The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, August 15, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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bank has
worker, w h o !
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with you to
through which
your resources
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than1 talk unless we are to have
other call staged in the near future. I
We drove over ft this w a tt and rouno |
one team and two men a t
the entire road where there should be I
a large force. Penny wise end poqnd
foolish atoms atiU to be true polKp|
of the county court in the m atter of
Feed is gfl4»g down, but priese ara
not aa yet, with nil the talk sf govern­ heariag ef the Atlantic’« «urf.
Wa had haard much of the fas
ment sales and other moves to help
lake eeanery ef aorthera Coos
Doagies, but hoaring is
Up the re the railroad fol-
Une of enu lake as la r
id to ratify the soffri
ft can and thae strikes right ont
a resolution crii ha W
r the water«. Then ít comas to
t reduced to remove the capital from
d again aad burro we right through
Salem to Portland. Probably that
hitls with tunosls, ana of two of
aa far as it will gut, however.
which are over a arito in length, until
H ranchee the borden e(
th e']
This sort of talk to what wu heard
for years before the recall of Judge
Watson and Commissioner Philip, end
just tip kind wa expected to bear af­
ter th e/ had been replaced by a 1
judge and commissioner.
The Sen­
tinel certainly holds ao brief for the
present court but ft presumes they
ere doing the beet ft to possible far
them, to do while prices are ao high,
labor ao scarce end so little money
available for road work.
In-tbe past the Myrtle point sec­
tion has been highly favored by the
court la the m atter of reads end many
people think that section has had mere
its share ef the general road
fund. But not all the roads n
be completed a t once,, and this
grades heve luán found by x
the water aad nadar the bilis, and the efcknt, and mat • number of conval-
fa aun
thent, a Taxes colonel, «aid he had
This bh ef Oregbn Is distinctly differ always believed that the Texans were
p> the beet soldiers in the world, but
the infinite variety ef the Pacific since he has seen soldiers from all the
other states he was convinced there
The horseshoe curve Just the
were no “best" American soldiers. The
of the Notl tunnel though not no soldiers from Massachusetts and Ore-
well known as the one a t Altoona ea ton were Just as m d w r thorn from
the Pwmaytvaaia to hardly lees
Texas and the soldiers from every
markable as a piece ef engine«
State and section wore Just as brave
of being the threshold to
files it to the
by which one reaches the
p n ctici U it sometimes preache
e t «10to r e of the PiQemetto valley.
quit knocking and be a booster,
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» ■ * not f orget to _____
it comes to public work.
fcaget Reedsport, which has toe aspect e f a
> and to making good in
. ,
It to ad rider than toe
railroad, but to certainly a lusty three-
yoar-rid. Indeed^ this city and Pan-
The Howefl boy
•eeas to ha in the i
Pomeroy boy a t Boni
ase. He killed san
other while still yoo
ell boy, before he
faenad. Hie ye
there wai
u bring dona. Nona of the
■ wa passed through mani-
tostld any evidences ef growth—
rather e f somnolence.
The lin t really warm weather we
as the have experienced for five or six yean
Ufaen we turned northward at
d a t them o’clock in the after-
We have seen Oregon just as
before but hardly ever so dry
lU s aide ef the Cascades. The excee-
y have bean due to our
riding in a big atari box upon which
the ran eould exert Re ton force; but
ft did not sta rt the perspir-
atieh as ft does in to . middle west,
and when fibs son aa
ores* ft was so longer uncomfortable.
A base hang over the eastern foothills
of ftm ▼eBay and hid from sight the
ef the Cascades which
i one ef the reasons for
The car ea which we rode out over
the unusual heat. It was Mulberry the Columbia Highway last Sunday
Henan’ plan, you know, to put a ca*. morning was driven by "Peake, the
die in the stove when he oculdnt af­
ford coal and make it look h o t So
wu have often been cooled in spirit
by looking at the eternal snowa that
mantle Mount Hood end Mount Jeff-
function during stormy weather wa
leniently find excuses for the ‘com­
pany. The fact that they go bad in land
mid-August whoa everything is se-
had hold the business sessions of their
state association Friday, made a fair-
aised bunch of newspaper men, though
‘here were as always a lot of make-
believes who ware getting recogni­
tion end courtesies to which they were
not entitled end who ought to hew
been ashamed of themselva».
Of all the addresses made a t the
meetings the one which stands out in
memory with eameo-like distinctnee*
was the talk by Edgar B. Piper, edi­
to r of thp Oregonian. He talkdd about
the trip he made ju st before the .war
•ndad as one of the party of Ameri­
can Journalises who went over there
« t the invitation of the British gov-
vating shades that were beginning to
look shabby aad than turning them,
thus practically doubling their serv­
ice, aqd making them loox much bet­
ter than before end almost as well as
when new. We have often read
stories of people filling a want that
nobody had thought of, and here was
just such e case.
He sensed' whet
housekeepers wanted before they
knew it themselves end now has a
fine home in one of the beet localities
in Portland and owns a motor truck
To-Ptg Club Loaders and others:
Mr. Colley sad his members invite
you to spend a day, Friday, ¿August
22 , on Catching Inlet. Those who
come hi cars will be met s t the Rus-
is at your asrviefi
When in need of any
Gardner’s Garage
They also have a
:U r f
Both single
«am *
How Would You Like to Have a
Laundress Who
of four cows to bo judged by the club
'members. The purpose is to help pre­
pare the beys for the judging othtoet
th at is to he held a t the county fair.
¡It fa expeetad that Mr: Seymour and
V ri Alfafa eir 0 . A. C will be present
to assist
All visitors ere asked to bring
something towards a picnic dinner.
Coffee with cream and sugar will be
furnished free. At noon all will gath­
er s t the Catching Inlet consoldtatee
school and Join baskets. It will be e
day of pleasure aa well aa one of pro­
fit. The boat will return to the Rue-
eel place in the afternoon and trana- j
portation will be free to all visitors, j
It is hoped also to have e free doss
from Marshfield, but this arrange­
ment has not yet been made.
Every pig club member in the coun­
ty should be given an opportunity to
sorely hoped that the parents or mem­
bers will co-operate with and back toe
leaders in an effort to get the bey»
there. Use the telephone; call a local
'meeting; g et your community out et
the graviyaid class end Into the
group of the live ones.
More definite information will be
given in e few days; but don’t wale—
get reedy now. Let’s help the boys.
Gets Myrtlewoed GaveL
Congressman Nick Sinnott, of the
second Oregon district, was the re­
cipient of a beautiful gavel aad block
made of Oregon myrtle weed, Which
he erill use in presiding over the meet­
ing of the Public Lands Committee of
the House, of which he is chairmen.
The dopor eras the Chamber of Com­
merce of Marshfield, Oregon. He also
lem and.
Roseburg man’s tsrico-told story. It
is confirmed testimony that no one
of this locality sen doubt
L. Mathews, carpenter, 818 Short
St., Roseburg, O reg, says; “For sev­
eral years I was troubled by backache
and kidney complaint I hurt my
beck severely one time and the trou­
ble seemed to stay with me. I used
a good many aaedicines and spent
more money than I have been able to
keep track of but get no positive re­
lief. I finally bought Doan's Kidney
Pills. A fter using Doan’s my kid-
—one who never grumbles e t the rise of the
AU ef tide to trae of the Risetele WaaM
tag Just one of the many useful things
you if you will provide the tools.
Ifjirou ha ven’t risetele service fa yeuf home
da for
Mountain States Power Co.
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»ay» th e G ood J u d g e
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quality chew and save
part oi your tobacco
- m oney at tne sam e V
^ time. N \ '
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