The Coquille Valley sentinel and the Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1917-1921, November 02, 1917, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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' : ' V
tury o f hie U fa
has only
Nov; 17, Corn
tin si caller W e
The Berkeley’s, Coquille
N ov. A Tickets set earn a t ;
U r . and Mrs. J . N .
to M arskfleld in
L a st Friday Fred Gross, who i
earring a term in the county ja ii here
t e bootlegging, mado hie getaw ay
while engaged in w ork a t tha N orw ay
cut to county rend work.
Tha Ladles A id o f the M ethodist
church w ill have a soaked food a
a t Anderson’s store Saturday, Nov.
W U have chicken pie as w eil as other
trip to
freigh t •hiftxU
D e n t got ndxod as te dates. The
given by the h i n f f the
a fte r
alw ays
at Which he te trustee.
firs t week 4a
Oscar Bunch thinks that the faU o f
wiU ho on Wednesday, N ov. 7. The
o f the Fpirvtew A id Society w ill 1910 was ju st about aa dry aa
have their chicken pie sale on 8ator he had to hand "w ater from the river
than and he has to do it now.
day, Novem ber 17.
E d Abernathy te d iggin g his pote­
tryooe should remwnber the b ig
en H ail? Laird’s place in
m eeting nt the city haU this e v ­
H e has about an
ening at the city hall this evening te
acre o f Multnomah*.
make arrangem ents fo r the com show
Last Saturday night there was
It is not e Commercial Chib m ooting
party at M cK inley hall a t which th en
tu t o Com end Potato Show
was a largo crowd.
to which everybody interested is in­
One o f the troubles w ith B illie 8 te
cited. Do your b it fo r Coquills.
that he te “ stuck” on him self. He w ill
In commenting an the Lib erty Loan cad up w ith being stock on a bayonet.
subcariptions last wes^t w e remarked
G<ea M ercy, a brother o f Ed M arcy,
that J. S. McEwen, who te over X> and fa m ily a re livin g in the house
years old, was probably the
that was Clark Bunch’s
subscriber. I t transpires that another U ntil a few weeks ago the brothers
subscriber, Mrs. Francis A . K elley, had not m et fo r 1« y m l g S
mother o f Ned C. Kelley,
M rs. G oa M. Bunch, clerk o f Dis­
her 84th birthday and te entitled to trict N a 82, took the school et
that honor.
Wednesday and pledges fo r food con­
W ater te being conserved in Coquille servation.
B. A .
W e hear o f one in­
H. C. C h ris te n s « char gad with k ill-
lug daar oat o f season sad MUton Ep
portion charged w ith m utilating a fe-
mala door wora raiaaahd from tha
county Jail on bail last Saturday.
stance where a
w ater to wash the clothes in.
Miao Forn Hobbs lo ft a U. 8. Troao-
was s till use fo r that supply end
uzg w arrant fo r 9M 1S w ith tha sher-
l> o f Curry oonaty last waok to pay It was used to mop the floor.
tits O. * C. taxao, intaroot and paaal- then as it had served every possible
purpose in the bouse it was applied to
tioo fo r gran t lands in that cou r' y.
the fam ily g
he enlisted in the Third Oregon In ­
fan try, and started east w ith that
regim ent laat Friday.
Look over thq list o f m agazine com­
binations w e are m aking w ith the Sen­
tinel by which yon can g e t the W o­
man’s W orld, E very D ay Housewife,
M cCall’s and other popular publica­
tions at about h a lf the regular rutes.
A Photo fo r a Y w
n riia n t um
Sudden in Coquille on Saturday.
F . E. Conway has seeu rS thr ser­
vice o f Froth True, bookkeeper at the
F irst N ational Bank, to audit all ac­
counts o f tha Coquille V alley Cream­
ery, and sae that no errors are made
In settlin g with the dairymen the first
o f each month.
W . L a whom , o f Sitkum, brought
in a fine beef to M iller’s Sanitary
M arket here Wednesday m orning. It
was the Roan Durham which took the
first prise in its pines e t the recent
Coos-Curry fa ir.
Although a May
ca lf this anim al weighed 881 pounds
and looked a good more lik e a beef
than a veal. And it was “ fa t enough
to ld ll.’’
J. N . Jacobsen says that a Marsh­
field man d rivin g a Ford out o ! con­
trol on the M yrtle Point road last
Saturday evening pasead hie place
ju st ee hie hard o f cows was crossing
the road com ing home from pasture.
I t struck a Jersey h eifer,
btfth her hind lege clem to her body
requested to be present.
and m aking it necessary to knock the
Oregon and C alifornia turkey rais­
fat tha head and dress it fo r
ers expect to receive 40 cento per
The offender promised to settle
pound fo r their fow ls this Thanksgiv­
fo r the lose.
in g and /Thrtetmae, and th e m iddle
Commercial Club every Wednesday
men and retailers w ill add numerose
cento to this before the turkeys are evening e t C ity H all at 8 o’e le ffib l
offered to the consumer.
W iU G. Barrow came in Wednes­
A special m eeting o f the K o-K eei
Klub has been called by the president,
F . E. McKenna, fo r next Tuesday ev­
ening at 8 o’clock in the club rooma.
M atters o f vita l interest to the club
A . J. Whiddon and w ife, o f North
Bend, arrived here ta take up their
residence. M r. Whiddon w ill bo the
resident m inister fo r the Christian
church and begins regular services
Sunday, N ov. A They w ill make their
home at the N . C. K elley residence.
B axter H otel, Coquille, on W ednesday,
Novem ber 81st. “ Glasses F itted.” 42t8
John Paxaon, a logger from Pow ers,
died a t M an y H ospital at N orth Band
day evening and spent yesterday at
i while an route from San Fran
cteco to Am erican Lake to join the
colon .
He volunteered last spring
but was rejected then as too young,
but wee subsequently taken in the first
d r a ft Hie commanding office was go­
in g to insist that he go righ t straight
up the road wihout com ing here but
finally consented to hie having the
tw o days furlough necessary to <
here from Eugene to see his parents.
The Ladies A id, o f F airvew valley,
are try ia g to pave a part o f a m ile
with pennies to help build their
church. W e now have ITS fe e t o f the
m ile paved. Anyone wishing to help
uo pave this part o f a m ile m ay get
P. H. Brewer, and w ife who went to
the slipe from M rs. C h a rt« W P e y .
Canada last M ay, have ju st returned
and gene baric to the ranch at A rago
E. H. Hamden, who has beet, tr •-
to live. He waa in yesterday to
ing in vain to buy a bunch o f sheep,
teter with the local
¡»in y board,
came in yesterday and ordered the
having boon unable to get aqy card
want ad which appears in today’s Sen
tnel. Ha g o t quick action.
W ithin while up north. They bring baric a
baby born on foreign soil fou r siu f
h a lf months ago, whom they have,
nevertheless, named W oodrow Wilson.
Phe winters up there they m y
i to e 'to ld to be enjoyable. In ­
deed in early October b efore they le ft
ice had form ed an iiwh in thickness
I OOK out for that Ucktl
Don’t lot the dark trip yon.
Don't stumble over a chunk of night.
Don't trip on achair wrapped toblacknesa
Don't M victim to tha garfian rake;
or the baby** tin aoldlarfl that lie in emit
tor your bare test.
L ast Saturday ovening James B.
Horsey, bettor known o f “ Ben;’’ and
Miss Ruth Thornton, o f this city, wore
united in m arriage a t the Chandler
H otel in M arshfield, B or. Hiram
Gould, o f tha M. X. church officiating.
Mise Catherine Horsey, sister o f the
gran a, and Miss Clara Thornton, sis­
ter o f the bride went orar w ith them
to the wedding.
The Sentinel unites w ith their many
friends in this city in congratula-
G o w h ere you w an t to and
go after, and d o M decently.
T ake an E V B R B A D Y into the
things easy. Y o u ’ll
Detore Dea-urn©.
A . — -J
« lm
W itk thmt
Has removed his Shoe Repair Shop
to the building opposite the Bax­
ter Hotel ipid just west of Rose’s
Store. Call and See Him.
Enjoyable Hallowe'en Party.
Wadnsaday evening Mrs. J. a Bar­
ton ontartainad the Wednesday “ 600'*
club and soma othor guests very de­
ligh tfu lly.
The decorations consisted ch iefly o f
H allow e'en novelties, among which,
the time-honored pumpkin and Jack
o T a n tern features w ere net forgotten .
There w ere witcheh, black as night,
bate that looked as i f they had ju rt
ehierged from some cave o f gtoou v
and many othor attractive seasons!
The refreshm ents w ere notable fo r
being in lino w ith food conservation
exhortations and at the same tim e hi
keeping w ith this Novem ber eve holi-
son, the consolation to Mrs. Tuttle.
M yrtle Point, on tha old Cooper place,
at the Cooper bridge, the fallow in g
property, to w it:
• young, (8 y e a r), Jersey m ilk eewe,
tuberculin tooted; fou r yon<g hogs,
m ilk cans; seeders and othor articles.
Sale begins a t 9:80 a. m., Saturday,
Novem ber 10th. A credit o f one year,
a t 8 per cent w ill be given purchaser
V . R. W ILS O N , Optom etrist.
. Coquille, Oregon.
A Dubioue^Camplimant.
**1 hardly know whether to taka this
as e compliment or not. You know my
eld friend the horticultural expert?”
“1 da”
“ H e offers to nome e squash after
m a’*—Kansas City Journal.
o f tba country than all other itlwaasa
put together, and for years It was sup
posed to bo incurable. Doctors pr. .crib«u
local remedies, and by constantly falling
to ours with local treatment, pronounced
It Incurable. Catarrh le a local ilsrast.
greatly Influenced by constitutional coa-
dltlona and therefore requires constitu­
tional treatment. Hell's Cstsrrh Medi­
cine. manufactured by T. J. Chaney *
Co.. Toledo, Ohio, la a oonetttutlonal
remedy. Is taken Internally and acta
thru the Bleod on the Mueoua Surfaces
of the System. One Hundred Dollars to­
ward ta ottered for any ease that H aifa
Coquille Orchestra was the most.
la rgely attended o f any since the Cooe-
onian masquerade dance. N ovel, var­
ied end comical w ere the costumes and
characters represented, the prise win­
ner b ein g: .F o r the b eet sustained
The Celebrated
character— Miss Kathleen M ulvihill
end Mrs. E arl Graham. F or the most
original character— Miee Esther John­
son and Miss Norman. F or the most
Awarded Gold Medal
comical character—Mies O rval Smith
and E arl Townsend.
P. P. I. E. S an Francisco, 1915
E veryone had a fine tim e, the only
unpleasant featu re being when a M yr­
tiers, le fo r children, 8c fo r adults fo r The strongest and neprest w aterproof
tle Point youth tried to start a figh t
16c and 80c admissions. Come and we Shoe# made fo r Loggers, Cruisers,
on the floor. He was quickly equelch-
w ill provide you w ith coppers .
Minors, Sportsmen and W orkers.
It has been hard to got carpenters
to do our Scenic m provemento but
Bergmann Shoe
Practical tm a
plow, and just
Maks every
ramy day
Arago (by boat)
'... ,
Don’t flirt with fickla right.
a- . * -----J
M iller * Minard opened up their
new W hite House B illiard P arlor in
the Golden Building on Fron t street
Wednesday evening
busy all evening settin g up soft drinks.
They have made it e very attractive
resort, everything being new and
clean, and w ill no doubt receive their
grew up in this city and received his
share o f the public patronage.
education in our public schools and
Recorder L awrence asked at Mon­
at the M t. A n gel academy. He has
day evening’s council what was to be
fo r several months past been em ­
w ith the saloon In the baaem
ployed in Drane’e grocery and is high­
o f the city hall. T h e m ayor suggested
ly esteemed here. The bride is an
that ho put it up to the district attor-
estim able young lady and was a fa ­
to either rem ove he stu ff or have
vorite in our younger social circles.
county pay rent.
The new ly wedded pair w ill make
stored there ever since E. A . Beckett’s
their horns in M arshfild.
stock was confiscated a year ago.
Although no rains o f any account
fallen here fo r the past six
M r. Epperson reports that the
city w ater supply te holding He own,
so that with strict economy in do-
ption end a ll Irrigation
forbidden, it te hoped that w e w ill tide
until the rainy season begins
without U m threatened w ater famine.
,v - ■#, ■
' • :
S ;
.. »J.W- v*i,
J& Lj