The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, October 03, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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fW s E m F n i 1
for ALL to pun y
wow u t>.
“ My right is crushed; my toft la
Only tbs cantor can still fight a
"It must advance!" A t the <
Falling, rising, staggering
They did advance; the world waa won. I
The Marne’s rad stream in fullness]
, runs,
thirsty earth drinks the blood-of |
' • l i t i Albert and Quean Klitatath
her sons.
«f B elfium, will ba la Portland Oc-
tooar IStb inateqd of Ort. IS, dite to Nona feels his wounds, In rank and I
* change far plana owing to Pi widen:
WJoon’a Ulnae», Governor OlcoU waa They fall, but cryt “They shall pot
p m .! "
advineed this week.
thw to
manent the onpneedentpd prosperity that has come to
tha people o f the Coquille Valley, and to th is end this
bank’has placed a t your difiPP«! • »
worker, who know» yon and your Mods, one who haa been
“tried and not found wanting* and who wiH cooperate
with you to the end that you m ay receive tim ely counsel
through which you will be enabled to gain such aid as
your resources shall reasonably warrant and your needs
Mr. J. L . Sim th is the man and ia at your »ervice
mand him.
C O Q U IL L E '
This their reward who won the fight:
A bod for each in tha pale moonlight, |
Wooden crosses and popf
To show where Prance has laid her |
Close in her bosom she
Above their heads pals clouds are j
And the hushing whisper of the |
Still repeats, “They shall not paaal"
— Raymond E. Baker.
W hat Does a Skid Do?
It actually grinds away the tire’s
tread— stretches
weakens the fabric— cansee inevitable punctures and blow ­
Every time you skid you grind off milee o f tire service and
no m atter bow careful a driver you m ay be, when roads are
wet and slippery it in next to impossible to qvoid skidding
unless your tires are equipped with
W eed Anti-Skid Chains
, •’ ^
j ’
F .♦*• - 7 • . *
V” »
_■ J
t o - ——
For Protection and Preservation
W eed Chains insure safety, economy and tire protection—
Alw ays put them on “ A t the F irst Drop o f Rain.” ~
them to And the todga that now looks
ao flattering. Instead of proapect-
ing along the creeks, as nearly all
miners do, H r . Collins went up near
the top of Ophir Mt. and found there
Are different spills of gold. One of
these is in the form of a well defined
ledge, 4 feet thick and from which
a sample of ore has assayed SIAM in
gold and $600 per ton in platinum.
They are now driving a shaft to
strike this ledge some distance in dm
mountain, and if they do this and it
still holds up, their fortune is made.
• I 4 r. Curry had some samples of
For sale at
G a r d n e r ’s Garage
could be soao with the naked 07s
sticking to tbs quarts. Hs also boa
several battles of free gold, in which
there were some nuggets amounting
to several dollars each, that hod boon
taken from soma of the deposits near-'
by. On the opposite side of the moun­
tain from whore Messrs Carry end
Collins are working, and near the
head of Rock crook,Tom Wallace has
struck what is apparently the same
ledge. .
I f your house isn’t wired fo r eipetric service, it isn’t modern.
Now is a good tim e to make this improvement— before
W s era asking for $2,600,00 outside
the general road program for the
construction of a particular road.
Considerable difficulties era in the
way of obtaining this appropriation,
M y now data or arguments are there­
for* vary valuable. I shall continua
cold weather and long evenings begin.
■ -V
. 'a-
A sk your neighbors if they would do without the bomforta,
conveniences, pleasures and economies o f electric service.
It win mean as much to you.
Our service is designed to do your hardest work.
Telephone 71 for a housing estim ate.
Thirteen son* dead, that represent»
part of the wars cost to a French
farmer who lived at Renlughe. near
Tpcss surely a record. Be had 98
children, and 20 of his 22 eons fought
so the various fronte
In 101 ? the
widow of 000 of the eons was kilted
by a German shell at Dunkirk. The
farmer Mmaelf and one of bis dangh
tars met a tragic sad. In October.
1014 . they went to Lille to taka pert
In cel altra ting the bnndredth birthday
s f a rein rive. They were met on their
return liy a German patrol sad ware
Out hare la the Waal the discontent
■ Mustrg litis I hm - ii discovered (he amn
Sfnctun- of artlflrlal mnth.-r-of penr?
J. W. B Dew. è fallow of (he1 British
Royal ffoctety of Arte formt the pmc
ess after mirti tmriant expeHnientlna
Doctor I tew wes engaged during ihr
Whole tH-rlnd-of the wsr (n reco«.
Stranio*, stell hy step. Ihe method of
amnHfMt'ture. ,
Artlló'iiil n...;bep<«r.o,url le used for
auhltiii ftitw-j hutti-c* 1 Ire ss trimming*
and mo fly oilier articles. P.-fnre the
of It ntme troni Germany.
Mountain States Power Co«.
- ,
“Ever Occur to You?”
•ays the Good Judge
That it's foolish to pat ap
with an ordinary chew,
when it doesn't cost any
more to get real tobacco
E very day more men dis­
cover that a little chew of
real good tobacco lasts
longer and gives them real
There’s nothing like it.
the real tobacco chew
pet tofi tm Awe UyUa
R I G H T C U T is a. short-cut tobacco
W -B C U T is a long fina-oot tobacco