Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, July 26, 1905, Image 1

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Entered as Hecoml-class matter May
8, 1905, at the poatoftice at Coquille,
Oregon, under act of Congress of March
3 ,1 8 7 9 .
W alter Culin, M. D.
P hysician and S urgeon
C oquille C it y , O re .
Kronenhcrtf BM r .
Next Door to P. 0 .
J, 0. Z/ET MO RE
Office at
Residence of J. A. Collier.
Phone 111.
A. J. Sherwood,
A ttobnky
at -L aw ,
N otary P ublic ,
W alter Sinclair,
A ttorney - at - L aw ,
N otary P u b l ic ,
/. Hacher,
A bstracter of T itles .
C oquille C it y , O re
H a ll & H all,
A ttorneys - at - L aw ,
Dealer in R eal E state o f all kinds.
Marshfield, Oregon.
Ellsworth B. Hall,
A ttorn ey-at-L w ,
C oquille ,
O regon .
Collections and Insurance.
E. D. Sperry.
W . C. Chase.
Attorney s-at-Law.
Olfioo in Robinson Building,
E. G. D. Holden,
L aw yer ,
City Recorder, U. H. Commissioner, Gen­
eral Insaranoo Agent, and Notary
Fablio. Ofiles in Robin­
son Ruilding.
Coquille, Oregon.
A. F. Klrshman,
D e n t ist .
Office two doors South of Post oifioe.
S tr . D I S P A T C H
Tom White, Master,
I Arrives
B an don....... 7 a - m . j Coquille
10 a - m .
Coquille....... 1 p - m . | B andon
4 p - m .
Connects at Coquille with train for Marshfield
an d steamer E j I io for Myrtle Point.
S tr. F A V O R I T E
J. C. Moomaw. Master,
| Arrives
Coquille....... 7 A-M. I Bandon. .10:45 a - m .
Bandon......... 1 P-M. | Coquille . 4:45 p - m .
S tr . E C H O
H. Jams. Master,
M yrtleP oin t.. .7 A-M. | oquille C’y 9 30 a - m .
Coquille C ity .. .1 p - m . | Myrtle P t . . 4 00 p - m .
Daily except Sunday.
S tr . W E L C O M E
W . R. Punter, Master.
The Land o f F low ers and Sunshine
and ShoJpers.
'B lizzards.
. .
. .
No C yclones, No
fo r
H alf a
. .
S a fe
P eople.
ments fo r Capital, Large or Small.
its a » » » » » » » » « » » » » » «*
Attorney a-at-Law,
Real Estate, Collections.
Specialties—Criminal and U. S. Land
Cases, Notaries Public.
Telephone 3.
Stanley & Burns,
yU M ee eM eeew M e e t e e e e t e fa M M ii i i M M e M H M W i
• • •
Myrtle D30 p-y. I ( 'oquilleC'v lOOr-x.
Oiquille City 7:00 a -« . I Myrtle P-t 10:00 a - m .
Connecta with lnwer-river boat« at Coquille
City for bandon anil intermediato point..
Ample barges for handling freight.
Sewing Machine Repairing.
David Fulton, of this city, is an expert
cleaner and repairer, and anyone in
need of his services will do well to call
at his residence or drop him a card.
Coos County is situated on the
Pacific ocean in Southwestern Ore­
gon, bounded by a coast line of fif­
ty miles on the west and by Curry
county on the south and by Douglas
county on the oast and north. It
has an area of about 1150 square
The principal harbor on the coast
oiC oos county is Coos Bay; but
ter the Coquille river. The United
States government has expended
about $800,000 on the improvement
of the Coos bay bar and about 250,-
000 at the mouth of the Coquille
river, which, with the recent appro­
priation of $55,000 to be expended
on the bar and river this year, it is
thought will insure a good channel
of not less than fifteen feet of
w ater on the bar at low tide, and
will thus enable light draught coast­
ing schooners to navigate the river
as far up as the City of Coquille,
the county seat.
Coos Bay is, next to the Columbia,
the most important and best harbor
along the Oregon coast, and it is
estimated that an additional expen­
diture of $250,000 will insure a bar
channel 1500 feet wide and 30 feet
5 coal
in operation,
3 ship yards, beautiful scenery,
the finest in the world, fresh water
lakes and waterfalls, 20,000 acres of
rich bottom land to be reclaimed,
the balance of trade always in her
favor, nearly every product that it
consumes, great gold belt through
the southern end, fine country for
hunting and fishing, great diversity
of garden products, roses blooming
in January, room for half a million
people, the most equable climate in
the United States, 2 furniture and
box factories, 1 sash and door fac­
tory, 5 shingle mills, 3 iron foun­
dries; 9 newspapers, one daily, 2
woolen mills, 1 brick yard and plant;
some 200 steam and gasoline beats
and crafts of various kinds. The
26 post offices are as follows, of
which the first ten are money order
offices and the first three are inter­
national, to-wit: Marshfield, Co­
quille, Myrtle Point, Alleganey,
Arago, Bandon, Bullards, Empire,
North Bend Templeton, Bancroft,
Bridge, Dora, Etelka, Fairview,
Gravel Ford, Lee, McKinley, Max­
well, Norway, Parkersburg, Pros­
per, Remote, Rural, Sitkum and
beautifully grained and susceptible
to a very fine polish.
It wears
smooth and does not splinter, and
is, therefore, used in ship building
for windlass stocks, bits, chocks
jaws, chats, fender mils, etc.
The most available timber re­
sources of the county are n o r con­
fined to the Coquille valley. The
large mills of Coos bay having prac­
tically exhausted the most easily
available timber on the streams put­
ting into tho bay, are now beginn­
ing to draw their supply of logs
from tho Coquille river, which will
amount to many millions of feet per
S I .50 P er Y e a r
est resources. Coos county fruit
has established a reputation for it­
self in San Francisco, where most
of our products are shipped. That
our fruit should command the high­
est prices in the San Francisco mar­
ket in competition with the fruit of
the state of California, about which
so much has been said and written,
speaks volumes for its excellence.
The annual production is yet small
and consists principally of apples,
pears, plums, prunes and cherries.
Tho low rolling hills and benches
are found to be ideal fruit land and
at no distant day we expect to see
the rolling bills and benches, which
are now used almost entirely for
grazing, covered with fruit trees
and supporting a large number of
happy and prosperous fruit grow­
l. H. HAZARD, C llh le r
R. E. SHINE, Vic« Prat
A. J. SHERWOOD, P r ti.
ers. The small fruits and berries
now grow in abundance,many varie­
ties growing wild in the woods.
The area suitable for horticulture is
large, the soil and climate are here
in no unmistakable terms, and all
op COgUUiLiH, O R E G O N .
that is now wanted is the horticul­
T r a n s a c t s a G e n e ra l B a n k in g B u s in e s s
Another important branch of
horticulture which promises to be­
C o rrespon den ts.
Board o f D ire c to rs .
come a great industry in Coos
National Bank of Commerce, New York City
A . J. Sherwood,
county is the raising of cranberries. R. O. Doraeufc,
Crocker Woolworth N ’l Bank, »San Francisco
L. Harlocker,
L. H. Hazard,
Though the amount of land now
Isaiah Hacker,
R. E. Shiue. First Nat’l Bank of Portland, Portland, Or.
devoted to the culture of these ber­
ries is small, it is sufficient to thor­
oughly demonstrate the adaptability
of the sand-hill swales, where wild
cranberries grow in abundance, to
the culture of
these berries.
This land can be purchased
at a very low price. One grow­
er, Mr. C. D. McFarlin, shipped
A private hospital for the care and treatment of medical, surgical
over three thousand bushels of cran­
and obstetrical cases. Equipment new and modern
berries in 1902 from a very few
in every particular.
Rates from
V nowlton’s Drug Store
Besides a com plete stock
|j oi Drugs and Druggist’s S un- 1 |
| dries carries Kodaks and Sup-
| plies, Phyrography outfits and
ifl Supplies.
Four hundred and fifty square
miles of Coos county’s area is un­
derlaid with a superior quality of
lignite coal. Only about two square
miles haye been mined. In many
places three and four strata, from
three to six feet thick, overlay each
other. There are two largo mines
in extensive operation, but several
others are in progress of develop­
In 18G5-6 a boulder was found
weighing about two huudred pounds
which yielded about $2700 in gold.
In 1896 a surface pocket yielded
over $2000, and several finds of less
value have since been made. Pros­
pecting is difficult, owing to the
dense growth of timber and brush.
Ledges have been discovered assay­
ing from $4 to 8750 per ton, but
every one is looking for the source
of the rich boulders. There is
much base ore, and specimens of
nearly pure copper have been found
in the streams, and platinum has
been found in considerable quanti­
ties in
There are probably fifty or seventy-
five small placers being operated in
Salmon fishing is one of Coos
Coos and Curry counties. High county’s very important industries.
Including room, board, general nursing and drugs.
bars have been found which pros­ Coos bay and the Coquille river
pect very rich, but owing to the have an excellent run of chinook,
considerable amount of expense silverside and steelhend salmon of
necessary to get water to them they excellent quality; and the govern­
have not as yet been mined. North ment hatcheries, which have been
and south of the mouth of the Co­ established on South Coos river and
quille river are beach mines; two tho Coquille river insure the con­
miles back from the present coast tinuance of good runs, and the
formation is an old beach formation preservation of that kind and class
which is very rich in fine gold and of fish. There are at present four
has yielded considerable wealth. canneries and two cold storage
The beach deposits, when first dis­ plants handling these fish in their
S u ccessor to W H. Mansell.
covered, W6re immensely rich. They seasons. Large quantities of steel
were discovered in 1852 and have heads are shipped to Coos bay
been worked about every year since,' from the Umpqua and Rogue riyere
W IL L M E E T A L L B O A T S A N D T R A I N S .
being replenished by the action o f ' and packed at the Coos bay cold
the surf panning out the slides J storage plant at Marshfield.
All orders handled with carefulness and expedience.
from the bluffs.
J and crab fishing promise to become
hop b a is in o .
' each quite au industry on the lower
A new industry that is attracting Coquille and Coos bay.
much attention is hop raising. J.
citif . s and towns .
B. Moomaw of Arago planteu about
On *be Coquille river, there are
nine acres two years ago as an ex- Bandon, at its mouth, with a popu-
périment, and the second year har­ lation of energetic and up-to-date
vested 12.G67 pounds, which sold business men who spare no pains to
and were rated in the market as old build up their town on a substan­
hops, bringing 29 cents. Mr. Moo­ tial basis. They have a woolen mill,
maw has put out 40,000 plants and broom-handle factory, match facto­
others in the neighborhood will put ry, iron foundry and machine shops,
two saw mills, two shingle mills,
out large tracts next season.
P H O N E 116
U. S. government light house, life­
d a ir y in g
an d stock raising .
The mild climate of this region, saving station, a bank duly incor­
the abundant rainfall and the unsur­ porated under the laws of the state
passed richness of the soil, make of Oregon, two regular ocean-going
Coos county especially adapted to vessels to San Francisco, a gravity
dairying and stockraising. There water system, public schools, church­
are seventeen public creameries in es and societies, is one of tho most
Coos county and all are doing a famous and favored summer resorts
Reasonable Rates
profitable business. This industry on tho coast, its beaches being scen­ Experienced Help
which has been one of the chief, ic and adopted to bathing and the
Special Rates to Families and Hotels
will greatly expand os the country usual sports and amusements of
is settled up; as there is only about such places aDd is the distributing
one-twentieth of the county that point for and headquarters for We make our own soap and know its ingredients. No injurious chemicals used.
Our baskets will be left at all the principal points on tho river.
has been reduced to cultivation. On freight and storage for all of north­
Goods called for and delivered in Conullle City.
the tide and marsh lands tho grass ern Curry county, having large
grows luxuriantly the year around, warehouses built expressly for this
so that stotk usually need no purpose.
Coquille, the county seal of Coos
other feed. From milch cows the
best results are sometimes obtained county, is situated on the Coquille
by light feeding during certain sea­ river aliout 26 milos from its mouth
sons of the year, but stock cattle on and 16 miles “ as the crow flies” from
the ranges seldom, if ever, require the ocean; has a population of
More people, terminus of trans­
The tributaries of Coos bay are
North, South, Willanche, PoDy, Coal continental railoada; coast railroad
Bank, Isthmus
and Catching from San Francisco to Portland;
sloughs, or inlets, and Coos river, electric road fram Eugene to Coos
all of which are navigable and are bay and other points; railroad ex­
important waterways leading into tended from Myrtle Point to Rose-
burg; a banking warehouse; trust
the main bay.
The Coquille river has also sever­ company to loan money on real es­
al important tributaries, mainly the tate; building and loan association;
North, South, East and Middle forks wooden-ware factory; pulp mills;
besides many creeks and sloughs of and the opening up of her vast coal
more or less importance. All of the mines.
above streams drain a vast area of
Coos county will be famed as a
the finest and most productive bot­ summer resort. Its beaches are al­
tom lands to be found anywhere in ready celebrated far and wide.
the world.
They are Bandon beach; Sunset bay;
The climate of Coos county is di­ Big Creek bay; and South bay. One
rectly under the influence of the can bathe in the surf at these resorts
Japan current and is exceedingly or indulge in the sport of deep sea
equable. Flowers bloom out of fishing. The Seven Devils country,
doors the year round and the grass southof Cape Arago light house fur­
is always
Observations nish some most picturesque scen­
during a period of fourteen years, ery. Ideal camping grounds can be
show that the greatest snowfall at found on any of the many beautiful
any one time was one and one- streams and lakes that go to make
county’s waterways.
that dur- up
fourteen North of Coos bay, in what is known
absolutely no bnow fell as the sand hills, is the hunting
in the valley regions
of the ground for wild geese and ducks
The thermometer here which collect in large numbers
seldom registers below the freezing i around the numerous fresh water
point, and the maximum heat is gen- lakes that nestle among the sand
orally below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, hills. It is proverbial that the peo-
The United States observatory at pie o f Oregon take life easy. Here
Bandon at the mouth of the Coquille nature requires but a modicum of
river, has the most equitable temper- effort to gain a livelihood. Oregon
aturo of anp of the observation sta- is the greatest berry country in the
tions in the United States, as Bhown west. Nearly all the domesticated
by the civil service reports: The berries of the Eastern states grow
temperature in January rauges from wild in tho woods of Coos county
49 to 70 degrees. The moan tem- — strawberries, raspberries, dewber-
perature for the year is about 52.2 | ries, thimbleberries. salal berrios,
degrees. The difference between logan berries salmon berries blue-
the three summer and the three berries, blackberries and huckle-
winter months is about 11 degrees, j berries. Therefore one can go out
The average yearly rainfall is about in the woods and get his living with
44 inches. The prevailing wind in little more than his rod and gun.
the summer is northwest and in the The summer is the dry season and
winter from the southwest, both the conditions make life for several
pure and healthful winds coming months ideal.
timber and lumber products .
direct from the Pacifie ocean.
Twenty-seven billion feet is the
There are no sudden changes in the
Blizzards and cy­ estimate of the merchantable timber
clones are unknown here. There j in Coos county. The timber growth
is no malaria, no hot summers nor ( consists of fir (Oregon pine) of
hard winters. Ripe strawberries three species, red, yellow and white;
are picked from the vines at Christ- red and white cedar; spruce, hem-
mas time. Potatoes and other vege- lock, yew, myrtle, maple, asb, white
tables are planted in February, and J and live oak, alder, dogwood, ma- feed. Butter and cheese of the best
drone, chittim and numerous small­ quality are made here and And a
grow, too.
market at good prices.
In a pamphlet of this character, er growths, principally crabapple ready
briefness is imperative in discussing and willow. The relative percent­ One dairyman receives an annual
every topic; so in the following age of the timber is approximately income of from $1600 to $180) from
The dairymen
list are given the most important as follows: Fir 75 per cent; spruce thirty-one cows.
resources, the products and the in­ 10, and hardwood 5 per cent. The and stockmen all being prosperous
dustries; but only the most impor­ white cedar is valuable wood for is perhaps, the best argument that
tant are named. Coos county has finishing purposes and for ship can be used to those wishing to en-
475 miles of wagon roads, 77 school building. It is exclusively used on gage in either of these industries.
districts, 26 postoffices, 31 road this coast for the manufacture of
of the Pacific coast is
districts, 29 voting precincts, 3000
voters, 15,000 people, 17 creameries only in Coos, Curry, Douglas and a better adapted to general horticul-
General Hospital
$$15 to $$30 per week
Miss S- C. Lakeman, Matron.
Marshfield, Oregon.
F ox,
Greiaeral Drayman
Agent for the b est Coos C ounty Coal.
C o q u il l e
Steam Laundry
S. li. NOSLER,
Best o f W ork
Monuments and Headstones
about lr>00, a courthouse that does
credit to tho county, a public school
building that is the pride of every
Coquiller, containing 8 rooms, new
and nearly all paid for, an academy
building owned by private individ­
uals, furniture and box factory,
large sawmill, coal mines, three
creameries, two newspapers and is
wcl1 supplied with various mercan-
tile establishments, ¡slighted by elec-
tricitr *D(1
one of the b« " ‘ water
For Sale.
systems in the state, which ia owned
It is near
A good home in this city, on and cheese factories, 4 salmon can­ portion of Josephine counties. The turo than Coos county. Tho fruit in- ftn‘1 ° l » n M ,*? ‘ he C,_ * ;
center of the
easy terms:
neries, 14 sawmills, 27 billion feet myrtle is a fine grained wood used
Enquire at this office.
(Concluded on page 4).
of timber, 450 square miles of coal in the manufacture of furniture, is destined to become one of our great-1
We guarantee better
work at lower prices
than can be had else­
Do not order
Monumental work until
you have called upon or
written us for prices.
Telephone, Mnin 288.
Stewart & White Props.
Mar™hH.?dSo t..
DAVID FTLTON, Local Agent, Coquille, Oregon,