The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, October 17, 1919, Page 2, Image 2

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    vká -V'
is a
the M E.
A t present prices, 20 acres
of berri es-raspberri es*
strawberries or loganber-
ri& ujwffi bring an income
of SlO.OOO to $15,000 per
■ V
Join the ranks of “Big Busi­
ness.” Plant 2 0 acres and
get 8 10-year contract from
Bradley, Berry Booster
Plant Berries for Profit
H a re you seen th e
Vases, Hanging Bas­
kets, Jardinieres Hid W all Vases
a p p le ts * w oodland scenes mad n a tu re stu d ie s on
d isp lay in o u r show w indow . T hey com e fro m a
« « ■ know n p o tte ry fa c to ry a a d e ac h p iece i t a
w o rk o f a r t
P rices ra n g e from $2.00 to $5.00
Racket Store
JS .
MBS. B O N N IE W A L K E R . P rop.
4 .
Mr. Dcvnrunux made a
trip to Marshfield Sunday returning |
Mrs. Blanch* H im and daughter,!
mt Marshfield, who has b m v u itin g
; Mrs. Ed Jones, returned |
to hor homo Tnoaday.
Mr. aad Mia. John W arner and!
of Gaylord, wero in to w n |
Tuesday attending to business.
John W. Clinton was born in Craw­
ford county, M issouri, Nov. 10, 184S.I
and diod a t hia homo in M yrtle Point]
F riday, Oct. 10th, being seventy I
years and eleven m onths old. Funor- ]
s i sorvicoo w on hold In the Brethren
church of this place on Sunday, Octo­
ber the tw elfth, a t tw o-thirty P. M.
The rem ains w o n laid to re st a t the |
Dr. Louis Anderson and the Boy]
Scouts lo ft fo r th eir first hike in the
vicinity of Broadbent Monday, n - |
turning Tuesday.
Mrs. K ate C ob m ade a business |
trip to. Coquille Monday.
Verne Davenport, of Sissons, Cal-1
tfornia, is h e n visiting Ms brother,
B olt Davenport.
W ill Slingsby, of th is place, bought
a farm in Montague, California.
Mike W illard, one of
will soon move his
to the Andrew Christensen
place a t M ontague, Calif.
dy la “
th e b e a t b
Jake Meomaw to home from O.
C. to «pend a
llito i^ l
Miss Eflto Weekly, of th is pises,
spent Sunday in M arshfield.
dosed throe days of
this weak while our teacher* went to
th e institute.
Harvgy Davis, e f Siberia, who wss
in the American service there, retu rn ­
ed home Saturday to v isit his mother, |
Mrs. Weeks.
Joe Clinton, of Forest Grove,
in M yrtle Point Saturday to
attend th e funeral o f Mo brother, J.
W. Clinton. -
IT is not our intention to urge the purchase o f
more than your reasonable requirem ents of
flour, but if you have not taken care o f your
to that extent you should do so. Flour has ad­
vanced 40c per b b l at the mill aud
ar* « in
receipt of advice from the mills that
be a further advance in the near future.
We still have a fair supply of
Cupid Flour
at the
old price
and we guarantee it to. give you satisfaction or your
money refunded
Remember the brand—C u p id
is to g iv e o u r c u sto m e rs p ric e s a s low M th e
q u a lity o f g o o d s w ill p e r m it , O u r g ro c e ry b u sin e ss is th e la rg e s t in
C o u n ty a n d o u r o p e ra tin g e x p en se c o rre sp o n d in g ly low .
C oos
O u r p u rc h a s in g
p ow er e n ab le s o s to g iv e o u r c u sto m e rs th e a d v a n ta g e o f m an y a ttr a c tiv e
buys, a n d th is w e d o .
O u r p ric e s a r e r ig h t—w e g u a ra n te e th e q u a lity o f
o u r goo d » —a n d w e g iv e yon serv ice.'
The Busy Comer
2 P hones—691
Unified S tates Food A dm inistration -L ice n se N o. G 4 6 5 4 5
■ ■ **?■ *
•• .-.a •
• A
W hittington,
W e hav e tw o
w hich yon c a n 't afford to Overlook, M r. D airym an,
If yob a re g o in g to n e td a n y th in g o f th e kind.
O ne is *
7-h. p. Gas Engine
No. 10 Ensilage Cutter
Coquille Hardware Co.
Bring Me Your Hides!
1 w ill p ay th e h ig h e st m a rk e t price—in cash—
I can h andle an y q u a n tity and
w ifl p a y jp r them on deliv ery .
o . T . NELSON
H m m 7*1
C oquille, O regon
B u ild in g C o n tra c to r!
— - -----------------------------------
W rist Watches
Silverware & Novelties
w a rs joraii ( anon shop
C anto in m e w h a t b a rg a in s th e y a re
fo r y o u r hides.
The dock shooting season opened
Building U» • Fine Burine»
Mr. aa d Mrs. Geo. W. Z err cubi yesterday and for th e re st of the
down fron» Portland the first of the year ft w ill be safe to hunt them be­
tween sunrise (the law gives yon a
with Coquille friends, M rs. Zerr be­
few m inutes before) and sunset.
ing a sister-in-law of W. H. Mansell.
Mr. Z err has snooeeded in organising
a company called the Portland W ire
and Iron Vfarks for the manufactu re
of safety deposit boxes, and orna­
I have a
. Mrs. S tore Floyd and children, of m ental w ire, iron, brass and brasas
very fine lin e o f th em . A lsd
M arshfield, passed through town to work. H eretofore all w erk of the
Gaylord Satu rday.
D ehnar M illar, of Powers, spent company is getting some fine can-
tracts now, including a 126,000 one
Friday in M yrtle Point.
reaso n ab le p rice!.
Mrs. E . L. Hopson and children, of from ^ settle. Mr. Zerr spent e sum-
th is place, went to N orth Bead Mon­
day to attend the teachers’ institute
held there.
* *” - - 1
P rices a n d qu& lity g u a ra n te e d .
Mias Mina Brockman, of this city,
is spending s fsw days in Coquflle. -
Misses N ats aad Irene Hayes, of
WiU Mora to Fairview
Gaylord, spent this weak sad in Myr­
J. A. Jackson has ju st traded his
tle Point visiting friends.
city property hers, the two houses
J . 0 . Stemmier made a business I and lots directly north of th e W . C.
trip to Marshfield Saturday.
Chase residence, for the Brewer ranch
B ert Davenport will take charge of of 48 scree in Fairview adjoining
the WiU Sligsby {decs now.
J. D. Bonham's piece on the east.
A large crowd of M ends gathered This ranch is about half bottom end
s t the M. E. personage Thursday ev­ has 8 scree o f Gravenstein apples
ening and surprised the pastor and in bearing. Mr. Jackson gives 8800
fam ily w ith a farew ell party. The boot but goto an equivalent in e good
evening wee spent in conversation team, farm ing implements, hay, at*.
and music. D ainty refreshm ents were Me intends to cultivate* the piece
served a t the dose.
All enjoyed himself end will move out there early
themselves greatly.
in the spring. -
Agate Jewelry at very
a n d th e o th e r d
Old, had tonsils
s t Dr. Clarke’s sanitarium
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sigsby are the
end happy parent# of n now
baby g irl born Friday evening, O ct
Mine M argaret Corbin, of this place,
•pent th e for* p a rt of (ho week a t
the W ise home near Gaylord.
Claude Moon, our jew eler, spent the
The High School Debs ten
Twenty-On« Viri ta to the States
F. A. Tied gen, of Marshfield, is di­
rector of the 8tate High School De­
bating league for the Coos Bey dis­
trict, comprising Curry, Coos end the
extrem a western p e rt of Douglas
The subject for debate in
this d istrict is: “Resolved, That Ore-
fon should peas s teachers’ pension
lew as modeled a fte r the bill intro­
duced in the Oregon senate in 1916."
High schools eligible for member­
ship in this district are Band on, Co-
quille, Marshfield, M yrtle Point,
North Bond, G ardiner, Gold Bench,
Powers, Brookings end Coos River.
Judge J. S. Coke came over hero
Monday, to call the cases fo r the Oc­
tober term of the Circuit Court, ac­
companied by his brother, Judge
Jam es L. Coke, of Honolulu, who a r­
rived the previous day w ith his wife
for e visit w ith h'» brothers s t
Marshfield and his sister hers. They
make an annual trip to th e States and
in the past 26 y sera in th e blenda
heve only missed such a trip three
P la n s an d S pecifications on A p plication
E stim a te s F u rn ish e d on A ll K in d s o f B u ildings
D o Y ou Shave Yourself?
W hat kind oi a shave can you get w ith a Poor Lather
( 7
We Sell Saving l t i » h i tk«t t
WIU Positively Retain the Bristle* s
We Also SeU All Kinds ef Sharing
Soaps. Including Powders and Pastes
Best of All—a Cooling, Healing Lotion for use a lte r
ntodhipfav' “
"■ '
P hone 1061
C oquille, O re.
Ibeslear Sibscriptim Bate Neri O u ig iif?
Hl C. HI