The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, September 19, 1919, Page 10, Image 10

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•; '
■ ■■■ •
Spectacles and Eya glasses repair-
ad while you wait.
Broken !<
duplicated. Satisfaction guaranteed
by V.' R. Wilson, the Optometrist, Co-
quille, Oregon.
All scKool books are changed this
year and some allowance will be
made on your old booki.
v Probate Court items
I have added to my office work the
Thermo Vapor Bath and massage.
Sept. 18 a petition was filed by
These baths are equal to, if not. bet­
Claud Gilea for th e administration of
ter than the hot springs, and the cost
the estate* of B. L. Hunt, who left
is much less.
Lady assistant.
real estate worth $5,0».
C. R. Bloyd.
Sept. 17—Hugh D. Goodman was
The man who took a wagon tongue appointed administrator of the estate
from Jim Davis’ junk pile will pleas* of Pearl Goodman, deceased.
bring it back for It isn’t his. Every left 8800 in personal property. The
one is requested to leave things there heirs are her husband, tbs adminis­
alone for many articles belong to trator, and two children, Alta and
other people.
36t2 Clyde, aged 16 and 18.
J. E. Paulson treated himself to s Sept. 17, Henry Ploeger was ap- j
something of an apto during his re ­ pointed administrator of the estate
cent trip to Portland.
He is now of Bertha Ploeger, his deceased wife.
travailing in a Haynes for which he She left property of the vane of |800
paid |2 9 » and which i* as fine a car and be waa her only heir.
as one -often sees.
O u r sto c k o f su p p lie s is c o m p lete
an d w e can offer th e b ig v alu es a t
o u r sam e o ld p rices.
Knowlton’s Drug Store
Dr. Eaton Moves Office
We have moved our office from the
Sentinel building to the F irst Na­
tional Bank Building. Office hours
from 9 to 12 and 1 to 6.. Other
hours by appointment. We are at
home over the Sentinel Office every
evening after- five o’clock.
t>r. Eaton, the Optometrist and
Eya Sight Specialist.
C all fo r L ist o f N ew B o o k s
Swift Handling of Troop*.
The Canadian national railways re-
centi^broke s speed record In -the
transportation of troops from one
ship. The troopship Olympic docked
at six o’clock In thejgxspjug. with 4.9»
returned soldiers aboard. Eleven spe­
cial trains were made up to take the
soldier* to demobilisation points in­
land. The Brat of these specials got
under way at 7 :46 o’clock. The other
train* followed af average Interval* of
18 minutes. Within three hours all
the soldiers were on their way for the
Interior. The troops averaged 445 men
to a train and It ttak ISO cars to han­
dle them.
Through Our Special Buying Service
Through an important business connection w* era enabled to offer
the New Comfore Talking Machine to our customers on e direct from
the factory selling plah. We are satisfied with a small profit oh
each machine, and have eliminated practically a)l expense in getting
the machines from the factory to you ahd are giving you the benefit.
We believe in co-operation. Your business ia appreciated and if there
are any favgrs to be extended w* feel th a t you are entitled to them.
This is our opportunity to favor our patrons. It ia your opportunity
to secure s high quality talking machine—aa good as can bo pur­
chased. anywhere—a t an enormous money saving price. ,W# cannot
favor you unless you permit us to do it. Co-operatiop will benefit
you and us. Do your part.
No home is consideredT'»all and completely furnished those days,
without a talking machine, f
Attractive in appearance and pleasinar to the sar as well as
to the eye
Ail that anyone could expect in a phonograph, and more
than is often believed possible
EATH is the one snre thing. For the
• rs dependent on him, life insurance Is the
premier investment. It comes first; it is most ele­
mentary, fundamental and essential.
Mim Della Strang, of Gils city, who
Sept. 12—Lyman King Jhd Mildred |
attended Summer School a t the State
Normal, has Just opened a nine Mast, both of McKinley.
S ept IS—Nathan F. Sergeant and I
months’ term of school a t Dixonville
Pauline Winningham, both of Power».
in Douglas county.
They w e n married a t Powers on the
C. H. Whitman, of Campbell, Cal., following day by Rev. F . W. Reynolds [
came in on Tuesday’s train for a vis­ a t tho home of the groom.
it a t the editor's home. Mrs. Whit­
S ep t IS—Ralph E arl Fox, of Co- i
man, who is a sister of Mrs. Young, quille, and Elizabeth D. Hufford, both
has been here for two weeks.
of Myrtle P oint They were married
Remember that the time in which to the next day a t the home of the
secure the Sunaet in connection with bride by Rex Dallas, Christian |
the Sentinel for 75 cents will soon ex­ minister of this city.
pire. After Oct. 1st the rat* for the
S ept 16—Alvin F. Thompson and j
two will b* 8 3 .» instead of $2.25.
Georgia Brown, both of Bandon. They
It would be interacting to know were married the same day by Judge |
how many car* have paased over the Wad* of the court house.
S ept 16—Story A. Musson and Es- j
road between her* and Myrtle Point
Gasoil, both of Marshfield.
this week. It must have been hun­
S ept 16—Charles Frederick Lot-1
dreds every day aince the fair began.
trail and Mary V. Shull, both of Myr­
These be strenuoua times her* m tle Point. They were married the I
Coquill*. Everybody is busy and then same day l-y Ju -tice J. J. Stanley at |
some. It’s not only a case of “every his office her*.
body works but father,” but her* tb*
S ept 16—Harry E. Colby and FI or-1
old man has to do some tall hustling area Todd, both of Marshfield.
s s ^
As soon as you know what bo6ks
you need bring us your list and
' we will make the exchange.
log A on*,, left for tho Boy Wodbee-
doy. where ho joined Mr.. Hughe*,
* a t Maybntla Ford’*.
tf l a t e r they left for the ro o t
Mr*. J. L. Smith is entertaining the ? Fey Jones ia enjoying o visit from
Junior ”600” dub et her 1
liia mother, Mr*. Aimlo Jonas, ui.d
hi* aiater, Mia Groce Jonoa, who.*
One of the students in the high homo i* in Sacramento. M itt ’ *•*•
school her* comes from Curry county will return hem* next Week, but Mr*.
Jonoa will spend thro* months hero.
a t Port Orford.
UntU Oct. 1, tho price of tho Sen­
■ A t your service. W* cal', for and
tinel in connection with Sunaet will
deliver your cleaning an« pi
be $2.50 pew year for tho two, the
Phone 1198. R. H. Sweet. /
publisher* having recently raised the
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Toiler intend price of Sunset. A fter October 1, the
moving to Gardiner the first of the price of the two in combination will
weak, where he is now employed.
be $8.00.
> '
Sam Sherwood was in town this
Reports from other high schools in
week from Sumner where he has been the county nra that Myrtla Point has
employed for the past couple of years. an enrollment of 56; North Bend 100
L. P. Maurv, Mrs. Hal Pierce, and Bandon 101 and Marshfield liip,
Mias Bessie Mary returned Tu< tiny as compared with 101 a t CoquiUa., Everyone Should Siam at Once
from their visit in Jh* Rogue river In percentage of population our school
It is the signed contracts that will
lands them nil.
determine the location of tho primary
Marshfield people bought 81800
County Judge C. B. Wade yeeter- cannery of tho A. Ruperf Company.
worth of war department groceries, day afternoon addreoaad tho women If we get the largest acreage signed
but that wouldn’t begin to supply Of Marshfield at the city library on up, we shall get the big plant a t Co*
that town for a tingle day.
,*ChHd Welfare—Its Halation to tho quills. You may know you are going
The speaking to set out berriM, but unless you
Sheriff Gage returned Wednesday State and County.”
from ‘Portland where he took a car­ was under the auspices of the Marsh­ make a contract, Rupert doep not
know it, and his knowing it is what
load of 80 cattle from his ranch the field Woman’s Club.
first of the week.
L ast October was the Sentinel’s will settle the location of the big
p lan t Get your contract right away.
' Only ten days remain in which the banner month, so fa r as subscription
Do not neglect this.
Sentinel can be paid for in advance receipt* are concerned, but from the
Bradley, Berry Booster,
a t $1.60 a year. Fortunately arrears
for P rofit Opposite
themselves of $b* opportunity to pay
no longer exist on our list.
ia advance for one, two and throe Qaxter Hotel.
Rev. James E. Conder came in un­
years a t tfie old rate, it looks as if
expectedly yesterday to finish pack-
September might break the record
* in g his household goods and wont out
< -
* by the Roeeburg stage this morning.
Mrs. Frank Reed came down fresn • Meets Every Tuesday Evening A
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Morrison, Mr.
and Mrs. S. M Nosier and Geo. T. Powers Tuesday for a day’s visit with •
In W. O. W. Hall
Moulton left last Sunday morning for her great uncle, J. 8. Lawrence. She • .
at 8 o’clock
a week’s kunting trip in Curry county. and Mr. Reed recently left Redding,
Calif., where he waa employd a« a
Mayor Dement, of Myrtle Point, druggist, and on tjha doctor’s orders
proclaimed a half holiday on tho af­ walked moat of the way from Waad
ternoon of the three last days of the to Myrtle P oint Tpey w e n t’from
fair, yesterday, today and tomorrow. there to Powers whore he secured a
Ah airplane was seen flying over position in oh* of tho camps.
this city about 11 o'clock yeeterday
morning—probably tba on* that, ap­
The biggest little Watch, Jewelry
peared a t the county fair in tb* af­ and , Optical atora ia Oregon.
store that- gives you the best to be
.;’ ?T• r- ■
| i, : Y'
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Denio drove up had. Repairing dona neatly, "quickly
from Gold Beach Wednesday evening and correctly. Quick aerviee. ■Diffi­
■«arriving bay* about 2:80 yesterday cult Joba dona while you wait. V. R.
morning. They intend to remain un­ Wilson, Watchmaker andJOptometriet,
CoqsiUe, Oregon.
til Sunday.
----- ^ ttìi ^ • — -------
Bankers Life Company pays five or die.
O n the first of October
the subscription price of
The Sentinel will be rais­
ed to $2 a year.
' r. v _
- v ’*- *
, V - ;
< '* . ( # ' ' •
a -
District Agent for BANKERS UFE COMPANY
• Formerly af t h e A rrülaga
• Musical Collage, San Francisco
• P. O. Box MS . Phone 1871
Until that time.everyone
can pay a subscription
far in advance as he wish­
es at the old rate of
x year
New C ues in Circnit Court
Mrs. Fred Slagle and Mrs. A. E.
Sept. lTnsCoIopal Jack Coombs vs.
Neff, of Marshfield, left Wednesday
njornmg fot San Francisco, where Nettie May Cootnbes. Suit for di­
they will visit. Mrs. Neff expects to vorce.
meet her nephew there, who has Just
returned from Siberia.
Berry Pickets Wanted
On the Harman ranch a mile below
A t year service. Tailoring, Clean­
ing and Pressing.
PhodS 1198. R. Lee on the North Fork. Four and a
half eenta a pound will he paid. W.
4 . Bennett.
Treasury Barings Certificat
are resistei ad In yoar name, tb
Insuring against lorn.
th <?refuU*
visible bifocals your eyes
the a or Id.
stantly. You save time and e i-
Bay them at tba noetofflc*.
ergy by not having to change
glasses ami relieve your eyes of
Violent Death* Hi ladle.
Snake bite* caused 28.818 deaths la the strain that makes them pre­
British Indls lo 1917, nearly 8 » more maturely old.
Errors of vision
than In 4016. There were 2.170 per-
V. R. WILSON, O. D ,