The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, August 01, 1919, Page 8, Image 8

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K'-tjriOfhdi'iy n—aspnmmHMmmn« m sanaMariur-A' v w ter
Don’t let the flies dec
the efficiency of your
A few applications of flood
fly spi-ay will flive them
a t Meybstis Ford*».
v | . A. Collier' « n t to Marshfield
Monday on burinma.
. Mr. and Mra. Hardy Maat « m io i*
from Gravai Ford yotaarday-
Miaa Marial Simpaba wma a Martb-
arraatad at Myrtlà Point Wednesday
on suspicion of having had something
ta da with tiw Bandos murder, bat
an examination aatiaflad tho sheriff's
office th at he had hail nothing ta do
Mrs. H. C. Gets and children left
Idei Thursday for a Ave weeks' riait
with her p aren ts-at Newburg. ♦
Mr. end Mrs. Ban Dimmick, form-
•riy of Coquille, h av. gone to Spokane
to make their home, storting Wednes­
day . _ v.i;
. . _
J. F. Las, of Riverton, was a caller
Wednesday, He expects to take •
* f w f c g » •oon 08 >ccount *
hia wife's health.......
’ ,
The Sherwood and Hazard party
returned Wedneeday evening from
their two wmks’ camping out a t tha
Kanu Klub grounds.
C. P. McKnight, MarahAaid attor-
ney, la hare today to conduct th f
defense in the case of Mrs. Pulford
«gainst Chet Holing.
' '
Ths Sentinel and Sunset together
for 12.26 for a short time. The price
of Sunset alone will seen he #2. Speak
Tuesday to their home in Albany.
k r s . Frances F. Nortea* arrived
here from Sen Francisco os Tuesday
E. Norton, and fhmily fer a thne.
Mr. and Mrs. Frsd Von Pegert loft
laat Sunday morning for Son Fran­
cisco whsra Mrs. Von Pagart en ten d
a hospital to nndergo an opération.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Walker went
up to Pertland yostorday morning
far s visit end will romain for the
Buyers’ Week program there nsxt
The Maytag Washing Machine man
loat a n d catalogue irons hia auto
here lest week. If aay one bas picksd
It up, plenm retum H te the Sentinel
Went • Loaf Way Around
J. j J Smith and family returned
Saturday from then; vacation trip at
writes m new subscriber, Ashland. They went up to Crater
who hes just begin to receive ito Lake and entering the Park there ran
weekly visits.
Meet of those who laeroes Rev. H. M. Law and family,
CMM to rietivd
“come btek."
B m rm t yea a naighbo^w ho [who were on their way to Texas. Mr.
Law Was traveling leisurely end do­
lik H Z r J d itl
ing a good deal ef Ashing by the wsy
with his patented trolling device. Mr.
w H*nry p county,
*M<r * waa D^ here
î ü , 5 the ri2n
first ’ Smith went, over to Klamath Lake and
. - •
si isusM ssnts came home by way of Grants Pass
fo r a concert by the DeMoes family on land Crescent City. The large area
th s flOth.
They have bean giving od dawy land hi one body sloping
concerto all over this country and [gently to the sea—with an outlook of
some in Europe for the 'peat íorty [miles in every direction—near the
month o{ Smith’s river was a revela­
stmssclUT m i with V tion to him. Ths road down to that
mMmt ^ ^
y u h trap boat point waa over sffvekal mountains,
landing last Thursday. Aa she was
kerning up from the bout she stopped
into a hole at the end of the hoard
walk and fractured her right foot. Want« to Gb Back ^ Train
wfll Pto»«nt her walking for
A. A. Nosier aad wife, of San Diego,
accompanied by their aen, Harry W.,
*0—* tim*'
W. H. Lyons left early Yesterday [and hia wife, are new visiting with his
brother, S. M. Nosier, end other rela­
tives here, having come up to Cooe
bounty to
a little cooler weather
[than is prevailing in Southern Cali-
fornia new. They certainly found it
too. Mr. Noe lor, who is In tho trans­
fer bus inter in Bah Diego, drove up
here in his own ear, but found tho
roads no bad, th at he wants to mil K
and return some easier way. L R.
Nosier, another of his brothers is
managing his business for him while
h e ia away and Oscar Noslsr, who
used to live here, is also in his em-
He Was An Airplane Mechanic
Thli subject, tha introduction uf
which baa bean awaited aver klnee
the trial opened; did not'detalop along
the Unas which bad bean generally ex­
pected. Mr. Ford's Inclination to
shoulder full responsibility, his state­
ment tha| bis son was absolutely
essential to the war work being done
in ib e factory and bis revelation o i
the tact that Sdael Ford turned down'
several offers of a commission, dis­
armed criticism. Tha charges, spread
during a political campaign, ahd re­
cently repeated on the floor of tho
United 8tales senate, to the effect that
the young president of the Ford Mo’or
compsny had shirked his duty were au
fully refuted that Tribune counsel did
with Bdsel Fords war work has been
made public and It waa easily the
feature of the eleventh week, of the
Henry Ford spent seven days on the
witness stand and ef this time he
«avA lees than two hours to his owt.
lawyers. As long ss counsel for The
Tribune wss hammering Urn Mr. Ford'
est quietly la the witness chslr an­
swering the constant flrs of questions
with great patience. Bat the instant
hia own lawyers took him ia hand his
sttitude changed. He became self
conscious sad diffident. He weald not
aeeept the efforts of hB counsel to
prorids him with aa opportunity to
reveal tha full axtoat ef his patriotle
work during the wsr, his humanltart-
aa views, or his advanced Ideas o f tho
relations which should exist between
capital and labor.
“If Is all In the records," said Mr.
Ford. "I have told It sU here once."
He avoided, with oare, anything that
verged on boss tins H# would nor.
svoa describe the extent of tho war
work which his factories did and whan
recard breaking performances In the
production of munitions was mention­
ed he declare^, “ws did all wa coaid.
let H go at that J want to forget
all about i t 1 tool )m t as ths sol
tilers feel. 1 don t want to talk about
ray war wcrtL"
Ths wits ess did. howevot-, after be­
ing pressed, explain that his sea had
C. W. Gardner has Just secured the
[services of a very expert mechanic,
Sergeant J. W. Richardson, of
ManhAeid, who recently returned
from Texas, w hen he spent sixteen
months in Uncle Sam’s service. As
quill« Sunday evening and remained soon as ha reached tha mobilisation
till yesterday morning when they camp they set him to work 'on the
left for southern Californio to visit motor trucks end later detailed him
¡for airplane work. Before he left he
was sent aloft a a f gained considerable
experience as a Ayer, though he never
Jo t very much attached to th a t pert
of the business, preferring to work era MM ths profile’.. Ue wanted to
cut íooee f io a his a. so nata-, be sai l,
on t a r n Arms.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Belloni end
children went down to Bandoa Tues­
day for a week’s outing a t the bench,
though Mr. Belloni is expected home
Mrs. W. C. Chase is entertaining s
party ef about twenty-five ladies this though, briore they get started.
afternoon in honor of her mother,
Mrs. J. S. Burton and children re-1 Saturday and renewed for ^he Sentin-
Mrs. William Rich, e f ' Washeugal, tumed last Saturday from a six I el> whkh bs thinks everyodb in this
weeks’ visit with her mother in east- Lection ought to taka. He has sold his
V. R. Wilson, “Optometrist," Co- pm Oregon. The family have since Uome place to his son, Marion, and
Myrtle Point but still finds
quill«, Oregon. Eyas Tested, glasses moved into -their now homo, tho Cope! m0T* j
Optical repairs of all Undo. residence at the south end of Coulter [work to do in gardening and has just
Broken lenses duplicated. * Glasses street, which Harry Miller has just I bought a block and a half to pasture
repainted and renovated until it is L cow there. Mr. Clinton has led a
from $1A0 up.
«pick and span aa a new minted del-1 very active life and dona much’ to
County Clerk Oddy end little daugh­
ter, Florence, Monday from Worth
Bead where the little girl underwent
ad operation for tha removal of ton­
sils and adenoids.
------------------- T—
Mra. Sarah Cops, accompanied by Church of Gad Revival Meeting*
her brother, “Uncle Ben,” of Califor­
The Church of God will hold a re­
nia, are up here for a visit with her
vival masting at the M. E. Church
North, commencing August 4th, and
continuing until the 17th, each even­
ing. I t wfh be conducted by the Neal
so that he could carry out his Mean
of the cistributhffi of profits to em­
ployees through increased wages and
to the P ibllc through lower prices.
It waa either buy or sell sad Mr. Fowl
had com Cored telling and organista«
a new company HU sen, hewer»*,
took up the task of buying oat A e
minority stockholders end succeeded,
dlaplte the g moral bell«: la the.flamn.
rial world that this stock could not he*
One of the most interedtimg develop
meats of Mr. Ford’s testimony came
out when It was testified that the on'y
legislation he has ever sought w<-s
th - 1 ft r th< pro f cUon ot birds. Oto - 1
men of millions, It wga shows, kee.i
lobbyists la the national ' and stole
capítol to urge aad work for special
privileges, bah ths one favor that Mr.
Ford has ever asked from tho law
makoia lad nothing to. do with h*.e
rwn In errata. It was a curions Mt i t
’ssl.m orv and left a deep Impress! >n
on tbs audience In the court Cham bet.
The so Meet sms a itsult ef ques­
tions concerning Mr Ford’s list of
He named Thomas Ed lac a
and Johti Burroughs, the naturalist, as
his best friends outside of his Im-
Litigation In which Mr. Ford has
been Interested wee another subject
of interest. It was shewn that when
the automobile business was in the
flrpt years Of Its growth all msnnfse-
turers of motor cars were com pelted
to pay tribute to what was knows aa
tha Balden patent on internal combUf.
Mon engines. Mr. Ford fousht this
patent for seven years and won aad by
bis victory freed the entire Industry
. * 3 , 4 ..
have a new block d f
Kitchen Cabinets
Dining Chairs
Iron Beds and
Clothes Hampers
Market Baskets
Lqndt Baskets and
Wood Carriers
In the extra strong splint hnvfly*|«bforced
day wityMaas the passing of men who, to
life, had prospered fairly wefl, hut had carried
obligations which, a t the final reckoning of th eir es­
tates, wiped out their equities.
Protected by life insurance these equities m ight have
become clear assets providing an income for th eir fain*
District Agent for BANKERS U F Ë COMPANY
fo r shipm ent to the P ortland m a rk e t Will pay
the highest m ark et-p rice fo r good stuff hut
don't w ant the other, kind a t any price.
W .
p i n in Cooq County