The Coquille Valley sentinel. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1921-2003, March 11, 1921, Page 4, Image 4

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utaotnr o f the <
th en the largM t ever
i state, MO fe llo e s moon-
wlrisksy And | thousand
uwh in ferm entation. Five
• made with other war-
The raids, the
I fa r attempted in Uwa
it successful accord in f to
nta, were staffed in the
am aaity adjacent to Du
■me o f this test i
Philip 8.
h r different localities different sorts
vestigation o f th e whole field and in
| o f materia] a t« used in road mal
two com ing a rticb rw ill present a re-
The follow ing item from our old I
■ ibly keen analysis o f the site*- |
on Long blan d, which wo find in the
la the March IS issue w ill ap-
current issue at the Biverheed Newe
Ths Now Y ork Milk
strongly illustrates this fa ct:
describes the antecedents a f ths
conflict and defines ths lassos ; in ths
succsding issue he w ill describe The |
Onondaga W ay o f m eeting ths
with a $460000 co-operative milk |
m anufacturing plant sat up am
y farm ers aroum
le rfin f several sops-
H alf a century ago we know that way throufh. The Roosevelt High-
nto one concern. In I oyster shells were a druff on Lonff I way law was amended at the last sss-
to warn up the sUn
■ m ercer owned see- Island, fo r we saw «a pile adjoining L ion o f the state Isffislatore, and in-
* lay, we have about three^:
loons in Toledo and I the house o f a dealer, who made a itead o f w a itin f until the United
sms o f northwestern business o f eanninf oysters, consider- .states match the state’} $2000,000
mer and the rest o f the year can g o j" “ ? y
money and spent it ably b iffe r than the hohse itself, and I this can be done by the Coast Cooa-
■ as early hi the apriag or lata hi the I ,
I know that he would have been fle d to ties. This is how the law reads in this
I pay some one to cart them away. W e particular:
"T hat no state funds
also recall a trip a score o f years a fo ,hall he used under the provisions at
I over the fam ous shell road on the thi» act until a like sum is matched
I weat side o f M obile Bay.
either by the counties throuffh which
I' Oyster shells, thoufh, were quite hifhw ay runs, or by a m ajor road dis-
I generally "planted” at the date we trict com prisinff said counties or parts
I first recall,' being scattered in the thereof, or tyr post rood, m arket road
I Great 8out|| Bay, where the water or fureat road funds which m ay be
I was shallow and the spawn would ad- allocated on the route o f the poposod
I here to them.
W e have drawn up hifhw ay,” A s soon as the money is
L with oysters a bunch o f these old | available, the State Highway Com-
[ shells on which young oysters w«rs I mission must run a survey and com - I
making a lusty growth.
[m ence work. The bill further pro-
PffftluMi has b#*n abandoned, and the ! Aside from considerable dust or | vjdes that should the Coast Counties |
efforts o f the Bay communities are “ sm udder,” as the Long Island people
now centered on the restoration o f the call it, in the summer, and plenty o f
form er Coos Bay Limited. It adds: I mud when the frost is com ing out o f
the ground in the spring, Nature fu r­
nishes'pretty fa ir roads there at all
seasons. About the w orst roads we
ever saw were in the Central M ilita ff States m ay match all or any part o f
tract in Illinois where the black loam the sum made up by said road district
became a quagmire in the spring, so and the state upon such term s as the
that travel was as much o f a night­ highway commission aaay determine.
mare as we have ever seen it in Coos [“ This make a much stronger appeal
cuunty, and the roads didn’t gvt I to the United States governm ent, fo r
mooth again until June. There it every -sensible person w ill .admit that
sometimes took a fou r horse team to the government shoukP help build
haul the front wheels and axle o f a this highw ay; the im portance is ad­
farm wagon to town, and in a town o f mitted by army officers. W ith $£,-
over 6,000 people stone boats were 1500,000 from the state, which is al-
used to haul the baggage o f travellers I
I ready voted, and a like amount from
from the depot to an uptown hotel. the Coast Counties and the govern­
The road question is like the poor— ment, $7,600,00 would com e near do­
always with us.
ing m ost o f the work, fo r there is
I considerable at the Roosevelt High­
way already built in the Coast coun­
Before th e wkr American dairymen ties.
were content to supply domestic
needs. Than came the cutting off o f
European production in face o f a
steady demand for both eiviliak and
army use. We were the only nation
able to supply the milk required. E x­
ports looped from about 1,000,000
cases a year (1914) to more than
19,000000 cases (1919). A t the same
tim e prices rose. Big milk companies
expanded their plants and operated
more extensively.
Fanners bought i
iS ia B flJ t
Tlw only way that a "hired man” can ever own
proparty of hii own in to pat regularly a PART of his
earnings into the bank.
The oaiy way that a property owner out bay more
property b to bonk n part of HIS INOME.
Money pileo ap fast if yoa will let irSTAY in the
bank and keep oa adding to yoor balance.
Try it; you will see.
We invite YOUR Banking
Fanners & Merchants Bank
V iif-fT M V '
“ Re-enlistments o f specially desir­
able ex-N avy men are now allowed in
the follow ing ratings whether or not
they will be serving under continuous
W ashed W ithout W ear u
The Electric Washer
Makes Clothes Last *
Fire Times as Long
Dainty lingerie and sheerest silks can be entrusted
to the gentle washing action o f the Electric
Washer without fear o f harm.
Careful tests have proved that clothes last five times
as long when washed in an Electric Washer.
Thus, merely as an investment in prolonging gm life
o f your wearables, the Electric Washer will soon
pay for itself.
E G . Opperman.
M. J. H&rtson
Gould & Gould
Mountain States Pow er Co.
“You m ay be Sure"
..................................................... '
That you an getting full
value for your money
when you uee dale alow of
do yon need so big a <
as you did with the ordi­
nary kind.
A n y man who ha* used the
Real Tobaeoo Chew will
tefl you that
is oas giving
/t o *
pian, as it rushed across the prairie
> country west o f Harlowtown, Mon­
tana. The baby’s parents are Mr. and
Mrs. Dennis ’H illy o f Taylor, W ash,
i The fam ily had been visiting in
New York. A nurse and physician,
who happened to be passengers sa the
train, attended the mother, and as a
christening g ift a purse o f $62 was
made up 69 passengers and the traia
crew. The baby was named after
Harlowtown, Montana, near which
point the birth took pUoe.— Butte,
Montana press dispatch.
As a m stpfas
W -B CUT iff a long ftao-gut tohnooo
BIGHT CUT is a short-oat tobapoo
M ill W o o d
Hall & Ireland
>3.0 0 ‘per load
Leave orders at the mill or
with me.
k Builders
I Coquille - Oregon