Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, April 28, 1909, Image 2

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Notice is hereby given tbat sealed
bids will be received for the construc­
tion of a Pile Bridge from the present
pile bridge at what it known as tbe
Rock fill to the westend of the North ap­
proach of North Fork Bridge in R. D. !
No, 23, all material for the construction
of such bridge to lie furnished by the
contractor; such bridge to lie con-;
| structeil according to the plans and
specifications on file with the County
Clerk and a copy in the hand of John
F. Hall, County Judge, at Marshfield,
Five per cent of the amount of hid
to lie deposited with the County Clerk
with such bid, and all bids to he filed
with the County Clerk of Cooa County,
Oregon, on or liefore the 6th dav of
May, 1909, at 10 o ’clock A. M.
The County Court reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
Dated this 14th day of April, 1909.
Bandon yesterday from Sen Fran­
cisco with a full cargo of freight
and passengers.
Another shipment of mens spring
to be in danger of d o'h in g ju*t in at Robinson's
Circuit court is in session with
Judge J. S. Coke in tbe chair, aud |
Deputy District Attorney Liljeqvirt
in charge of the grand jury.
There seems to be some doubt as
Children's wash dresses at Rob­
to whether Mr. Taft is flirting with
the solid south or the solid south
Miss Lillian Ullmann, a cousin
is coquetting with Mr. Taft.
of Mra. J. C. Mooraaw, arrived here
“ Flour will rise to $8 a barrel by Monday from McMinnville, and is
June,” says a prominent business enjoying a visit with Mrs. Moomaw
man of New York. 80 much for and family. She expects to remain
some time. They took a trip to
old Dr. Congress tariff yeast.
One of the most traveled highways of the Alaska-Yukon-Paclflc Ex­
Bandon yesterday for a little out­
position will be the street to which has been given the name of Yukon
King Edward never before had
Avenue. Yukon Avenue makes Its way across the exposition grounds
so many ups and downs. He is up
from west to east, and the ends are represented by Klondike Circle near
Go to the People’s Market, Dean
and about one day and out the next,
the entrance, and Nome Circle on which fronts the classic Forestry build­
& Henaley Prop’rs, for the best ba­
according to alternate cables.
ing. It crosses the roaring Cascades on oriental bridges of handsome
con, lard, bams, and meat of every
design, and from Us central part the buildings of Hawaii and Alaska,
description. They treat you square.
Here is a typical example of
backed by the enormous federal structure, are directly to the north.
where the consumer gets it: It iB
Just to the west of Klpndike Circle the Pay Streak winds in a general
direction from north to south, and at the eastern end the land gives
estimated that the tariff on lemons tbe eastern parties who are to take
way precipitously to the shores of Lake Washington. It is on this beau­
will raise them £ cents each in over the Coquille Mill and Mercan­
tiful shore of the lake the natural ampitheatre Is located, and nature has
tile Co., returned from his trip east
so quaintly formed this delightful spot, that small effort has been re­
the latter part of the week and re­
quired of man to transform It Into as perfect an exhibition place as Is
The tariff allinnce of the New ports that the machinery for tbe
possible. Its curving, sloping sides complete a semi-circle, and from its
England Republicans
and the new mill has been ordered and that
tiers of towering scats 30,000 spectators may witness the entertainments
Southern Democrats is another ex- work will be commenced at once
with no possibilities of occupying a single undesirable seat.
ibition of how business bridges the
A wonderful variety of architectural display is shown by the many
New and stock of sheet
buildings through which Yukon Avenue passes, and during its course the
“ bloody chasm.’ ’
musio to arrive on next steamer. At
visitor passes from man-made monuments through parts of magnificent
forests whose grandeur has never been marred by the destructive craft
A flashlight picture of the voters E. 0. Barker & Co.
of Mammon's disciples. From every side the line of horizon is defined
in the committee of the whole on
Services at M. E. Church South
by mountains whose lines are delineated in perpetual snow, and stretch­
the lumber and hide schedules next Sunday as usual. At tbe A
ing away as far as the eye can travel rest the waters of Puget Sound.
would make a very interesting sup M. Service the Pastor will preach
plement to the Congressional Re on "Christian Growth.” At night
Big Bargains.
our Presiding Elder, Rev. E. B
is hereby given tliat sealed
Jones will he here and preach, and
180-acre ranch, all bottom
Nearly all of the newspapers now
bids will be received for the improve,
the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper $ 20 , 000 .
adays refer to him as “ Mr. Taft” or
200 acres timber land, price $1500. ment of a portion of the County Road
will be administered. Everyone
“ President Taft,” one rarely sees
45 acre well improved ranch, price in Road District No. 16, Coos County
invited to be present
Oregon, according to the specifications
the pert and impertinent “ Bill" in
“The Failure’’ nt the MasoDic
And other bargains in property. on file with the County Clerk and a
referance to the Chief Magistrate.
copy of such 8]iecifications in the hands
We are coming along very nicely in Hall on Tuesday night of next Call on Neathery
of L. Harlocker, Special Road Master
------ — ----------
this country, we think.
of R. D. No. 16. Five per cent of tbe
N otice.
We understand that it is tbe in
amount of bid to be deposited with the
For the first time in ten years a tention of our local railroad to again
E. 8 - Slocum. haviDg disposed County Clerk on such bid, and all bid
circus is about to exhibit in oyBter
adopt tbe
service of his drug store, has placed his ac­ to be filed with the County Clerk of
Bay. It is but just to say, how about the first of next month. This counts in my hands for collection. Cooj County, Oregon, on or before the
ever, that it is an insignificant, un is a great convenience to the travel­ All persons knowing themselves to 6th day of May, 1909, at 10 o’clock A
pretentious little circus, and is not ing public which will be highly ap­ be indebted to the Slocum Drug M.The County Court reserves the right
seeking to enshroud in forgetful- preciated. Tbe company is ready Company will please call and set­ to reject any and ad bids.
this 14th day of April A. D.
ness any of Oyster Bay’s ancient to give our peoble tbe very best tle as soon as possible.
L. H arlocker ,
W m . OllDV.
service that the traffic will bear
Special Road Master R. D. No. 16
“ The Clay Baker’’ at the Masonic
Hall tonight by tbe “ Coos County
The Coos Bay Times of tbe 24th, Stock Co.
says word has been received that
Julius Larsen, of Marshfield,
Mrs. Walker has been appointed spent two or three days in this city
post mistress to fill the vacancy last week with bis son, Hermann
caused by the death of her husband, Larsen, who is operating their
Robert Walker.
dredge in the Beaver Slough drain
The recommendation was made age district. This work is proving
on April 15 by President Taft and highly satisfactory. Tbe waters
confirmation by Congress will be leave these low lands readily when
made at an early date.
given an opportunity, and this vast
Mrs. Walker’s experience in the body of land will aoon be suscepti­
office during the incumbency of her ble of cultivation. There is no en­
husband will eminently fit ber for terprise to be established in the
tbe position.
valley of greater importance than
Mrs. W alker Gets Office.
— — -
» «■ » •
atson ,
County Clerk.
Teters, G. W . Norris, and T. G. Barker,
of Fairview, Oregon.
Both our
Having sold my business with
ns one of the candidates. This was
an error. I was not a candidate be­ tbe J. II. WntkiDs Medical Co. to H.
fore the convention, and at uo time Holverson, lie haB authority to col­
was my name before the convention lect all sums due me ou accounts
to be voted upon. Any votes cast Thanking all for past favors, I am
for me were unauthorized, any state- respectfully yours, H kniiy B r k n w a l d .
ment in the paper that I was a cand
Having concluded to open a
idate is unauthorized. I am per- brauch millinery business in Co­
fectly willing to attend to my own quille, I have secured the lower
floor of the Leach building near the
business and pat my taxes, and let i
* • J
House, and • , have - on die-
the other gentlemen have tbe of- ,,| ,r „ f„H i¡ne of up-to-date exclus-
fices. Respectfully submitted,
ive rmlhnery. This branch will be
C. R. B arbow . ! conducted under my personal sup-
ervision and a competent milliner,
F or S ale .— One pair of good Miss Nellie McIntosh, baa been
work horses, also a pair of varmint placed in charge.
Inquire at this office,
Mas. A. G. Ajkep
Leave Orders W ith W m . Oddy
Phone Main 295
For S a le ...
Everything from a Harness and Buggy]
to 180 Acres of Land.
J ohn R. M c G ee ,
Notice is hereby given that the un­
dersigned has been appointed by the
County Court of the State of Oregon for
Coos County, administratrix of the es­
tate of W. V. Cope, deceased; and ail
persons having claims against the said
estate are required to present them,
witli the proper vouchers, within six
months from the date of this notice, to
the undersigned administratrix of said
estate, at the office of J. J. Stanley, in
the City ol Coquille, County of Coos
and State of Oregon.
Dated this 7th day of April, 1909
S arah E. C ope .
Administratrix of the Estate of W.
V. Cope, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received for the construc­
tion of a wagon bridge across the West
Fork of Coos River at Michelbrink’s
farm in R. D. No. 6, all material for the
construction of such bridge to be furn­
ished by the contractor; such bridge to
be constructed according to the plana
and specifications on file with the
County Clerk and a copy in the hands
of John F, Hall. County Judge, at
Marshfield, Oregon.
Five per cent of the amount of bid to
be deposited with the County Clerk
with such bid, and all bids to be filed
with the County Clerk of Coos County,
Oregon, on or before the 6th day of
May, A. D. 1909, at 10 o’clock A. M.
The County Court reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
Dated this 14th day of April. A. D.
F o r Sale.
Two or three nice new bungalow
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
in beautiful locations. Inquire at Land office, Koseburg, Oregon, March
31, 1909.
tbe H ebald office.
Notice is hereby given that Arthur L.
Mr. F. G. Fritts, Oucouta, N. Y., Veatch, of Fairview, Oregon, who, on
writes: "M y little girl was greatly May 12, 1902, made Homestead Entry
benefitted by taking Foley’s Orino No. 11,580, 8. R. 02037, for the S. E. JL
Laxative, aud I think it is tbe best Section 22, Township 27 South, Range 12
remedy for constipation and liver West, Willamette Meridian, has filed
trouble.'- Foley’ s Orino Laxative notice of his intention to make final five-
J ames W atson
is best for women and children, as year proof, to establish claim to the land
County Clerk.
it is mild, pleasant and effective, above described, before L. A. Liljeqvist,
and is a splendid spring medicine, U. S. Commissioner, at Coquille, Ore­
as it cleanses the system aud clears gon, on the 15th day of May, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses: Chas.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
the complexion, Furhman’ s Phar­
Phillips, of Coouille, Oregon, and B. B, bids will be received for planking a
Eggs for Hatching
Rouse’s Coal
The Best Coal
in Coos county
Notice is hereby given that all persons
having claims against the estate ol
Winnifred Gaffey, deceased,are required
to present them, with proper vouchers,
to the undersigned. Administrator of
the estate of said deceased, at the office
of A. J. Sherwood in Coquille, Coos
County, Oregon, within six months
from the date of this notice.
Dated this 30th day of March, A. D.
portion of the County Road known as
the Coos Bay Wagon Road in Road Dis­
trict No. 30, in Coos County, Oregon,
according to the specifications on file
with the County Clerk and a copy of
such specifications in the hands of H.
E. Wilcox, Special Road Masterof Road
District No. 30. Five per cent of the
amount of bid to be deposited with tbe
County Clerk with bid. All bids to
be filed with the County Clerk
of Coos County, Oregon, on or before
the 6th day of May A. D. 1909, at
10 o'clock A. M.
The County Court reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
Datel this 7th day of April A. D, 1909.
Special Road Master of R. D. No. 30.
the bringing under cultivation of
the rich bottom lands now in wil. from pure breed stock.
CocKrols to bead our pens of Brown
Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Co., Tar- lows.
and White Leghorn took 1st prize
rytown.New York:
F ob S ale O b T rade . —One Olds, fct Oregon State Fair 1908, where I
Notice is hereby given that all Coos
10,000 mile non-Btop car finished mobile, of 1904 pattern, double
County warrants draw1' on the General
4:30 p. m Monday.
Tola’ 10,074 seats, in good repair. Will sell or any show ever held on the coast. ! Road Fund and endorsed prior to Jan. 1,
Have a pen of full blood White
Immediately after run car trade for real estate or horses aDd
Plymouth Rocks headed by rooster 1909, w ill he paid on presentation at my
was tried out on Coray Hill— 22 buggy. Call on Steven Lapps at from U R Fishel, the most cele­ office in Coquille, Oregon.
No interest will lie allowed on any of
per cent grade— and found in per Coquille or Marshfield, Oregon-
brated breeder of W R in the world,
also have Black Minorcas of tbe these warrants after April 13, 1909.
feet condition.
Gasoline consump.
W. J. Butler, of Marshfield, with best strnin, and the 1st pair of prize ] Dated April 13, 1909, at Coquille, Or­
tion, G79 gallons— average per gal
William V. Mong and the Coos winners Indian Runner ducks at j egon.
Ion 14 8-10 miles.
Oil consump.
Coos County Treasurer
County Stick Co. are with us agaiu Oregon State Fair. 1908.
tioD 429 quartB—only 4 quarts of
Rogister Jersey cattle and Birk-
this week, as it their intention to
water added to radiator. Car turn­
be each week this season. List sbire bogs. Write for prices or
call nt farm of J. C. Watson, Co- j Notice is hereby given that all per­
ed over to Technical Committee in
night they gave us "The Devil,” quille.
sons having claims against the estate
charge of Prof. Park of the New
which was well patronized and
of Joseph D. Hudson, deceased, are re­
By virture of an execution issued out
appreciated by all. To-
We often wonder how many per­ quired to present them, with proper of the Honorable Circuit Court of the
World’s record lor endurance and
night the
company will present sons can be persuaded into taking vouchers, to the undersigned, Admini­ State of Oregon for the County of Coos,
reliability firmly established,
stratrix of the estate of said deceased,
‘The Clay
a play anything but Foley’s Honey and
on the 1st day of April, 1909, in favor of
at the office of H. II. Smith in the City
C oler
Ralph E. Nosier Plaintiff, and against
a i»»<------------
trouble. Do not be fooled into ac­ of Coquille, Coos County, Oregon, with­ Bud Dulley Defendant, for the sum’ of
Renews Lumber Rate Fight. his company gave here some years cepting "ow n make” or other sub­ in six months from the date of this Forty-six Dollars and Fifty cents Gold
ago, aud which we would say was stitutes. The genuine contains no notice.
Coin, and Fourteen Dollars costs togeth­
Dated April 6th. 1909.
Washington, I). C., /*pril 24.— one of the most highly appreciated harmful drugs and is in a yellow
er with interest on Forty-five Dollars at
M aruarkt A. H udson ,
Furhman's Pharmacy.
Senator Piles has introduced an performances ever given in our city. package.
six per cent from October 1, 1904, and
amendment to the tariff bill restor­ Next week they will give us but
accruing coats, I have levied upon and
will sell at public auction, on 8 turday,
ing the duty on rough lumber to one night, upon which occasion
the 9th day of May, 1909, at ten o’clook a.
$2 per 1,000 feet.
they will present “ The Failure."
Notice is hereby given that sealed m., at the Court Housedoorin Coquille,
This is a bright pUy and may be
bids for the special improvements in Coos County and State of Oregon, all
N ot a Candidate.
Road District No. 0 Coos Counfv, Ore­ the right, title and interest which the
heartily enjoyed by all. Each suc­
will be received by the County | said Bud Dulley, defendant, had on or
In the report of the people’s con­ cessive evemng brings o u tn b e ttir
Clerk or Coos County. Oregon up to 10
A. M. Thursday the 6th day of i after the 30th day of August. 1905, in
vention, or mucus for the nomina­
or to the following described premises,
May, 1909, as follows to-wit:
ting of candidates for City Council- ple are highly pleased with their
Commencing at one mile stake on to-wit.
j west fork road and running in a wester­
men, the Sentinel had my name in
Commencing at the N. W. corner of
Maxwell Gets World’ s Record.
J a m es W
ly direct ion, widening and grading of
road according to plans and specifica- Section 6, Township 28, South ol Range
| tions ; also beginning at quarter mile 12, W. W. M., in Coos Connty; Oregon,
from mile stake No. 4 or two hundred running thence S. 20 roils, thence E. 12
feet from the southwest corner ofsec- rods, thence N. 20 rods, thence W ¡12 rods
I tion 8: then extending Northeast at>out i
1 four miles to Douglas County line.
j f° P‘*ce of beginning.
Rifts will he received for tlie two im- I Also lot 1 in block 66 and lot 1 in block
nroveinenti separately, »nccepsful hid- | (i5 Elliott’s addition to tbe town of Co-
der to extend tbe road as far as spec
ial fund for that purpose may lie avail-
^ *
able. Each bill to be accompanied by
commencing at the N. E. corner
a certified chock or undertaking to the ■ of lot 1, block 66 aforementioned, rnn-
amount of 6 per cent of bid to be for- nin« thence S. to the S. E. corner of lot
| feited tn case blit shall be accepted and ' .
’ bidder refuse» or neglects to enter into I 1 ,n b,ock “
aforementioned, thence
J contract within three days from tbe j E. 6 feet, more or less, an», tc the Town-
I date of acceptance. All work to be done ship line, thence N. to the place of be-
nnder the supervision of the special
Road Master. The Court reserve» the
. , .
right to reject anv and all bids.
Terms of sale cash in hand.
Dated this 20th day of April, 1909.
Dated at Coquille, Oregon, this 3rd
.lorirn L arsen .
day of April, 1909.
Special Road Master, Road P|st. No, i
W .W , Gage.
For Clothing call pu G A Robin,qn 6 Coo« Conn tv, Oregon.
Sharif of Coos County, Or«
Town Property o f all Kinds from $650 to $35,000
Business Chances.
Business Lots and
Buildings \
Come in and List With
Neathery & Greggg
Two Doors North o f Postoffice
R. 8. KN OW LTON, President
R. H. MAST, Cashier
ai)d Merchants
of Coquille
A Reasonable Share of Your Business Solicited
First Class Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent
Headquarters at Marshfield. Coquille Branch at Big Ware­
house. FRED TRUE in charge.
in a Model T Ford for $850.00 than in most cars selling for $3,000.00. You get
the easiest riding car sold today. You get better steel than is used in any ma­
chine. You get a car the working parts are easy to get to. Yon get a car tbat
will lie more economical to run than it would be to keep a horse. In fact, in the
Model T Ford you get everything to be had.
Model T Ford Cars
(ire Built To Last.
No car made will stand the rough treatment you can give this car. If for no
other reason than to verify or disprove these statementa, you owe it to your
pocketbook to investigate this wonderful Ford car. If only to ride in a silent,
easy-riding, comfortable, powerful car, it will pay you for the time spent. We
do not want your order unless we prove these things to your own satisfaction.
Agent, Coquille, Ore.
Between San F ra n cisco and Bandon
T w i n Screw, N e w a n d Fa st
1st Class Passage
Up Freight
O u r Interests are your Interests. Fa ir rate and
good service our motto.
A. F. ESTABR00K CO. Agent, San Francisco, Calif.
Ç. M. SPENCER, Agent, Bandon, Oregon,