Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, July 04, 1906, Image 1

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    ( f o g n ili*
V o l . 2 3 : N o . 4 2 .
Walter Culin, M. D.
P hysician
S cbobon
C o q d il l k C i t y , O b * .
E S S E S ffifc
Telephone 3.
C. R. Barrow,
Attorney and Conntellor at Lav
Finitola»» Heferencea
C o y iiu .K C it y , O b «
classes of society,
employe alike.
Martin Building,
Front Street
CoquiLL*, O bboob
employer and they European or American, yellow ments from all points on the line in servants can answer the question.
N otabt P ublic ,
Walter Sinclair,
A T rQ B N «Y -A T -L A W ,
N otabt P ublio ,
r o u ille ,
1906 laws
have and corruption oannot successfully
Amerioan workingmen.
The gen­ their natural talents had been de­
eral trend of all this legislation is veloped; in the administration of
protection of
their affairs there was little or no
The Russians, on the
of the employer.
Throughout the other hand, were densely ignorant.
Middle West, and especially in A people of fine talent, those in the
Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois and ranks had been permitted to sink
Kansas, the scope of this lawmak­ into a condition little above that of
ing has related largely to the safe­ the brute.
In the administration
guarding of those employes that of the several departments corrup­
are engaged about machinery or in tion was in everything, fiom the
its direot operation.
corrupt tip of the lowest commis­
In the Eastern states, notably in sioned officer to the graft of the
New York a u ^ Massachusetts, in­ Grand Duke charged with supply­
dustries UakE' have developed con- ing the navy with coal.
A ttobnbtì - at -L aw ,
Dealer in U* al E btat * of all kinds.
Marshfield, Oregon.
example, to correct much of the fore a regiment left for Manchuria
adverse conditions associated with or a battleship sailed for the China
the sweatshop and enterprises where Sea. The ignorace and corruption
warned the graduating class of the
Utah lawB have been enacted affect­ Northwestern University had ren­
ing the interests of miners.
In dered her inefficient and helpless.
Arkansas and Nevada the use of the — San Francisco Call.
kindred methods obtain.
C. A. Sehlbrede,
In C olo­ against which General
rado, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas and
Attorney-at-Law ,
Notary Public.
And Rus­
’gsta&'lnodea of living and working sia, the great nation, went down in
have been the subject of legal enact­ defeat before JapaD, the small.
ment. It has been the purpose, for But the fight was lost to Russia be­
Hall & Hall,
Phone 761.
blacklist has been prohibited, and
M akshkikui , O beoon .
in the latter state as well as in W is­ One Dollar Saved Represents Ten
consin, South Carolina, Connecticut
and Michigan, bribes or tips of any
F.. D . S perry.
w - O. C h a »«.
that the great public heart is moved
to justice as between the men who
labor and the men who employ that
labor; there is the recognition of
Largor P ro fits in C a ttle .
sort have been prohibited by law
purpose of in-
flueucing the relation of the employe
Attorney a*at-Law.
toward the business or
OfBee in Kobineon B n lld ia g ,
conduct of the employer.
A ll this sufficiently denotes that
C oqu ille,
° " * ° n-
there is a healthy public sentiment
which is genuinely concerned with
the interests of the men who
£. G. D. Holden,
aw yhb ,
Agent, and Notary Publio.
in R obin eon Building.
C oqu ille,
their bread in the sweat of their
U. 8- CommiMiooer, General Insurance
O regon.
There is manifestation
mutual interest that is best served
by the greater oomfort and welfare
on every hand.— Evening Telegram.
offloe two doors Booth o f Post oS oo.
T h e L a te s t F r o m B u rb a n k .
O regon.
Tom White, Ma»ter
i Arrive»
Bandon....... 7 »-* I Coquille. . . . 1» A B.
Coquille....... 1 r u- I Bandon . . . . 4 r-M.
Cennect» at Coquille with train for M ar.hi.ld
and steamer Èsho for Myrtle Point.
J. C. Moomaw. Maater,
I Arrive»
Coquille......... 7 A B. | Bandon. .
Bandon.......... 1
r-B. |
A B.
H. Jams. Master.
T »eaves
M yrtlePoint. , . 7 a - m . I ovyuHl«CTy » ¡ » a - b .
Coquille C ity .. .1 r-u. I Myitie F t . . 4 00 r-B.
Daily except Sundey.
I ^ - T h r sale and reliable t i w n - ^ d i
g ^ Yhe New and Speedy,
S tr .
E liz a b e t h
C. P. Jensen, M aster.
W ill m ake regular tripe between
Coquille River and San
Fra n cisco .
Ifo Stop-over at W a y Porta.
E lectric L ig h ts. E v e ry th in g in Firet
Class S tyle.
The Mercy Hospital
Is now open (or the recep­
tion of patients. The term*
•re $10 per week nod
upwards. For particular« #
apply to
5fsters of Mercy
The Koreans are threatmg with
violent death all persons found
wearing long hair. Kansans visit­
ing Korea will have to get across
the line.
People like to think that the
world is growing better but the
only man who can draw a crowd is
the one who is going to tell how
vile some man is.
Buy it Now.
Father Sherman has abandoned
his maroh to the sea because of op­
position. There would never have
been any march to the sea if Gen­
eral Sherman hud withdrawn for
the same reason.
likely to again occur in the life of diseases of children. It almost al­
In the past ways comes on in the night. Give
and mail order house, assistant man­
ager (man or woman) for this coun­
ty and adjoining territory.
$20 and expenses paid weekly; ex­
pleasant; position permanent.
investment or experience required.
Spare time valuable.
Write at once
for particulars and enclose self-ad­
dressed envelope.
132 Lake S t Chicago, 111.
lauds to be filled up, and
for good beef will increase
from I
the supply of good beef can keep
pace with the increase in demand
— Northwest Pacific Farmer.
------> «•« •
The Russian Douma
to be the moet illiterate legislative
gathering in the world.
of the members can neither read
nor write, the majority are peasants
and sixty-four have incomes of less
than forty
dollars a year.
gether it looks as if Count Witte
The beet books by standard an-
thors, classic and popular fiction, at had resigned just in time to save
himself s social anti-climax
Knowlton’ s.
T. T. LA N D , Proprietor.
Card rooms
P Pool Tables
Soft Drinhs Q
Fruits, Nuts, Candies, Cigars and Tobacco.
City News Stand.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
cattle went down to a very low price the larynx and bronchial tubes;
and profits vanished. This is not and is one of the most dangerous
year to year, and it is doubtful if
Now is the time to Duy Chamber­
Fro n t Street,
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It is certain to be needed
sooner or later and when that time
comes you will need it badly—you
will nawJ it quickly. liny it now.
A ll w ork g u a r a n teed .
It may save life.
For sale by R S
Members of the German Reich­
stag are to receive $750 a year and
------------- -
to be fined $7.50 for each day they
are absent. The Government does
Naval Board of Inspection and Sur­
not intend that any of its officials
vey will leave Washington July 16
shall die disgraced by reason of dy­
for Seattle, where it will conduct
ing rich.
the trial trip o f the Nebraska. The
board will later go to San Francisco
Thore appear to be but two views
and try the Milwaukee, whose runs of Panama.
To one set of cor­
will be made off Santa Barbara. respondents it is a duplicate of tho
Before leaving the Pacific Coast the place which Sherman preferred to
board will frame instructions which Texas and to the others it appears
Saddle Horses of best quality nlwa.vs on hand. Good Rigs in redi-
will enable a Pacific Coast board to as attractive as a suburban real
ncss for special trips. In fact, a general Stage and Livery business.
couduct future triul trips.
estate advertisement.
Accommodations forTaveliug men ft specialty
The nominee for govornor of Leave Coquille at 6 a. ni„ arriving at Rosoburg at 10 p. m. Fare $5.50
Pennsylvania is a bachelor and is
the great original unkissed man,
antedating Gladstone Dowie by
many years. In his youthful days
he wore without reproach the sou­
briquet of “ blushing Nod.”
cheap frequent small doses of Ballard s
Professor Langly, it is said, is
Horehound Syrup and apply Bal­
working on an invention of a new
tatoes were planted at Burbank lands did not at first complete very
the throat.
25c, 50c and $1.00. tvpe of sub-marine boat.
If he
yesterday constituting a part o f the much with the raisers of blooded
Sold by R S Knowlton.
succeeds with that as well as he did
14,000 species of the tuber family cattle, for the reason that the dis­
with his flying machine which tried
with which Luther Burbank will tances were to great between them
Inspectors Coming.
to find the bottom of the Potomac
experiment this year, in his plans to and the markets. With the com­
The newly appointed Assistant liver as soon as it was launched he
give to the world another new po­ ing of the rsilrosds those . lands
Inspectors ol Steam Vessels D. S- may solve with it the problem of
were opened up and demoralized
aerial navigation.
The planting was watched by Dr. the markets for some years.
But Ames and G. Q. Wedlin, will visit
Shull, one of the Carnegie institute now it is all different. Transporta­ this section soon. They will be at
Evidently the French people be­
scientists, who is getting data for tion cannot longer greatly affect the Gardiner on July 4tb, Marshfield, lieve that the Countess Castellaae
that are to be presented to situation, for those lamls are pro­ the 5th and 6th, Coquille 7tli and is going to forgive her little Count
the world as a correct understand­ ducing as much as they can in their 8th, Bandon 9th and Rogue river aDd restore to him ngain the Gould
ing, scientifically, of the Burbenk wild state, and as soon as they are on the 12th.-—Mail
millions. In tho last election he
polled a higher vote than ever be-
brought under cultural conditions
An Alabama paper urges the need
The potatoes planted and those the increased expense must be
that are yet to be planted are of all counted with. It is no longer pos­ of more water troughs, on the
sorts and sizes, color and conditions. sible for a man to herd thousands ground that a man can hustle for
Mr. Carneige says he is going to
From these thousands of potatoes of cattle on “ No-man’s-land" and water, while a horse cannot.
But write the history of his life.
the new potato is to come.
Mr. produce good beeves almost with­ the question as it applies to Ala­ history of the lives of some of the
Burbank desirea that the new po­ out expense.
Larger profits for bama is: Will a man hustle for men he has advanced to high places
tato shall be more prolific and that cattle are now boing experienced. water?—Telegram.
would make more sensational read­
the yield shall be practically im- The increase in populations will
ing but at any rate Mr. Carnegie
pe. nous to disease and of uniform continue, but the pastures cannot
can be sure of seeing bis book on
be increased in size. The demand j Child not Expected to Live From one Hour tho shelves of many public libraries.
By Chicago wholesale
Josh’s Place,
In eight years the dividends of
the Standard Oil have risen to three *
times the par value of its capital *
Washington, June 21—On the stock. Still gasoline went up throe * * *
first vote on the canal question this cents a gallon a short time ago.
afternoon in the Senate, the lock
If Congress can so cheerfully and
type won. As a lock canal has al­
ready been adopted by tne House lightly waste $300,000 of the
and approved by the President, the people’s money in free seeds the
question is at once suggested, how
sanction of the Senate settles the
question. The canal will probably much do they waste in other forms
of graft?
be completed in eight years.
Sants Rosa, Cal., June 16.— Four there were great areas of
W anted :
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * w
Lock Type Wins.
any person now liviDg.
thousand different varieties of po­
Governor Folk of Missouri has
discovered that nearly every man in
the Missouri penitentiary is a poor
man. That is the result of going
to law doubtless.
------------- ----------------------
pipe, which sometimes extends to
D kntist .
C oquille
In the past in this country the
from Portland and the Sound to
Eastern points on the Northern
The Harriman system have placed
in effect a tariff giving the towns of
Marshfield and North Bend, Oregon,
a 60-cent rate to Missouri river
common points via San Frantisco.
The rate applies to lumber, boxes
and shingles. Heretofore this rate
only applied from Eureka, Califor­
nia, and Us extension to Coos Bay
points will enable the mills in that
section to enter the Eastern trade
on the same basis as the California
redwood mills,— Timberman.
Is a violent inflamation of the
of the greater mass, an encouraging raisers of cattle have been forced to
mucous membrane of the wind
condition, that meets with approval
A. F. Kirshman,
The average man does not save
to exceed ten per cent of his earn­
ings. He must spend nine dollars
in living expenses for every dollar
saved, That being the case he can­
not be too careful about unneces­
sary expenses. Very' often a few
cents properly invested, like buy­
ing seeds for bis garden, will save
several dollars outlay later on. It
is the same in buying Chamber­
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It costs but a few cents
end a bottle of it in the honse often
saves a doctor’s bill of several d ol­
lars. For sale by R. S. Knowlton.
when given for the
This rate on Southern
The great lesson of the Russo- business is on the same basis as that
workman and the increased liability corruption.
A rrossire- xt -L aw ,
or white, republic or monarchy.
been enacted to promote the welfare contend with integrity. The Japan­
and improve the
condition of ese were educated in the sense that
for the better
A. J. Sherwood,
Carries a full and complete stock of
movement for the betterment of the future not oDly of the republic nounced a rate of 72^ cents on lum­ the port a great convenience.
labor conditions has never made but of the race depends. Ignorance, ber from Portland to Toxas common
A peregrinating preacher is de­
greater advance than during the falsehood and corruption in the ad­ pointB via El Paso. This is a re­
states which have held legislative Japanese war was that ignorance
The new
legislative education, observance of truth and over the previous rate.
Mukden was declared an open
action that looks to tun advantage reverence for the law. The general tariff was effective June 9.
port on June first.
Boats trained
The Southern Pacific has an­
of the workingman.
This general very correctly held that upon these
to travel on a heavy dew will find
nowlton’s Drug Store
When “ Fiddling Bob" Taylor
are beset bv conditions that are in­ at the Northwestern University, mouldings from Portland to New
comes to the Senate the people may
excusably horrible, throughout the Chicago, Friday night, stated that York, Boston and common points,
expect harmony in that body.
country at large public sentiment the great needs of the nation are This is a reduction of 11.2 cents
Note and Comment.
The Harriman lines announce a
The ODly thing left of the old Sau
W hile in the cocduot of trust in­
General Stewart L. Woodford,
dustries, like that of the meatpack formerly Minister to China, in de­ rate of 68.8 cents per hundred Francisco is the “ spirit of ‘49,“
ing industry at Chicago, workmen livering the commencement address pounds on fir, spruce and hemlock
In forty-one out of
C o q u ille ,
New Tariffs
The Needs of the Nation.
F o r L a b o r« A d v a n ta g e .
present year, a fsot that, rightly ministration of public affairs under­ duction of 2J cents over the old livering sermons on “ What is Hell”.
The tariff includes ship­ Anyone who keeps house with
considered, is encouraging to all mine the race and the nation, be tariff.
Fifteen Yeare’ Experienoe
.50 P e r Y
Entered hm second-dais matt*
8, 1006, at the poatoffice at Oquille,
Oreiron, under act o f C oncrete o/ March
S, 187».
ü c f a l f c
To Another, but Cured by Chamber­
General Hospital
A private hospital for the care and treatment of medical, surgical
and obstetrical cases.
in every
Equipment new and modern
to $> 30 p e r w e e k
Including room, board, general nursing and drugs.
Miss S. C. Lakeman, Matron.
Marshfield, Oregon.
I. R .Nosier
G reneral D r a y m a n
S u c c e s s o r to W
H . M ansell.
All orders handled with carefulness and expedience-
A g e n t fo r th e b e s t C o o s C o u n ty C o a l
improvements in automobiles, itu-
tomobiling costumes and roads is
followed by the greatest advance in
Ruth, the little daughter of E N
Dewey of Agnewville, Va., was automobile conveniences yet put on
seriously ill of cholera infantum the market This is a portable bail
last summer.
"W e gave her up bond armed with which, the reckless
and did not expect her to live from automobilist can violate all speed
one hour to another,” he says,
laws and rules of the road having A private Hospital well equipped for the treat­
happened to think of Chamber­
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea with him all tbe time the handy
ment of su rg ica l and m edical diseases.
Remedy and got a bottle of it from protector against a night in the po­
the store. In five hours I saw a lice court or the relinquishment of
Trained N urses in Attendance.
c h a n g e for the better.
We kept on bis machine.
giving it and before she had taken
W m . Rorafall, M. II.,
WiSTXD— At once, parties
to For Information Address
the half of one small bottle she was
well.” This remedy is for sale by take contract for slashing. Inquire
’Phone 631.
Marshfield, Or* gon.
of W m . Windle, Beaver slough.
R S Knowlton.
lain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea