille, Oregon
Francisco the brick for the doub­
Hollidaysburg Pa., July 7.— The
the interference of Jeffries seconds
le structure which is to occupy
by helping him to get up alter the Jeffries-Johnsou pictures will be the old Ben Ton corner and will
second knock down constitutes dis­ permitted here on the promise of belong to and be occupied by the
qualification. Jeff, however, con­ the motion picture houses to separ­ Farmers and Merchants Bank and
tinued ou his feet and was knocked ate the shows for whites and blacks. Dr. Richmond and E. C. Barker
Attorney and Coonoellor at Lavr.
down a third time. Rickard says
and Co., the jewelry firm, and the
Offloe in Robinson Building
Langford to Fight J a ck
“ The pictures will show I got be­
last of the week or the forepart of
tween them, when this third knock­
New Yoak, July 7.— Joe Wood­ next, the brick walls will begin to
down came and gave the fight to
man, manager of Sam Langford, grow, this somewhat depending
Johnson before the timekeeper could
W. C . CHASE ,
telegraphed here to-day accepting upon the ability of Mr. Perham to
count ten. I was trying to get be­
the offer of Jack Johnson to meet secure bricklayers— he is expecting
tween the fighters after the second
Langford for a $20,000 side bet, two or three by the first steamer.
lo in Robinson Building, Upstairs
knockdown but could not on ac­
and asked Johnson to post his forfeit Tire la rge building of W. C. Laird
count of the interference of Jeff's
is going along in nice shape. The
on his arrival here next Monday.
seconds, when Johnson again hit
walls are,up to the upper joice and
him, sending him to the floor a
Ram saur S eed W edding.
roof timbers, being within about
third time.”
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
four feet of their full height. The
A very pretty home wedding oc.
Regarding the agitation against
tee Phone 335 Main
lathers and plasterers will soon be
tlie pictures, in which he holds one- curredSunday afternoon at the home at their part of the work, as it is
aidence Phone 34G Main
sixth interest, Rickard says he did of the brid’s parents, M. and .Mrs. ex.iected that the roof will be on in
C o q u illb C i t y , O k *
not think it would amount to any­ J. A. Seed, of 612 West Locust a very short time.
thing except to adertise the pictures. street, when Miss Veva Seed and Mr.
The bungalo on the dairy farm
Ban Francisco, July 7.— While at Fred Ramsaur were united in wed­ of C. E McCurdy near town takes
present it is not possible to make lock by the Rev. H. W. Thompson. the lead in the way of homes which
known the exact sources of informa­ The bride was beautifully dressed have been constructed here lately.
tion regarding the report that Jef­ in white meesaline. The groom This is certainly a model residence
|ti Building
Front Stree
fries put up a gigantic "lake’’ in his wore the conventional black. Miss from all view points. The ground
fight with Johnson, good authority Genevieve Hilderbrand, of Tacoma, floor is 37x61 feet, on which are the
■ , ------
has it that the fight was the biggest was flower girl, The house was parlor, dining room, reception hall,
a_I ____________ i___
“ bunk” ever perpetrated on the beautifully decoratedwith carnations kitchen, one bedroom, bath, etc-
A. J. Sherwood,
American people and that it has and roses. After the ceremony a These arranged in the most unique
A ttorney a t - L a w ,
sounded the death knell of fights in delicious wedding dinner was ser­ and convenient manner. The three
ved. The young couple will make
nearly every state in the union.
N otary P u blio ,
first named each contain a nice laige
their home at 507 South Hemlock
S q u ille,
fireplace, all of which use one and
have been put in shape f jr his fat street.— This reprt was taken from a the same large chimney. The sec­
fest with Johnson.
The colored paper printed at Ceutralia, Wash­ ond floor contains five large, light
man is clever but not nearly so ington, where this wedding took and airy bedrooms with closets and
W alter Sinclair,
clever as the world artists have place ou July 3 rd.
A t t o r n e y - at - L a w ,
all necessary conveniences, beside a
The bride is a former Coquille
tried to paint him
His record
N otary P u b l ic ,
large sleeping porch facing the east.
shows him to be either a 11 extraor­ young lady, being a daughter of Mr. The building is finished through­
dinary man who has either been and Mrs. J. A, Seed who spent « out in the newly invented hard
— 1 ----
able to accumulate skill and action number of years in this city, ami a plaster and slash-sawed fir stained
his old age or a strong active giand daughter of Mrs. Ala Seed to a weathered oak tint aud finished
H all & Hall.
fellow who has in the past been ly­ now of this place.
in a most artistic and beautiful stvle.
A ttorneys - at L a w ,
ing d ow n ”
This house was planned and de­
1er in U « z l E statb o f all kinds.
Jeffries, it is said, was well known P r o p e r T r « ‘ nlii »«* nt F o r , D v s o n t o r j signed by J. A. Yoakam, the Co­
Marshfield, Oregon.
11 m l l > i n r r l i o r : i .
to Governor Gillett ot California, to
quille architect, contracto. and
months old the little
be a broken down boxer, a man
I Ì -
- . I—
frame wracked with nervous disease daughter of E. N. Dewey, a well
E. E. Johnson, the lumberman, is
E. G. D. Holden
and totally uufit to enter a ring in known merchant of Agnewville, Va , having a very nice house built on
L awybb ,
opposition even to the fattest dub had an attack of cholera infantum. Spurgeon Hill which we understatd
J ustice op the P eace
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and will be one of the latest in style and
Commissioner, General Insurance who ever aspired to “ the heavy­
D.arrhorn Remedy was given and most up-to-date in its design for
jent, and Notary Public. Office
Gillett stopped the fight because effected a complete cure. This rem­ comfort and eonvenience. H. E.
in Robinson Building.
he had been made acquaiuted with edy has proven very successful in Shelley is the contracor and archi­
Coquille Oregon.
Jeff’s tactics. He remembered the in cases of bowelcomplaint in chil­ tect. The nice concrete walk from
remarkable coincident to the fight dren and when given according to the Baxter corner past KnowitoD's
with Fitzsimmons being forecasted the plain printed directions can be
store has been uncovered and
rickham House for the eighth round by a well relied upon with perfect confidence. drug
turned over to the public for use.
known ring expert, he recalled the When reduced with water and This is certainly a great improve­
fact that 24 hours before the Fitz- sweetened it is pleasant to taki« ment which is fully [appreciated.
Phone Main 13X.
Jeff farce was pulled off that a man which is of great importance when Mr. Perham has the contract for the
outside the game, entirely fair and a medicine must be given to young construction of a like walk in front
ird by Doy, We elf or Month one who had followed fights from children. For sale by R. S, Knowl- and at the north side of the Odd
boyhood, had told the then mayor tow.
Fellows’ Hall. His workmen have
Qple Hoonjs
Nice Batt)s of San Francisco and several others
the old wooden walk removed and
A n Interesting R elic
how the fight would end, when it
are progressing with the work in
would end and why it would end.
■cial Attention Paid
Elder J. C. Clapp brought with good shape, while the one in front
Mayor McCarthy (present admin­
from California a relic of no one of the Farmers & Merchants Bank
: Traveling Public.
istration) when in Chicago said that
knows what age. It is a ship’s will be completeted in due time, all
he favored the Jeff Jack fight being
block which was found in a Califor­ of which will add greatly to the ap-
held in San Francisco and he also
H. E. Shelley
nia cave. It seems to have been pearence of that section of town.
said that the state “ had no right to
mide of hickory and the wood has
interfere.” Lawyers think he was
M edical S o ciety M eeting
petrified, or else it is of some pecu­
legally strang in his stand— the
liar bone. The small wheels ave of
A meeting of the Coos and Curry
best lawyers in the state. McCar­
ivory evidently sawed from a walrus county Medical society was held in
Coquille, Ore.
thy en route home, went to Sacra­
tusk any dressed with infinite care, Myrtle Point last week, and wag at­
mento in a huff. He was angry at
Jrst Cli
Class Work Guaranteed.
and the shaft they turn on is also of tended by Drs. Mingus and Dix of
Gillett; he was detrmined [to allow
ivory, while the block is held to­ Maishfield, Culin of Coquille and
. W H ITM O RE . E. F. MOKRISSY the Kaufman-Langford fight to take
gether with bronze or copper rivets, j Johnson and Stemmier of this place.
place in the Mission street arena as
Bay Paving and Con­
It may offer a clue to some histori­ Officers were elected and other busi­
a test of municipal independence
cal event by those who are capable ness of the society was transacted
versus state rule. McCarthy con­
struction Company.
of determining its age and properly nnd questions of interest to the pro­
ferred with the governor for just
I neral contractors
placing its manufacture.- -Myrtle fession were discussed. It is hoped
one hour and when he came from
to interest other physicians in the
ns anti
Estimates Given the conference he went straight to Point Enterprise.
rete Bricks Stone and Timber
the telegraph office and wired to ■ I . l|> f o r T h o s e W h o l i m e S i o i n - work of the society and promote a
better attendance at future meet­
a<li T r o u b l e s .
Chief of Police Martin to permit no
■ 151 -J
After doctoring for about twelve ! ings. It wag decided to endeavor
fights in the arena for reasons that
■ 117 Front Street, Marshfield Ore.
years for a bad stomach trouble, 1 to interest the public in discussions
he would "later explain.”
This much is known to the in- and spending nearly five hundred of questions regarding health, sani­
' siders— Gillett congratulates hitn- dollars for medicine and doctors' tation and other matters that are or
I. Hprgman Shoe Mfe.Co. ' self on having saved San Francisco fees, I purchased my wife one box should be of general interest and
and the state of Calitornia from hav- of Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liver benefit.— Enterprise.
ing been party to the rankest ring Tablets, which did her so much
ifacturors o f
j contest ever pulled off not only in good that she continued to u-e them 1 Quick A Curry make the galvan­
CelebratedBerqmannShoe lhe Unittd
hllt lhe * or,d .
and they b> ve done her more good j ized screen door; standard sizes on
W ntpr _
hand; spetial sizes made in short
f.lio * mi l e for log. era, miners Governor Gillett does not par- than all of the medicine I bought order. Also handy, adjustable win­
tirularly oppose square ring con- before. — Samuel Boyer, Folsom, dow screens, ironing hoards, sleeve
prospectors and mill men.
tests, but in re the Jeff-Jack fiasco J Iowa. This medicine is for sale by boards, bread boards, drain boards
fhurmao Street
and meat safes.
it is easy to read between the lines. R. R. Knowlton. Samples free.
P o r t l a n d , O rzoon ,
Olilo i l’ bone Main 211.
rp e n te rand Builder
F a rm e rs P ro b lem s
« J SHERWOOD Pi t ».
I . H. HAZARD. Cashier
P rinted
P er Y ear
R. E.SHINE, f l a t P r . »
0. C SANFORD, A>»t. Cashier
R equest .
Farmers throughout a large ex
tent of this big country are now in
the stress and strain of harv<st.
OP C O 9 U I U U H , O R B Q C f i .
What with dodging showers in the
endeavor to get the hay to the mows T r a n s a c t a a G e n e r a l B a n k i n g B u s i n e s s
in good condition and to secure the
wheat against foul weather, wh le
engaged in fighting potato-bugs
B o n d o f O lro c to ro .
C o r ro o p o n d o o U .
and giving the final cultivation to II. O. Dement,
A. J. Sherwood,
j National Bank o Commerce, New York Ci
I,. Harlocker,
L. H. Hazard, I Crocker Woolworth N’lBank, San
the corn, the man on the farm b ig
Isaiah Hacker.
R. E. Shine. First Nat’l Bank of Portland, Portland.
little leisure to look ahead to study
market conditions. Doubtless man)
farmers a« they tread the potato
rows administering poison to their
ever present enemy, arespeeu'atiog
as to the outlook forthecVop, The
unlooked-for slump in potatoes at
the beginning of the planting sea­
son makes the outlook less favora­
ble than it was at this time last year,
and renders it more difficult to de­
cide whether to sell directly from
the field, or to hold the crop in the
hope of an advance.
Whenever a trust is forced into a
corner, and charged with combin­
ing to increase prices to the con­
sumer, the defense put up is that
the price of everything that is
bought and sold is rigulated by the
great natural law of supply and de
mand. There was doubtless a pe­
riod when this was measurably true,
M . D. S H E R R A R D , P R O P R I E T O R
but it is so no longer Supply and
Rose Buihiing, Second Street,
demand are now artificial!!' created
at the pleasure of the trusts, and
without regard to the welfare of
the producer or consumer. This is
Are prepared to do all kinds of repairing in ma­
made possible by the invention and
operation of an entirely new factor
chinery— large and small— in a scientific and
in the commercial world,— the cold
workman-like manner. Special attention given
storage plant. The extent and in­
fluence of this new medium between
to Donkey and Gasoline Engines, Automobiles, etc
producer and consumer are not yet
clearly understood, and when a few
months ago there was reprinted in
the pnges of the Farm Journal some
statistics out from Washington,
showing the enormous amount of
beef, pork, butter, eggs, etc., con­
tained in the cold storage plants in
the country, the figures weie ques­
tioned by more then one reader.
L COCHRAN, Proprietor
But instead of exaggerating the
capacity of the cold storage business,
we suspect that its effect and influ­
ence have been understated. Those Q
Hot and Cold Baths, Hair Cutting and Massag-
controlling these establishments are
ing a Specialty.
not greenhorns. Ou the contrary,
they are among the shrewdest of
One o f the Most Up-to-Date Shops in the City ^
the great captains of industry, of
whom so much is heard in our time, *
C o q u ille ,
O re gon *
and their manipulations of the mar­ *
ket, while very simplo, are at the
same time exceedingly clever.
When the trusts desire to restock,
prices go down, and the producer
is bled and when stocks have been
replenished the prices go up and
the consumer is pinched. By this
process of teetering, and fiddling
first upon one striog and then upon
the other, the balance is kept nicely
adjusted, and the market is absolu.
tely controlled without regard to
the great fundamental law of actual
supply and demand. It will readily
be seen, therefore, that both the
producer and the consumer are up
against a gamble in which the cards
are stacked, and it really makes no
difference to the trusts whether their
hands are in the pockets of the con­
sumer or the producer.
The people have seen in this
country how hard it is to control
the trusts and compel them to do
business upon the square. When
confronted in one direction they
dodge off in another. Hauled up
in the courts they multiply appeal
to appeal, and with the aid of the
best legal genius in the country,
they beat the law as cleverly as a
skilled lock breaker heats the heat
burglar proof safe. Quite recently
efforts were instituted to limit and
control the length of time in which
products shall be permitted to re­
main in cold storage.
Food ex­
perts were brought forward to
prove how long products kept in
the embalming chambers would re­
sist decay.
As invariably happens
the doctors d.sagreed, ami the pub­
lic was left in a condition of doubt
and uncertainty. It was contended
that eggs would remain “ fresh’’ in
G R R Y E L ............................ .. •
cold storage for a matter of two
Q U IL L E ,
years, and meats for even a longer
W . H . Schroeder
C oq uille,
Bring me your W atch and
Jewelry repairing. I will
treat you right.
G o o d L in e o f W atcliets
A l w a y s on Hand
J. h . O E R D IN G
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