Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, June 13, 1906, Image 1

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(Coquille île n ilô .
V ol . 23: No. 39.
Entered as secoud-clâss matter May
8, 1905, at the poatoffice at Coquille,
Oregon, under act of Congrega oí March
3 »1879.
Walter Culin, M. D.
U oquillc C ity , O rb .
Kronenberg Bid;
Next Door to P. (
Telephon. S.
C. R. Barrow,
Attorney and Counsellor at Lev
First-elsae Beferenoes
Fifteen Tous' Experience
O hjiiillb C ity , O bb
law yer
Martin Building,
Front Street
Ooeoiua, O bboob
A. J. Sherwood,
A tt o b b b y - at - L aw ,
N otaby P o b m o ,
Walter Sinclair,
N otabt P o b m o ,
Hall & Hall,
A rrossir«- at - L aw ,
Desleí in R ial E btats of all kinds.
Marshfield, Oregon.
C. A . Sehlbrede,
Phone TH1.
Notary Public.
M arshyibi . d , O rkoon .
K. D. Sperry.
w - 0 . Chase.
Attorney »-»»-Law •
Oflloe in Robinson Building,
E. G. D. Holden,
■U. 8. Commissioner, General Inanranoe
Agent, and Notary Poblio. Oflloe
in Robin son Building.
Coquille, Oregon.
A. F. Kirshman,
D entist .
Offioe two doors South of Post offlos.
Tom White, Maeter
I .eaves
I Arrive.
Banden....... 7 a-M.
Ooqullle . . .10 A-«.
Coooille...... 1 r-M. I Bandon . . . . 4 Ml.
Onnecte at Coqaille with train for Marahield
»ud iteAner £:ho for Myrtls Polst.
J. C. Moomaw. Master,
I Arriree
<£,"¡11........7 A H. I Bandon.. 1®-44 A-M.
Baa don........ 1 m i . I OoqaMe. 4i4B r-n.
H. Jams. Master.
M yrtU P oU t...7A *. | oq«CUC*y 9 » A-M.
CoqoflU C ity.. .1 T- m . | Myitis F t. .4 00 r-M.
Daily except Sunday.
e safe and reliable tíwn%
he New and R p e e d j,^ f l
Str. E liza b e th
C. P. Jensen. M aster.
Will make regular trip* between
C o q u ille River and S a n
F ra n c isco .
Wo Stop-over at W a y Parts.
Electric Lights. Everything in First
Clast Style.
The Mercy Hospital
Is n ow open (or the recep ­
tion o f patient*. T h e term s
upw ard*.
w eek
F o r particu la r«
a p p ly to
Sisters of Mercy
A Boost (or Coo« Bay.
Memorial Address
The following letter is published
in the Oregon Tradesman which is
handed to the Mail by Herman Hill-
yer. The writer of the letter ia en.
titled to a vote of thanks for hia
forceful and intelligent boost for
Coo* Bay:
(Delivered by Father Donnelly
at BaDdon.)
We boast, and justly ao, that we
are ooe of the greatest of the na­
tions, if not the greatest nation on
the faoe of the earth.
From the
discovery of the American continent
until now, America has been the
home of the liberty loving and of
the oppressed of the earth, and the
United States of America has by
th* perfection of her fundamental
law, by the wisdom of her adminis­
trations by the harmonious co-oper­
ation of her co-ordinate branches,
set the standard of governmental
perfection for the whole world.
The aspiration for freedom, for
liberty, delivered the colonies from
subjection and crowned them with
sovereignity under laws of their
own making.
The United States
have grown from thirteen to forty-
five and tbe essence of their strength
is union.
To divide was to dis­
honor, to destroy, and when the at­
tempt was made to do this, it seems
that the mercy of God to untold
generations provided the man, in­
spired the brain and nerved the
hand to avert suoh a horrible dis­
Portland, Or., May $0, 1906.
Mr. Orno Strong,
Editor Oregon Tradesman, City.
Dear Sir: A* I know you to be
sincerely interested in the advance­
ment of every pert of the state of
Oregon, and as I feel you can,
through the medium of your valu­
able paper, lead added impetus to
any particular point which may be
worthy of public notice, and which
is striving for recognition, I will
this week devote the space you re­
serve for the Hazlewood Co. to a
few words about the Coos Bay
Last woek I had the good fortune
lo be one of the Portland delegates
attending the Merchants’ and
Farmers’ Congress held in North
Bend, Oregon, and that visit has
impressed upon me the importance
to the state of Oregon of deepening
the entrance to Coos Bay and mak­
ing the harbor accessable to vessels
of large tonnage.
Of the harbor
as it exists today, I would say, al­
though 1 have seen more commod­
ious bodies of water, I have never
in my travels—covering a good por­
tion of the four divisions of the
world— visited a harbor lying as
near the oceau and at the same time
so completely land locked, assuring
absolute safety to the smallest craft,
no matter how violent a storm be
raging outside. Its contiguity to
the ocean also minimizes towage
From the steps of the nation's
capitol, 4th of March, 1861, this
man, risen from the common peo­
ple to the highest rank among the
rulerB of tbe earth, said: “ I hold
that, in contemplation of universal
law, and of tbe constitution the
union o f these states is perpetual.
Perpetuity is implied, if not ex­
pressed, in the fundamental law of
all national governments. Continue
to execute all the express provisions
of our national constitution and the
Union will endure forever.”
years of struggle and strife would
say before the end: “ With malice
toward none, with charity for all,
with firmness in the right as God
gives us to see the right; let us
strive od to finish the work we are
in, to care for him who shall hare
bore the battle, and for liis widow
and his orphan, to do all which may
achieve and cherish a lasting place
among ourselves, and with all na­
The pity of it, that such a man ,in
the hour of glorious aud magnan­
imous triumphs, should have to fall
a martyr at the hands of a misera­
ble fanatical assassin.
Our glorious pesoe was shrouded
in dismal gloom —but as a nation
we have emerged from the most des­
olate darkness of slavery and war,
into the full noon of freedom and
peace. And in the midst of our
glory and power the American peo­
ple should never forget the cost.
Let them then as tbe yearB roll by,
oover with the flowers of the garden
and field, but more especially with
the flowers of a nation’s grateful af­
fection and
remembrance, the
graves of their honored dead, who
fought aud died to preserve them, a
nation under the folds of Old Glo­
ry, the flag of the free for the home
of the brave.
S team boating D ow n
C o­
(Salem Capital Journal.)
One of the most exciting and ro­
mantic trips we had was going down
thu Coquille river on the steamer
Echo, a little light draught stern­
wheeler, that carries pa’ssengern,
gathers cream and distributes mail
to the ranches up arid down the
river. Tho Echo was built on the
The preservation of the Union at river, has a narrow hull, and can
As a harbor of refuge, Coos Bay
is an ideal body of water and if no any cost was the keynote, the ker­ navigate as nearly on dry land as it
other reason could be urged for its nel of that first inaugural address of is possible for a steamboat.
lie declared
There ara five creameries above
improvement that alone should com­ President Lincoln.
pel the people of the entire Pacific that hw duty was to administer the Myrtle Point ami six between the
Coast to demand that the govern­ laws as he found them and to turn Point and Coquille, and about as
Tbe river is lined
ment take immediate steps to rnako over the government unimpaired to many below.
the port available for such purpose. his successor. “ You have,” he said with dairy fa'ms. In all there are
But Coos Bay has other and very to the south, ‘‘no vow registered in 14 creameries itu i two cheese fac­
The ste.'mer
important claims lo recognition ns heaven to destroy the government, tories on the river.
a port, and these are the natural while I have the most solemn one to stops for a single enu of cream or to
products of the territory tributary preserve, protect and defend it— deliver one empty, and is even more
to it, consisting primarily of tim­ we are not enemies, but friends. accommodating than that—stop­
ber, coal and iron, supplemented by We must not be enemies. Though ping and turning around to hand a
the agricultural poesibities, which paBsiom may have strained, it man on the bank a newspaper, or a
are wonderfully rich, formosi among must not break our bonds of affec­ woman a letter, or to receive one.
which rank Hairy products, the soil tion. The’ chords of memory steal­ Tbe river bad been flooded by a
being admirably fitted for raising ing from every battlefield and pa­ rise of eight feet and it was still
thousand logs
forage of all kinds, especially alfalfa triot grave, to every living heart raising. Twelve
and led clover; the climatic con­ and hearthstone, all over this broad were going down to the boom,
ditions too, are perfect for cattle, land, will yet swell the chorus of where they are hoisted onto the
frost and snow being unknown, the Union, when again touched, sb cars, taken over the divide, and roll­
while the temperature in summer is surely they will be, by the better ed into Dr. Tower’s log boom for
angels of our nature.”
How pro­ the Bay mills. When the steamer
never oppressively hot
phetic and grand those closing made a lauding her bow was run
The channel way has been pro­
words of that inaugural, but at what into the alders, with a cracking and
nounced by competent engineers sa
a coat their ultimate realization.
snapping of branches, then, swing­
being easy of improvement; this
The passions grew, the conflict ing around with her nose against tho
fact has already been demonstrated
came; four long years of struggle bank, took on her freight or passen­
beyond question, a short stone jetty
and strain were crowned at last with gers. In the cabin on the first
built on the north side of the en­
glorious victory. Hundreds of bat­ deck was a signboard containing
trance being already scoured to a
tles on sea and land; oceans of this logeqd:
depth of 29 feet from an original of
blood; cripples and corpses on every
“ Gentlemen that has corks in
12 to 14, and notwithstanding the
hand, but no matter what the cost, their shoes will please stay on the
main outflow of the tide escaped
the Union had to be preserved. lower deck.”
over the south spit The full vol­
Seventy-five thousand, 3,000,000 —
The Echo has a vicious little
ume of water could be confined to
500,000, and more answered the call whistle that awoke responses of
the channel by building a jetty on
of the President Two hundred thou­ their namesake that were hurled
the south side, this ooncentretion of
sand of these; our greatest admiral on back from the canyons in the hill­
foree would, it is confidently be­
the seas, one of our greatest gener­ side. On the botton lands the cat­
lieved, cat oat the bed to • level of
als on the land, came from that tle graze knee-deep in clover. The
40 feet, • sufficient depth for the
South which was trying to tear it­ Coquille country is a veritable land
passage of the largest merchant ves­
self out of the Union. Bravely they of milk and honey, with plenty of
went to eyery bloody field; bravely salmon thrown in, and occasional
The making accessible of so valu­ they fought on every sea and stream; bear and venison. The country is
able a harbor Is not alone of local defeat thd disaster did not cool too wet for forest fires, and the on­
advantage to the Coos Bay district their ardor. Union at any coat was ly way to tell winter from summer
but is of vital necessity to the their watch word—unconditional is by the falling leaves. Between
growth and prosperity o f the nation surrender their terms. Fight it out taking on cream, letting off news­
and should be so accepted.
on these lines if it take years, their papers, Kissing the banks of clover
Trusting I have not encroached grim resolve.
Gettys­ fields where Jersey cows look with
too much upon your space nor im- burg, New Orleans, Vicksburg dreamy eyes right into our cabin
posed upon your known state loyal­ Chickamaugua, Mobile Bay, tbe windows, the trip was very interest­
ty, I am,
Yours for Oregon,
march to the sea, Fort Fisher Ce- ing. A logger showed us a nugget
T hos . E. A bm istiad .
darCreek, Five Forks, Petersburg of virgin gold taken out of John-
and countless others, all centered at 1 son’s creek, a tributary of the Co­
Washington. June 4,— Arthur last to Appomattox where uncondi­ quille, that weighed a full ounce.
Pue Gorman, United Statee Senator tional surrender crowned all 'their A block of quartz as big as a nail
from Maryland, died suddenly at victories and practically ended one keg, that was carried down from tbe
his residence in this city at 9:06 of the greatest wars of history. mountain some day, netted its find­
oel jck this morning. While Sena­ The Union was preserved: slavery er $300. There are rich placer
tor Gorman had been ill for many blotted out. Old Glory again float- mines on the creek. But tbe great­
months, he had shown some im­ i ed the breeze as the undisputed est gold mines in this country is in
provement lately. Heart trouble 1 standard of a united people. The 1 its variety of hard wood timber.
was the immediate cause of death. words of the President came true.
The myrtle wood is certainly the
! Pass iou may have strained butmust richest jewel of the forest— taking
The cash customer ha* the ad­
! on a high luster, and its old-gold
vantage at T. H. Mehl & Cos. They j not break our bounds of affection.
grain growing deeper and more
are now giving 5 per cent off of the
regnlar price# to *11 who pay cash through bis generals and admirals beautiful every year. The curly
on the spot
and their subordinates after long maple, tbe ash, aud the alder all
$1.50 P e r Y e a r .
work into door panels and mantels,
taking on lustrous silver polish that
will adorn the homes of the wealthy
all over our land once they find
what wonderful beauty it possesses.
Peter Loggie of North Bend is
the man who has established the
fame of the myrtle wood. Mantels
and articles of furnitnre of almost
countless value and constancy in­
creasing beauty may be found at
Bandon, Marshfield and North Bend
His workmanship stamps him a mas­
ter in woodcraft. They myrtle is a
wonderful combination of the luster
of the maple and the richness of
nowlton’s Drua Store
Carries a full and complete stock of
Sprained Ankle, Stiff Neck. Lame
These are three common ailments
for which Chamberlain’g Pain X
Bairn is especially valuable.
promptly applied it will save you
time, money and suffering when *
trouble with any one of these ail­ *
ments. For sale by R. S. Knowl- *
J o s h ’5 P l a c e ,
T. T. LAND, Proprietor.
Card rooms
When the looters began robbing *
the people of stricken San Fran­
cisco of their few remaining posses­ *
sions which had escaped the fire,
^ Pool Tables
they were promptly shot.
A pen­
alty of this kind could not legally
Fruits, Nuts, Candies, Cigars and Tobacco.
be inflicted on the insurance rob­ ^
bers who are now endeavoring to
City News Stand.
steal a portion of the insurance
w \\s M / \ \ /
v N }/ NK ^
^ Sfci W . NK
money t>y “ short changing” the \iy
7j\ / in 7K
/N / in / pn / in 7 R 7 K /f\ 7i\ /fc
?i\ / tn
7l\ 7 n
7 t \ 7 i \ / K / N /T x / tn
policyholders in the settlement
Buch reprehensible
conduct as is reported on the part
of some of the adjusters is deserving
o f something more than censure.
There are hundreds in San Fran­
cisco, whose sole worldly posses­
sions consist of a fire insurance pol­
icy. They have no resources with
W atchm aker and Jeweler.
which to fight for a fair settlement,
nnd the insurance sharks, taking
F ro n t Street,
advantage of their helpless condi­
tion, are apparently robbing them
with impunity.
Tho victims who
are obliged to aocept these forced
At_L W O R K G U A R A N T E E D .
settlements should at least make up
a “ black list” of the companies en-
gnged in the nefarious practice, and
pass it along to other communities,
where resentment can be shown by
the witbdrawl or withholding of
business from tbe guilty company.
j $
W .H .8 CHR0EDER ¡
Conspiracies in restraint of trade
are no new thing. It is needful
only to read Blackstone’s Commen­
taries, to learn that long ago it was
Saddle Horses of best quality always on hand. Good Rigs in redi-
necessary to fight combinations of ness for special trips. In fact, a general Stage and Livery business.
dealers in various products. In the
Accommodations for Taveling men a specialty
past few years this old evil has been Leave Coquille at 6 a. m., arriving at Roseburg at 10 p. m. Fare $5.50
rampant in tbe United States. We
have frequently called attention to
ihe compacts between organizations
of wbolesale dealers and organiza­
tions of retail dealers which prevent
anyone from buying from the whole­
salers who is not a member of the
retail organization. In return tbe
retailers pledge themselves not to
A private hospital for the care and treatment of medical, surgical
go behind tho wholesalers in mak­
and obstetrical cases. Equipment new and modern
ing purchases. A few days ago a
in every particular.
Kates from
retail seller of meats in Portland
was rash enough to buy a few dress­
ed veals from farmers. For this
offense he is to be driven out of
Including room, baard, general nursing and drugs.
business in Portland, as the whole­
sale dealers will sell him no more
meat. Public sentiment throughout
the United States is getting pretty
well stirred up on this sort of busi­
ness. An old remedy for evils of a
similar nature could well be applied
in these causes and that is the al­
lowance of punitive damages. If a
man who was driven out of busi­
ness by the refusal of a combination
of dealers to sell to him could se­
cure three or four times the amount
Su ccessor to W , H. Mansell.
of his loss in being driven out of
business, it would strongly tend to
discourage these organizations in
All orders handled with carefulness snd expedience.
restraint of trade.—Oregon Agri­
General Hospital
$ 1 5 to $ 3 0 per week
Miss S. C. Lakeman, Matron.
Marshfield, Oregon.
Claude F ox,
General Drayman
Huge Task.
A g e n t fo r th e b e s t C o o s C o u n ty C o a l
It was a huge task, to undertake
the cure of such a bad case o f kid­
ney disease, as that of C. F. Collier,
of Cherokee, la., but Electric Bit­
ters did it. He writes: ‘‘ My kid
neys were so far gone, I could not
sit on a chair without a cushion;
and suffered from dreadful back A private H ospital w ell equipped for the treat­
ache, and depression. In Electric
ment o f su rg ic a l and m edical diseases.
Bitters, however, I fonnd a cure
and by them was restored to per­
T rained N u r se s in Attendance.
fect health.
I recommend this
great tonic medicine to all with
W r a . H o r s fa ll, M . D . ,
weak kidneys, liver or stomach For Information Address
Guaranteed by R. S. Knowlton
’Phone 631.
Marshfield, Oregon.
druggist; price 50c.
Dr inns <j5