The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, January 23, 1920, Page 4, Image 4

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■ « « w ®
fí ; I
' i
o f t L central states, r e -h
wrote the election low there and
o f H.
lust what U*e Oregon o f Seattle in
k fisk tu re ha* voted to restore.
g a ró
American W c desired to fix it so that
■T B .W . TOUNG,
íg jp illl <me could vote tar an unfit can­
o í the finest o í didate simply by swallowing the will
• conference whole ticket at one gulp but cent,
Ont Y m
i no or ail lea comm&naers was canea
colled must approve each candidate in­
8 b Month
T .S .W .
! ü ¿o settle the placement. There dividually. r Of course, we are
Three Month« • • ••^¡ÌH£Ì
No rattecriptíea taken inda ~.u were several sectors where they glad Gov. Olcott had the back­ Growers’ association., Mr.
for te ed vence. This rale u
bone to kill this reactionary said before the clothier* at
• >Y
measure which the legislature Lake City that Australian wool
I»* > — d from *1.1« •
most dangerous, but, above all,
“ i
„ ‘ pound In 1*1« to *4.10 • pound
the m ost Important, fo r behind
now. "The truth o f the matter
it were the Germans with four t iv o a model douoi law now and
par inehj teas then S I
ana ¡ ” . ° . í í k .
* 4
hiriiar in Bos-
years o f preparation and deter­ the man who would change it d e -1 Í l ^ the w oóí market ot th£
sertten *0 cents per
mination to hold their position. serves to be retired to private ton,
country, today than it was 90
“ When the subject o f placing Ufe.
days ago,” Dr. McClure declared,
ion.*!*1* ^ the American army came up and
“ and the highest price yet paid
several sectors were men!
The Sentinel would be glad to
ling notice or where it might be thrown in, 1 stop the flood o f stuff that come3 for clean scoured wool in Boston
for leas thna 88' noticed that none seemed an­ to it Hi duplicate, one copy ad­ Is around $2.10 per pound for
xious to have the Meuse-Ar- dressed to the Sentinel and the the very finest grade. Ordin-
.blood wool,
gonne, I deliberately chose it for o tb ^ to t h o Hernld. Ewni if w e i ^ three-eighths
, which •oldier.’ uniiorm .
and Tarlar
my army, because I knew I had should send to those wnq are s o l” “ *
the best there was in the w orld, favoring us a circular, tillin g h**™ ¡"fij®. “ *)*. f
Enterad at the Coquille
that they would go anywhere, do them that the Herald was merg- most u9ef.ul ®£?d®
Second Clase Mail 1
today In Bos­
anything to take and hold the ed with the Sentinel two and a purposes, is selling today
German position#.
The allied half years ago and ceased to ton at from $1.30 . to $1.40 per
tured. This wool has
command therefore accepted my exist as a separate newspaper it pound scoured.
From o little pamphlet issued proposition and the Americans would have no perceptible effect. not advanced in the last 90 days.
bp the United States National w ait into the sector I had chos­ It would not be read— hundreds To manufacture a suit o f
Bank o f Portland we quote some en as their commander. I knew o f pieces o f mail are received at man’8 c,otl}inE. 8U*j*¥.e f.o r
qpinioq* expressed by promin­ what they would do when the this office we never look at. Be-
ent financiers as to what pro­ time Cfme and events later tak­ sides mail comes from unexpect-' made ° ‘ medium winter-weight
gresa has been made during the ing place did notjsurprise me one ed sources every day and we goods, requires about 62 ounces
past year in getting down to a
should have to continue the o f wool, which wool can be
"This sector was not only one work for a generation to come bought in Boston today for
peace basis, and as to the credit
situation and the . immediate f » more strongly fortified against anywhere near succeeding. How $6.25. This is on the presump­
the allied offense than any other nearly a dead newspaper is im­ tion that the suit is made o f all
the front, but it also was the mortal in the minds o f some peo- wool. Such, suits as this retail
Mr. E. D- Hulbert, president
o f a Chicago Trust company, is shortest distance from the allied« pie we are finding out every day. today at from $60 to $76.'
credited * with the following Une to the German Unes, making
Coo* County Has 80
statement which concludes with it the most dangerous. I realiz­
Talking with one o f our busi­
an especially consoling thought ed that if the Americans suc­ ness men the other day we both
Coos qounty is represented by
“ In my judgment the credit ceeded and cut the German lines, expressed our high appreciation [80 o f the
ho 4673 long and short
situation o f this county is sound. they could not withdraw their o f Herbert Hoover’s work during course students in attendance
forces sufficiently fast to save the war and our wish that it | this school year, according to
We have ample gold
protected by an enormous trade themselves from disaster. They were possible to vote for him for j t he latest report from thé office
balance in our favor. We are knew it as well as the allies did president this year. * A lady vo- o f H. M. T w i H M the i regis-
suffering from wild extrava­ and made every preparation ter heard the conversation and|trar o f O. ‘A. C. at Corvallis.
gance and the apparently un­ against the American offensive. warmly dissented. She wouldn’t Exclusive e f short course stu­
“ I had in my army 27 divi vote for him, she said, because, dents the enrollment o f 3286, in­
reasonably demands o f ia
but there te no reason to sup­ sions o f the flower o f American while he was rationing all the cluding 2878 persons o f collegi-
had rest o f us, she knew that his own
pose that these conditions will manhood—the Germans
and vocational«, is
. not steadily improve.
We rte
us 44 divisions o f their table was supi
supplied with fried
gain o f 102 per cent over regis­
the richest nation on earth and
icest shock troops, reinforce.jchîcken and white biscuits, We tration on the corresponding
prosperity'has temporarily mine ed as fast as they could with­ are not sure about the biscuits date in 1917, the last normal
to our heads, but I believe there draw them froip other and less but chicken was never under the year,
is a greater percentage at horse m portant sectors along the ban and we were encouraged to
This term 360- new students
sense per capita, as well as mon­ front, and the battle was one. It raise and eat as many os possible have registered to date. Engin-
ey, in this country than in any asted 47 days. We continued the to conserve other m eat
W e eering in its various branches
other, and we can look forward drive from September 26, mak shan’t turn Hoover down on that leads in popularity with 942 stu-
with confidence to the settle­ ng great gains and on Novem score.
I dents, agriculture has 837, com­
ment o f vital problems.”
6 the victorious American
merce 625, and home economics
Mr. Geo. E. Roberts, vice pres army entered Sedan; the Ger­
A t the recent session o f the 1638.
ident o f the National City Bank mans sued for peace by wireless, legislature Representative T. J. I Oregon counties have sa lt
and the rest you know,” * .
o f New York, says;
T h rift o f this coqpty introduced 3854 o f the total 4678 long and
“ The fa ct that the general
a bill to provide fo r the eradick-1 Fhort course students. Primi 88
level o f price* is higher than a -THE MISUNDERSTOOD CHRIST" tion o f livestock diseases and other states came 787 and from
year ago. Is not to be viewed
The venerable Lyman Abbott, creating the office o f meat and aH foreign countries 32.
* with satisfaction. "Reconstruc­ after a service o f sixty yea n as herd inspector in Coos county. It
* ---------------------
tion requires that prices shall a Christian minister, in a recent passed both houses by the
Apple Scab Calk for Spray
come down, and until a very con article in the Outlook, says he quired m ajority but Gov. O lcott.
f DD,
siderable decline hen occured, has changed the point o f view in gave it the axe for reasons thus| Control o f apple and pear scab
pi spraying with
the business man should under­ that time and “ does not now stated:
igicide just as the buds <
stand that he is operating upon think that any creed or combin­
“ This bill provides fo r the ere- enou gh to allow
an unstable basis. That prices ation at creeds can adequately ation o f the office o f county meat
have not declined despite the defiine Christian thought, or and herd inspector fo r Coos reach the unfolding leaves.
Lime-sulfur 1-26 has been prov-
general resumption o f peace In­ that any form s o f worship con
dustry in this country is attri­ stitute or can constitute an ade­
buted to the fact that the rest quate expression o f Christian
o f The world has drawn upon us experience, or that any church hsVe had no consideration at the
so heavily. It is our enormous or all the churches united can be special session o f the legisla-j spring’s attack is a fungus now
on the fallen leaves, which wil
exports that ate keeping np anything more than. an imper­ ture.”
discharge its spores into the air
icee, and these exports cannot fect and fragm entary instill­
they are carried to the
maintained, i f fo r no other ment o f Christian activity.
reason than that foreign cus­
But Dr. Abbott deals in some­
tomers will have no means o f thing more than negations. In
maxing payment.“
closing a long “ Knoll Paper” on riSc & " y 0fo i ™ S tK
» ' g™ lUl'
* *ttotk-
Aa to that Mr. Roberts might, “ The Misunderstood Christ,” he
without having an accident ini You Will Want to Hear Him
we think, have concluded that makes these strong affirmation*: which a passenger lost his life.
, ............
enormous exports and phenome
This wonderful record was brok-
Tom Skeyhill soldier, speaker,
nally high wages in the United
‘T h e Christian life can no en on October 29 when a train Poet, is to be here on January
States are due to the fact that more be confined within a eft the track on a descending 28t“ « * t the Liberty Theatre on
so large a percentage o f the church and its creeds, its rituals, curve at Vincent, California. the lyceum course. The late CM.
..w orld’s laborers were killed or and its activities than spring One passenger was killed and Roosevelt said o f him : T am
Incapacitated in the world war. can be confined within a favored 143 injured. The cause is given rouder to be on the stage with
It looks to us as if it must be garden by a fence. A reverent as “ excessive speed.”
om Skeyhill than any other
a matter o f generations before skepticism may have in it more
man I know."
He was twice
adult laborers become as plenty o f the spirit o f Christ than an
In an article elsewhere pub-1 mounded in action and as a re-
in proportion to the total popu­ irreverent credulity. Voltaire in ished, a New York banker ex-
o f one o f his wounds he was
lation aa in 1914. But the more making war against a cruel su­ presses the opinion that the totally blind for two yean .
general introduction o f labor- perstition falsely labeled Christ­ American people have more I While recuperating, he was'plac-
saving machinery, especially in en jnay have been as truly serv­ horse sense per capita than any I?“ .®0
*^c*ure Platform in be-
countries where hand work was ing Christ in France as John other people on earth, and that o*“ °* various war work and in
the rule, will probably mitigate Wesley in preaching the free­ this fact makes our soil the ?” e 8P«®ch in the City o f New
this condition and enable the dom o f the Gospel in England. poorest in the .world for Bolshe-
obtained more than
world to catch up in production The passion o f philanthropy in vik propaganda.
He has the | $23,000,000 subscription to a Mb-
very much sooner than it other­ our time— healing the sick, thing sized up about>right.
erty loan in a speech o f twenty-
wise could.
| three minutes.
»aching the ignorant, com fort-
Besides this women have been ng the sorrowful, and fighting
New Sign Says Test Seed .
doing *o much o f the work that i he battles o f justice and liberty
“ When farmers, college pro­
was done by men before the war ] ror the whole world— is as truly
cessors and business men desert
that the shortage o f labor is less
revival o f Christ’s religion as
Do the
he right thing st the tight time
acute than it otherwise would any that was ever nurtured un­ their work and crawl under the
Act quickly in time of Urnger.
In time
_ Doan’s
i»e of kidney danger,
d er church roofs.
For the
pipes it is the sign in western Kidney Pill« ere meet effective, A«k
Christian religion is the life o f Oregon that every bit o f seed your
God In the soul o f man, and he corn planted should be thor­
thU, v X t eVWenf,O,t' ,:r " r0rthln
who, inspired by that life, is car­
oughly tested for germination,”
When the American Army un­
Mrs. T fi. Wallace, 70» S. Fifth 8t.,
rying glad tidings to the poor,
says G. R. Hyslop, head o f farm Grant* Paaa, Oreg., «aye: “My kid-
der General Pershing made that
deliverance to the captive, sight
A C. It is admitted “«7» •<*«• *sfy irregularly. My beck
drive and cleaned up the S t Mi-
at O. A.
to the M ini, and liberty to the crops
*° w**k ^
couM" hardly
that this is a new natural sign,
d ,0 ,v I cooM
hiel salient in the summer o f
bruised, is a follow er o f Jesus but it indicAtp» ihnt anrh oKnnv ^ Mf'Out my •work. When I bent ev-
1918, we felt certain that it
-V n J
pk* “ P anything I got e sharp
meant that * wedge was to be
mally cold weather accompanied pain across ^ny Sidney* :fke a knife
driven into the German lines
«ticking »«•
me. When I had thm at-
by the normal moisture content! sticking
north o f there which would sep­
o f aU seed corn not artificially l***1“ * couldn't keep fr
In passing the bill to provide ri #*ir»rl (irvnni lvr /ln*na<*AJ 4k«. . . . J * l$MVeT Itftd lythlnr
arate them from their base o f
supplies and defeat them utter­ for a “ mark a cross in the cir­
ly. We little knew how tremen­ cle” straight party ballot the
dous were the obstacles to over­ legislature struck a blow at the college seed testing laboratory
come there then, nor why the Oregon system and toqk the wifi test samples free o f charge.
P ili-^ à ^ u S
Americans were given the honor backward step small bore politi­
permanently curad ma.”
Call and spend aa evening at the
o f making the move that was to cians have been trying to for
Price Me at all dealers.
end the war. General Pershing many years. A t one time the Liberty Theatre, coxy and comforta-
explained this at Portland last w riter o f
ttnes as ch a ir- ; hie. and hear the **,000.00 Werlitaer
Mrs. Wallace had.
Sunday night when h* M id at man o f ths election committee in Orchestral Oragaa with the
Ce., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. T.
S p
m ete the DOL
Tea m s gat tote dependable starter by tost
teg sm Seiler at this beak, aad thm bmp addtai a dal-
ter er so a* eftm as yee can-bat mgnterly.
Wa wiB wateama the aceeuate af the bays and girls.
Dm*t fast that a dellar la tan bsm B to start with. Make
the start a * thm ym CS. make «thm depmita aa small
as a quarter ar a half dailar if ym wiak.
Can. and sss ml W# will be glad to tell yea more
4 p tr cent on Tim # Deposits
Farmers & Merchants Bank
O F C O Q U IL L E , O R E G O N
C J. Fahraeaa, V. P.
*, Cashier.
L. L. Turner, V. P.
Edith P. Willey. Asst. Cashier.
1920 M O D E LS
1918 Dodge Touring
- $800.00
1920 Ford Touring New
1919 Dodge Roadster
Graham’s Garage
Coquille, Oregon
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“Some Men-Doirt Know It Yet”
says the Good Judge
ind* dam ot tobacco
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aatiafaction than he
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bacco Chow w ill tell
poo that.
Up in Two Sfyim
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