The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, May 21, 1920, Page 10, Image 10

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- • ¿ . fr. ■ y .'-i i
jl ? t
: ¿Í-V.-vjk.fY
2S S
L e t P IctU M I
36 cents a
ke the memori
oí your outing
d o x .
M ore Real
Service ear just insUlled at
bam’» Garage for
i f . night and day sor-
Stonatitching gens -at
F oi^ M 1 U in soy, Front str
she Baxter HoteL
o f this
Of the
will ba given. Every
to attend the lec-
te time to join
. The Mace ara in'bloom agata, hot Ite
signed up
we have never before soon them wait IClub raven which fc m
further ‘
until tha test o f Bay.
C. J. Fuhnnan, who
They wfll probably
torsi arrangements.
Auto repairing •
Other schools will he held at
ham’s Garage.
Mrs- R. 8. Postal h u
«-od bm rt, Myrtle Point,
Dew Valley, Langlois,
Hemstitching and
____--------- ------------ Inlet, Cogo Riyor, Norway,
M:s. Burkholder’s,
Flora Poet- Ara(u and Bandon.
, says tim i
Bank. Building.
U l has returned te
hospital and Mrs. R. H. Gaspard, the
Very few
Aa Unnatural Father
daughter, will be able to leave
that Oregon 4
the Pea«
I Friday. Mrs. Poetai returned to, Co-1
in a political way.
of Powers, Wednesday brought to the
Donio wore
attention o f District Attorney Hall
: teat Friday i
Too hove never seen Anita Stew- L earn at Powers which attend up a
art at her greatest uptil you h a v e ] ^ ^
t f indignation in the local-
Miss Kate Prim started Sunday fee I***1 ker M N“ 1*®’ **• wM tesieal.Jev-hjy. Charges o f unusual actions a n
Oakland and n W b r n i t t t o T .L t e r " * ' bard riding waif from tb . Kan- Ig^da against J. H. Windon and Mr.
t,b. aim, o. h.r OTtal <W I‘
mt »
SSL**““ * £V f*
. i • -■ -
4 n' ...
'■ e.
V ¿s. , ; -a
. ••-V.*
Picture m om ozies ire real m em ories— arid your
K odak w ill m a k e’every O uting, m ore pleasant
lot, two blocks from P. Q. flJ »0 .0 0 rKentucky,” at ths Liberty, May 2»T
wlH handle it,* balanee terms.
17tt land 26th.
j According to the story, Window’s
R riritif 1H n i s - R .-A , Wernich w o rsf jt u disgraceful the way aoma ir- wife gave blrtk to a baby girl. Win-
•non« those who wont out on the
don, it is said, was angered because
night train to Portland lu t M om I
advantage of the fort that Coquille I he hod one 'girl and wanted a boy
00)0 has no police officer on day duty baby and R was reported to the jus-
by running around the streets'at a I ties that he took the intent child
26 or tO-mils rqte, with cnt-ontlnwnF from the mother,
i, to the inconvenience and danger
The matter came np to the
of everyone. A new yellow bug hoe Itien o f neighbors who fm m d for
Ja*. A. Sullivan, who ta now auditor been the worst offender of Shat kind I safety s f the mother and child. Mrs.
for the torn * Curry TelephoAa C o, this week.
iWintsn was cared ter by others and
was attending to company
V o CUM is also \being looked after.
here yesterday.
A nd w ith our splen
did* Finishing Depart­
ment w e can really
say— Y ou press the
button and w e do die
Just slip a K odak In
your coat p o c k e t -
take it on every O ut­
ing. T h e results w ill
t Dairymen Take Warning
Quarterly conference and
B ring US'your F in ish in g W o r k .
The organisation committee o f the
dinner at North Fork church, Fox Dairymen’s League for Com and Cur­
bridge, Sunday, May 80. Come and ry wishss to .warn . s i
best results w ith a tw en ty-fou r
Ton have all men or'heard o f the
bring a B p h i* .
against contracting their
Ign at American classic on the stage.
Apples put In cold storage at the any private corporations sit this
“ In Old Kentucky” realistically por­
ttem; or taking stock to such corpor­
bay la^t fall when they
tra ys all tlto trasnwidows scenes the
ations proposing to establish manu­
78 cento a box are now
could only l u f f t i t
facturing plants within our bounds.
] will bo talking abort It Don’t
Wo believe this to be a move to hold
lit Liberty Theatre May 26 and 28.
New machinery, lathe, etc., just in­
stalled at Graham’s Gar5ga.
i v a astu c p v
Recent events V r» in Com county of this district; which they see Is
Under the Sentinel’s pay in
hove convinced na that Robert Louis sure to he breught about through the subscription rule, we have to drop a
£>tcvenow‘ portrayed no impossil le Oregon
Co-operative number of names each month o f those i
, a ,,.,
character when he wrote “ Dr. Jekyli Lqogue to which the products o f over who for soma reason do not Cate t o j
B lu *
and Mr. Hyde.”
7000 cows has already been contracted renew. When we adopted the syt>-1 The gasoline famine is growing
A great fox chase, in which mount­ up to date by our organisation com- Item we supposed this would bo .tie acute in many parts of the state gad
ease and expected to print fewvr I in this county R is becoming difficult
ed hunters Imp hedge and stream mittee.
Year« respectnflly,
On the contrary the now to secure it for any exdhpt essential
until the fox is brought to bay. “ In
ORGANIATION COMMITTEE names that are constantly being add-juam. The Sentinel depends on gaso-
Old Kentucky” at the Liberty Theatre
Albert Seelig, Marshfield, Chm. |cd to our list have more than over ■ | line to run two .of its pressm and ita
May 85 ,and 2«.
e guarantee
is Drug Store
' Dr. G. W. Leslie, Osteopathic Phy­
sician of Marshfield, will be in Co-
quiile Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
day, 1:80 p. m. to 4 p. m. Office over
Roblhson’s store.
„ 18tf
A. W. Cope, Langkds <
H. H. Hanson, Langlota.
W. T. Warner, Broadbent.
A. W. Bigelow, Grami Ford
V - I . Croee, Coqnffle.
Clarence Zamwalt, EUxei.
J. 8. Cappa, Denmark.
Jeas Clinton, Myrtle Point
8. 8. Reed, Lundy.
Thao Clinton, Norway.
A beautiful love story o f the loy­
alty of a mountaineer girl to her elan,
and of her intrepid feats o f daring.
“ In Old Kentucky at the Liberty th e­
atre May 25 and 26. , ' / n ^
Vulcanising and battery service at
Graham’s Garage.
- Fred Schroeder recalls that J. D.
Bennett, now o f Gravel Ford, built
the house we hart seen torn down
this week across the street. He also
built the Sherwood residence.
A. E. Adams, representing the
American Type Founders Go., of
Portland, made his concluding call
here Wednesday. He is going to 8an
Francisco to study the linotype.
V Feudal battles between mountein
corn and gun fights between moon­
shiners and revenue officers will grip
you to your seats. “ In Old Kentucky”
at the Liberty Theatre May 25 and 28.
Lans Leneve reports that he has se­
cured eight new members o f the
American Legion during the drive this
week. If any others do as well there
will be no doubt about the drive being
n success.
May Have Chance to Fly
A thrilling resene o f a thoroughbred
qpcer from a biasing barn by a atip I /
w. o. w.
of • girl- “ In Old Kentucky“ at the
! All neighbors o f Myrtle Camp 127
Liberty Theatre May 25 and 2«.
and all neighbors of Craning Tide 'Cir­
cle No. M4 W. O. W , together'with
little Girl Struck by Car
¡their families, aldo neighbors of other
! About seren o’clock last evening u camps, are urgently requested to at­
Philip Johnson was driving an aato tend the celebration o f the 26th anni-
on Spurgeon Hill a little 5-year old rersay of Myrtle Camp No. 127 W. O.
girl, named Richmond, ran out from W., at their hall, Saturday evening.
behind another car in front of his May 22, 1220.
J. W. Loners, j
end w u struck and knocked down.
He w u driving elowly, however, and
shi was not run over or seriously
J. J. Mahoney, representing the
Oregon, Washington and Idaho Air­
plane Co., w u in town this morning
trying to arouse interest in an aero­
plane exhibition here the last part
A this month. His proposition w u
if twsaty people could be secured at
110 apiece to take e 10-minute ride,
going to en elevation of iboo feet the
company would include Coquille in
their tour of Coee county. They will
iring two planee, one e three-passen­ leap on horseback over, a broker
ger car and the
other for __________
exhibition I bridge above a chasm, taking great
They also have another *“ "»
fr« * the First Na
,__,___ __ ______
riew. that
o f determinine
tional , P*d » i f«*ture, ' In Old Ken-
best sir routes for regular tmnapor-
*" whic^ *h« «tare. This great
tation. Whether he secured th
u - American classic .will
will be shown at the
the erfh
antee we are not informed, but he Ub<lrt» Theatre on May 26 and 2«.
took the matter up with the Commer-
— ----------- -----1—
da) Club members, and if the fight
Dairymen’s Dance
is held it will be on the 22th and 80th. The Coquille-Myrtle Point d w
The Savor of yoor preserved fruits
quality of the SPICES yon use.
Then con
yokr spices; they win be the purest.
We ate» have the glasses, jars and sugar.
Whatever we seU yon will be sold for a fair and square
price. When yon once deni with os yon will be on­
er for Hfe. .
Try OUR Groceries
Farmers’ Union Store
Nothing Wet Bat the Ocean .
Spectacles and eye glasses quickly
and skillfully repaired. Broken lenses
duplicated. Optical repair* o f all
k:pda done while you wait. GistseS
fitted. By V. R. Wilson, “ Optomet­
rist,” Coquille, Oregon.
“Wo sew the ocean, but that was
The lands of the R u m Im­
all that w u wet that we u w when
provement Co. have now all been
we went down to visit Louis Simp­
platted and are offered to the
son Tuesday.
Thors w u a time I
public in tracts of any size de­
could not have said that without
L. P. Branstetter.
crossing day fingers, but I can now,”
Nick Johnson, who recently pur­ said John M. Scott, who with H. J.
chased the Chat. Thom building pa McKsewn, A. L. Martin, H. D. Moras *«5 2«.
Notice Is hereby given that the un-
and E. E. Penn went to Shonacres
Front street whore Boekett’s sol«
— --------■
I dersigned h u filed his Final Account
used to operate, began this week to
Sunset Magazine and the
»thr-1 »* the matter of the Administration
fit it up for a lodging house. He wtfl
•ra now furnished in combination for I of the Estete o f Robert R. Hfllia, do-
make eight steeping rooms on the
18, the prim o f the Sentinel being ceased, and the County Court for
second floor.
»2 a year and that e f Sunset |2 and Coos County, Oregon, h u not Satur-
tbe combined price being 81 lees.
day, the 12th day of June, 1220, and
The Sentinel has a bunch o f 1
--------- 1--------------
the County Court Room In the Comity
hoys on a ring picked up Saturday
Not junt a picture, but a great show Court House at Coquille, Coos Couu-
on the Bandon road near Lam pa,
See “ In Old Kentucky” at the Lib- ty. Oregon, u the place for hearing
awaiting an owner. The attached tag
erty May 25th and 28th.
objections to said Final Account and
is marked “C. B. S. Co. 88” on ooe
---------------------------------------------- the settlement of said Estate.
side end has the inRials “W. M.’
H you want a Portland dally In ate»-
Dated this 2iat day of May, 1920.
stamped twice on the other.
'/ .¡Ul» »W
Acetylene welding, brasteg and ma­
tion you win find that
chine work at Graham’s Oarage.
"'tractive (WÉÚ— aM I
‘ ;
’- M
íít ó É lt ó
5= 5= **—
now than tart year, so R
«■very one to not waste any water
from this
this tin
» until the faQ rains
A leaky faucet will waste more wa­
ter in twenty-four hours than an os-
dinary family will use in that tiam so
look after them leaks. It is a viola­
tion o f the City Ordinal»# to allow
any water service to leak or waste'
water and the person allowing ana
onnh «saeL
k l.
'7 "
•f «w y g u o d