The Coquille Valley sentinel. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1921-2003, December 26, 1940, Page 3, Image 3

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    1 a population of over 200 persons.
¡There they are being distributed by
. members of local traffic safety coun­
cils, service clubs and other civile
organizations interested m traffic
safety, police and county sheriff of-
cials. Those who receive these cards
are urged to give them thoughtful
consideration and to remember the
safety suggestions they emphasize.
Dr. Frank Mulder
wishes to announce
to the people of Coquille and Coos County
that he has opened offices in the new building at
He has installed the latest and most efficient Electro-Surgicgl
and therapeutic equipment so effective on chronic conditions:
Electro-Hygienic-Medicated-Bake Ovens, Fever Machines,
Ultra-Short Wave, High Frequency, Diathermy,
Auto Condensation, Galvanic, Sinusoidal, Morse Wave,
Deep Therapy, Infra Red, Ultra Violet, Etc.
Specializing in
Dr. Mulder has been in practice for 15 years and comes from
Marshfield and Portland, where he was engaged in both private
practice and Sanitarium work. He is a graduate of two schools
and licensed under the laws of Oregon.
Electrical and physical methods of health correction, when
scientifically applied have proven wonderful in the treatment of
many conditions that cannot be reached by the ordinary methods;
giving most gratifying results in acute and chronic diseases. Our
system of fever therapy is absolutely unequaled where there is a
toxic or poisonous condition which causes rheumatism and kindred
maladies or where general elimination is needed.
Why Suffer? If you have had treatment and failed to get
Consultation Free.
Trained nurse in attendance.
Dr. Frank Mulder
Naturopathic Physician
General Practice & Obstetrics
Available for home calls
Phone 212
We are Broadcasting
our appreciation of your patron­
age and wishing you Health,
Happiness and Prosperity for
the New Year
Biegger Furniture
ton, toastmaster, kept the party
moving in lively style. The only
break in merriment came when
Judge Norton gave a nice memorial
to County Judge Hugh McLain and
Commissioner Thomas H. Thomp­
son, who had both joined in the
fun at last year’s party.
The tables were decorated with
Christmas tree balls and gay favors.
Several amusing games and carols,
led by Mrs. J. P. Beyers, accompan­
ied by Eleanor Peterson, were parti-
jclpated in by all members of the
party. Santa Claus (R. H. Lawhorn)
chose Margaret Ulrich and Eleanor
' Peterson to help him distribute the
I pile of presents brought for the gift
exchange. Though there were no
speeches, Judge Norton did intro­
duce assessor-elect, Charles W. For-
I rest, who expressed his happiness <t
1 being a member of the party.
Those present were Messrs, and
Mesdames J. E. Norton, L. W. Oddy,
J. N. Gearhart, J. P. Beyers, P. W.
I Culver, Charles Stauff, Iris Elrod,
Stanley Furman, Charles W. For-
I m ti
M eade—
China Flats 3-C
Camp News
The members of the carpentry class
at Camp China Flats, Powers, Ore­
gon, are gaining a practical experi­
ence in their classwork that will be
of great value to them when they
wish to establish a home for them­
The whole course contributes
towurd homemaking, as well as the
well known vocational training ob­
jective. Cabinet-like stands are be­
ing built to provide mountings for
power tools, doors and windows re­
paired, machinery installed, floors
patched, work benches constructed,
shelving built and furniture reno­
vated. " ■ - ■■
Discussions include such topics as
insulation and heat loses of homes,
double glazed windows, framing, and
foundations. A potential source of
income for some of the men lies in
a topic recently studied, the letter
rrjr'i in ti piiaar ~ of
2• paillilTig.
Brushwork is expected to be given at
some future date. '* '
To some rookies of Co. 5443 who
studied hard as understudies for the
past several months will come their
reward—assignment to one of the
key positions in camp.
Johnny Fretwell, hard working sec­
ond fiddler in the Technical Service
office, is now playing the lead. He
replaces jolly and efficient Sanford
Carter. The latter veteran of five
years service is studying at the Dis­
trict Subaltern School.
Alvin Loudermilk, apt second cook
Drilling will be resumed at the and graduate of the District Cooks’
well of the Pacific Petroleum Cor­
poration east of Bandon during the
coming week, or as soon as prelim­
inaries necessary to resumption of
Cperations can be effected, according
> John Ewell, who is in charge of
the project.
John G. Spiers and James Jones,
both of Bakersfield, Cal., arrived in
Bandon the latter part of last week.
Mr. Spiers, who is accompanied by
his wife, is an experienced operator
in the Bakersfield district and dealer
In supplies for oil drillers.
Jones is an experienced driller. He.
Is accompanied by his two daughters.-
The men brought a supply of tools
which they believe will be sufficient
to complete the job,
A number of improvements are
being made at the seat of operations.
Among them is the housing-in of the
machinery at the derrick which will
make working conditions comfortable
during the winter weather.
Recent reports received from certi­
fied chemists in Los Angeles, who
made tests of the gas from the local
wall, have spurred those associated
with the project to renewed activity.
According to Mr. Ewell these re­
ports have not only substantiated pre­
vious beliefs but have established
positively that the gas is of a
petroleum origin. Checking and
double-checking-between cores taken
from the hole, the electric log re­
cently made by a California concern,
the reports from analyses made by
responsible chemists and established
geological facts, has convinced ex­
perienced oil operators that produc­
Ground Mjb.
tion is in sight, said Mr. Ewell. Sun­
“We are determined to prove our
contention,” he declared, “and we
will be grinding away to further
exploration of the hole within a very
short lime."—Western World.
Snap Shop sat
Front & Willart .
E’RE climbing up to wish
you the happiest year you’ve
ever known—full of good health,
cheer and prosperity.
> Marian Endicott, Mae Waggoner,
Anna M. Rooney, Margaret Ulrich,
Dorothy Bishop, Leta Leslie, the
Misses Ileen Harris, Blanche Sandon,
Beatrice Getz, Patricia Peart, Eva
Schroeder, Eleanor Peterson, Cath­
erine Trendell, Messrs. R. H. Mast,
A. G. Trendell, Ed Vinton, R. H.
Lawhorn, Gordon McKerrow and H.
C. Getz.
Rackleff Pharmacy
Herman's Men's Store
wishes to express
appreciation for your
and to extend the
Compliments of the
To Resume Drilling
At Bandon Well
Cherub Milk
Buy ilby tluuu- C.„of4S «Ul 1J.1I A (>ll «At
KS17« 2t,33<
Fell Naptha •“» ld' 43t
See us before doing anything about it
We have worked over 40 yrs. "between
us" at Automotive service.
PORK ROAST ¿^ u 12’/ ïc
Grapefruit doz 25c
Oranges 2 doz 35c
BEEF ROAST “ 17’/*c
$9* 1
25 15« 5 ul (F
quart M 15c