The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, March 19, 1920, Page 6, Image 6

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fa little
Note the location
Next to
Liberty Theatre
Coqu il le’s New Cafe I
Coos and Curry Land Co.
We will tell your farm quickly. List with us.
If you want a farm we have i t Don’t buy be­
fore you see our list
Coos Comty Praised.
Here U the latest boost for Code
Coos Bay cities and towns have
grown about SO per cent within a year
and development of the entire district
is progressing a t a corresponding rap­
id rata, says J. A. Ormandy, assistant
general passenger agent of the South­
ern Pacific railroad, who returned to
Portland Monday after a week of gen­
eral inspection over the Cooe Bay tins.
• “Thera has been a vast improve­
ment in the Cooe Bay dfatrfat hi four
• means Uttfa or nothin«, for M m
p e a th at acton! settlors oa tha O.
fa C. land who hava I
0 a land fo r a ear
«as* givaa tha right
m . All of tha bo
land Which is good f o r .
m aottlad oa lea« ago aad those
io occupy it are naturally going to
>*ha ,k up if it fa worth while. This
applies to all of tha load th at fa not h»
4 unUtrnj ^
inscceseibl# ifMrtflti.
A groat deal of the land to Gaea
county will bo d omed as timber and
no will be classed a«
id. As fa r aa can be
is no list of tha rlasoiflootfan yet, aa
if anyone waats to settle oa a piece of
lead it fa impossible to tall whether it
usee aa agricultural or timber land.
Now as a m atter of fact a fat of the
land which fa classed as agricultural
•a of Uttfa value aa ouch. Much of It
fa rough and even if cleared would not
ike n form. Of course there fa
ae which would make farms but tt
ia likely th at whan it fa investigated
it will ba found th at it to now occupied
and will be taken up by tha squatters
or also it fa ao inaccessible th at tt
would bo too far away to bo practical.
Of course former service men may
ba lucky and find something th at fa
worth homootoading hut to dirwet a
in to ouch a place would bo difficult.
Perhaps some of tha locators find
claims bat in thgt case the fee would
be high.
It fa a difficult m atter to make the
•torn naan understand these facta.
They do not realise what tt means to
try to make a farm out of a piece of
rough hill land covered with trees aad
brush. Some think th at the west does
t want them and fa trying to keep
an away and prevent their gotting
horn a t sod. This locality certainly
wants to soe settlers but tt fa dto-
Mfliag for a young man to attem pt
to homes tead aad a m ts a ta n a of a
piece of land which fa impoooihfa to
vetop Into anything valuable.
If some of the eastern boys
have' boon ta tha arm y got too far
back into tho
mp tide hill covered with trees and
brush aad expected to make a farm of
the place they would eurcly fool as
much concern aa they did wbea in
front of the German guns.
Some of tha former soldiers may bo
able to find a tract of 160 s e r a
taking up os n hamootaed but
no n e hero would bo unable to di­
rect them to ouch a place under the
circumstances which have
Furthermore sense seem to have tho
impression th at the homestead would
bo worth taking baonuno of tho timber
It should bo thoroughly understood
of the l a n d ^ m i ^ ^ H
ed end th at which fa valuable for Ha
tituber has been claaswtf a» timber land
and the timber will be sold by tho gov.
eminent before the vacant lend fa over
offered for homesteads. There fa no
chance of
O r Shall I Order a N ew One?
Either way you decide, see Buddie Brooks
A new line of Sprint and Summer
■ample« from the best known tailor­
ing houses are now on display.
Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing
•s. ••v
for Ladies and Gentlemen /
Bring it in; we make it look like new
and yon are guaranteed satisfaction.
Opposite F. ft M. Bank
Gardner’s Garage
is thoroughly equipped to give any car the thorough going
over or the lighter touches it needs to put tt in good shape,
whether it be
Ignition, Lighting
or Engine Trouble
‘Rain-E-Day” Windshield Cleaners at $L5I
Why School Nurses?
The following article, quoted in the
American Journal of runlic Health, is
W holesom e
G oan
D ependable
officially approved by tbe United S ta ta authorities.
because Ulta manufactured in the
biking powder plant ta the
world, equipped with specially designed machinery
to urevent exposure and contamination. It and its
materials arc untouched by human hand from the
start to the finish In the scaled can.
liecnuse every possible pre­
caution known to Baking
Powder a icntDts—tbe combined knowledge of f
staff of Baking Powder experts—M years of prac­
tical experience In the manufacture of Baking
Powder—is used in our efforts to make its keep­
ing qualities perfect.
Dependable ¡£E SSTSlSfi’iS l
amount of dried white of ega—tit« ingredient that
possible the “ W a te r Glass T. st.” This trtt is a
b it important and |.m jtivr method that enables____
yob or
anyone to easily prove that Calumet has preferred Its
remarkable leavening power.
Our salesmen frequently test the Calumet Baking Powder
the find
- on the grocers'
“ to make sure that it is up
«01 the Calumet standard. This makes sure that it reaches
you in the rame perfect cehtiilkm as it leaves Urn factory!
The test la not a comparative test of the strength of
diMcrrut kinds of BnUii« Powder*. . The “Water Glass
Teat" does not show the strength of a Baking Powder that
A Aoee no« contain white of egg. It dors, however, show the
superiority of Calumet in other respects.
Tbe “Water Glass Test’’ famishes a
It is Baking Powder Insurance.
Let oa sand you free a “ Big Story la a Little
srhich describes tbe Water Glass Test
Cffil— ffit Bfakir* f Powviwr h |
Calam i Baking Powder
s strong argument in favor of anami­
nation of school children, »»vi follow­
ing the county nurse’s instructions re­
garding the correction of physical de­
“Physical Defects Among 10,000
B ritish Recruits—This article is a sum­
mary in relation ta age, types and lo­
cation of defects.
Tim conclusions
are: (1) Physical defects worthy of
March IS—Noble Pitman and Loret­ note are present in four-fifths of the
ta E. Mirraaaul, both of Marshfield.
adult mala population; (9) Many of
March IS—Ernest Forslund and these develop after the age of IS
Lena F. Mattson, both of Marshfield.
years (three man out of four a n fit
March IS—L. M. Wier and Sophia
for general military service a t the age
Nelson, both of North Bend. They
w e n married on the same day by of IS, but only two out of four by the
age of * 8 ); ( I ) Many of thorn de­
Bev. H. C. Kephart.
a n preventable or curable, e. g.,
March 16—Acs Summers and Lola
M. Stanford, both of Myrtle Point. defective teeth in 20 par cent of men,
They w e n married the same day by varicose veins in S par cent, deformi­
ties of limbs in 7 par cant, hernia in
over S per cant, skin diseases in S per
cant; (4) ‘T h a n appears to bo great
Yesterday the Sitka mffl tackled
the hardest Jeh H has yet come across.
Usually that mffl sets up 140 logs ta
a day but its tally yester day was only
9. Logs in tha rivar have beau getting
»« rear lately and so they bars
bought a bunch df tha Dollar Cam-
peny’s stuff down a t Bear creek >«J
had them towed up. Among the let
w an m m giants that eoald with dif-
la Chinn wk*n * MPM «• netting
his lessons ha turns his hack to the
teacher, says an exchange. Over h e n
he occasionally has Jo do that, but IPs
not for red tattoo purposes
• Tha “Yes“ A rtist
"Whan a man says •yes’ to every­
thing you suggest. Stop suddenly
seme time and you’ll probably find that
ha Isn’t paying mud» real attention ta
your remarks.”—Exchange.
In F act Generally.
A "dentist says that cholera germs
ok like a comma Possibly, h u t when
ay get loto a man's system they a n
* to put tb* final parted to Us au-