Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, September 13, 1905, Image 1

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R o tin i lie I I m ü ö.
V o l . 22:
Entered as second-class matter May
8, 1905, at the postoflice at Coiuille,
Oregon, under act of Congress of March
Walter Culin, M. D.
P h y sic ia n
S urobon
an d
C o q u il l b C it y , O hk .
Kronenborg Bldg.
Next Door to P. O.
Telephone 3.
Stanley & Burns,
Kcal Estate, Collections.
Specialties—Criminal and U. 8. Land
Cases, Notaries Public.
C o qu illb .
O regon .
Ollitio at
Resilience of J. A. Collier.
Phone 111.
J ______
A. J. Sherwood,
A ttubnhy
at -L aw ,
N otaby P ublic ,
Walter Sinclair,
A ttornky - at -L aw ,
N otary P ublic ,
/. Hacker,
A bstract !!«
T itles .
Coquin,« C ity , O rb
Hall & Hall,
A ttorneys - at -L aw ,
Dealet in U ral E state o f a ll k in d s.
Marshfield, Oregon.
Ellsworth B. Hall,
^ JO U U IL lJ Í*
Collections and Insurance.
E. D. Sperry.
W . C. Chase.
Attorney s-at-Luw.
Office in Robinson Building,
E. G. D. Holden,
L aw ybr .
City Recorder, U. H. Commissioner, Gen­
eral Insurance Agont, and Notary
Offioe in R obin­
son Building.
Coquille, Oregon.
A. F. Kirshman,
D entiht .
O ffioo two doors South o f Post office.
Coq aillo
S tr. O I S P A T C H
Tom White, Master,
I Arrive«
Ban<l.*n ........ 7 a - m . | Coquille ------10 a - m .
Coqtiille ....... 1 r-\c. | Bamion — 4 p - m .
Connects at Coquille with train for Marshfield
and steamer Rjho for Myrtle Point.
S tr . F A V O R I T E
,T. C. Moomaw, Master,
I Arrives
Coquille....... 7 a m . | Bandon.. 10:45 a - m .
Bamion......... 1 P-M. | Coquille. 4:45 P-M.
S tr . E C H O
. Jam». Master,
M yrtleP oin t., .7 a - m . | uqtiilleC’y 9 .10 a m .
Coquille C ity .. .1 P-M. | Myrtle P t..4 00 p-M.
Daily except Sunday.
S tr. W E L C O M E
W . R. Panter, Master.
Myrtle Point 1:30 P-M. I foqui'.le C’y IDO P-M.
Coquille City 7:00 a - m . I Myrtle P't 10:00 a - m .
Connect« with lower-river hoot« at Coquille
City for Hon,l m an.l intermediale point«.
Ample barges for handling freight.
S e w i n g M a chine Kepairing
David Fulton, ol this city, is an expert
clealier and repairer, and anyone in
need of his services will do well to call
at his residence or drop him a card.
For Sa le .
A good home id this city, on
easy terms:
Enquire at this office.
Note and Comment.
Fossil ol Three-Toed Horse is Road Agent Fails in Escaping
W ith Heiress.
With all the Russian warships
that are within dredging distance,
Berkley, Cal., Sept. 5.—The first
the Japanese might let the interned official bulletin discriptive of the
ones alone.
fossils unearthed by the expedition
to the John Day region, in Eastern
The highbinder outrages in New
Oregon, has been published by the
York are not any strong argument
geology department at Berkely. It
against the rigid enforcement of
describes some of the strange crea
the Chinese exclusion act.
turcs that dwelt in the country
New Orleans thinks it can speak known as the Bad Lands. Among
with some authority on the yellow these remarkable beasts are extinct
peril, and it has not been to the pigs and peccaries as large as cows
camellike quadrupeds, and, not tbe
Far East either.
lesat interesting, the famous three­
Gov. Folk and District Attorney toed horse.
Jerome have both been branden as
The “Elotherium,” or giant hog,
drinking men.
The District At­ is a monster mammal nearly ten
torney in Washington had better feet long and six or seven feet
look out. A few more indictments high.
will set him into had odor with the
Three-fourths of the remains of
animals found are of the peculiar
hoofed beasts named “ Oreodons,”
Secretary Shaw professes to be
part deer and part hog.
greatly pleased over the applause
varied in size from that of a dog to
of the Virginia Republicans.
that of a small cow.
lie ought to remember that it is
- ---4«»------------
some time since Virginia went Re­
Put Mitchell out of Chair.
publican in a presidential election.
Oregonian News Bureau, Wash­
The Treasury Department states ington, Sept. 5.— When tbe eommt-
that the Bureau of Engraving and tees of the United States are being
Printing is working overtime on reorganized next December a fight
new money.
Nobody would kick is to be made to wrest the chairman­
if they doubled their output.
ship of the Isthmian Canal Commit­
tee from Senator Mitchell of Oregon.
When the gamblers, the statesmen
Because of the prominence the can­
and the government office holders
al logislation is likely to attain at the
get through telling about the pros­
coming session, it is desiable that
perity of the country, the factory
Senate committee should be in the
and shop girls on five dollars a
hands of some good strong man,
week might say what they think
fully competent to conduct hear­
about it.
ings, direct the work of the com­
President Baer does not think mittee, and assume charge of what­
there will be any coal strike and ever canal legislation may be report­
Mr. Mitchell docs not think there ed to the Senate. It is recognized
will be any reduction in wages. And that Senator Mitchell can do cone
the consumer is morally certain o f these things. Therefore there
there will not be any dimunition in is a general desire that a new chair­
man be selected.
$ 1 .5 0
Deciding Game.
(From the "Vallego Daily News.")
The fans are promised a baseball
San Bernardino, Cal., Sept. 5.—
Sunday next, when the Vallejo
Harry Paxton, self-confessed road
agent, supposed to be son of a and Napa nines face each other for
wealthy Boston family, is being the last time this season, to decide
chased tonight by sheriffs of San to whom the honors belong. Val-
Bernardino, Riverside and Los
^os beaten Napa twice and Napa
Angeles counties for horse stealing j ^a9 wou once and tied on another
committed in Riverside.
Paxton occa«it>h so this coming contest will
has won the affection of Quinoy decide the championship,
ileldc, a pretty lii-year-old heiress, i Napa will have the same team
whom he completely dominates. Sbo which it has been playing for the
had consented to join him in his past month and which took \ allejo's
career of crime, having become fas- scaT >u the last contest, with the
cinated with reoownts of bold hold- eic®pUon of the catcher and Boyn-
ups on the road.
| *0D. w^° are ou* °* the game tem-
The young girl had secured two P o r a r i>y through injuries received,
speedy horses, which she was lead-1
Vallejo nine has been consid-
ing to an isolated section south of | era^^ strengthened by the addition
town, where she was to meet him,
Nevins, who played the
when detected by friends.
best £ame last Sunday at short seen
Paxton made his escape, taking a
Ihi® season, eithor by a
valuable horse from Riverside, which local or 8 visitiuS tie,der- O rd w y ,
he traded here for another animal,
animal. the Dcw fiolder’ 18 8,80 UP to the
He was trailed last night
night as
as far
far as
as j standard of Nevins, and the team
losks to be in line to win Sunday’s
Ontario, from which Point he
game although all believe that the
turned into the river bottom.
, struggle will be close. Ward will
Officers are drawing a strong cordon „ , , .
make bis reappearance in the box
about him between here and Santa
and promises to lead the locals to
nowlton’s Drug Store!
Besides a complete stock
I oi Drugs and Druggist’s Sun-1
dries carries Kodaks and Sup-
plies, Phyrogi aphy outfits and
Oj Standard and Established Goods, where eash Instru­
ment is sold according to its intrinsic value.
We sell you a
High Grade, Popular price or Commercial Piono,
at their real value.
Not Asked for Forty Years to Rooms at the Lewis & ClarkFair
One Price only on each Grade
S. A. Madge, J. O. B. Scobey and
We carry a complete line of Pianos, Organs, Piano-Players,
La t week the following state­
F. W. Stocking, of Olympia, Wash,
ment went the rounds of the secu­
and M. G. Royal, of Srlem, Oregon,
Talking Machines, Sheet music and Musical Merchandise.
lar press: “ Copies of the revised
have secured tbe Hotel Palmer, of
rules to ministers of the Methodist
Everything Sold on E asy Payments.
Portland, and put it under compe­
Episcopal Church which have been
tent management for the Fairtrade, Representatives of Domestic Sewing Machines for Coos and Curry Co’s.
received show that in the marriage
i It is a G5 room hotel situated on
the word ‘obey’ does not appear.
Alder street between Seventh and
Hereafter the bride will have only
Eighth, just one block west of the
S u c c e s s o r t o th e Chas. G rissen and A ia g o M u sic C o.,
to agree to love, honor and keep
building, only
him.” To this Rev. Samuel Mc­
Garfield Annex,
Marshfield, Oregon.
I block from car line running di­ Phone, Main 905.
Kean, or Troy, N. Y., a Methodest |
rectly to the fair grounds. For one
minister, makes fitting reply: ‘To a
dollar a day the very best accom­
L H. HAZARD, Csshler
R. E. SHINE, Vice Pres
Methodist this discovery is ludicr­
modations can be secuaed. The
ous, for the word ‘obey’ was removed
above gentlemen are well known
from the marriage service in 1864,
all over the state of Washington
and under that service no bride
and to a large extent in Oregon and
has been required to promise to
their names give assurance that
obey for the last 41 years. And
O P C O gU IL iL iB , O R E G O N .
that the guests of the hotel will be
though I have been a minister of
properly cared for. Take the Mor­
that church for over 50 years, I
rison Street car at the Union Depot T r a n s a c t s a G e n e r a l B a n k i n g R t iH in e « »
have never heard of a bridegroom
end ask the conductor to let you off
who expressed a desire that his
Board of Directors.
at Park Stroet, theu walk north to
bride should make such a promise.”
A. J. Sherwood,
National Bank of Coimuorce, New York City
the hotel. YVrite at once for par­ It. C. Dement,
Zion’s Herald.
L. Harlocker,
L. H. Hazard,
Crocker Woolworth N ’l Bank, San Francisco
ticulars and for reservation of a
Isaiah Hacker,
R .E . Shine. ! First Nat’l Bank of Portland, Portland, Or.
Absce8sas, with few exceptions, Alder street, Portland, Oregon.—
the Morning Olympian,
are indicative of constipation or From
Olympia, Washington.
W H Harrison, Clevelaud, Miss.,
writes. Aug. 15, 1905: ‘‘ I want to |
Steamer Notes.
say a word of praise for Ballard’s
Snow Liniment.
I stepped on a
Steamer Newport arrived Septem­
nail which caused the cords in my [ ber 2nd, sailed Sept. 4th, Incoming
A private hospital for the care and treatment of medical, surgical
leg to contract and an abscess to
rise in my knee, and the doctor cargo: 33 Chinaman for Bandon and
and obstetrical cases. Equipment new and modern
told me that I would have a stiff Prosper cannaries, 100 tons cargo.
in every particular.
Rates from
leg, so one day I went to J F Lord’s j Outgoing passengers, Miss Tressa
drug store (who is now in Denver, I Manciet, Miss Flo Fahy, Miss Mol-
a bottle
, „ ) He . . recommended
, T
,,, 1 lie Fahy, Mrs ¡¿trail Costello, Mrs
of Snow Liniment; I got a 50c , , a .
, „
size, and it cured my leg It is the | At,a Sl,,ll,80n’ A Rutherberg.
Including room, board, gzneral nursing and drugs.
best liniment in the world.
Sold | Departures for Portland by Kil-
by R S Knowlton.
burn Sept. 3: Mrs Taliaferro, Mrs
Jutsrom, Miss Jutsrom, Rouo Don­
Mary had a little lamb; that time aldson, Maud Blundell, Miss H
has passed away. No lamb could Haines, Lawrence Jennings, R Mc-
followup the gait that M try goes Camm, Mrs R McCamm, Miss Lillie
today. For now she rides on air- McCamm, T N Kerr, Mrs M Strahn,
shep wheels in skirts too short by II G Blake, J K McLeod and wife,
half; no lambkin shares her “ iry C II Webber, J L Kronenburg, H
flight, but you can see her
Kronenburg, Theresa Hanly, Miss
But is there one who can complain Walstrora, It E Austin, C A Hatha-
or cry in woe, “ Alas!” so long as bow, B Solomon, Mr Eaton, — Fay,
S u c c e s s o r t o W H . M a n s e ll
Mary’s oalfs all right the lamb can J E Miller, C W Miller, J Heath.
go to grass. So all the men de.
light to gaze, their joy is not a
Professor Baldwin is Killed
shame, for while the other critter’s
All orders bandied with carefulness and expedience.
out they have no use for lamb.
Prfessor Baldwin, aeronaut, was
making an ascenion from the fair
t i i i i r i : J i n itu s ( l in o
l ' l l « l . - r a Vl o rl .i i«
W ith
O n r grounds this atfernoon, an explo­ A g e n t fo r th e b e s t G o o s C o u n ty G oal
S m a l l Hot H r ol C h a m l i r r l « l u «
sion of dynamite occured and Bald­
C o lic C nnfern a n .l O in r r h o c a
win blown to pieces.
R em edy
Twenty Lives Lost in Storm.
It has been authoritivelv stated
so many times first that there would
Duluth, Minu., Sept. 4— Eighteen
be au extra session of Congress and or 20 lives were lost and property
theu that there would not be, that valued at $500,000 sacrificed in the
the callendar has had most of the furious storm that swept over Lake
leaves torn off that intervene be­ Superior Sunday and Sunday night.
tween now and the regular session. The gale was the most destructive
The nstute party managers have to lake shipping that has been ex­
managed so well that there is little perienced in many years. Beside
time left for danger from a special the wreck of the steel steamer Se-
session; but unfortunately, from vonia, which broke in two on Sand
their point of view, the time is Island reef, seven of the crew los­
drawing near when they will have ing their lives, it is now believed
to face the regular session and that that two more ships were lost with
cannot be put off.
The question their entire crow.
arises what will they do.
want to mark time.
Soused A H o l a . up M a n
Roosevelt wants reform, wants a
lot of it and wants it quick.
Eugene, Or., Sept. 5.— (Special)
country as a whole will probably —Last night about midnght a mask­
agree with him in thinking it is ed man entered Witter’s saloon at
needed. So Congress will have to Springfield, while Mr. Witter and
I make a few motions to convince its his son were tbe only persons inside,
I constituents that it is doing some- and, drawing a revolver, command­
| thing. Probably it will devote as ed them to throw up their hands.
much timo ns possible to railway The elder man responded, but the
I rate legislation.
It is at) even son grabbed a bucket of water and
] chance that if a bill of this sort gels threw it into the bold-up’s face.
through the house it will suit the This caused confusion, during which
1 railroads about as well as it will Witter got a revolver, when the
suit anyone. If it does not it prob­ intruder slipped out and escaped.
ably will be killed in tbe senate. — Oregonian.
That has been done before and tbe
l l e a i i t i i u l U 'o in o n
! House hopes that tbe senate will
Plump checks, flushed with the
j take the responsibility again. Tariff
soft glow o f health and a pure com­
! revision will not be attempted if the plexion, make all women beautiful.
party managers can prevent it, and Take a small dose of Herbine after
I if it is, there will be a dreary round each meal; it will prevent constipa­
of talk that is not likely to result tion and digest what you have eat­
en. Mrs Win M Stroud, Midloth­
in anything. Both the Democrats
ian, Texas, writes. May 31, 1901:
and a small section of the Republi­ “ We have used Herbine in our
cans think there is a good chance family for eight years, and found
to make capital out of investigating it the best medicine we ever used
the Panama situation and this ought ^or constipation, bilious fever and
1 malaria. Sold by R S Knowlton.
to serve very well to kill a lot of
time. But the best, brighest and D e te ctiv e S tories T bat are tbe R eal
Mr G W Fowler, o f Hightower,
Ala., relates an experience he had
safest prospect is to let the con­
while serving on a petit ju ry in a
gressmen who have been to the
The Cosmopolitan has been for­ murder case at Edwardsville, coun­
Philippines tell what they did and tunate enough to secure the “ Con­ ty seat of Clebourne county, Ala­
didn’t see there.
This will of fessions of a New York Detective,’ bama. He says: “ While there I
course precipitate the question made by an ex-Captain of Police. ate some fresh meat and some
of the reduction of Philippine du­ This remarkable narative will be souse meat and it gave me cholera
ties, but this could be very well run serially, beginning in the Sep- ’4-morbus in a very severe form.
was never more sick in my life and
made a separate issue from general* tember issue. It bids fair to prove sent to the drug store for a certain
tariff tinkerieg.
That is a bright far more interesting and exciting cholera mixture, but the druggist
idea. By all means let us have a thaD any imagined detective story, sent me a bottle of Chamberlain’s
Philippine spmposium. This will for it deals directly with those Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem­
kill many weeks between meeting phases of life and their supervision edy instead, sayin? he had what I
sent for, but that this medicine w is
day and the time when an adjourn­ by the police upon which all the in­ so much better l.u would rather
ment can be decently forced. It is genious yarns of clever writers are send it to me in the fix I was in. I
about as safe a subject as there is formed. Henry Raleigh is illustrat­ took one dose of it and was better
in tbe lot aud it can be made to ing the Confessions, and is making in five minutes. The second dose
cured me entirely.
Two fellow
sound very patriotic while it is be­ some very realistic drawings.
jurors were afflicted in the same
ing talked about.
By all means
manner and one small bottle cured
For a lady's wheel, as good as the three of us.” For sale by R S
let us get busy with tbe Philip­
[ new at a bargain, call at this office. Knowlton.
W. R. Haines Music Co.,
General hospital
to $
j$ 3 0 per week
Miss S. C. Lakeman, Matron.
Marshfield, Oregon.
F ox,
(Tenera! Drayman
Monuments and Headstones
Fort Worth, Sept. 7—Mrs. Jack-
son, 17 years old, wife of John Jack-
son, who is only 19, gave birth last
night to five girl babies, allot whom
aro living. The heaviest one weigh­
ed five pounds.— Mail.
W e guarantee better
work at lower prices
than can be had else­
Do not order
M o n u m e n ta l w o rk until
you have called upon or
written us for prices.
President Castro cannot qualify
for a seat in the United States Sen­
ate after bis exhibition of trust bust­
ing at home.
Marie Corelli says haughtily that
she does not wish to see America.
America, outside crank cireles, hes
never gone wild over Mane Corelli, j
Mr. Hyde in London has
chumming with Mr. William
drof Astor. That won't make
anv easier with him when be
before tbe American jury.
it go 1
Telephone, Main 238.
Stewart & White Props.
M 8 r 8 hH.uisS,r .
DAVID FTLTON, Local Agent, Coquille, Cb*g u.