The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, October 24, 1919, Page 2, Image 2

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F 7» - ' « :
«M S
. V ..^r‘ fc. ' 'W-i
► •' Vv ' - . 'h>j
Mrs. Louis Corbin
«s o v ia tors at tho
I Gaylord Saturday orti
Maria Waakly and t
iMyrUo Point, spant Bn
Ms Tripp, o f
sy in Gravai
IT is not our intention to urge the purchase o f
m ore than your reasonable requirements o f
Mrs. William Wlso a
I Has«!, wars Myrtle Point 1
| Monday.
pretty and dainty station*
H A V E aome highly pretty things
ey are not freaks— ju st filled with
distinctive personality o f their own.
A s to varieties, we can suit all tastes in either «dors,
styles, sixes or price.
O f course there’s economy in buying the paper by the
ream with envelopes to match.
But, whatever your stationery require­
ments, we will take care of you correctly.
4iave you seen the
■y V </ 'Ite* r ? v '
'■■**/ '
■ *’
' ' • ' * /.
• /*!
B eautiful V ases, H an gin g B a s­
kets, Jardinieres and W all V ases
’ —
;"v \ r ; . *».».*' r ' - « 0
depicting woodland scenes and nature studies on
display in our show window.
work o f art.
P rices ran ge from $2.00 to $5.00
Racket! Store
We have two
which you can’ t afford to overlook, Mr. Dairyman,
if you are going to need anything o f the kind.
One is a
7-h. p. Gas Engine
and the other a
No. 10 Ensilage Cutter
Come in see what bargains they are
Coquille Hardware Co.
Bring Me Your Hides!
* ' »
• * P , 1
1 will pay the highest market priée—in cash—
for your hides.
1 can handle any quantity and
will pay for them on delivery.
Phone 731
Coquille, Oregon
Building Contractors
v '
receipt o f advice fr m the mills that there will
be a further advanc in the near future.
Coquifle, Ore.
Does Year Subscription Date Need Ctyngiog?
W e stilt have a fa ir supply o f
Cupid Flour
and we guarantee it to give you satisfaction or your
'*< r. I . < i . • ***■•' . .' i s -
> V
' *T
money refunded
Remember the brand—
is fo give oar customers prices ax low as the
quality o f goods will permit.
Our grocery business is the largest in
County and oar operating expense correspondingly
Our purchasing
power enables us to give oar customers the advantage o f many attractive
buys, and this we do.
McKinley N otes. -
Our prices are right— we guarantee the quality o f
The Busy C om er
ivi ’-' Jr-Vfjr i
Administration— License No. G 46545
Dairy mo
Have you heard about the Hartford
Livestock Insurance policy. Insure«
against death from disease, accident,
Are, etc. By ajl means insure your
/jraluable stock. Call on me or w rite
fo r rmtas. Geo. C. H uggins,‘ Marsh­
field, Ora.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman King visited
at Lao M ast's Saturday and Sunday.
Cartetoa Brown had business In
Marshfield Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Geo. Glens gave n birthday
dinner Sunday in honor o f Mr.
Glenn’s birthday. Those preeent were
Mr. and Mrs. Holmstrom and Anna,
Mias M yrtle Neely, Me. and Mrs.
Arthur Brown end Bobby.
Archie fh d Harold Shepherd wore
M yrtle Point visitors Monday even­
Mrs. Fred Mast visited her par­
en t!, Mr. and Mrs. D. Myers, at Lee |
several days last weak.
Most o f the farm ers are busy d ig­
ging potatoes this week.
Lyman King drove the truck fo r I
several days this weak, Elmer being |
on the sick lis t
W . S . 8 . Being Counterfeited
Counterfeit w er savings «tempe,
cleverly designed in replica o f tbs
regular government issue, hers bega
Plans and Specifications on Application
Estimates Furnished on All Kinds o f Buildings
Flour has ad­
vanced 40c per bbl. at the mill aud we are in
The W ilcox fam ily and Grandma
our goods and we give you service.
Laird started fo r Broadbent Sunday
m orning to spend tbs day bat broke
n spring bolt at Arthur Brown’s
place and had to return to tho black­
smith’s shop fo r repairs and did not
got started again until afternoon.
Tho officers that w art elected and
duly installed at our last Grange
masting were aa follow s: M aster, A r­
2 Phones— 691
United States Food
thur Brown; Overseer, Grant WOeox;
Lecturer, Leah Lawhorn; Chaplain,
Louisa Lawhorn; Secretary, Sarah
Forbes; Treasurer, M yrtle Glenn;
Steward, Henry Hansen; Assistant
Steward, Wm. F orbes; Lady
ant Steward, L issis M ast; Gats Keep­
er, Edn# Brown; Flora, Nellie Brown.
The regular day decided upon waa
J. E . Z. Fowle Marrtvd
tho last Saturday in each month.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Z. Fowls and
Saturday the Rad Croos ladies amt
children left Marshfield fo r their
at the hall and finished fou r quilts
home at Reaver H ill, haring bean ia
which will be sold at auction a little
tbs city over n igh t Mrs. Fow ls is n
later on.
Homer Shepherd, w h o' has boon
sick, is slow ly im proving.
Mr. sad Mrs. E l ten Robbins and
Mr. and M rs. Lea Goodman were Co-
quille visitors Friday evening.
Dennis McCarthy want to Marsh­
field Saturday in visit hit fam ily.
Mr. and -Mrs. Was. Mast spent Sun­
day visiting relatives at McKinley.
A lva Brown took his ensilage cut­
ter to Brewster Valley Saturday to
do several days’ cutting there.
Mrs. Sadie Shepherd has had quite
a stage o f tonafliUs, but ia all right
Judge J. L. Coke, a t Honolulu, was I
visiting old M ends at McKinley Mon­
Phone 1061
to that extent you should do so.
They come from a
well known pottery factory and each piece la a
flour, but if you have not taken care o f your
Loom W hitney was operated on for
I tonsils and adenoids last wask at D r/
I Clarks'* sanitarium.
Dr. Clark# was callod up to Grav-
| ol Ford Monday ssorning as Sam
Shook bad an attack o f pleurisy.
Mrs. L. A . Roberts, o f Ask!
I form erly o f this city, la visiting old
| friends and relatives kere now.
T . L. Lundy and w ife motored to
ICoqnille Monday afternoon to attend
[to some business there.
Bert Davenport, Verne Lundy, AlHe
I Bartlett, W ill and Dove M cNair have
ja il Ailed silos and many others are
ready or have filled theirs. g
Mrs. Reynolds* the fifth grade
rnchsr, and Mr#. Ruth Ting, the
(third grads teacher, spent tho week
end in Powers.
The teachers o f M yrtle Point hav.
ing returned from institute at North
Bond took up the school duties again
Karl Cuffman’s mother, o f Marsh­
field, spent Monday with Urn bare. I
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Medlock and
baby, o f Oakland, C alif., form ealy of
>wers, have moved bock again.
Their many friends will bo glad to
welcome them.
Erma and ' Audrey W agner, of
Broadbent, Ware M yrtle Point rial-
tors Monday oveahig.
Mrs. Ada Bondar, o f
NnX Monday evening in Myrtle
Mrs. John Grant, o f Gaylord, was a
M yrtle Paint visiter Monday Waning.
invasion o f the Pacific Coast by the
i spurious securities, the federal ip-
[serve beak o f Saa Francisco has is­
sued a coast wisemrarning:
' The counterfeit stampe are o f the
1919 issue, it is said. The stamps are
phetsgraphic productions in good
color, blue ink, but the fino linee be­
hind the portrait in the genuine ap-
pear in solid color in the counterfeit.
The perforations o f tbs genuin«
K TO use arguing qfxwt ft, or making chin-music In a
i>| minor key! If you’ve got the jimmy-pipe or ciga­
rette rflakin’s notion cornered in youc-amokeappetite, slip
it a few liberal loads o f Prince Alberti
B oiled X d < « ow . n
to regu
lar i t old
an-talk. ’
9 • X
a a
■ .«
P rin c e A lb e rt kicks the
\p” rig h t ou t o f a pipo!
Puts pips pleasure into t h e _______ _ ____
Makes cigarette rolling the toppiest o f sports,
' a .I s Ï
fragrant, so fascinating in flavor, so refreshing!
Prince Albert can’t bite your tongue or parch your
throat! Yotago as far as you like according to your smoke
spirit! Our exclusive patented process cuts dUt bite and
porchl «
7en*r fMf legs, Hdr |W Has, la s d e m pnaarf m
—*1------ •* " i * * sjt » ftn iriffii Mitft
n elmea In «—* pipffi«« «enffiMm.
R. 3. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. G