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    Maquille Herald
V ol . 22: No. 97
E ntered uh second-class inatter May
8, 1905, at thè postuflice at CoqtliUe,
O regon, under act o f Con^reiH o f March
Walter Culin, M. D.
P h y sic ia n
S urgeon
O kk .
C o q u il l e C it y ,
n I
S d Ä
Ä :
T e le p h o n e S.
Stanley & Burns,
Real Estate, Collections.
Specialties—Criminal and U. 8. Land
Cases, Notaries Publio.
Offloo at
Residence of J. A. Collier.
Phone 111.
A. J. Sherwood,
A ttobnby
a t -L a w ,
N otaby P u b lic ,
C oqu ille,
Walter Sinclair,
A tio b n b y - at - L aw ,
N otaby P o blio ,
I. Hacher,
A bstracter o r T it l e s .
C o q u il l e C it y , O re
Hall & Hall,
A ttobneys - at - L a w ,
Dealer in R eal E statb o f all k in d s.
M arshfield, Oregon.
______ i . . , .
Ellsworth B, Hall,
C o q u il l e ,
O reoon .
Collections ami Insurance.
E. D. Sperry.
W. C. Chase.
Offloe in Robinson Building,
E. G. 0. Holden,
L aw yer ,
City Recorder, U. 8. Commissioner, Gen­
eral Insuranoo Agent, and Notary
Offloe in Robin­
son Building.
Coquille, Oregon.
A. F. Kirshman,
D kntibt .
Offloe two doors South of Post office.
C oqu ille
.50 P er Y ear
O regon.
Texas Small Tarma.
Of Interest to All.
New Viceroy of India.
Note and Comment.
But a few years ago we heard
much about the danger that lay in
the acquisition of large landed
estates under the ownership of the
private individual or the real estate
syndicate. The changes have been
rung time and again on the decad­
ence of the small farmer and the
development of the landlord—non­
resident in many instances—with
his thousands, if not tens of thou­
sands of acres. And in truth some
fifteen or twenty years ago it looked
as if there were some warrant for
alarm from this score. In what is
now known as the Middle West, in
the South and the Southwest, veri­
table empires were fenced in under
one ownership, and valuable land
for tillage was kept out of use to
the detriment of the common weal.
It was apparent for a time that the
evil would grow rather than dimin­
ish, but such has not proved the
Texas has owned six million acres
of lands, which have been under
lease to great cattle corporations
for grazing purposes.
The leases
have expired and Texas has decided
to sell the land, instead of releasing
Division of these tracts has
been made, and they will be placed
on the market next month at the
the price of one dollar an acre. Not
alone in Texas, but in the states of
the Middle West and in other
states which border the Gulf, the
same general movement of the di­
vision of larger bodies of land for
the creation of the small farm and
the advent of tho small farmer has
been going on for some time.
notable has this been that we may
safely say the apparent danger from
the large landed estate is rapidly
passing away.
Every student of economical fact
will see in this movement as it is il­
lustrated in the Texas division of
land the manifestation of American
common sense which may be relied
upon to save us from extremes in
any direction.
In California, in
Texas, in Colorado, in Dakota, there
has been abundant evidence to the
effect that the princely domain, as
we were wont at times to refer to
the grain ranch or the cattle range
that was measured by miles, and
not by acres, was depriving the
community of what it might pos­
sess if there were many owners of
smaller tracts.
It required no argument to show
that the counhry would be the
richer under the ownership system
by the enhancement in land values
from cultivation, by the value of
the improvement which would fol­
low, by schools and churches, anil
new centers of commercial activity
which would come as a matter of
course with tho greater number of
people which the land would sup­
port. In other words, it has come
to be the recognized fact that the
small farm adds to the wealth of
the state and the Nation: and in
stinctivejy the American has turned
to that which in general results
will give him the best return.—
We gi»e the following from our
late laws enaoted at the last session
of the legislature, which is of gen­
eral interest to the people and
should be thoroughly understood
by each and every householder:
Section 3. It shall be the duty
of all physicians, accouchers or mid­
wives in the State to report to the
secretary of the board of health of
the city or county in which they
may occur, all births and deaths
and shall immediately report con­
tagious diseases as are specified by
the State board, which may occur
under their supervision, with a cer­
tificate of the cause of death, and
such correlative facts as may be re­
quired in the blank forms furnished
by the State Board of Health.
When any birth or death may occur
with no physician, accoucher or
midwife in attendance, then euch
birth or death shall be reported by
the householder where or under
whose supervision such birth or
death occurred, with the cause of
death, if such be known.
death coming under the jurisdiction
or supervision of any coroner shall
be by him reported to the secretary
of the board of health of the city or
oounty in which such death may o c­
cur, within three days after death
for burial purposes, and such deaths
so reported shall not be required to
be reported by any other person.
No undertaker, sexton or other per­
son shall bury any human body un­
til he has received a permit to do
so from the county or city health
officer or some duly appointed dep­
uty. No such permit shall be is­
sued until there has been delivered
to such health officer or deputy a
certificate of death according to the
form prescribed by the State Board
of Health.
In the event of any
burial without a permit, as herein
provided, the coroner of the county
wherein such illegal burial was
made may disinter the body, hold
an inqueBt and, within three days
thereafter, make a return of his
findings to the nearest local health
London, Aug, 21.— The Indian
office announces the resignation of
Lord Curzon of Keddleston as
Vioery of India, and the appoint­
ment ofthe Earl of Minto as his
successor. Cruzon's resignation is
thejresult ofcorrespondence between
the viceroyand the Indian office
over the re-organization of the
army in India and the appointment
of Lord Hitchner as commander-
in-chief of the forces in India. The
immediate cause of the resignation
was the refusal of the cabinet to
appoint Major-General Sir Edmund
Barrow who was recommended by military supply members
of the council.
John D. Rockefeller says the
churches must adopt Standard Oil
methods aDd consolidate if they
hopo to survive the march of pro­
D etective S to rie s T hat are the Real
The Cosmopolitan has been for­
tunate enough to secure the “ Con­
fessions of a New York Detective,”
made by an ex-Captain of Police.
This remarkable narative will be
run serially, beginning in the Sep­
tember issue. It bids fair to prove
J. C. Moomaw, Master,
far more interesting and exciting
I Arrives
Connille....... 7 A-M. | Bandon.. 10:45 a - m .
any imagined detective story,
Bandon......... 1 P-M. | CoqdBle. 4:45 p-M.
for it deals directly with those
str. E C H O
phases of life and their supervision
. dams. Master,
by the police upon which all the in­
M vrtlePoint. .7 a M. | oqnUlef- y 9 30 a - m . genious yarns of clever writers are
Coquille C ity .. .1 p - m . | Myrtle P’t..4 00 P-M formed.
Henry Raleigh is illustrat­
Daily except Sunday.
ing tho Confessions, and is making
some very realistic drawings.
Tom White, Master,
I Arrives
B andon ........ 7 A-M. I C .(u llle.. ..1 0 a - m .
Con a file ........ 1 P-M. | B andon ----- 4 p - m .
Connects at Coqulllo with train for Marshfield
and steamer E.'ho for Myrtle Point.
W . It. Panter, M:wter.
Myrtle 1:30 r-M. I <'.«ini'.lr <"y tnOp-M.
Coquille City 7:00 a - m . i Myitle i*'t 10:00 a - m .
Connect, with lower-river lioate at Ooqmlle
City for Bandon and intermediate point.-
Ample barge, for handling freight.
Sewing Machine Kepairing.
David Fulton, o f this c ity , Is an expert
clea h cr and repairer, and an yone in
need o f his services w ill do well to call
at his residence or d ro p him a card.
For Sale.
A good home in this city, on
easy terms:
Enquire at this office.
W anted Alice for a W ife.
Julo, Aug. 18, via Manila, Aug.
21.—Secretary Taft and party ar­
rived here at noon, and immediate­
ly proceeded to the parade ground
to witness an elaborate programme
arranged for their entertainment.
The Sultan of Sulu, with his retinue,
and other Moro dignitaries, occu­
pied seats on the grandstand along
with Secretary Taft and Miss Roose­
Secretory Taft and Miss Roose­
velt were presented with many
Moro presents by the Sultan, who
offered bis hand in marriage to
Miss Roosevelt and would make her
Sultana o f the Sulu Archipelago,
saying that his people desired her
to remain among them.
---- »
W ater
M akes Seizure.
It is reported early this week
that fish nets were being manipulat­
ed within the prescribed limits be­
low the Golden Drift dam, and
Tuesday night Water Bailiff W il­
paid a visit to the dam,
He discovered two
piscatorial artists in a boat, maneu­
vering with their gear, but they
eluded capture by bard pulling.
Their nets however, were captured,
five in number, and as a 250-foot
net is quite a valuable piece of
property, the owners are undoubt­
edly thinking hard as to whether
tbey had better come to the front
and pay their fines or lose their
nets.— Oregon Mining Journal.
a ------------
Big Fire in P ortlan d.
One entire block deva%ted, with
three half blocks adjoining almost
swept clean, is the record made at
the big fire in the old business dis­
trict of East Portland this morning.
The loss the fire fiend piled up will
surely reach $150,000 after adjust­
ments are made, and the general
damage to roadways and structures
bordering on tbe path of the flames
will carry the aggregate ab >vu that
figure.— Evening Telegram of A u g­
ust 22.
Duprey’s Celery Headache Pow­
ders, give instant relief. Price 25
cents. R. 8. Knowlton, Coquille
City; C. Y. Lowe, Bandon.
The prosecution of tho Beef Trust,
the investigation of the Santa Fe
rebate case and the adjudication of
the counter charges of Minister
Bowen and Secretary Loomis have
been the first subjects to engage
the attention of the President after
For a lady’s wheel, as good as
his return to the capital- The
President hates graft in any form. new, at a bargain, call at this office.
The last pensioner of the War of
1812 has just died. The last pen­
sioner of the Spanish War is doubt­
less numbered among the unborn,
as yet.
After trying all sorts of experi­
ments the doctors have arrived at
the conclusion that fresh air and
sunhine in abundance are the only
reliable remedies for meningitis.
Judge Hooker's announcement
that there is no foundation for the
report that he will resign adds one
more to this list of those who ougbt-
This fact is well known to drug­ to-but-wont. Senators Mitchell and
gists everywhere, and nine out of
ten will give their customers this Burton are already on the list.
preparation when the best iB asked
Secretary Morton will resign
for. Mr. Obe Witmer. a prominent
the cabinet in September or
druggist of Toplin, Mo., in a cir­
cular to his customers, says: October and the administration is
“ There is nothing on the market diligently inquiring if there is any
in the way of patent medicine gentlemen who has never seen the
which equals Chamberlain’s Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy high seas, who would like the job.
N o l h l u f f o n 111« M a r k e t E q u a l l o
C lia m b e r la lii’ H C o lie , C h o le r a a m i
IM rrhora B e m e ilf.
for bowel complaints. We sell and
It is all very well for the Com-
recomend this preparation,” For
troller of the Currncy to warn bank
sale by R. S. Knowlton.
-------------- i-«a»i-----
■■ —
directors against speculating, but
would it not bo more to the point if
Heart on Wrong Side.
he directed the bank examiners to
Los Angeles, Aug. 23.— When insist on the retirement of every
Malcom Rose, a landscape gardener, director who speculates?
was placed on the operating table
in the county hospital here today
The retiring United States Am­
to undergo an operation for the re­ bassador to Paris, General Horace
moval of a growth from his neck, it Porter, was given an
was discovered by the surgeons that dinner by his friends in that city.
the patient’s heart instead of being We trust the expense was not
in a normal position on the left side charged up to the French Equitable
of the body was located on the Life Assurance Sooiety.
right side nearly six inches from
Senator Depew nominated Presi­
the propor place. The organ in
every way, however, appeared nor­ dent Roosevelt for fho presidency
mal. It had evidently been in that for the term beginning in 1909, at a
position from birth.
The physi­ recent dinner in Philadelphia. That
cian? at the hospital state that it is makes four nominations within a
the first case of the kind that has month, two Democratic, one R e­
ever come under their observation. publican and onë~D5pewT
Heat and Humidity
Chicago, Aug. 21.— Two deaths
and a number of prostrations were
reported today as the result of the
heat. The temperature did not ex­
ceed 89 degrees, but tho humidity
made the day exceedingly oppres­
S t o p t h a t C a lig li
When a caugh, a tickling or an
irritation in the tliaoat makes you
feel uncomfortable take Ballard’s
Hore-hound Syrup. Don’t wait
until tho disease has gone beyond
control. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ander­
son, 354 West 5th St. Salt City,
Utah, write,
“ We think Ballard’s Horehound
Syrup the best medicine for coughs
and colds. We have used it for se­
veral years; it always gives imme­
diate relief, is very pleasant and
gives perfection.” 25c. 50c. $1.00.
sold by R. S. Knowlton.
Besides a complete stock
| ol Drugs and Druggist’s Sun-
| dries carries Kodaks and Sup-1
| plies, Phyrography outfits and
| Supplies.
0J Standard and Established Goods, where eash Instru­
ment Is sold according to its intrinsic ualue.
We sell you a
High Grade, Popular price or Commercial Piono,
at their real ualue.
One Price only on each Grade
We carry a complete line of Pianos, Organs, Piano-Players,
Talking Machines, Sheet music and Musical Merchandise.
Everything Sold on Easy Payments.
W. R. Haines Music Cov
S u c c e s s o r to the Chae. O rlssen and A ia g o M u sic C o..
Phone, Main 905,
Garfield Annex,
Marshfield, Oregon.
L. H. HAZARD, C ishicr
R. E. SHINE, Vico Free
Transacts a General Banking Business
President James J. Hill says that
tho Panama Canal will not hurt tho
Beard of Directors.
railways. Mr. Hill does not see the
R. 0. Dement,
A . J. Sherwood,
National Bank of Commerce, New York City
point. No one wants the canal to
L. Harlocker,
L. II. Hazard,
Crocker Woolworth N’l Bank, San Francikco
hurt the railways. It is only hoped
Isaiah Hacker,
R .K . Shine. I First Nat’l Bank of Portland, Portland, Or.
that it will prevent the railways
from hurting certain sectiont of the
The recent decision of the Su­
preme Court of the United States
that the Chicago Board of Trade is
not a gambling institution indicates
that Chief Justice Fuller has been
so long away from the Windy City
as to forget his youthful experiences
in the wheat market.
A private fruit grower refused to
sell his crop of strawberries to the
trust and applied to the railway for
refrigerator cars.
The railroad
“ really couldn’t furnish them” and
eleven carloads of berries were
ruined. Hereafter, the grower will
be wise and sell his berries to the
Hay Baling.
trust at its prices. Meanwhile, the
consumer should pool interest with
Roy Stevens, of Myrtle Point,
the grower and demand remedial
the hay baling man, is prepared to
answer calls on any kind of notice.
Anyone needing hay baled will do
General Hospital
A private hospital for the care and treatment of medical, surgical
and obstetrical cases.
in every
Rates from
$ 1 5 to $ 3 0 p e r w e e k
Including room, baard, general nursing and drugs.
Miss S. C. Lakeman, Matron.
Marshfield, Oregon.
F ox,
Carenerai D r a y m a n
S u c c e s s o r to W
well to give him a call.
J. C. Wilson, Machinist, has
moved to the Kerr mill and will do
Pittsburg, Aug. 20.— More than all machine work there hereafter.
500 men, womon and children were Leave all orders at Kerr’s Store or
precipitated 15 feet into a cellar by in the mill shop.
the collapse of a platform today
Norway has developed a blood­
during the exercises incident to the less revolution and it only remains
laying of the corner-stone of the for some genius to invent a buzless
Beth David Russian Hebrew Ortho­ mosquito. —
---------------- ---------------------------
dox synagogue on Miller street,
A W a r n i n g in M o th e r * .
Too much care cannot be used
near Washington.
Nearly all of
them were cut and bruised, but it is with small children during the hot
weather of the summer months to
believed no one was fatally hurt.
guard against bowel troubles. As
a rule it is only necessary to give
Paul Jonee for a man l o e g dead the child a dose of caster oil to
is very much in the public eye just correct any disorder of the bowels.
now, but of all that is being written I Do not use any’ substitute, but give
about him, nothing is more inter­ the oldfashioned castor oil, and see
that it is fresh, as ransid oil nausi-
esting and striking than his biog­
ates and has a tendency to gripe.
raphy by Alfred Henry Lewis, of I If this does not check the bowels
which the first installment appears : give Ceainberlain’s Colic, Cholers
in the August Metropolitan. This ac­ and Diarrhoea Remedy and then a
count of the great a Imiral will be dose of castor oil, and the disease
one of the most i n n -*aat magazine 1 may be checked in its incipiency
and all danger avoided. The cas­
contrsbutions of t h e present year. tor oil and this remedy should be
' procured at once and kept ready
W asted . —10 in«n in oa di state to : for instant use as soon as the first
travel, tack signs an 1 distribute | indication of any bowel trouble ap­
samples and circulars of our goods. pears. This is the most successful
treatment known and may be re­
Salary $75.00 por month. $3.00 per
lied upon with im plicit confidence
day for expenses. K' l h l n m C a even in cases of cholera infantum,
Dept. Atlas Building, Chicago.
i For sale by R. S. Knowlton.
Equipment new and modern
H . M an sell.
T R A IN S .
All orders handled with carefulness and expedience.
A g e n t fo r th e b e s t G o o s C o u n ty C o a l
Monuments and Headstones
We guarantee better
work at lower prices
than can be had else­
Do not order
Monumental work until
you have called upon or
written us for prices.
Telephone, Main 238.
Stewart & White Props.
Mar^hi.?d8o '..
DAVID FTLTON, Local Agent, Coquille, Oregon,