The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, July 18, 1919, Image 1

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FRIDAY, JULY 1$, Iti* .
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, County Coart Proooodingo
rhe Great Commoner S|
Two Day* in County
Talks a t M yrtle Point
lf r Y e a M M
The following resolution adopted by In his visit to Coos.eounty this week
the County Court on Tuesday Anally William J. Bryan has everywhere
and definitely settles the matter of the been greeted with record-breaking au-
location ef the propose^ river bridge Misnce* end must hnve received coin
at this city:
munch to buy a farm for his talks
....... i
«t North Bsr.d, Marshfield, Myrtle
NoW a t this time swims on Point and Powers. At Marshfield his
for consideration the matter of a audience is reported at 2900 people
and at Myrtle Point with a packed
grand stand running over all'arfund
there must have been nearly 1600.
Just why he should be so much the
beet drawing card on the platform
today, aftar *4 years befort the pub-
lic, it is hard to.,M duafr~t ^ r 1-- m
ievea thousand people must have
leeanl him in Coos county this trip
«nd most of them paid a round dollar
fer the privilege.
His subject was present day prob-
lama, mostly the political problems of
these United States, which we have
all Ween writing about ¡or. hearing
ahout or reading about for years. Of
course, their familiarity givee them
an interest, but no one else in the en­
tire nation could talk about them so
easily, so illuminatingly and so pleas.
In the County Court thin week «
delegation at the Larson Slough peo­
ple Were present accompanied by two
attorney*, John C. Kendal) appearing
far Louis Weir and the petitioners for
a road on the south side, and W. U.
Douglas for Julius Larsen, who does­
n’t want the road io pass through his
land ori the north side of the Slouch.
The court took the matter under ad­
visement and will wait fof the report
of the preliminary survey of the
south aide road, there being already
one for the north side roag, before de­
ciding between them. Both the eoet
of both proposed roads and the ser­
vice to be obtained from each will be
taken into consideration when a de­
cision is made.
F. J. Chatburn was appointed Jus­
tice of the .peace for the Bapdon dis­
trict, in plsoe of C. R. Wade resigned.
A form of questionnaire for appll-
'santr ' i i r widow's pensions was
¡agreed upon and these blanks will he
at once prepared.^.
Hersey N ight Marshal—Taylor
Street Grade—They Want
Real Paving
At the adjourned cession of the
council Monday evening, the resigna­
tion of John A. Jackson as night of­
ficer of the policer'force .was present­
ed and duly accepted. The vacancy
■was immediately filled by the appoint­
ment and'Confirmation of M. H. Mer­
In behalf of Chadwick lodgo, A. J.
Sherwood and John Quick were in at­
tendance to present the protest of that
body against the permanent location
of the Liberty Temple In Willard
street and its transformation into a
rest room as requested by the Wo­
man’s Club. The principal objection
was the Tact that a wooden structure
no dose. Je the Masonic lot would be
i constant monaco to any building
'which might be erected there. The
matter was referred to the committee
appointed last week to confer with the
A number of Hall street property
owners were present to talk over with
the council the contemplated Improve­
ment of Hall and Third streets as
mentioned In the Sen.inel last, woe’k.
Without exception every tone was
opposed-to a plank paving, and the
Majority favored at least a' 16-foot
concrete pavement, so that the im­
r_ \ «•- 7 ^ —V
P " wno nearer mm nere Monday and
provement would be permanent am)
by w a ajismxl and m- ¡Tuesday must constitute nearly or
wouW n«t be required to do it
**!* t*Q"v * , ***”
26 per cent of the population of
les Hall brought {nlI over »gain iq a few years.
UpOB Cw* county and we imagine that
utal in lwgard to The engineer has no$ yet arrived at
. "**7 to known “ while this was a political talk less
they an estimate of the probable eoet of
«uch an improvement, but with most
*** **
**■*•» political faith aa the speaker; ~
mmittes <?f the 0f fl,6 fa d in g done, and a wooden
; sad that the eoet of
it given the ad- curb- «nUimplatod, the cost would not
y a hearing, will J,, exeessivs. Five foot concrete side-
ar« 'planned to replace the pres­
id the gift very happily, s$yin*
By ¡August 1st the Toads committee ent wrfrit eut plank walks.
it should always be kept in his should make u report on the highway
The street commit** was requested
i as a reminder of Myrtle Potot. matter explained Mr. Hall Jo tpe to pecur* the opinions ef the property
i-Jhaa that he teld the people iim**
Sixteen of
. ’ tae 21 members * y ']m n H ’*tt”f i s
Wtf’.h oL jJm
, Intel setlng a picnic dinrvwr 7 of the
* " body
.... were present at the R5o*«-
with them, that he felt the most at vek read hearing
home there of any place he'had ever were made by the Oregon delegation.
heap of all the hundreds and thousands The chairman, Dunne, of New York,
of towns and cities in which he had expressed himself as favorable and
spoken during a quarter of a century several others dhf the same without
Lack of & Quorum prevented the
of going up and down the land. This solicitation.
council from attending: to necessary
The House committee was very street matters on Wednesday even­
because they were just common folks
meeting together.
much impressed when they learned ing, but Mayor Johnson called a
It took Chairman Stemmier some how mu^h land in Western Oregon had special meeting last night at which
time bi introducing him to even read been withdrawn from taxation and siL members were present.
the bare list of the reforms which Mr. placed in forest reoervss, and began
The city engineer was instructed to
Bryan has championed* and which to think Unde Sam owed Oregon prepare notices and file with the je-
have already become laws, including something.
eordeis altering and re-establishing
Favorable report by the roads com­ the grades on Taylor street between
prohibition and tbs election of United
IStatae senators by the direct vote of mittee of the House will probably lead Second and Third, and on Third be­
Wedded in California
the people. Tsrenty-eight years the to acceptance by Congress, says Mr. tween Hall and Taylor streets, and
The marriage ot Bee. James E. letter reform, Mr. Bryan said, had Hall. '
• '<
1 also to establish the grade on Fifth
Condor, of the Federated church hare, ■ been before thd peolpe with no party
Mr. Hall and Mr. Simpson both street between the T and Henry street
ahd Mrs. Imsgsns Hardeman Givens, ’ in the country opposing it, and still heard Prdsident Wilson and saw him
of Auberry, California, took place men grew gray while waiting for it deliver the peace treaty to the sen­ bridges. This was necessary to make
the grades ef these streets confoYm
June SO, a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. to be enacted. But once it was made ate. Mr. Hall said he learned that
to the grade of the new roadway into
Boy Richardson, II* West ArreUaga the law there was no danger it would they esmId have «old their tesla for
town to be madq by filling Taylor
street, Santa Barbara, CaUfornia, Rav. lArer be changed back to the old way.- $60 ^ach. Senator Chamberlain se­ street across the gulch.
Alfred J. Hughes, pastor of the First
The resolution altering and estab­
Of the reputation his party had as cured the seats for them.
Methodist church officiating. ‘The
lishing the grade on T ay lo / street,
bride was principal of the schools at
from Second to the Burkholder place
Auberry, Gal., during the past ypar. he spoke humorously and yet with an
is elsewhere published in this issue.
Their wedding Journey included
H mt ordhiande providing for the Im­
visits to Loo Angeles, Long Beach, tinel’s recollections goes back a dosen
’ or more years farther than Mr. Bry- a rpst room on what seams to ns provement of Taylor street wasvpassed
tCatalina Island, Santa Fe Springs,
. Ian’s,' and then the democratic party short-eightad groundsf As they have with an emergency clause, so that at
and A couple of days' stop in Sen
was universally berated as the boose determined to build a Masonic Tempi# he regular meeting next Monday a
call for bids can be made. This will
Mrs. Givens has bsen a widow since ptrty—though the word boose was elsewhere and are holding the site of
not in vogue then. It Was very much the former hall for commercial pur- allow the work to be started shorn
1*1», when her first husband held a
August 10th. _
position in tho Loo Angelas school but sa wa have beard Robert Ingersol! ex -' poses solely, we want to make the
press it on another question.
He suggestion that for retail business
Invoiiintary Manslaughter
Santa Crus mountains during their wouldn’t Say that every democrat was -that location would be enhanced in
a horse thief bad he would say that ev- value rather than depreciated by the
L. A. Myer», charged «ritti involun­
summer vtcstioo.
Woman's Rest tary manslaughter, win have a pre­
We are sure Mr. Conder will be ery horse thief was a democrat. And establishment of n a Woman’s
so, while in our youth no one went so Room dot* let hand; and that for any liminary hearing in Justice Stanley’s
heartily congratulated by the people
of Coquille on the happy event that 'for as to say that every democrat got other business use the Rest Room
has just occurred, and the Sentinel drunk it eras tacitly agreed that any- would make no difference,
■ - 1 1 .» ■
unites with his many friends in wish­ body who got drunk was a democrat. |
Mr. Bryan told a story to this «f. 110,000 Reconstruction Program
ing the newly weds a long and happy
fact about Abraham Lincoln and J The Coos and Curry Telephone eom-
life together.
Mr. Conder says that after visiting
"Abe," responded the Judge, “Well H»e and the people have had to do the Showed H im a “ L eisu r
. . . . . . ,,
- big him the witty Irshman responded, 1 blown looee from the trees to which Wi.ij j- Urvan was tlw t
t "I’m a raypublican, but I’ve got dim- they are attached, are hoping that af- ,
. f? chandler
e ask him and see." ' And on question-1 repairing whenever the wires were
* $ 1.65
Bryan was proud to say that ths attention.
On. of the statement* he
democrats now stood four square on Y
1 !“
that) in American we had i
the whiskey question, though.
The Women Are
R ig h t aa U sual
insure class. After the 1
first four state to ratify the national
Neither the Weman's Clafa activi- was taken on an auto ride
prohibition amendment were four ties in behalf e< converting that un- May, and John D. G oss put
Southern democratic states, r.nd ths ’ finished “Liberty Temple” info n much on him by tellbig him they t
next were four northern democratic needed Rest Rooap, qor the HoAo^hini to South Slough and E
state. There was nothing partisan in Guard’s $600 donation towards it,'show him where we had
the support of prohibition, though and , have availed to prevent strong op-
on the last vote in congress along that position to the proposed plan. Bettor
line the republicans voted l^ve to one listen to tbs women who after all
*•• urogram for Liberty Theatre
w- ■
" — ......... ...... know what is best instinctively, with- and advertisement of “The Heart of
, I
! Continued « sixth *•*•>)
out «topping to moon H out ,*.
Humanity" on seventh pegs.