The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, January 23, 1920, Page 2, Image 2

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Old Folks
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Hot drinks or cold drinks are
always ready at a moment’s no­
tice when kept in a Vacuum
We have a particular style of
bottle to meet your particular
N ote the location
Liberty Theatre
Tires and Tubes
and Auto Sundries
We have ju st received a stock o f Tabes
and Hires and a re well equipped to fill
your requirem ents in any size.
I f your tiree are p artly worn, double th eir
length o f life by the use o f
Maxotire Interliners
We know they will do It from experience
Coquille Hardware Co
The Admission is 20c for child'
ran and 86c for adults. Every­
body coma, . *
Dr. 0. I t Clarke has success­
fully vaccinated about one hun­
dred people for smallpox.
lira. Minnie Hermann was a
Coquille visitor last Saturday.
Miss Hill, trained nurse of
Marshfield, came over Monday
to take care of Dewey Beyers,
who is ill a t Dr. Clarice’s san­
Those who tpok the state ex­
amination in the eighth grade of
the Myrtle Point schools this
month ariw successfully passed
were: Marie Weekly, Barton
Stemmier, Elton Schroeder,
Harvey Anderson, Ctiu-a Phelps
and Ernest Anderson.
Elton Corbin, Crawford An­
nin, Elton Schroeder and Clar­
ence Carter were Coquille visi­
tors Sunday.
Elinor Goheen, of Junction
City, who has Deen holding a
position in the Myrtle Point
bank for the past few weeks, has
left for her home in Junction
City. Gladys'Carter is now oc­
cupying her position.
Miss Vivien Annin, of this
city, was a Marshfield visitor
i Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schroed­
er and Miss Carrie Livington, of
Broadbent, were in Myrtle Point
Mrs. R. A. Annin spent Sat­
urday and Sunday a t Marshfield.
Wednesday night a crowd of
young people went to Broadbent
to the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Warner and charivaried them,
aa they were just married last
No new cases of smallp6x
have developed in the town since
the quarantine and every possi­
ble precaution is taken to pre­
vent any further spread of the
disease. Quite a large percent^
age of the families which were
quarantined are now o u t
The high school had an en­
rollment of eight new pupils’i t
the beginning of the second
secure one of these
Come in and learn how you
handsome sets of Aluminum cooking utensils at
factory cost We have only
J B a B limited
L J I P supply
these sets so if you want one start early.
Ask us about it now. It’s within the read) of all
and something every housewife wants and will be
proud of. See that your name is on our list.
Now in stock
Cocoanut Meal
Mill Run
Holstein Feed
Ground Barley
Rolled Barley
Alfalfa Meal
Cheat Hay
school expects to go to Marsh­
field Saturday and from there
will return to her home in Sa­
Jim McCulloch, of Myrtle
Point, who has been employed
bv the Coos and Curry Trie-
phone company for%mrk on the
lines on Coos river, had the m is ­
fortune of falling and ...hurting
himself, which necessitate his
coming home on the Wednesday
morning train.
Point, who has been sick for the
past few weeks, was taken to
the Mercy Haspital a t North
Bend, as they were unable to
got a nurse over here.
Walter Donald, of Bandon, is
spending a few days in this
East Fecfc Notes
neighborhood and a t Bridge,
where he formerly lived.
Last week the J. D. Laird
Mrs. F. A. Collins isnow re­ family received word that Earl
covering rapidly from an attack Endicott who had been operated
on for appendicitis at Goshen,
was very low. J. D. Laird went
ter, who have been living in the to Goshen at once, also his son,
J. T. Whitaker home, are mov­ Binger Laird, of Roesburg. J.
ing this week down on Fifth D. returned Sunday and reporta
street into the Ernie Snyder that Earl is on the gain with a
chance to pull through.
W. C. Culteris family, who Mike Boone, of Sumner, has
have been in quarantine for sold his interest in the Bewster
some time are now able to be on Valley and Marshfield mail route
the streets again.
to Mr. Cordrey, of the same
Mrs. Harriett Reynolds, the place, who was on the route
former fifth grade teacher, who Monday.
has resigned her position, will William Culbertson caught a
return to her homcfin Powers to- wild cat last week, the second
one for this season.
Mrs. Chester Davis, who has The foundation for the mill to
been visiting Mrs. Arthur Arne- saw the hard wood timber in
son for the past few Weeks, re­ Brewster Valley is being laid
turned to her home fn Marsh­ and the felling of the timber has
field Thursday.
commenced. Mr. Deakman, of
The ladies of the Methodist San Francisco, is on the job and
Episcopal church will serve a folks in Brewster Valley do not
dinner January thirtieth at Lun­ have to look for a job.
dy’s hall. Their many friends Myrtles have been in bod and
blossom for several weeks and
the pussy willows for a week or
The state teachers association
voted in Portland {hat the state
bucks to support the dignity of
granddaughter, Golda Randle- the .office. The county superht-
man, left Thursday mominjr for
Hartford, Calif., where they will
visit Mrs. Barklow’s daughter,
Mrs. Chas. Broadbent, formerly
of this place.
William Woodby has sold his
farm at Gralel Ford this week
to John Luck, who has s farm
now near the Woqdby place.
The A meson farm just out­
side of Myrtle Point on the
Gravel Ford road has been sold
to Mr. Bingham, of North Bend,
for $16,500.
Miss Fays Wells, former
teacher in the Myrtle Point high
A re You In On It?
For the year nineteen and ineteen we have
paid $8£00.00 inffirest op time deposits, a good deal
of this la interest on SAVINGS ACCOUNTS.
Systematic saving is about the only way the
average person gets ahead.
Why not open a savings account with us and
let us pay .you interest
8% interest on savings deposits and 4 « on
Time Certificates of Deposit
on t ask for a “F lashlight
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From $1.00 to $2.35
Batteries and Globes to