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    Coquille ìiemlò.
E ntered
26: No. 25.
V ol .
«ecoml-class m a tte r May
s, 1906, HI ili»* pot to Ace i t
Coqui l l e,
Oregon, under a *t of Congress of March
3, 1871).
H arvey-Q u ick .
S ilo a S a v in g s Bank
A S erio u s R un aw ay
C em ent S ilos.
A wriier in the Rural New York­
The silo is a savings bank upon
Mr and Mrs. Sam Breuer were
which the feeder and dairyman can the victims of a serious runaway er tells about building a concrete
draw at all times for succulent en­ accident Monday atternoon on the silo at a cost of #55, as follows:
First make three or four circles
silage. It not onlv preserves the steep grade this side of the Oak
feed in the most desirable form, but s-hool house on the Middle Fork. out of old lumber the size you wish
carries the feed ovsr to the season They had been attending the an­ your silo, also some strips Jx3
when its value is enhanced four­ nual school meeting and were driv­ inches. We used green oak, but
ing a youug horse that did not like any kind will do— if it is dry soak
Pretty good rate of interest that! it when the breeching tightened up, well— also some sticks one inch
And a new way of looking at the and started to kick and run. Mr. square as long as the thickness of
tremendously interesting and im­ Breuer attempted to get out and your silo wall- Our silo is i OJ x '26
portant ensilage question.
get the animal by the bridle but feet, built of solid concrete, one
But this is only the beginning of was thrown down and badly bruis­ part cement to eight of gravel and
the earnings capacity of a silo.
ed. It was some hours later that sand. We put in thirty inches in­
At the present high prices ol he fully regained consciousness to the ground and put drain under
land, pasturing and feeding dry Mrs. Breuer remained in the buggy wall, footing 12-iuches wall to top
feeds during the winter is a mighty until the runaway horse encounter­ of ground, 8-inches to top of ground,
expensive proposition. The same ed a team being driven by Elder F. then 6 inch tapering to 4-inch on SCENE OX TI1E COURT OF HOXOK, A.-Y.-P. EXPO SITION. SEATTLE.
In c o n stru ctin g Its group ot five Fundings, th e U nited S ta te s Govern­
land will support twice the number S. Chatburn of Spokane, who was top. We built it to top of ground,
of animals i f the silage system is accompanied by Arthur Baker of then l< ok short b ixing out, set up m en t h a d re g a rd for th e type of a rch ite c tu re follow ed generally In th e
buildings of the E xposition proper. The Exposition stru c tu re s a re In th e
Bandoti. Elder
had inside boxing, and set up four long m odern F ren ch renaissance and the G overnm ent in th e m odern Spanish.
It will enable the farmer and the driven his horses as far out on the
T he two styles tie in nicely together and m ake an h arm onious whole. On
stockman to gel as much milk from edge ot the road as he could, giving up one of the circles. Tack first! th e rig h t of th e p ic tu re Is th e A laska building, one of th e G overnm ent
group. In the c en ter is th e E uropean E xhibits Palace. On the le ft la
his cows in mid-winter as in the the runaway the side next the circle five feet from bottom, then
a facade of th e P alace of A griculture. T he la st two nam ed a re In th e
best feediug season. Twenty tons mountain and his presence of mind another five feet above that. Start
F ren ch renaissance a n d w ere com pleted before D ecem ber 1, 1908. The
of silage is an average crop per acre. probably saved Mrs. Breuer’s life. at one of these b >ards and nail in­ A laska b uilding was com pleted A pril 15.
It is an actual fact that this amount When the rigs collided the fright­ side boxing on with six-penny
ol silage will feed three head of cat­ ened colt broke loose and Mrs. nails. When inside circle is up nail
tle a whole year.
Breuer was thrown out. Drs. one strip (or hoopj between the cir­
R. S. KNOW LTON, President
If the farmers, feeders and dairy­ Johnson and Forrest happened cles, using four-penny nails. Cut
B. H. MAST, Cashier
men realized the enormous amount along soon after the accident and some lumber into 30-inch lengths
of money that is slipping through attended to the injuries of Mr. and tor the outside boxing (we used
their fingers every year by reason Mrs. Breuer. They were taken to three-quarter inch, as it is lighter),
of wasteful methods of feediug, they the Brack home and cared for un­ set against the outside of inside
would be sitting up nights studying til morning. Mrs. Breuer’s collar boxing and nail a hoop on top and
tha ensilage question— for ensilage bone was dislocated and she was one on the bottom. When you get
preserving and feeding means mil­ badily bruised and hurt, while Mr. around, set it outside of wall and
lions of new dollars in their pockets Breuei was also badly bruised and pass a No. 10 wire (with a loop on
A Reasonable Share of Your Business Solicited
if they only knew it.
cut up. The colt was uninjured, each end) around the latter, put a
First Class Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent
Already there has been a great but the buggy was mashed to kind­ ¡evel through the loops and draw it
awakening. It’s time for every ling wo :d. The other rig escaped up tight. Tack the hoop, but do
cat'le owner to look this great without damage of any kind.— En­ not drive the nails clean up; then
move wire to top with small sticks.
question squarely in the face. Every terprise.
Put two and one-half or three feet
- *•* *
cattle owner who has taken advant­
O f In te r e s t t o F a r m e rs a n d M e c h a n ic s apart, as necessary-. Before
age of the surprising money-mak­
Farmers and machauics frequent­
ing possibilities of a silo is saving
his feed bills, securing greatly in­ ly meet with slight accidents and wire into box, and keep it in cea ter
injuries which cause them much when filling. Draw wire tight and
creased milk production from his
annoyance and loss of time. A cut
herd, daily putting fat on his feed­ or bruise may be cured in about tack hoop and you are ready for
K erm it H o ld s R ecord
ers at a rate he never dreamed ot one third the time usually required pulling. Tack a few nails around
by applying Chamberlain’s Line- boxing to hold wire in place.
Naivasha, British East Africa, before.--Ex.
Put iu eight or ten inches of con­
ment as soon as the injury is re­
We Carry
June 22.— All the members of thb
M yrtle P o in t E n terp rise.
ceived. This linement is also vrl- crete aud tamp. When full set un­
Roosevelt expedition, at present in
uable for spraius. soreness of the til next day. Place some studs
Alex Sturdivant, who has been muscles and
camp on the Loletta Plains, in the
rheumatic pains.
across the inside boxing and rig
Sotik district, ate in excellent visiting in California and Arizona, There is no danger of blood poison­
three pulleys and attach ropes to
health. 1 heodore Roosevelt his returned to Myrtle Point this week.
Chamberlain's Linement is applied upper loop ol outside boxing. Put
shot another lion, while a very
Misses Glenn and Bessie Ma­ before the parts become inflamed a man to each rope, draw nails We are headquarters fo r everything in the meat line.
wants always receives prompt attention.
large, tawny-maned lion has fallen chado returned last week from Port­ and swollen. For sale by R S
where hoops lap; shake boxing
before the rifle of his son, Kermit. land, where they have been attend­ Knowlton.
loose and you are ready to hoist
This animal holds the record fsx ing school during the «’inter.
boxing up. Let boxing lap two
Big M o n ey in A p p les.
size of the present expedition. I11
Miss Mabel Adams returned
inches on round last put in, put
addition, the party has secured three last week from Portland where she
S. L. Bennett, an orchardist near wire around the bottom, draw up
giraffes, two eland, six topi and a has been attending school. Mrs. Medford, Oregon, a few days ago
and tack. Put reinforcing wire in­
large number of antelope.
Adams went to Marshfield to meet received a draft from London, Eng­ to loop, draw up and tack, and fill,
land. covering the sale price of the and continue to top.
her daughter.
A L u ck y Sm oker
Oils, cleans and looks after his ponderous
News has been received here of last carload of apples to that mark­
When you get silo finished, build
Milrord, Del., June 24.— Wesley the marriage of Miss Ora A. Devaul, et. When the leturns were ail in, a platform on the inside four inches
locomotive every few hours. In the little deli­
J. Satterfield, a liveryman, was a neice of Mrs. J. H. Roberts, and Mr. Bennett began figuring on the smaller than silo, rig pulleys on the
cate watch there are wheels which make more
smoking a cigar. It suddenly re­ who formerly lived here, to Mr. total returns for last season’s apple inside, draw platform up to the top,
revolutions than those of the fastest train and
fused to burn on account of some Edgar B. Holt. The weddiug took crop, and he found that from less and finish from lop to bottom with
it day after day.
Is it not reasonable
hard substance hidden in the place at Los Alametas, Calif., on than one and a half acres of or­ a thin coat of mortar, one cement
be attended to
chard he had received $2100. in to two ot sand. When plaster gets
wrappers. Satterfield tore the to­ June 16.
occasionally. Let us do your work for you.
fact, only 12O trees on this tract dry draw platform up to top and
bacco away from idle curiosity and
James Benham, an old settler of
were Newtons and comprised the give it a coat of hot tar, and you
was astonished to find what looked
the Fair view neighborhood, was
entire shipment to London.
like a piece of glass.
will have a silo as tight as a bottle.
the victim of a distressing accident
Last season the price was con­ We left openings every two feet,
The unusual brilliance of the ob­
at the Hartley road camp a mile
siderably "off color,” but with all put in temporary frames, took them
ject led Satterfield to take it to a
and a half this side of Fairview
that the net returns were pretty out and fitted doors against wall,
jeweler, who made a careful exam­
Wednesday. He was using a team
good. Had the price of two years putting in two bars of iron between
ination and then informed the lucky
on the road woik and had en­
ago been realized last season, the doors for reinforcement. I think
smoker that the substance was a 2-
countered a tough obstacle when
total figure would have been be­ the better way would be to have a
karat diamond of a good grade, and
the double tree broke, one end of it
tween $3500 and $4000.— The Pac­ continuous opening and put in a
easily worth $150. It is supposed
striking Mr. Benbam across the
If Qn Did you stop to consider that a building made
that the cigarmaker lost the setting
ific Homestead.
bar every two feet. Leave inside
lower leg, breaking both bones
l l D O out of cement blocks is almost indestructable
of his or her ring while rolling the
and tearing the flesh and skin. Mr.
“I have used Chamberlain’s boxing in for a week or ten days. and fireproof?
tobacco in which Satterfield found
Benham declares that his great toe Cough Remedy and find it to be We hauled gravel and sand 200
Did you stop to consider that the first cost is almost the
the gem.
— -••• -----
struck his upper leg when the the best on the market,” says E W yards; had water on the ground. last cost?
Q uake V isits California.
break occurred. Dr. Stemmier, as­ Tardy, editor of the Sentinel, Gain- Labor cost $1 per day; cement $2
Did you stop to consider that sand and gravel, washed and
bora, Tenn. “O urbaby had sever­
sisted by Dr. Forrest, were sum­ al colds the past winter and Cham­ per barrel; plasterer for six hours cleaned by the ocean, together with proper proportion of
San Francisco, June 23.— Two
moned and reduced the fracture, berlain’s Cough Remedy alway $2. No other skilled labor is need­ Portland cement, makes the finest blocks and bricks in the
severe earthquake shocks were felt
and Dr. Stemmier states that it was gave it relief at once and cured it ed. Any handy man about farm world
Yours for business,
in nothern California late last night,
one of the worst fractures he ever at­ in a short time I always recom­ can build such a silo. Total cost
according to reports received here
mend it when opportunity presents was $55.
tempted to reduce.
itself.” For sale by R 8 Knowl­
today. No serious damage was
- -• ► *
Of couise cost all depends on how
done, but the quakes were of suf­
Men past middle life have found ton.
fast or slow a man is. I did not
ficient violence to awaken the peo­ comfort and relief in Foley’s Kid­
Baudon R ecorder.
figure cost of lumber lor box, as
ney Remedy, especially for en­
ple ol several towns.
that is not lost. We have no roof
larged prostate gland, which is very
A fine baby girl was born to Mr. on it, as we expect to raise it higher
Vibration in both instances was common among elderly men. L E
from north to south. The first Morris, Dexter, Ky., writes. “ Up and Mrs. A. G. Thrift Sunday next season. There is not a parti­
shock, which occurred at 11:25 p. to a year ago my father suffered morning and “ Sand” is the hap­ cle of loss except on top. In finish­
m., was of 15 seconds' duration. from kidney and bladder trouble piest man in town these days. The ing filling it was not tramped and
The second, felt at i t . 49 p. m., and several physicians pronounced girl weighs
got moldy around the walls. We
it enlargement of the prostate gland
was brief.
Mrs. E. Dyer and daughter Ethel have a two-horse gasoline engine
and advised an operation. On ac­
The quakes were felt most plain­ count of his age we were afraid he have returned from McMinnville, and a 11-inch Ohio cutter, which
ly at Grass Valley and Nevada City. could not stand it and I recom­ Ore., where they have been attend­ cost us, including silo, $225, and I
R. £. SHIRE, Viss Prss
». j SHERWOOD Pres.
The warmest weather of the sea­ mended Foley’s Kidney Remedy, ing college in that city.
would not want a better outfit. If
0. C SANFORD, Asst. Cashier
I. H. HAZARD, Cashier
son was experienced here yesterday
The young baby boy of Mr. and corn is cut four men will haul it
and after taking the second bottle
and it was unusually hot in the he was no longer troubled with Mrs. E. C. Drosch died Sunday 4O0 yards and fill two feet per
early hours today, while a blue this complaint.” C J Fuhrman. night at the age of two months and hour. From our experience, I will
haze hung over the city.
twenty days. Mr. and Mrs. Drosch say that a small outfit is a perfect
News of the quakes in the north­ Good Bargains in Real Estate. will have the sincere sympathy of success.- The Pacific Homestead.
Six-room residence, good location
T ro n s n c ts a General B a n k in g B u s in e s s
ern part of the state, coupled with
Many of our citizens are drifting
— lot 50x100 feet; fine lawn.
A many friends in their great be­
the weather here, created a panicky snap for $1100.
vards Bright disease by neglec-
Board ef Dlreetere.
C ir re iF tid lltt.
g syraptons of kidney and blad-
feeling among visitors, who did not
Business property bringing flOO
Born--To Mr. and Mrs.Bert Hol­
r trouble which Foley’s Kidney | R C. Dement,
A. J . Sherwood,
N»tion»l B .nk o Commerce, New York Cttv
A good investment.
know San Francisco’s climate vag­ per month.
ier) back. Wednesday, June 23rd, a
medy will quickly cure. C J
I, H «looker,
L. I t. Hazard,
t ’rocker Woolworth NT Bank, 8»n Frukotar.
aries, but no apprehension was felt And other snsps, see
Isaiah If acker,
R. K. Shine. F lr.t|N a t1 Bank of Portland, Tori land,
t?i) potmd boy.
B tttsm an A C o .
by the older residents.
One of the prettiest home wed­
dings of the season was at the res­
idence of Mr. and Mrs. Gideon
Brown at 603 Madison street last
Wednesday morning at iO o'clock.
Elmer E. Harvey and Miss Mary
Quick were the contracting parties.
Preceded by Master Richard Neil
and Miss Evelyn McCormmach
who strewed rose petals before them
they entered the room to the music
of Mendelsohn’s wedding march
played by Miss Hattie E. Hall. In
the presence of a goodly number of
friends and relatives they took their
place between the tastily arranged
ferns and green where Rev. R. E.
Storey, pastor of the Baptist church,
waited to make them man and wife.
The impressive ceremony of the
ring service was used. The hostess
then served an elaborate wedding
breakfast after which the groom
and bride departed on number 7 for
Portland, Seattle and other Sound
points. •
The bride was beautifully gown­
ed in a semi-princess costume of
white messaliue satin trimmed in
Irish body lace. She carried a bou­
quet ol white roses. The groom
wore the usual black.
Mr. Harvey is a well known
farmer of this county, though for
several years he has lived in this
city at 9O6 Jackson street. The
bride has been one of Pendleton’s
popular teachers and the principal
of the Hawthorne school for the
past 3 years. They both have a
host of friends in this city. Many
handsome presents were received.
Among those from a distance in
attendance were Jouathan Quick,
father of the bride and J. E. Quick
and Mrs. Levene brother and sister
of the bride, from Coquille City.—
Daily East Oregonian.
Farm ers
of Coquille
r T -v ____
Fresh and Salt Meats.
A. J. Sherwood,
A ttorney
at -L aw ,
N o t a r y P oblio ,
Walter Sinclair,
A t t o b n b t - a t - L a w ,
N otab t P o b m o ,
Hall & Hall,
A t t o b n b t s - at L a w ,
Dealer in
H e a l E s t a is o f
all kinds.
M arshfield, Oregon.
E. G. D. Holden
L awyer .
Ü. S. Oomraisaioaer, G eneral
Agent, and Notary P u b lic.
in Robinaon B u ild in g.
List Your Property With
Office F ro n t S t., Opp. Hotel Coquille
M a n u fac tu rers of
The Celebrated Hergmann Shoe
The Strongest and Nearest Water
Proof shoe made for loggers, miners
prospectors and mill men.
621 Thurman Street
P o r t l a n d , O regon .
Any mother who has had ex ­
perience with this distressing ail­
ment will be pleased to know that
a cure may be effected by applying
Chamberlain's Salve as soon as the
child is done nursing. Wipe it off
with a soft cloth before allowing
the babe to nurse. Many trained
nurses use this salve with best re-
ult. For sale by R S
Our Friend, The Engineer
Do You Intend to Build?