The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, February 20, 1920, Page 8, Image 8

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VALLÂT UtmUKL, U N )Ü U l% QfrWHtyi
Has made another
Fraedrick’s Grocery
Will be Reaiiy for Business
Saturday March 6
Laird Building opposite Postoffice
WiO carry full fine of
* •
* -
Big Reduction
cheese in any of the Const markets.
We figure th at the first cause of
this tremendous frow th of our pro­
duct has been made possible by put-
tin f out n superior article.
I wish to state th at as fa r ns Ore­
gon is concerned we have been some­
what helped because m ost' Oregonian*
feel a certain personal interest in our
product. Had tb s Tillamook cheese
been made by some private concern
like the Carnation or Borden people,
people would not have felt the com­
munity interest. I t baa coma to bo
the ease th at the average Tillamook
dairyman feels a personal pride in
putting out a good grade of milk,
feeling he would be well repaid for
doing so in the increased fame and
Feed, Etc.
Beginning Saturday M oiling
Every Article in the store
331-3 Per Cent off
• • % V " •
or more .
• . - '
Ladies Coats 50 per cent-half price. $25.00
. coats for $12.50. $23.00 coats now $11.50
Girls $12.50 coats now $6.25. $10.50 coats
now $5.25.
Boy’s High Top size 5 1-2 $6.75 Shoes now $4.50
Boy’s. High Top size 131-2 $6.35 Shoes now $4.23
Boy’s Low Top $4.25 Shoes now $2.83
Children’s Heavy Union Suits $1.35 now 90c
Children’s Heavy Union Suits $1.50 now $1
35c Outing Flannel now 24c
Everything in the store in the same proportion.
Fraedrick is waiting for the store room. These ,
must be sold. This is a great chance fbr the pec
Coquille and vicinity to buy goods at old time price«
have a good assortment lei
ers in the .main. They were simply
interested in the dollar to be had im­
mediately, fed stuff th at should not
be fed to cows whose milk was being
made into cheese, etc. They do not
¡have th at personal feeling in the pro-
duet th a t a Tillaipooker has, hence
they cannot get the practical co-oper­
ation of the producer. Then they have­
n 't got the corps of cheese makers we
have trained up.
As we nil know, about two years
ago we adopted a method of trade-
marking Tillamook cheese. This was
thought as being rather foolish by
some, a t times, some of the cheese
.makers especially criticising the pro.
j position, some suggesting th at it was
¡simply thought Op to make more
work fbr them. This method of trade­
marking our cheese was worth at
least one hundred thousand dollars to
us last year.
Without it, K would
have been Impossible to have had any
success with our advertising, in fact
it would have been useless to adver­
tise an article that the consumer could
not identify when called for, or when total sale price of eloee to two million
dollars. The milk contained 1,176,000
it was offered him—usually her.
It would surprise some of you the lbs. butter fat. Average test sms
The average yield
length some storekeepers will go to­ 4.147 per cent.
day to convince consumers th at they was 11.428 lbs. cheese per 100 lbs.
are offering Tillamook cheese when milk. The average cheese price was
I wish to make
they are offering something else. This 32.29c Tillamook.
is dons, of course, because the dealer some comparisons with former years.
can often make more money on In this case comparisons are not
handling the' other cheese. But the odious, a t least not as far a i 1012
word “Tillamook" stamped all over work is concerned. Our gain of cheese
the goods we make, there can be no for the year was over 1,000,000 h i .
over 1918. Our 1018 yield of cheese
more camouflaging.
This year we are running a series per 100 lbs. was 11.109, while the
of ads th a t will show ths consumer 1919 yield, 11.428, was over a % lb
This greater yield alooe
something about ths details of dairy greater.
production, manufacture, paraffining, made 184,000 lbs. cheese and the value
testing cheese, etc. We will run a of the Increased yield I figure to have
series of eds in 11 newspapers, papers been $48406.00. This was enough to
having combined circulation of nearly pay the salaries of all the makers,
a million copies. It would surprise Inspector and myself. I figure th at
some of you how this fixes the mind part of this yield may be attributed
of consumers to request and insist on
Tillamook when they want cheese. It
is like you men insisting upon your
favorite cigar or ymoking tobacco, or
you ladies, if you do, on your favorite
chewing gum.
Now as to production, markets,
stocks on hand, etc. The market is
well supplied with all styles of
cheese, especially the heavier kinds.
On the first of the year, storage
stocks were 63 million lbs., as against
19 million a year ago, a gain of 169
per cent.
Even then, last year a t this time
there was a decline of 14%c the lb in
cheese in Wisconsin in two weeks,
so we do not want to be too sure of
our position this year; as the stocks
on hand are mostly twins, we are
asking the boys to make mostly Long­
horns and Y. A.’s right now.
Some of the boys may think we
are doing this to make more work
for them, but I feel th at we should
make the stock on which there is the
least competition, always.
I would
appreciate knowing of any factories
where there are no facilities for mak­
ing Y. A.’s and Longhorns, as there
will be a difference of about 10c the
lb on butter fa t between Longhorn
and triplet cheese prices this spring.
It pays us in three days to put up
what ths market demands.
Ws have about three per cent of
the 1919 production unsold, all trip­
lets. The cheese is in Los Angeles,
. — ___________________ _____ ___
everything being shipped out from | together es one family and settled
¡their own problems and difficulties, {¡JJJ? * ^ -(|
Now about the past season’s work: and he had the greatest praise and hack^So;
Practically complete figures for the admiration for a class of citizens who
past year show receipts of 62% mil- had done this moat sueeessfally, “No
“The Bea
lion lbs. milk, cheese prodaesd about m atter whore I go in the state,” said sional stag
six million, fifty thousand lbs. and Mr. Mickle, “I boar of your organise- queens of ■
N ote the location
N ext to
Liberty Theatre
Coquille’s New Cafe
Here is a. Wonderful
Coquille Valley Sentinel
Regular Price ■ • $2 a Yew
1920 h
1919 Chevrolet Roadster $650.00
1920 Ford Touring New $590.00
1919 Dodge Roadster £ $1000.00
C oquille, O regon
A Kansas City msn received four
very nice presenta on hie birthday
•■»ly this week, a silk sh irt a
pair of gloves, and a pair of «sta
The shirt, giren him by hie
o«*, was else 16% -be w een 14%;
the gloves, selected by fils mother,
were else «—he wears 7% ; the socks,
from fils brother, were elee 12—he
w ean 10.
His employer, however,
who has known him more Intimately
for several years, sent out a box ef
soft collars which fit him exactly*—
Konoaa City Bur.