Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, March 07, 1906, Image 1

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V ol . 23: No.
Entered as second-class m atter May
8, 1905, a t the p o st office at Cequllle
O regon, under act ot Congress o l March
3, 1879.
Walter Culin, M. D.
P hysician and H crobon
C oquili . b C it y , O r « .
Kronenberg Bid
Next Door to P. <
Telephone 3.
Martin Building,
Front Stroot
OoqtriiiLS, O bboom
A. J. Sherwood,
A ttobn » y
a t -L i w
N otary P o il io ,
Walter Sinclair,
A t roAH«T-AT-LAw,
I. Hacher,
A bstracter o r T itlbs .
C oquillb C it y , O rb
H all & Hall,
A ttornbys - at - L aw ,
Dealer iu
K bal E st â t »
of all
k in d «.
Marshfield, Oregon.
C. A . Sehlbrede,
A tto rn e y -a t-L a w ,
N otary P u blic.
P hon e 7fll.
M arsh zisld , O broon .
. D. Sperry.
W. C. Chaae.
OOoe in Robinson B uilding,
° re* 0 n ’
E. G. D. Holden,
L awtbb ,
ty Reoorder, U. 8. Oommisaioner, Oen
eral Insuranoe Agent, and Notary
Ashland Normal N otes.
Sim ilarity of SI ng and P o e try
26.— The
House committee on immigration
and naturalization submitted a fa­
vorable report today on a bill to
create a Bureau of Immigration and
Naturalization under the Depart­
ment of Commerce and Labor and
to amend existing naturalization
laws. Representative Bonynge, of
Colorado, prepared the report,
which reviews naturalization frauds
and says two principles controling
naturalization are incorporated in
the bill, namely:
That before an alien can he
naturalized he must be able to
write either in bis own language
or in the English language, and
read, speak and understand the En­
glish language.
That the alien must intend to re­
side permanently in the United
States before be shall be entitled
to naturalization.
Notwithstanding President Mul-
key’s absence, the work in the var­
ious departments of the Normal
school is progressing smoothly, and
much the same as usual.
“ What is the difference between
slang and poetry?” asked a bantam­
weight philosopher the other day.
“ It all depends on who wrote it. If
one man writes it, it is poetry; if
another writes it, it is slang.
the slaDg that Walt Whitman cre­
ated is called poetry.
All the
poetry written by George Ade is
called slang. Slang is poetry be­
fore it has taken out its license.
That’s the only difference. If you
write about the 'snow upon the old
inan’B brow,’ that is poetry; if you
speak of the alfalfa on the old man’s
chin,’ that is Blang.
I challenge
the world to oombat my theory.’’ —
(Bandon Recorder.)
N otary P ublic ,
N ew Naturalization Bill.
OBoe in R obin-
go a B uilding.
Coquille, Oregon.
Nick Collas returned last
after an absence of about a
during wbioL time he has
globe trotting, visiting New
land, Cuba, the Hawaiian and
islands of the South Pacific.
J. E. Fisher reports the following
sales in Fisher’s Addition: A. H
Post, 6 lots; Fred Lockwood, 2
lots; W. M. Hite, 2 acres; Claude
Dygert, 1 acre; HeDry C. Adams, 1
acre; Geo. M. Hite, 1 acre. Several
of these people intend to build in
the spring.
The Bandon Mfg. Co. this week
received a large raft of red cedar
from Olsen Bros., above Coquille,
which they will manufacture into
shingles. Mr. Philpott informs the
Recorder that they expect to put
on a night shift soon and run the
plant to its full capacity.
Notice the advertisement of the
Coquille Valley Land Company in
this issue. This is a uew business
enterprise iu Bandon just started
b y A. E . Hadsall and L). P . S tr a n g ,
Jr. They have opened an office in
the El Dorado building and will do
a general real estate business. They
have a good list of properly for
sale, cousisting of timber and coal
lands, farms, dairy and stock ranches
and city property.
Call and see
them if you wish to buy or sell any
kind of property. Mr. Hadsall is a
practical surveyor and can give this
branch of the business bis personal
--- ----
»#» --------------
About 5,000 tons, or half of the
rails necessary for the buildiDg of
the Drain-Coos Bay railroad, have
A. F. Kirshman,
already arrived at Drain and more
D sn t ir t .
are arriving daily. Thomas Krew-
son, an experienced house mover,
Office two doors Booth o f Post offle*.
is busy moving buildings from the
C oqu ille
right of way between Drain and
Elkton, 16 miles west of here, and
it ia expected that an army of labor­
ers will be at work grading for the
new road next month. Real estate
Str. D I S P A T C H
ia changing bands rapidly and a
Tom White, Master
lively building boom is expected
L ear«
I Arrives
B w d o n ........ 7 A-R. I Oequill. . . . 1 0 a - b . for Drain this spring and summer.
Coquille....... 1 P-N I Bandon . . . . 4 r-w. Many substantial
buildings are
ConaecU at Coquille with train for Marihfleld
contemplated and the town is ex­
and »teamer Echo for Myrtle Point.
pected to develop into a great and
Str. F A V O R I T E
thriving city within a surprisingly
,T. C. Mooraaw. Master,
short time.
The railway officials
I Arrives
C 'l'in ill*........ 7 a m . | Bandon.. 10:45 a - m .
say that when this road is completed
U n ion.......... I r-M. | C oqn ill«. 4:45 r-M.
Drain will be made a division point,
and with the carshops and round­
Str. E C H O
H. .lam«. Master.
houses, this alone will mean an in­
L e a .-.
in our population of 2500 to
M r r .le P o in t. . 7 » - « . I oquCle C’y 9 30 a - w .
CwqnUlt C it y .. .1 r u . I M yit.e F t . . 4 00 r-R. 3000 people.
Watch Drain grow
Dally exoept Sunday.
— Drain Nonpareil.
Str. W E L C O M E
J. £ . Myers, Masters.
Myrtle Point 1:30 F-M. I Coquille C*y 4*0 r-M.
Coquille City 7:00 a - m . I Myrtle F t 10 : 0 0 a m
Connect! with lower-rirer hoaU at Coquille
City for Bandon and intermedia!, point*.
Ample bargee for handling freight.
The Best Couch Syrup.
Mrs. C. E. Payne is conducting
Mr. Mulkey’s classes in literature
and elocution.
Miss Belle McFarland of the
junior class is severely ill with the
On Thursday morning Mr. Bu­
chanan, of Rosebrg, made an inter­
esting talk to the students.
subject was “ Work.” “ No laudable
ambition,” he said, “ can be realized
without work." Mr. Buchauan] is
a man of some note in literary as
well as in political circles, and the
A writer in the New England
students felt honored in being able
Magazine points a tendency of the
to bear him.
foreign-boru to increase much faster
The Athena Literary Society will
than the native races in the Now
meet next Friday afternoon at 3:20
England States. It is duo to the
o'clock. Some of the numbers on
factory system, to which foreigners
the program are:
take more kindly than the old na­
solo, Miss Minkler; reading, Miss
tive stock.
Again, the statistics
show that in 1931, of the children
“ Whatever is, is right,” affirmative,
born that year iu Massachusetts,
Miss Swinney;
23,365 were of native parentage,
C. M. D.
37,047 were of foreign parentage,
and 14,473 of mixed native and for­
(C oos Bay News.)
eign parentage.
The death ratio
Mrs. Tyrer, who had a goitre re­ was 33,795 native to 14,376 foreign.
moved about two weeks ago, was These figures show unniistnkahly
able to leave the Horsfall hospital that the old stock is losiDg ground.
Both the birth rate and the death
The old Caledonia mine on the rate nre against it.— Oregonian.
Isthmus slough, upon which some
work was done many years ago by
Chicago Alderman Owes His Election to
A. J. Davis and others, was sold
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy.
lately to G Barnutn, of Idaho.
“ Ican heartily and conscientious­
Jas. A. Weymire, one of the prin­
cipal stockholders in the Central
California Land, Water & Coal
Company, who are operating the
mine at Maxwell, arrived on the
Homer, and is looking after busi­
ness matters here. Mr. Weymire is
very favorably impressed with Coos
Bay and its resources, and is more
than pleased with the coal mine at
Maxwell and tne
ru. u.-,
successful development.
We learn from Capt. Nelson, of
the Plant, that a bill has passed
Congress making an appropriation
for the survey of that portion of
the coast lying between Cape Blanco
and the mouth of the Nehalem
river, it seems this portion has
never been surveyed by the United
States, BDd the charts now in use
are copied from the old English
chart, which only gives an outline
of the coast, and is practically
worthless. A thorough survey, lo.
eating the numerous rocks, shoals,
etc., would be of great value to
shipping. Although the money is
available, it is not probable that the
survey will be made this summer,
as the surveyors have all the work
they can attend to for the present
in the Philippines.
Beginning with the February,
1906, number, our magazine will be
called Watson’s Magazine. It will
have a handsome cover. Several
new features will be added. The
price at bookstores and news-stands
will be 15 cents. To be just to our
present subscribers, we have de­
cided to receive renewals and new
subscriptions at $1 a year, up to
March 81, 1906.
After that the
subscription price will he $1.50 per
year. This is a golden opportunity
for those who nre not within reach
of news-stands. If you have never
seen the magazine, ask for sample
Champion Liniment tor Rheumatism
copy, mentioning this paper and
Chas Drake, a mail carrier at address, Tom Waton’s Magazine
Chapinville, Conn., says: “ Cham­ 121 West 42d St., New York City.
berlain’s Pain Balm is the cham­
pion of all liniments.
The past
Gives Health, Vigor and Tone.
year I was troubled a great deal
Herbine is a boon for sufferers
with rheumatism in my shoulder.
After trying several cures the store from anemia. By its use the blood
keener here recommended this rem­ is quickly regenerated and the col­
edy and it completely cured me.” or becomes normal. The drooping
The languor
There is no use of anyone suffering strength is revived.
Health, vigor and
from that pninful ailment when ie diminished.
New life and
this liniment can be obtained for a tone predominate.
small sum. One application gives happy activity results. Mrs. Belle
prompt relief and its continued use II. S h n el, - MiddlesViorough, 111.,
for a short time will produce a per­ writes, I have been troubled with
manent cure. For sale by R, S. liver complaint and poor blood and
have found nothing to benefit me
like Herbine. I hope never to he
If, as reported, the Milwaukee with out it. I have wished that I
Club has met with disaster, there is had known of it in my husband’s
life time.” 50c. R 8 Knowlton.
the comforting thought that it
stands alone. Every other business
F or Sale
concern in this neighborhood is
A three-disc Hancoq^ plow will
prosperous.— Oregonian.
be sold at a bargain, also a span of
S L Apple, ex probate judge,
Ottawa co., Kansas, writes: “ This
is to say that I have used Ballard’s
Horehound Syrup for years, and
that I do not hesitate to recom­
For every 25c"*worth of goods
mend it as the best cough syrup I
purchase at Mrs. Nosler’ s store
have ever used.’’
25c, 50c and
’ Sewing Machine Kepainng.
will be entitled to a
David F nlton, of this city, is an expert
guess at the $10 gold pieee to be
ile a h e r and repairer, and anyone in
aead o f hi» service» will do well to call
given to the best guesser.
a t h it residence or d rop him a card.
A five-roomed bouse and four lot
F or 8 ale .— Or trade for cnttle,
near the Christian church, with two fine mares, weight 1100 and
f ^ T l i e safe and reliable l i w n - ^ V
plenty of fruit, 2} lota bring rich and 1300.
Enquire of W. B
bottom. No charge for the garden Robror, Arago
f^ ~ T lie New and Speedy.
lots if rented for the summer. In­
quire at the H e r a l d o f f ic e .
A Sate Cough Mediomg for Children.
E lizabeth
C. p. Jenaea Master
In the spring time you renovate
your house.
Why not your body?
Goquille River and San Hollister’s Rocky Mountain Tea
drives out impurities, cleanses and
; enriches tbs blood and purifies the
Wo Stop-over at Way Porta.
entire system.
35 cents.
R. 8.
E lectric L ights. E verythin g In First
W ill
make regular trips between
Class Style.
ly recommendChamberlain’s Cough
Remedy for affections of the throat
and lungs,” says Hon. John Sheti-
ick, 220 So. Peoria St., Chicago.
'Two years ago during a political
campaign, I caught cold after be­
ing overheated, which irritated ray
throat and I was finally compelled
to Btop, as I could not speak aloud.
In my extremity a friend advised
me to use Chamberlain’s Cough
Remedy. 1 took two doses that af-
— — “ "A qonld pat believe my
senses when 1 found tiie next, morn­
ing the inflamation had largely sub­
sided. I took several doses taat
day, kept right on talking through
the campaign, and I thank this
medicine tb it I won my seat in the
Council.” This remedy is for sale
by R. S. Knowlton.
young horses well broke.
at this office.
P h y sica l
Culture and E x p r è s
Mrs. Wootton, of the Columbia
College of Expression, Chicago, will
take a limited number of pupils.
Apply at N. E. corner 2nd floor
of school building between 4 and 5
o ’clock p. m.
$1.50 P eu Y
ea t
News from Santo Domingo says
! that Morales has a sprained ankle.
; His self-confidence has probably
had a hard wreuch as woll.
nowlton’s Drug Store
A North Carolina citizen has dis­
covered that whiskey will kill rats
and mice, but the trouble is in get­
ting them to take it.
Carries a full and complete stock of
An Illinois woman has been
awarded $139 damages by a jury
for a kiss. Tbo necessaries of life
are getting higher evory year.
It has been suggested that the
hero awarding societies send a big
medal to the Indiana dare devil who
recently married his mother-in-law.
The fact that President Morales
of San Domingo has a broken ankle
may possibly prevent hits appearing
on the lecture of freak platform.
Inquisitive people are wondering *
how much the Southern Pacific *
Railway Company paid Poultney *
Bigelow for his article denouncing
the Pauama Cana) Commission.
Josh’s Place,
t K
T. T. LAND, Proprietor.
Card rooms d )
Pool Tables
Soft Drinks
✓ IN
President Roosevelt proposes to
go to Central Africa at the close of < ! )
bis term to hunt lions and tigeis. \l/
This disposes of the question for
the time “ YVhat shall we do witli
our ex-presidents."
✓ IÑ
Fruits, Nuts, Candies, Cigars and Tobacco.
Citu News Stand.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Poultney Bigelow is going out
of his way to blame Secretary Taft
for dancing on the Isthmus.
object was doubtless to teat the
sufficiency of the ground as a foun- <&
lation for a canal.
Secretary Shaw has again post­
poned the date of his departure
from the Cabinet.
Skeptical ones
are now saying they will believe Mr.
Shaw really means to leave when
they kDow that Patti has made her
last tour.
There are muety honorable gen­
tlemen in the United States Senate
every one of whom is trying to
prove tHat lie IS a uyuut
for the Panama Canal than Press
Agent Bishop who was voted a
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Front Street,
C O Q U IL L E , O R E G O N .
A ll w o r k g u a r a n t e e d .
i *
A Baltimore woman of seventy
helps her husband in his work of
sawing wood. Mrs. Burke Roche
of New York has left the home of
B . F E N T O ltf
her merciless father who compelled
P ro p
her to live on sixty thousand a year
in redi-
exclusive of her board.
ness for special trips. In fact, a general Stage and Livery business
Accommodations for Tnveling men n specialty
The Washington Post asks “ On Leave Coquille at (! a. m„ arriving at Rosehurg at 10 p. m. I-are $ 50
what ground rests the assumption
that the President of the United
States is moro directly the repre­
sentative of the people than is the
United States Senate?”
The an­
swer is that the assumption rests on
the ground that the President is
elected by the people while the Sen­
ate is elected by Trusts or too fre­
A private hospital for the care and treatment of medical, surgical
quently, by legislatures controlled
and obstetrical cases. Equipment new and modern
by Trusts.
in every particular.
Rates from
President Roosevelt was more
candid than politic in announcing
on the night of his election that he
Including room, bjard, general nursing and drugs.
would not again be a candidate for
He might have kept
this resolve to himself and if he bad
maintniued a sphynx-like silence on
the subject it would have been bet­
ter for his administration and for
his fame. There is a great deal of
human nature in Congressmen,
Senators, amT Cabinet officers, and
they are even now watching for
the rising sun of the next president,
and looking to a Foraker, a Fair­
banks and Cannon, or a La Fol-
S u c c e s s o r t o W . H . M ansell.
Ictte, to any man rather than the
President, who has fixed tbe date of
his political abdication.
All orders handled with carefulness and expedience.
velt’s popularity in the country is
undiminished, and his power with
Congress to carry out his really
| great and beneficent legislative pro- A g e n t fo r th e b e s t C o o s C o u n ty G oal
j gramme, great ns that power is,
would be measurably greater and
more potent if Congress knew ho
was half as willing to be elected for
a third term as the people are will­
ing to elect hire.
General hospital
j$ 1 5 to $jv3 0 pei" week
Miss S C. Lakeman, Matron.
Marshfield, Oregon.
Claude F ox,
(teneral Drayman
- . .—
For each 25-cents purchase at A private Hospital well equipped for the treat­
Mrs, Nosler’s you will receive a
In buying a cough medicine for
ticket good for one guess at the
ment of surgical and medical diseases.
children never be afraid to buy I Robinson has completed shelving number of beans, pins, coffee, etc. in
Cough Remedy. 67 dozen of the Brown 8hoe Com­ a jar, winner toreeeive a gold eagle.
Trained Nurses in Attendance.
There is no danger from it and re­ pany’s shoes. They are up-to-date
lief ie always sure to follow. It is in style and finish, in fact the most
claim the Northern grown seeds the For Information Address
especially valuable for colds, croup
and whooping cough.
For sale “ nifty” lot of shoes ever brought to best. Three papers for 10 cents at
’Phone 631,
Marshfield, Oregon.
Knowlton’s drug store.
town. Call and see 'em.
by R. 8. Knowlton.
Will. Horsfall, M. D.,