The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, February 27, 1920, Image 1

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I o f serving food to fam ilies where there Three Girle and One Wonu
. to illness.
Different women o f Co-
Victim s of the “ Fhi
quille are giving their time to the
preparation o f the food and ears have
been 'offered to bo used fo r distribut­
We have to report tw o deaths here
ing it.
If yon know o f anyone to whom the from the prevailing epidemic since
Rod Cross can extend this service, our last issue.
leave your order at the office o f the
Juanita Claire Dean, daughter o f
Home Demonstration A gent, Phone
and Mrs. A. B. Dean, who live just
Since this work to to be continued northwest o f the city, died Friday at
as long as there is need for it more the age o f one year and ten months,
(help w ill be needed. I f yon can help and was buried Saturday in the M s-
sonic cemetery.
d nearest I Lee; J. 0 . Houser, Parm er, B ridge; fo r some time occurred last Mos
ik at the C.
fh c s , Farm er, Pow ers; C. M. night when the residence s f W.
Coos Bay I Erodes, Farmer, E m pire; F. 8. Robin- Barsee was totally dsstreyeri by i
* sea, Farmer, N orw ay; A . L. Rice, I The alarm was given about nine
T * Farmer, B ancroft; W e . E. Sulltven, d ock end to sold by Mr. Bere#«
were AL ( Hotelkeeper, M arshfield; H. J. Isaacs, j have started In the kitchen, and tl
Attorney Beni Estete, North Bepd; Fay W . M» soeasingiy no question that it
C ow g a y Jonas, Clerk, Coqullle; F. M. M iller, duo to a defective flue.
The u|
Farmer, A rago; W . 8. Mack, Farmer, P « * o f the house which was a t
I Parkersburg; A . H. Oden, Fanpar, «towy
**• •O0* • ***• o f flas
Coqullle; T. G. Summerlin, Farm er, though with a goad water supply, the
Grovel Ford; W. 8. Nicholson, Mm- A n department would have been able
cheat, Marshfield; J. 8. Roberta, to hare pot it out.
Moot o f the fu r-
Farmer, Tem pleton; A . J. Radabeugh, nitore in the upper part o f the house
Farmer, N orway; A . T. M orrison, In- was gotten out quickly except the
surance, Coqnille; Fred Von Pegert, « » k stove.
The haste with which.
Mechanic, Coqullle; R. M. Parrish, I the werk was dans, however, resulted
Farmer, M yrtle Point; W. P. Neal.
considerable damage.
P ensar, Broadbent; Henry Johnson,
Mr. Chase w y e the telephone eons«
Fenner, Riverton; Edmond P. Lewto, P *»y did good service at this thge, aLj
fciM —
M arshfield; Gee. D. Man- though the how cart get a bum steer
digs, Merchant, North Bond; C. fi. starting north by w ey o f the T bridge
The Sentinel’s Apology
A ll errors end omissions in the Sen­
tinel this week may safety be charg' d
up to the prevailing epidemic which
has rendered it hnpoesible to turn the
copy prepared fu r the paper into type
matter. Last weak there were five
members o f the tw o Sen tin si fam ilies
confined to their beds with the flu, but
we had a good start on the paper, and
by calling to our aid J. C. Ravage, who
form erly published the Sentinel, were
able to get out on time with the usual
amount Of reading matter. But this
week when the junior editor had to lay
off in addition, and we were left with
no experienced linotype operator, it
became a question whether it would
be possible to get out any paper at
all. We have done the'best we could,
however, and we know our readers
will excuse us. It has been necessary
to let advertising as trail as news go
over until next weekwhae we hope the
skies will begin to brighten.
part o f town was a pitiful
a water supply.
M yrtle Stancliffe, ' the lb-year old
daughter o f Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bteiu
cliffe, who live la the north part o f
the city, died Tuesday and was buried
at t p. m. yesterday in the Masonic
cem etery. '
Both these funerals were from the
Mrs. Pearl Sinead, daughter o f Mr.
and Mrs. Sydnam, o f Curry county»
who was cooking at Schroeder A A a-
sea’s camp at Norway, died Tuesday,
aged SO years She was the Sister o f
Geo. Sydnam, the young man killed
by Geo. Chenoweth last spring. Mrs.
Smend's remains were taken to Lang-
loto fo r interm ent
Among application« ' for
water writing it has not been decided wheth­
rights mede te thè State Engineer at er the interment w ill be at Marshfield
Salem to one by N. 8. Phelps at M yr- or CoquiUe.
tle Point, ,who waate to appropriate
thè water o f a smeli um ani ed streaw
far dome«tic purpoeas. >
8o, instead «t constructing flim sy
wooden structures whiefl burn like
R an iion m in ts D ow n
tinder aad must be painted every few
years to keep them from rotting down, >Tka Bandon public schools w efe
we must begin to build fo r the ages. I * “ * ’■* noo° yesterday on account
A well built eeoerate structure ought •* ** “ *«•" A t the same tim e an or-
indeed to be as sound a thousand M*« w*nt int° « * * * prohibiting house
years hones as H to today and the
upkeep and »«— ranee easts will be k>d* * » “ tings, shows, churches and
negligible in comparison to what we *n oth#r «»thertags o f sim ilar nature,
have to pay now.
ord« ' »
{or »
o the first president o f the
* CRfb and the first president
■Stshfield Chamber o f Corn­
ile to survived by hie wife,
i, I. R. Tow er and J. B. Tower,
ifieid; end one daughter, Mrs.
Mias Cecil Schreyer, county health
>. Day, o f M onrovia, Califor-
s funeral sendees wUl be held 1 nurse, earns fas yesterday morning
with twv Rad Crpas nurses, Mies Da-
Costa and Mies Sheehan, who arrived
yesterday from Portland to render all
the aid possible to the people o f this
county who era suffering from the
prevailing epidemics o f colds, grip
end flu.
The assistance o f these nurses was
secured by Miss Jane Allen, State
Advisory Nurse, in response to a tele­
gram from Mrs. R. H. Corey, chair­
man o f the nurse committee o f the
County Public Health Association,
sent* at the request o f Miss Schreyer,
county health nurse.
Miss DeCoste went to work in this
city early yesterday morning and will
be on the job bare while the present
conditions continue.
She to visiting
the eases most needing attention, re­
lieving their immediate necessities
and then going on to other», in this
way helping more people than if she
settled down at any one place.
Schreyer asks us to impress on our
readers that the services o f the visit­
ing nurses are not in the natqre o f a
“ Lady Oregon” to a half lister to
charity though they are paid by the
“ Long Lady” who topped the pries at
public, end that they will go where
W rigley’s sale at $4,000, and W rig-
they are most needed regardless o f
ley*« to the highest prieeJ herd in the
ability of their patients to em­
ploy a nurse. . The services o f private
“ Lady Oregon” cost—let me see
nurses in the prevailing epidemic are
well a heap more than any other hog
impossible to secure, so that we are
that haa ever entered the portals o f
all in one boat so fa r aa the need o f
Coos county.
Some have said— and
trained nurses to concerned.
not ju st two, either— that Lyle was a
Anyone wishing Miss DeCoste to
“ Boob,” "Sim p,” "Im becile,"and var-
call, should telephone to Mrs. Vir­
ginia Lamb, the Red Cross president,
or to Mrs. J. F. Nosier at the court
house where the nurse will take her
lumber m ills and camps In this seeded'
and can probably corns as near telling
how targe e percentage o f them are
reds with 4. W. W. affiliations, as any
o f the missionaries o f that nefarious
gang. O f course there are no avowed
members o f this anarchistic cult now,
bul the radicals and the disaffected
may all bo found in th« TifatW W ork­
er’ Union, though by no means all the
member« -o f that Union a rt enemies
'o f our system a f government. Mr.
Minshall places the four L member­
ship now at 40,000 and ateadUy grow ­
ing. And he has a very g3bd word
for the employers o f labor in the
Northwest lumber camps, who he says
he thinks are ail trying to do the
square thing.
We were astonished when he told
us that the lumber operators o f this
coast are now filling orders for four
million railroad ties fo r Arabia and
W m Sicker Than He Knew
Early this weak John W. M iller was
taken with the prevailing epidemic
and called Dr. Hamilton who went out
and prescribed. Before going out the
next day to see him, the doctor
telephoned to learn
whether/ there was anything he would
February T er® Goes Stowiy
Ministering Angels
Among the m inistering angele who
its come to the front in the prevail-
■» -
Judge John S. Coke came over here
Tuesday afternoon and opened the
February term o f court, but owing to
the prevailing epidemic held it open
without doing any business except to
grant divorcee in the two follow ing
cases: Minnie Quick vs. Robert Quick
end Elisabeth Clinton vs. Chns. F.,
Court has not been In session since
nor has anything been done to set the
date for the hearing o f the Howell
m erder ease nor o f any other eases,
owing to health conditions.
The Judge w ill come ever again
next Tuesday to take up any business