The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, May 14, 1920, Page 7, Image 7

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I hereby announce myself as a « » I j K n ® S
didate for tee nomination for Sheriff begtaing
of Coos County, subject to the deci- I the southwest cm
si.n of the democratic voters, at the I Jljiott’» Addition
primaries to be held Friday, May 21.15 * ? County, Oi
1020. My platform is my past roc-
50 f.
W. W . Gage. I vest 100 feet ^
— Paid Advertisement h in g ;
candidate for the republican nomina­
tion for Sheriff o f Coos County, at the
primaries on May 21.
A. P. Millor.
—Paid Advertisement
nurktá C. i , thanes 1. l ¿ t t cfcattfc
I mor* er (me, to a poet maritsd C. 8.
on the U ft bank of tbo Cb-
qaUla river, thence is a Northerly di.
reetion alone the loft bank of the Co-
! quille river down otrdam to a p»<*»c
due E. of the place o f beginning,
thence W. U M chaina, moca or leu,
to the plano of hoginshif. -«»»**«-*»g
86 tt aereo of land, moie or loon, ex.
ceptin» the boom f r i vilereo of J. L.
Kronen berg-
That the dead from Abram Bono
and M. M. Rooo, his wife, to William
! Hutchison, John McCue and A. Me-
Cue, recorded March IS, 1898, at page
¿* of volume 81 o f the Deed Records
of Coos County, Oregon, bo reformed
For increase in expenses for gen­ to deacribo and convoy the East Half
eral educational purposes, including of the Northwest 'Quarter of Section
increase of teachers’ salaries, increas­ 15, Township 88, South of Range 14,
ed cost of all supplies, and outstand- West of the Willamette Meridian in
Coos County, Oregon.
iag warrant indebtedness.
Dated this 8th day of May, 1980. ,
That all this descriptions of lend hi
Attest: O. C. Sanford,
Section 16, Township 28, South of
Range 14 West of Willamette Marid­
District Clerk.
st 50 feet south of
W. L Kistner,
ian, found in Probate Cam No. 404 of
mr of block 68 of 17t4 - Chairman Board of Directors Coos County, Oregon, of the potete of
to Coquille City,
William Hutchison, including the ad­
ministrator’s deed to J. L. Kronen-
|berg, be reformed to spell his name
Notice is hereby given that the un­ as above and to describe tee East half I
dersigned has been appointed pdmin- of the Northwest Quarter and the
istrator of the estate of Charles E. Northwest Quarter of the Northwest
Wood, deceased, by the County Court Quarter of said Seetion 15, T. 28, 8.
• f Coos County, Oregon; end all per­ R. 14 W. W. If.; and that. Plaintiff
sona having claims against the estate have such other relief as to the Court
of the said deceased, are required to may seem equitable.
prooont tea tamo to the undersigned
with the proper vouchers at his office Defendants by publication thereof for
» First National Bank uBilding, in he period of six weeks successively,
CoquiUe, Coos County, Oregon, with­ oy virtue of an order of publication
in *ix months from the date of this made by Hon. C. R. Wade, County
Judge of Coos County, Oregon, dated
Dated and first published this 23rd tpril 14, 1920.
day e f April, 1820. •
The date of the first publication e f
J.' J. Stanley,
hi* Summons is April 18, 1988k
Administrator of thq Estate of
S. D. Pulford,
Charles E. Wood, Deceased.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Residence and P. O. Address, Co-!
M rr Farm er
Professional Cards
1 — » ” F - ” | Notice Is Herofiy Given To the legal
m .*f!! " r PUy
I rotors of School District No. 8 of
“ ■
[Coos County, State of Oregon, that
* f * /■ y * , . 0 ? la Scbeel Meeting of said District will
mt to ro rtlai»a,|b# M d at ^ Hig)l
on the
M. M. Rose, widow o f Abram Rose;
Lester Rose, an unmarried man; Edna
|L. Emery, born Edna L. Rose, some­
times called Frances Edna Rose, a
daughter of Abram Rose, and William
H. Emery, her husband; («ra p s M.
Barrows, born Lorena M. Rose, otber-
her husband; Kittie Laura Johnson,
born Kittie Laura Bose, otherwise
Katherine Rose, and Charles Johnson,
her husband; tbs following bain of
121st day of Jans, 1920, at 8:00 o’clock I William tfutehiaoa, sometimes known
City sagmatr,||B ^ afternoon to vote on tee pro- Us William Hutchinson, also as Wil­
. . . .
, I position of levying a special district liam Hutcheson-.—Ella Myrtle Lane,
“ A d v m t ie e m e n tl^ ,
j a daughter of William Hutchison, and
I The total amount of money needed Ralph Lane, her husband; Lena Clem­
" 1
I by the district during the fiscal year entine Jones and Gus Jones, her hus­
i voter Id to sat-1 beginning on June 21, 1920, and end- band; Millie May Smith, a daughter
of William Hutohisoa, and Carl
« a . to tka fit-1 ing on June 80, 1921, is estimated in
tat May partieu-1 the following budget and includes the Smith, her husband; including all ef
the heirs at law of William Hutchi-
I am a
for tea Rapubli- Light, Power and Telephone
can nomination to tea office of Dia-1 Clerk's salary ..................
trict Attorney o f Case County, Ore- Postage and stationery . . . .
gon. I am 41 yean at age and have hror the payment e f bended
resided in Coon County ove* thirteen
debt and interest thereon,
years. I waa ndmitted to the bar in I iæued under Sections 117,
May, 1902, and ever sinos have h e « j 144 to 148, and 422 of the
engaged in the practise at law.
School Laws ef Oregon,
I was twice elected Prosecuting At-1 1917 ................ •*........
torney of Cassia County, Make, n"<i I Insurance ........................
held the office from January. 1908, to interest on warrants . . . . .
January, 1907.
I Street Bond Aeeeesmerte
I deceased, defendants.
No. 6402.
Sait ia Equity to Quiet Title.
To Lena Clementine Jonas and Gus
19^80.00 JonM> her husband; Millie May Smith
1000.00 *” 4 Carl Smith, her husband:
Lin the Name at tee State at Oregon:.
T You are hereby summoned end re-
1.200.00 1 qnired to appear and answer the
50.001 Complaint of the above named Plain-
I tiff filed against you in the above
500.00 entitled Court and cause, in the of-
°* the Comity Clerk ef Coos Coan-
60.00 ty, Oregon, within aix weeks from the
2.226.001 f*ta of thd first publication of this
4000 Q Summons, namely, within six weeks |
1 «00.00 fro® the 18th dr.y of April, 1920, the I
35040 1 same being May. 28th, 1920, and the
300.00 rams being the last day of the time
100.00 prescribed in the Order ef Publication
I of Summons herein, for the Defen­
ds nts to answer tee Plaintiff’s Com-
plaint, and if yon fail so to appear I
and answer said Complaint, for want
thereof the Plaintiff will apply to the
4,456.00 Court for the relief demanded in his
500.00 mid Cofnplaint, of which the follow-
600.00 >ng is a succinct statement, vis: That
you, said Defendants, be ordered to
¿ 19.44 produce all claims whiqk any of you I
First II1
V I Bank B’M’g 1
Maio 11, Ooqaille, Oregon.
J. J. S T A N LE Y
$ 4,729.80
11,074.52 chafes to a
w . 40.00 a
? ..* ; ¿