The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, October 31, 1919, Image 1

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12.0« T H E Y E A R .
R oad Problem s is Coos County |
Presented by 25 o f Com*
p S - ■
tí •„? ~
Ki - -
m ittee W ednesday
|400 Fine and 4 Months in Jail
Harold Howell, Charged With the Murder o f Lillian Leuthold, Faces His A c­
Here for the Greek
cusers Without Flinching—Strong Points o f the Prosceution and Defense
Tha last booze story we have ha»
been published as a s e ra i Jn.-the,dail-
as Stated by Witnesses— Full Resume o f Testimony up to This Morning
The advistory committee to the
County Court on road« met at the
court house Wednesday evening with
ies. The first cliapfer was staged'al;
President Morrison in the chair and
The case o f the state o f Oregon
Mm. Jennings ond time from the left, the bullet go- ; pool o f blood was wo found them. Reseburg last week where Sheriff
Wm. A . Reid, o f Marshfield, as.,
Harold. Howell, the 15-year at whoae
litad that lag through the head and being tak They couldn’t have been a foot apart.” Quine and his deputies captured 4(T
old boy charged with the murdar e f afternoon, Bertha Jennings testified ea out about where the first went in.
I. H. Willard, 73 years o f age, help­ cases o f liquor which was loaded in
TU . allowing changes in ispi
ithold, a pretty aixteeO- that whoa •he and Lillian want out o f ; The Doctor identified the clothing ed hunt these shells and gave exact­ two automobiles in an attempt to run
tation from the various districts were
year old school g irl at Bandon on the the house that afternoon, the deck o f the deed girl. There was a mark ly identical testimony about finding it through, presumably to Seattle.
announced as having been made at
27th o f last July, was called in the struck five. Then they picked berries on the body, a scratch with the skin them.
W. McKay testified to the One auto escaped. Sheriff Quino was
district meetings in the past two
Circuit Court here Monday, and nearly and ate them, end she picked flowers not broken through. It began eight same effect and identified the shells assisted by D eputy. Sheriff Rafferty
the whole day wan spent in securing and gave them to Lillian. Finally or tan inches bqlow the shoulder and shown him as the ones they found and Constable Dillard^ They got a
In district No. S, H. A . W alker suc­ a jury.
tip from M yrtle Creek-shat the cars
Mrs. Jennings told the Leuthold girl-'was 6 or 8 inches in length. There there.
ceeds Fred Larsen.
loaded with contraband liquor were<on
The jurymen, selected to try the that it was getting toward six a a f ’ wore marks on the skin above the
In District No. 6, E. H. Koger suc­
that it was time fo r her te be going knee but the skin was not broken. other shell no longer ago tpan last the way to'Roseburg. Two cars were
ceeds C. A . Rodins.
W alter Laird, Sitkum rancher; P.
paid she repeated thR They looked like finger prints.
He Thursday where the boys were shoot captured and ioies were shot in the -
In District No. 15 J. N. Gearhart
|W. Laird, M yrtle Point bank clerk;
While she would not eb-jsaw the body an hour or so a fter it ing that Sunday afternoon, and Sher tire o f the third bat it got away.
succeeds J. D. Bennett.
The Roeeburg Review gives the fo l­
Max H - Dsmsnt , M yrtle Point raoch- tempt to state the exact time, sRp waa found. There wore no bruises on iff W. W v Gage identified the shell.
In District No. 21, C.
lowing interesting details o f the ar­
- 1 « ;
Carl L. Davis, Marshfield timber
it wee nearer six then five. Bar* the arms but indications o f hands as
succeeds Geo. W. Dafoe.
expert; George Browneon, Bridge the testified that Lillian was a fast' there were above tho knees. Either tinued through nearly all o f Wednes­ rests:
In District No. 26, E. E. Weekley
“ Twenty-two cases o f whiskey were
farm er; Henry Bryant, Bridge farm - walker and it would take her fifteen shot would have killed her, the first day.
succeeds I . H. Shields.
er; Joseph O U n ^ o r th Bend d ark; E. or twenty minutas to reach the
Sam Whetstone, the Coquilie gun­ said to have been in one o f the cart,
not necessarily at once but the second
Twenty-five o f the thirty-six dia- Ig . Hampton, A rago rancher; R ay De- at the tragedy. She had timed
ust have resulted in instant death. smith, told how koUi the bullet taken while 18 cases is the amount declared
tricts ip the county worn represented, ment> M yrtl. Polnt lt ockman; U oyd
t & walking from her home
W. R. Mavity, the Bandon under­ frcm the head o f the mustier cd girl to have been contained in the other.
which spoke well fo r the interest in Spires, M yrtle Point farm er; E. C. to thé ferry road, a little beyond taker who eared fo r the body, identi­ and the shell Coroner Wilson fired
The lady, who gave her name as
roods considering that the rains e f Mather, North
business man; where Lillian was killed and ft took
fied Lillian's " clothing, which was from Harold Howell’s sun had the Mrs. F. M iller, and who la believed to
the past four days had put moat o f 0»©. 8. Davis, Coquilie, retired fa rm ’4 her twenty minutes.
stained with great patches o f blood identical irregular markings due to be the w ife o f one o f the .two men in
the wagon roads o f the county on tho L , .
AU this tended te fix the time o f
tho body had been dragged tho irregularities in the barrel o f the the first car, attempted to persuade
I Nine jurors were excused during the murder at not much earlier than
a pool o f Mood. The skirt rebored gun, and how they must be the officer in charge o f her car that
Judge Wede said the County Court tho day a fter being 'ques -ioned as to six o’clock.
was torn when taken from the body different from the markings on bul­ she should not be arrested, as she waa
ft woman and traveling alone, but the
was much pleased with the'previous their qualifications: C. S. Winsor, W.
different bits o f te e «- just aa K is now. So it
with tho lets made by any other gun.
masting on Oct. 16, and that ho was K. Be ttys, T. P. Hanley, T. M. Hsr- mony am putting them together it uader vest, except fo r tho cut that
Whetstone expressed the opinion officer waa not seductive and the pleas
sure that it. would prove that many mann, M cir Daao, Henry Lorens,
plain that
to remove it from the body that the Iftot that killed Lillian Leu­ were unavailing. The driver o f the
heads would bo hotter than one when Marion T. Clinton, Claude Naeburg,
aa to time, Harold could net [T b * drees, too, was cut and the w if- thold could have been fired from no second car was Bert Brown, both
captives givin g their address as Se­
it came to deciding on a road pro-1J. A . Lamb.
where Lillian waa abet at
thought the corodfer did this other gun except Howoll’s.
attle. The officers think thet Brown
A t two o’clock Sheriff Gage
À®* when he removed it from tho body.
In the matter o f a committee to I mit to summon five mon
they all teased te keep their time by
F. E. Wilson, the county coroner, Howell gun had been rebored to shoot and Mr. M iller, i f the latter was the
standard the Moore Mill. testified to holding en inqueet on the a 25 bullet and that the work had ben driver o f the car which escaped, were
counsel with the state highway com- but an the jurors above named except 'the
the owners or the responsible parties
mission and learn what more they Geo. S. Davie, w w e-from tiro regular O f
The body had light marks done by an amateur.
for the boose.
would do fo r Coos county i f another panel.
( net disinterested and the testimony as
•o back and hips and one
The man was fined $250 and the
bond issue was voted, the following
Tho only witnesses examined on to tho time Harold Howell reached pretty heavy mark across the ■ abdo-1on the ease, teetifted about cutting the
named ¡'C h a o . Hall,| Monday was A . E. Hadaell, a civil en-
with that
j bloody pockets out o f Harold Howell’s woman $160, a total o f $400 fo r the
who had prepared a map o f in view,
L. J. Simpson and Elbert Dyer.
Ho found a gun a t tho Howell trousers and sending th eir'to Dr. Ben- two. The money was paid and they
which was marked, “ 22 long ¡»on
Portland fo r a microscopic ex left town.
The new road amp showing the dis­
The scene o f the second chapter was
rifle.” Here the witness was asked aminetion.
tricts as re-arranged in September by
laid in- the Rock creek canyon, where
the County Court waa presented to
eeeafflff )rtt& & ) » l e in Jta
A f- Miad to the time, which had a »
this gun with \
tho meeting by Charles Mail and or­
He c*Jd a fter the te ken from Lillian’s head.
that ia the le ft hand pocket o f H er tire got stuck and was f ulled out by
dered made a part o f tho records o f ter that the m ajority o f the witnesses expected result.
P. W. Laird, with his an to stage. The
Here a lively crap occurred betqpen old’s trousers there were stains
tho committe. ". Numbers o f Moo fo r tho prosecution ware called before sound at the shooting ho hoard
in the evening.
one whistle five times. His place waa the attorneys, McKnight offering au­ Mood that were beyond any question Greeks, who were driving it had offer­
print copies o f this map from tho
C A ____- J - J______ i k e
ed him $10 to get them out o f the bog,
That morning tho oéurt room was * V
yards from tho scene o f the mur- thorities to support his contention o f doubt made by human blood.
county surveyor’s office were on dis-
The district attorney at
Whon the state rested ita case Wed but when tS e j were out they put up
that the attempted identification waa
play in tho room and it is expected fllled and all the afternoon H waa . der.
Laird, on reaching
not admissiblt testimony end Sher­ nesday evening John Kroneaburg was only one'dollar.
that copies fo r each o f tho districts densely packed with many o f the au- ' called Mr. W est’s attention to a
It looked like a versation he had with him two days wood bringing forward authorities to called- m the first witness fo r the de­ M ytrle' Point tipped the outfit off to
showing its exact boundaries w ill be dienee standing.
movie audience whan some popular 1 a fter the murder and wanted to know show that it wee. The court took the fense told o f picking up the Howell Marshal Jim Brown, telling him what
provided fo r the committee.
specialty was being shown.
I iff ho told him about the whistling matter under advisement.
boy when out in his automobile and kind o f a cargo they hod.
To secure working funds fo r the
Sugar L o a f Mountain is the scene
The strongest testimony given fo r then end why he did not, but tho at­
What tho attorneys fo r the state said he had a rabbit that had been
committee different means were pro­
tire defense was probably by the state torney fo r tho defense objected to wanted to show was that the marks shot and that was blooding. J. C o f Chapter 3. There Marshal Brown
posed, but it was finally decided to
witnesses in givin g the time at wfiich this line o f questioning him in regard made by the rifling channels o f the Goodman and Eddie Lewis both told met the Greeks. He examined their
permit the commercial clubs o f tho
car and found it full o f b >tl>ed whis­
they had basa the defendant near the to that conversation and the objection gun wore Identical in the two bullets o f Harold's having killed a rabbit.
various cities o f the county to donate
This was transferred to the
time o f tho tragedy
— the one that went through Lillian’s
$6 eaeh fo r that purpose. R. H. Mast,
Joseph Warden, at whose house the
But Hall was not tho cnly one sur
eleven days before tho murder H ar­ marshal’s ear and the officer g o t in
treasurer o f tho old Good Roods A s­
Howell boy spent much o f that fete- prised by this statement o f W est’s shot from the Howell rebored rifle old had cut hie thumb with a knife with the other two men and took them
sociation, waa also permitted to turn
to M yrtle Point and Inter to Coquilie,
ful Sunday afternoon, swore that it fo r M cKpight immediately announced into a clay benl(.
end that it was bleeding, so that
over the funds in Ms hands to the
where they were landed in jaiL They
was five minutes before six when the that he would later call W est to the
McKnight’s motion to strike ‘ out
treasurer o f this association. (This
both Greeks and claimed that
boy v e n t out o f his gate and that he stand and make Mm a witness fo r the this testimony was denied.
the human blood stains on his trous­
method o f raising money is to be
they got the whiskey at Medford and
went around tho barn and oat to tho defenses
The second time he called at the
commended as better
north towards his own home end not | - Mrs. Leuthold. tho mother at the Howell home to get the weapons they
Mrs. Howell, the boy’s mother, tes were going to ship it from Marsh­
“ Drives” which have become so com­
to the west where the tragedy occur- murdered giri, testified that there had had, the boy didn’t try to cover up lifted to having burned a lot o f trash field to Portland. It was thought at
mon since the war.)
a fter the munfilr and that an apple Rose burg that the original destination
red. Iadeed he made it a good deal never been any trouble between the anything.
The secretary of the committee was |gtr#ngw
saying ho could Howell boy and her daughter, that
box full o f old shoes went into the o f the cars was Seattle, but they had
made its treasurer and e vice presi hear the boy hollering as he went the had seen him in the yard when
got off their schedule and any port
■aid she lived not more then a quar­ fire among which were the shoes Her
dent was elected by b allot
W . T. down through the timber still farther he was around her house with other
would do in a storm.
old wore on the day o f the murder.
Dement, L. J. C ary and J. N . Gear­ toward his home end sway from the boys, that she didn’t know anything
Monday morning the Greeks were
hart were placed in nomination. The ■ceno. Asked what the boy was a a y -, to lead her to suppose that ho killed tragedy, heard shooting noer six fied to having walked from Howells taken before Justice Stanley and
' | SO .1
“ o’clock, two shots, when she waa out
result was the election o f Mr. Dement lin g Warden repeatedly answered that bar daughter, “ except what I’ve seen
pleaded guilty right off the bat. They
in her yard.
They were per hope to Wardens’ in 8 minutes. He had
by 1« votes to eight fo r Cary end two I he was hollering “ just as e bay would.”
no watch and When Mr. Sherwood gave their names as Peter Gioia and *
John Leuthold, tho father, retold half a minute apart.
fo r Gearhart.
Albert Roth, the latter evidently be­
According to hie testimony Howell the story o f tho missing girl and the
Lawrence Leuthold, a thirteen- Mked him to tall the time o f Harold’s
Charles H ell moved that the rep- played cards on tho kitchen table with finding o f tho body, how she waa ly- year-old brother o f tho murdered girl, goings and comings at home on othpr ing a temporary one.
The «tu ff captured with them con­
ntatives o f the various districts
Carroll Warden until Mrs. Warden ing 20 foot from the edge o f the road
days that the Sunday, he had testified
testified to being out in tho woods
be asked to state what they desire j wanted te use the table to get supper, with her heed towards the road. Her
about, he w m all at sea and couldn’t sisted o f 59 quarts o f Nelson whiskey,
with Harold Howell and Carroll W ar­
23 quarts o f. the Pepper brand, and
fo r the districts or for certain
when Harold said it was “ about sup- clothing was ell pulled up above her den on the afternoon the crime was give*a single Inetance.
and that these statements be made a per time” fo r him end started fo r bead from her breasts down. When
The matter o f the places where the 11 o f Elmwood. Besides this there
committed— only 100 yards above the
part o f the records. Mr. Gearhart, homo, taking hie gun with him— the shown a coat hie answer was as la-
defendant was on Sunday afternoon were 69% pints o f Cedar Brook. It
scene of tho killing. He identified the
supplemented this with a motion that rebored 22 which cute such a figure eonie as Jacob’s, “ I t is m y daughter’«
about eix o’clock was gone over again requires but little figuring to see that
gun shown him as the gun Harcftd
each district make a record at its in tho ease.
c o a t " ’ He never knew Hanml end Howell had that afternoon and said in great detail by the people who had at the price the stuff is quoted today
—816 a quart— they would have real­
road need« and an estimate o f what
Carroll Warden, hie eon, also testi-, never knew o f any trouble between
there was the letter “ H ” on the cart­ teetifted fo r the etata.
ised almost $2000 from the sale o f
tho work would cost, fo r tho aecre-
to tho same effect, as did hie the families,
ridges. They did some shooting at
mother, Mrs. E lls Warden.
| Melissa Jennings, at wboee home that place, fired at a stick thrown up fense yesterday evening end thie thie auto load which a busted tire
Tho statements by the committee­
Koontx, a n ' Lillian was visiting that Sunday e f ­ in the air end three times at chip­ morning indicated several line* o f ar sent astray.
Justice Stanley sentenced each o f
men present which followed were il-' unde o f tho Howell boy, who was at ternoon, told about tho finding o f the munks.
the men to four months imprison­
luminating as to road conditions in the Howell home and said Harold got body, seeing the pool o f Mood
Fred Fieger and Ed Bieecke, Ban
They separated about 4 o’clock and
Coos county, but it is entirely be­ there at five minutes pest six and the log, she said “ Mr. Leuthold, here tho other boy* went towards the W ar­ don stage d riven or teamsters, testi ment in the countv ail and to pay a
yond tho limits o f our space and time I that tho boy then staid there until is blood.” He followed the trail into den home. The shells were net found. fled to measuring a lot o f tracks, evi­ fine o f $400.
The latter will evidently be easy, as
to transcribe oar notea fo r this week’s 6:S0.
the bushes and in a moment exclaim-
Carroll Warden, who w m arrested dently made on Sunday because they one o f the men is reported to have a
A few statements must suffice. I U
^ i ^ t to everybody that i f e d . “ Oh, my God, hero she le." Her
shortly after the murder as a sus­ were crusted over by a shower that bank book showing a deposit o f over
Tho upper Cook river country Harold was at these places at the buck was ell covered with Mack and pect but discharged before the pre­ night, running up the hill a quarter
¡30,000 in a Portland bank.
was declared by Mr. Mercer to bo ab- timg r f * « , ^ ^
not have been Mae bruises. 1» answer to a question
liminary, wds called, Harold H ow ell o f a mile from the place where the
In sentencing them Justice Stanley
solutely without roods. They weren't j whgrt Lillian was killed at the time whether her own 24-year-old son bed
came to his home at 2 p. a . the Sun­ girl was murdered. Fieger said they
asking fo r pared ro ed a -o n ly rock or th# crimg
not been accused o f tho crime, she day o f the murder. They fired three measured every other track fo r 250
“ You are accused o f violating the
rr * v*L
I H. C. W ert, a rancher who Hvea
■hots out o f hie gun and throe out o f yards and found them all 10% inches prohibition laws o f this State. The
Marshfield wanted the 100 yards o f m c w than any other to the scene
“ The mob did accuse him.”
Harold’s. Harold went home between long.
people o f thie state have said repeat­
county road between that city »nd L f ^
crim, testified as to what he
Bieecke testified they w M a quar­ edly, at the polls and through their
Bertha Jennings told o f her intim­ five end tan minutes before six. Went
North Bend paved.
There is, of wmg doing after coming home from acy with
____ ________
Lillian _____
and ___________
identified ___
the up afterwards to tho place where they ter o f e mile end measured ten or ftf- legislators, that intoxicating liquors
tracks o f that sise and about are not wanted in this State and a
course, an immense amount of travel church that Sunday afternoon at 4:80 hat shown her with the bullet holes
shooting that afternoon, with
and that about six, when he knew he through one aide ea the one Lillian Lawrence Leuthold and a detective. h alf m many that were 11% inches heavy penalty has been fixed fo r vio­
, J. D. Laird, o f Sitkum, wanted the must be at the evening services in en bed worn the last time she saw her. Found two shells. He marked these long.
lating this law.
Coos Bay wagon rend pot in shape fo c i hour, ao his attention was called to She also said she wore ■ plush cost ■hells with a knife on the side with
Rolls Lewis testified thie morning
“ Yon have deliberately started out
e market road to the Bey, where th ey!th e time, he heard some one hollar in and red tan slippers. The district at- Ms initials, but he identified one, say­ to conditions on the 20-foot trail lead­ to violate a law o f the 8tate; to this
could always find a market fo r any- L high voice, but couldn’t call it a torney asked her which was the front ing, "This ie one o f them.”
ing from the row) to the piece where Court that is more reprehensible than
thing and all the produce they had fo r scream. He sto<ffi up en a fence and o f the hat and she indicated it. O f
He saw it would be to injure a man seriously
John Leuthold testifying again said LilHan’s body w m found.
sale. The plank read to Coquilie was heard tho voice at a man hollering course, no woamn would have asked ha and his sen, John, found two shells Mood on the ferns and blackberry during ■ sudden hast e f passion, be­
worn out end they wouldn’t be able twice. Then he heard a shot and tw o each a qasstioffi but any man woo'd near where his daughter w m killed by vines. Some fern w m crumpled up cause you prenedieted a violation o f
to come here over it much lunger, or three seconds later another.
I f | Dr. R. B. Iietp, o f Bandon, saw the shiftidfc the dust o f the road through hut the brake and briars not so much.
They were going to get e lot o f back | those were the shots that killed Lll- body o f tho dead girl, where
punched with holes fo r There ware twenty to 40 people there
“ This Court hereby serves notice
catty seen. The farm people.. lien Leuthold, it must have hem about found and afterwards in the
fo rt along-H . Ha M id: when he arrived.
on you end through you to ell persons
-- - U * »'clock when that event occurred. She w m shot twice, the «r e t
“ One pan wa gat one shell end the
fOentiaued ea someth page.)
'And that It was very near that time the right ride from behind, the me­
(Continued on seven Or page.)
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