The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, January 30, 1920, Image 1

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    The Liberty Temple v u pur­
chased last Tuesday by Mrs. L.
P. Brans tetter fo r the W unaa’i
Club o f which she is
The price paid was $146, the
amount o f claims against the
building. It is the intention o '
the Woman’s Club to complete
this building and fit it up i s a
Ladies’ rest room . I f the city
buys the Lamb Grove it w ill be
moved to a site adjoining that
tract which Mr. Lamb will do­
nate fo r that purpose.
There was a good attendance
at the Woman’s Club meeting
Tuesday evening.
The report o f the Lamb Grove
com m ittee was m ost encourag­
ing bringing back the word from
the City Council that already
there were nearly enough funds
in the treasury to pay fo r the
m ove. It is the general feeling
m at this beautiful park should
be bought fo r the permanent use
o f the city before the trees are
It was announced that the
Woman’s Club had at last p ro­
cured the Liberty Temple and
that the Lamb estate agreed to
add to the grove a small
land adjoining fo r the
Temple site. This building
not only be a very useful and
convenient building for the peo-
o f Coquille but fo r our rural
The com m ittee working fo r
the retention o f the Home Dem­
onstration agent w ere able to
make only a partial report hut
that much was encouraging.
the work o f the agent
is prim arily with the rural wo-
C m CM atjr N sor the Tag
Coos county stood third jjz the
value o f the products turned out
by the Boys and Girls’ dubs.
The follow ing issued from the O.
A . C. at Corvallis td ls o f the
Sixty-sfel thousand ninety-five
dollars and tw o cents is the valu­
ation placed on the livestock,
corn, potatoes, garden truck,
canned goods and other products
produced by the boys and girls’
appear in this issue o f the Sen­
They show a total o f
$201,616.72 o f warrants on the
general funds and $19,025.57 is­
sued on the road fund during the
last six months o f 1618.
amount o f outstanding warrants
on the general fund is $206376.-
N ot equal to the same
amount w o And in the hands o f
the county treasurer applica­
to the payment o f these war­
rants is $157.90439. But there
is $493.982.48 current taxes not
yet paid jrh ich is applicable to
the payment o f county warrants
soon as collected, and when
the Southern Oregon taxes are
pajd, as we are informed they
soon will be, $he treasury will
show a very
erent balance
Women W ill Win
The way in which the people
o f Coquille have responded to
requests fo r subscriptions to re­
tain Miss Minnie Kalbus
home demonstration agent in
this county there is little qi
tion that they will succeed in
that plan. Coquflle is going to
oversubscribe her quota.
According to a report received
yesterday from Dr. Low, County
Health Officer, by th e County
Nurse, a number o f cases o f ’flu’
lave appeared in Coos county.
This is o f the same prevailing
type that is present in other
parts o f the state and in the
eastern states known as “tw o
day” or “ intestinal” flu.
ch ief symptom sefems to be the
ice o f a diarrhea.
It is
surely desirable to control this
to t ie
schools would send children
home who appear to be 01, with
the recommendation that the
child be taken to the doctor, this
will be a great aid in controlling
the infection.
In addition to this if everyone
who has, or suspects that he
m ight have, an attack o f ’flu
wiD voluntarily isolate him self
and his fam ily from contact
with the general public, the epi­
demic need not gain the over­
whelming force that it had last
year. No one wants to see an­
other epidemic o f ’flu.’
Ko-Keel Klab Klosed
gon. The net earnings was $38,-
A t a special meeting o f the
096.40 a ft«* deducting fo r la­ Ko-Keel Klub last night, it was
bor, rent, purchase o f animals decided to disband that organi­
and all other materials.
zation and Leo J. Cary, as the
Multnomah county led all the representative o f W. C. Laird,
other counties o f the state, with was authorized to put a padlock
Clackamas, Coos, Douglas and on the club doors and keep ev­
Marion com ing in the order eryone out.
named. AD counties were repre­
It is to be regretted that the
Ko-Keel Klub could not be kept
up, as there is need o f such an
Over a Million Taxes
organization and club rooms in
The Assessor’s summary o f CoquiDe, but when it became a
Coos county tax levies and as­ hoodlum’s resort for aU kinds o f
sessments tor the 1918 taxes is deviltry, most o f the vandalism
now in the hands o f the printers. being done by non-members, the
It shows much the largest tax self-respecting members could
levy in the history o f Coos coun­ not be expected to pay fo r its
ty, the total being over a million maintenance.
dollars M id nearly one-fifth larg­
Danger Signals Out
er than last year.
Break the
news as gently as possible to the
This will be the last issue o f
taxpayers. Or in the words o f the Sentinel to be mailed to
one o f the world’s immortal those who have received the red
bards: "L et those who “ ▼•card unless they renew. That is
tears to shed prepare to shed a danger signat—the last call be­
fore tne name is taken from the,
them now.”
list. Those who find a blue mark
A re We Hoodooed?
on their papers this week will
CoquiDe seems to be hoodooed understand that the time
_ . they
k , 1st ,
so f 3 as our Lyceum entertain-; have paid for expires n
^ concerned
Last week and that prompt renewal will
Captain Pini^ JJpton^WM sub-!help us keep our list straight.
For the C hildroa-~M n
Death o f the Head o f the A.
Nnpaay W ill Not
Stop Progress
It was an inspiring talk that
The follow ing article from
Capt.,T. Dinsmore Upton madn'Su
Sunday’s Oregonian in regard
in our Lyceum course hurt Fri-|to the effect
c t tne death o f A. Ru
aay nignt. He had a message j Port will have on the activities
fo r parents and fo r all who have! o f the company that bears his
to do with providing needed
neorted f M>
e name will be especially intereet-
creation grounds and facilities in g to the people
>ple of Coquille
fo r all children. His long ex
Where the company has taken
ience in training recruits in
to erect a cannery fo r this
camps during the war had g
*e-ctop and to those who
him an opportunity to learn j
ve contracted to plant logan
what was lacking in so many berries and other fru it fo r the
cases in that training; and
company this spring:
pressed home the idea o f
the play o f the chOd a
The death o f A. Rupert, presi
preparation for the responsi
dent o f A . Rupert company, Inc«
ties o f mature life. That the the largest canning concern In
High School Still Growing
child should play fa ir »iwl thstj the northwest will not cause any
Baker tele­
the parent should see that he
in the company’s plans
Played fair, impressing
fo r the expansion o f its various phones us this morning the fo l­
point both by precept and exam­ ■plants in Oregon and W ashing­ lowing as the attendance at the
ple, was very earnestly insisted ton nor will there be any change high school building at the be­
upon. K
in the policy o f encouraging the ginning o f the new sem ester:
High school, 114; Eighth
uty o f providing ¡day- development o f the fruit indus­
The duty
grounds o f ample size fo r every try in districts served by the grade, 36; Seventh grade, 34;
school was also driven home.
„ canneries owned
by the million- Sixth grade, 39; Fifth grade, 47.
Fourth grade, 37.
develop normally and healthfully (dollar corporation.'
the growing human animal must
This was made plain in a
have plenty o f recreation and statement issued yesterday by
wholesome physical exercise and Miss D. C. Minor, secretary o f
to fail to provide for it on the the Rupert company. *
school ground is to neglect the
"Although the death o f Mr.
child’s welfare in a very vital re­
pert leaves s vacancy that
be filled,” said Secretary
That every father shold make
“ the plans and policies tempts o f representatives o f
a chum o f his sons and gain their
down by him will be strictly bond houses to induce the school
confidence was another lesson followed.
board to sell the $50,000 bond is­
dwelt upon with the enthusiasm
"The company was purposely sue at once without advertising
o f s man whose own father had organized by him with the ib- fo r bids, the board this week
done his full duty in that line.
je ct o f making it independent o f definitely turned their proposi­
Captain Upton digressed from
individual, including him' tions down and in this issue o f
his main theme far enough ta
’, and his instructions were to the Sentinel are offering them
say that a small town divided in­
the general policy he laid fo r sale to the higgest bidder,
actions, each o f which tried to down. This means that growers
buyers tell a doeful tale o f
kill any progressive movement in territories served by the Ru­
ine o f the bond market
tarted by the other was due to pert canneries will always find and assert that a better price
o a f teoUi ties will be in- can be secured now than later.
When he was introduced by
Mr. Stanley the Captain began
his lecture in a wheezing, whin­
ing voice, scarcely above a whis­
per, telling about a bad cold on
his left lung that threatened all
sorts o f things. Then he bellow­
ed out with a resounding bull-of-
ihan sort o f shout that his
right lung was all right and he
would go on that. Everyone had
ju st begun to think that they
were up against it, with a talk
before them that would be al­
most inaudibue and painful to
listen to, no m atter how much
they sympathised with the lec­
turer’s m isfortune, and when he
put on the loud pedal there was
a universial sigh o f relief.
Dinny Upton had many stories
to tell and certainly made a hit
with his hearers, though most o f
the humorous skits with which
he prefaced his talk have been
Two and a Half Million
F. C. True, aalee agent o f the
Coos-Curry Cheese Association,
y s that the production o f
cheese by the members o f that
association this year will reach
nearly 2,500,000 pounds. Up to
Dec. 1, 2340,000 had been sold.
O f this amount 141,000 pounds
were seconds, most o f it coming
during the warm weather in
July and August. Better cooling
methods he says would make
firsts o f those seconds.
Independence People Here
"T he-plants will continue to
be educatione! centers for the in­
struction o f growers as in the
past, and we will maintain our
field men to'counsel with grow
era and assist them in securing
the best products possible.”
The Rupert company now has
its operating at Newberg,
Gresham and Falls
. In addition, it is building
a cannery at McMinnville ana
has taken an option on another
large plant at North PuyaUup,
Wash. Their combined capacity
is estimated at 625,000 cases o f
canned fruits for 1920.
branches in San Francisco, Seat­
tle, Chicago and in London and
It is understood that
plan» for this year include the,
branches, both in America and
in Europe.
Time to Take Care o f Booze
Internal Revenue Commission­
er Roper has extended until Feb­
ruary 10, the tim e fo r filing in­
ventories by persons having li­
quor or fluids containing half o f
one per cent or m ore alcohol fo r
beverage purposes.
The order
applies to all those who stored
liquor before the prohibition
amendment went into effect. The
time extension wiD give time for
a little m ore manipulation and
change to stocks from one cellar
to another.
46 Days From Salem ~
E. G. Opperman has bought
the Elizabeth Drane residence
on Spurgeon Hill and will move
over from Marshfield the last o f
the week. Mr. Opperman is also
form er Independence, Kansas,
The editor o f the
Sentinel was the first Indepen­
dence man to locate in Coquille
six years ago; but the Indepen
dene* colony here now num
A . E. Bettys, o f Fairview, yes­
terday showed us a letter he re­
cently received from Salem,
which was 46 days after it was
mailed in reaching him.
present arrangement by which
the people o f Fairview get their
mail from Sumner postoffice in
almost any old way is proving
very unsatisfactory.
in the city hall next Wednesday
Are Ton En«
at 7:80 p. m. It is the tim e for
There can be no doubt 'that,
the anpual election o f oflW rs
and a good attendance is desired. fo r causes for which the enumer­
ator is in no wise responsible,
h ow ^ m anyf K w ™ M o i £ ! S e
Claud H. G il« , o f MyriJe some names have been missed in
Flowers tried in vain to reach Point, is said to be a candidate taking the aensus in this city. If
here tw o years ago. “
io r the republican nomination any reader is in that class or
knows o f any one else who is he
fo r the legislature.
or she will confer a favor by
P ta »
the fa ct known.
The Sentinel has received
from Washington State College
at Pullman a list o f the veterin­
arians who have been attending
the poet graduate course there.
Am ong them we notice the name
o f Dr. W. V. Glaisyer, our coun­
ty m eat and herd inspector.
U rch in the fam ous Anzac lec-
h f l J t h e w M i ^ o u d y ID,
nrobably with the*fluTand could
with us the follow ing
CapL T. Dinamore Upton
The case o f the state against
Henry G. Kern charged with as­
saulting Dr. W. J. Phillips, o f
North Bend, was called in Jus­
tice Joehnk’s court at Marshfield
Dr. PhiMps and
Glen Hart and R. L. Cough, who
were in the auto with Phillips
the evening o f the assault, testi­
Dr. Phillips testified about
Kern striking him. He said that
Kern slapped him, which caused
him to fall oyer.
He told o f
names they called each other
and said that Kern called him
names Arst and that he then
used the same expressions to
D istrict Attorney Hall was
the prosecutor. A . S. Hammond
appeared fo r Dr. Phillips and A.
H. Derbyshire and L. A : L ilje-
qvist appeared for Kern.
Glaisyer at School
at tk»i
County Meeting to Be Held Here
Saturday, Feb. 7, To Or-
’ ganize One
County Agent Farr is plan­
ning to have a big meeting o f
farm ers and farm ers’ wives here
in Coquille on Saturday o f next
week, Feb. 7, to organize a Coos
County Farm Bureau. He has
invited 150 individual fanners
and farm women in fifty com­
munities in the county and also
the members o f 26 farm ers’ or­
ganizations to attend this meet­
ing. In his letter he says:
"In order to closer affiliate the
work o f the Extension Depart­
ment o f the Agricultural College
with the already existing farm ­
ers’ organizations in this county
and federate the organized forc­
es into a system atic working
force for carrying on certain
lines o f work that may seem
most important to each commun­
ity so participating in such an
organization, and for Coos Coun­
ty as a whole, it has seemed wise
to call together a group o f repre­
sentatives from all organizations
now existing in the countyi
Breeders’ Clubs, Dairy Associa­
tions, Women’s Clubs, etc., be­
farm ers and women from the un­
organized districts.
‘This meeaing will be held
Saturday, February 7th, at Co-
{jtfiUe, commencing at 10 o’clock
and probably lasting all day.”
This movement for a unifica­
tion o f the farm organizations o f
the county and a closer co-opera­
tion o f the people engaged in ag­
ricultural pursuits is one that is
eminently desirable. The rural
people are naturally isolated in
any region and especially in such
a region as Coos county and any
. Brill di&w them ■
make them realize
their solidarity and give them an
opportunity to exchange their
experiences and learn what are
the other feUow’s problems and
how he is solving them is to be
Here is the program Mr. F iir
suggests for discussion at the
coming county meeting.
issue are to be opened Fieb.' 14,
the evening o f the day on
which the question o f issuing
$11,0001 additional bonds is to be
voted on, and probably the en­
tire $61,000 can be disposed o f
at the same price. But the $60,-
000 worth wiD not be sold unless
the $11,000 issue is approved.
Likewise local banks and capi­
talists will have a chance to bid
1. Organization o f a Coos
on the bonds, which was some­ county Farm Bureau and the
thing the bond houses wanted to election o f an executive commit­
tee to oversee and supervise ex­
tension work.
Coming Elections
2. How many Farm Bureau
communities should be form ed
Saturday night o f next week; in Coos county in 1920 ?
Feb. 7, the people o f the CoquiDe
3. How can rural organiza­
School district will meet to elect tions improve farm home Ufe in
a clerk o f the school board. The
candidates so far mentioned are
4. How can each community
O. C. Sanford and Leo J. Cary. assist the county Fair, Corn
A week later on Feb. 14' the Show, and State Fair?
question o f issuing the $11,000
5. Shall Coos county be repre­
additional bonds needed for the sented at the Pacific Internation­
new high school meeting will be al at Portland in 1920 ?
up to a vote.
6. How will the county as a
The next election scheduled is whole best handle the poison
the one to decide whether the campaign for digger squirrels?
city shall purchase the Lamb
7. How can the Farm Bureau
Myrtle grove, but the council assist in improving livestock and
has not yet set the date fo r that. the more economical production
o f m ilk?
Dearth o f Teachers
8. How
The growing shortage o f drainage systems be assisted by
teachers due to insufficient sal­ the Farm Bureau in 1920?
ary to cope with the advanced | 9. What should our cow test­
cost o f living has resulted in an ing associations show us in
alarming condition, said C. A. 1920?
10. How can the Farm Bureau
Howard, city superintendent of,
schools, at a recent meeting o f assist to make marketing condi­
the parent-teacher association tions better in Coos county?
ly . Should the Farm Bureau
in Eugene. He said that at the
present time there are 130 va­ have an official paper to be
cancies in the teaching force o f known as the Farm Bureau
N 6W S ?
the state on this account.
12. What can the Farm Bu­
reau communities do for the wel­
$50,000 Bonds for Sale
fare o f their chUdren in 1920?
The advertisement fo r the
sale o f the $50,000 in bonds re­
Myrtle Wood Saw MiU
cently voted by this school dis­
A new saw mill is nearing
trict appears elsewhere in this completion in the Brewster
issue. It's a pity the law does vaUey region, built by the Amal­
not permit o f their being sold in gamated Trading Co., o f San
small amounts locally. Some or Francisco. There are many feet
aD o f the interest on them might, o f Myrtle wood in that region
better be kept at home.
and it is to cut this wood that
the miU is being built.
Spring-like Weather
E. L. Primm is here doing the
The mill wiD be
The very heavy rains Satur­ supervising.
day, Sunday and Monday were called the Sitkum Hardwood mill
succeeded by fine, warm and and aU finished material wiD be
npringiike weather the next shipped from CoquiDe.
three d a y; but this morning the Primm will spend a few
good, old Oregon mist was back there on business.— Coes
on the jo b —for * tim e at h a s t T iro «.
_ ____J