The Coquille Valley sentinel. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1921-2003, March 11, 1921, Page 6, Image 6

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pint o f whole m ilk each day daring
the m orning recess b y the local Red
Straws era furnished fo r
drinking the m ilk se that H cannot
be taken too rapidly..
The Red Cress expect t o continue
to have milk delivered at the sehool
fo r all underrAights until the sad o f
the term s. A ny parents w ishing their
children who are not underweight bo
have the earns advantage m ay maka
arrangements with school authorities
and have milk delivered at the school
building the saase as the Red Crass.
• •
üm *r
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Delivered to A ll Parte
o f the City
$9.00 per ton
Beaver Hill Nut
Beaver Hill Lump $10.00 per ton
$9.00 per ton
Libby Lump
Delivered in ton lots where it
can be shoveled from wagon
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W l , '
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V ' ■*
Phone 763
Room N o. 9, First N ational Bank Building
-* k **ÓK
(Ftp m Farm Bureau New s)
Robert *S. T rigg, o f the Coqullle-
M yrtle Point Association, No. 1, re­
ports 171 cows tested during the
month, with an average pror action of
870 pounds o f milk and 183 pounds of
fat. Thirty cows produced os er thirty
pounds o f fa t. Frank Zelio had the
high grade herd, S. L. Leathermun
had second highest end J. F. S ch rod ­
er had third highest Adam Guthardt
again had the high purebred cow,
with 890 pounds o f milk and 62.3
pounds o f fa t; and Frank Zelio had
the high grade cow , with 860 pounds
o f milk und 49.0 pounds at fa t
W alter Reimann, o f the Coos Bay
-Association, reports 167 cows tasted
during the mouth, with an average
production o f 4063 pounds o f milk
and 17.16 pounds o f fa t Tbs aven ge
cost o f feed per^eow per month was
8937. Three eowe produced over forty
pounds o f fa t
A . Gunnell had the
high grade herd. Kart Rom second
h ighest and Guy Cutlip third high­
e s t Karl Ross also had the high
purebred cow , with s production o f
778.1 pounds o f milk and 40.46 pounds
o f fa t A. Gunnell had the high
grade cow with a production 16903
pounds o f milk sad 4238 pounds of
fa t One cow was butchered end s
new milk cooling house w ss construct­
ed during the month.
Geo. M. Rhetai, o f the Bandon Co­
operative Association, reports 116
cows tested this month, with an av­
erage production o f 416.26 pounds o f
milk and 19.0? pounds o f fat. Four
cows produced over forty pounds s f
fat. Thoa. Hanly had the highest
grade herd, Chris RichSrt second
highest, end P. A . Lux third highest.
P. A . Lux again had the high pure­
bred cow, with e production o f 1327.-
6 pounds o f milk aad 68.76 pounds of
V isitors during the week: Mrs.
Robert Lorens and Mrs. Glalsyer.
Mr. Baker and his Teachers’ Train­
ing clam spent part o f W ednesday
afternoon in visiting the Grade school.
P erfect la BpsIWag
b __U mi . iv « .
W elter Barnes, A llington Glaisyer.
Second A— Paul Vincent, Rita Var­
Third B— Elnore - E lliott,
Ocheltree, Helen Wickham.
Third A— Laura Pollary. Agnes
lee, G eorgia Leatherwood, Bennie
Hill, Helen Belloni, F lora May John­
son, Martha Jane W ebb, Emma F lit-
craft, Leslie Robbins.
Fourth B— Delores Lamson, A lice
Jenkins, N eil M cGilvery, G ilbert Ice,
Psm ellia, W illard.
Fourth A— Florence Cary, Gerald
Sandon, V iola Fribble, Audry W est,
Jean Pierce, E verett Seeley, Ralph
Barnes, Lisle Varney.
Forbidden Foeda fa r Yenag Chlldr
D rinks: Tea, coffee, rich cocoa aad
chocolate, cider, ice cream sodas.
Desserts: Rich preserves or pn
dings, cheese, pies, pastry, m I m
except with plain oil dressing, rich
candy, and sim ple candy except
meal time.
V egetables: A ll fried vegetables,
pickles, raw vegetables, except lete-
tucc and celery.
H ot rails or fraoh
breads, fresh cakes, all rich cakas s
fried griddle cakes.
Cereals: A ll partially cooked <
reals, (should be cooked from tw o to
three hours.)
Package cereals as
puffed rice, wheat, etc.
F ruits: AU green, h alf ripe, or over
ripe fru its; bananas, unless skins ars
brawn, aad then only at meals ; large
hoping* o f fruits with seeds.
M eats:
Large helpings o f any
meats, but espeecially highly season
sausage and stews.
. The fa ct that these foods are fo r­
bidden fo r young children is not a no­
tion o f a faddist. Common sense will
give a reaoen fo r each one if we hut
exercise that g if t They also era not
the best for grown people.
Some are harcLto digest, such as
rich cakes, fried potatoes, green fru it«
and vegetables aad undercooked ce­
I Others, such as highly season
foods, cause the appetite to b e e «
fickle. When the mother permits the
child to eat these foods she is only
storing up trou ble fo r herself. W rong
habits are so easily and quickly form
ed in children. A continuous desire
for highly flavored foods w ill thus be
created, which cannot- be satisfii
Nature intended mild foods sa dei
onstratod to us in milk (“ Nature’s
Tea and coffee set as a stimulant
and if the habit is created take the
place o f s drink Hke milk in the
child’s mind, while the child cannot
afford to do without milk.
Hot broads in themselves are not
bad, but the child will not chew them
sufficiently. They arc usually swal­
lowed in hard lumps.
There is no harm fa package <
reals, like puffed rice, wheat, etc., aa a
food, but if the child is allowed to
have these it w ill develop s dislike
for cooked cereals which are so much
higher la food value.
Yet, considering ell o f them cm
on sense facts, some mothers say
with pride: “ My child sets anything.
There are e few children whom nature
has provided with a digestive appar­
atus, which can stand such treatment,
but m oet. people as a result, have
chronic stomach troubles, before they
e old enough to vote.
■ is r
| powders come in
U os. instead o / 1lo e . cana Be sum
........... .......
Coquille-Myrtle Point
(F rom F u m Bureau New*)
The Coquflle-M yrtle Point Cow
Tooting A ssociation No. 1 summnris-
ar report made bp the County A gen t's
office re reals some v e n t interesting
in fon aatioe regarding production. It
give* no inform ation relative to costs
o f feed inasmuch as this association
does not require food records kept.
An average o f 719 cows tested this
year gave approxim ately 4,190,461
pounds o f milk and 18969.1 pounds o f
fa t, averaging fo r each cow exactly
6386 pounds o f milk and 8683 pounds
o f fa t.
" The highest milk and fa t record fo r
the association was made by a regis­
tered Jersey, fou r year old, owned
by Adam Guthardt, giving 11384
pounds o f 6 3 per cent milk and 726.1
pounds o f fa t.
W e are proud to announce that last
year there were only twelve cows in
the association producing over 400
pounds o f fa t and that this year there
are forty-tw o cow s producing this
average. .
Ten herds averaged over 800
pounds o f fa t F ifty, the greatest
number o f cow s in one herd producing
this average, are owned by Thao L .
Thera are seven members o f the
“ 800 Pound Cow Club.” These have
ten or m ore cows in their herds pro­
ducing over 800 pounds o f fate*
Martin Lassen ................................... 80
C. M. Stalling ............
Thao L. Clinton ................................. 28
L. P. T rigg ....................................... 22
Frank Zelio .......................................17
Adam Guthardt
........................ IS
W. C. C u tle r .................... ..................10
A Right Start
(F rom Faria Bureau N ew s)
N ot long ago 68 children o f mm
sehool were weighed and measured.
Fifteen o f these, or 263 per seat w ere
underweight. How m any tim es have
we heard the purebred stock b o o s t«
say: “ Oh that ea lf didn't gut tha
right start in life, wasn’t fad and
cared fo r properly and therefore
didn’t grow as
she should have.”
W onder if that could he true o f the
Calling Cards, 180 fu r 8130.
There is a widespread agitation for the repeal
or amendment o f the Volstead A ct. Shall we
shoulder the burden o f rum again— the griev­
ous load o f taxation, affliction and crim e? We
ehmll n o t/ is the answer o f
In a striking article, “ The Prohibition Case is
Closed,” coming in next week’s issue« A . B .
Macdonald ably voices the convictions o f the
farmers o f the nation.
(C A L I P O R T IA )
VAYA \,\\.\ VAAi'vÀ
Bureaus in the Northwest and has had
this proposition accepted by two.
Calves from grade cow s who produced
880 pounds o f fa t sired by purebred
■ires to be crated f . a. h. exprese oAee
for 812.00 pm- heed tw o breaks old.
The Norway community have taken
up this matter as one o f t! sir Com-
W hat Does YOUR Label Say?
E _ .
Mrs. G . Belimi
Phone No. 573