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Pioneer Gives Early History of County
W. W. Fidler Starts Series of Articles Dealing With Early Life in Southern Oregon Country
M uniera Recorded.
Since then to the present time Mr. ! riors who were better acquainted
Steel has beeu au important actor with the country proffered to obtain
To write up Oregon history with­ , in the Indian affairs in this part of and deliver the murderers or suffer
out any reference to General Joseph the country,”
punishment in their stead.
Lane, the Marion of the Mexican war
The Mr. Steel mentioned above is.
would be like recounting the exper- 1
no doubt, the same Elijah Steel who with Judge Strowbridge. He advised
fences of Hamlet with the Prince of
figured so conspicuously in tbe Mo­ pursuit and Steel set out to Join
Denmark left out. Hence early in |
doc troubles many years afterwards. ! party. Vpon arriving in camp
my assortment of chonicles I run
What is here related deals about as i learned from the Indians that at
across his name in many ranges of
much with northern California as ¡time the fugitives left they were
activity. My first excerpt, however,
with southern Oregon, but as has i decided whether it would be best
has to do with mining rather than
been suggested by Sutton, the two {them to flee to upper Klamath or to
military affairs. The latter will soon
sections are so intimately interlock­ I Rogue river. The Indians offered to
ed historically that it is difficult to raise a band of thir own and go to
"Early in February. 1851,” says
treat of either section without in­ the lake with Ben Wright. After
Sutton. "General Joseph Lane,
cluding the other. Our next lengthy consultation it was agreed to accept
sisted by Elijah Steele. Esq., raised
extract has to deal with Steel's con­ their services and for Steel to take
a company of prospectors to go to
tinued services as Indian pacifier, his company, numbering nine white
the new diggings on Scotts river, at
but brings us back nearer home, men. two Shasta Indians.
which place they arrived about the
Cllckatat. called "Bill."
which means Table Rock.
last of February of that year. Upon
come into the country with General
Table Rock has often been the
their arrival on the upper waters of
Lane. They traveled much In the
Scotts river the Indians who heard scene of Indian troubles as well as night through unfrequented routes
of General Lane through the Rogue i of Indian treaties. Indian treaties. led by their two young Indian guides
River Indians, learning that he was 1 however, have been like pie crusts. whom they christened "Tom” and
the leader of the company, came into ! primarily to be broken.
In crossing the Siskiyou
"On the second day of June. 1852. mountains they met a Rogue River
the camp and expressed a desire
that all hostilities between them and Calviu Woodman was killed by In- Indian with his bo* strung and ar-
the whites should close and that i dians on what is now known as In­ rows ready for immediate rise, and
General Lane should be the chief dian creek. This raised a general surrounded him before he was aware
over both parties. This proposition alarm among the whites snd a com- of their presence. The guides talk-
was a great relief to the miners, for pany of volunteers was immediately ed to him awhile and learned that
up to this time they had to keep a . raised at Johnson's ranch, at the low- the Indians they were after had gone
strict guard over their horses and ’ er end of Scott valley. Three days to Sain's baud on Rogue river, and
camps, day and night. It was. there­ after the murder a collision occur- this Indian was a ruuner going over
fore. agreed that their head men : red between the volunteers and the to induce the Shastas and Scotts
should come in and have a talk, Indians which resulted in killing Rivers to join "Sam” and “Topsie"
Among the Indians that came ac- several horses, wounding S. G. Whip­ against whites. Orders were given
cording to agreement was the chiet ple. acting as sheriff as Siskiyou to disarm him and the Indians were I
large brown bear that he had killed
of the Scott Rivers, whom they county. Mr. Steel, learning of the instructed to explain to him the
near the Oregon Caves.
christened "John * and his three : trouble, hurried forward to John- state of affairs and tell him he must
•Mrs. W. S. Cary returned last Tues­
A committee representing the
brothers, "Tolo,” afterwards ' Old ! son's ranch. That night. June 7, a go back with them to the agent of
day from u visit of a month or longer
Man,” chief of the band that occu- ! large party of citizens from Scott’s Rogue River valley. Judge Skinner,
tn and around Portland. Dr. Cary
pied the country where Yreka is fo­ 1 bar came over under command of When they attempted to disarm with the executive committee of too
met her at Eugene aud they motored
cated. and the chief of the Canyon
him he snatched a Colt's six shooter
from there.
Indians. The last mentioned chief I ceeded to Yreka. C
On the next day, | fronl
Galvin and commenced fir- A. R. Brashear last Tuesday evening
We were all glad to see Mr. and'
kzitl. returned.
■>..* • ««■** . X .3 /"X«x
On | ing at the men in quick succession. and deaided to hold a Harvest Home
was afterwards known as "Charley.” ; however, most of them
Mrs. Geo. Harding in town tbe other
A general treaty of amity was agreed Monday, the 10th, Mr. Steel had a \ but fortunately doing no damage. He Festival sometime during the last
day, for they made many friend«
to and both parties expressed them­ I talk with the Indians. He Induced , then broke lose and fled up the two weeks in October. A days and while Mr. Harding was Superinton-1
selves highly gratified with the re- "Old Toto.” “Chief John" and the mountains. He was pursued by the evening will be taken up by this fest­
three brothers to come into the stock­ men but it was found he could ival, aud it is expected that a large dent of the schools here a number of '
years ago. We are also glad to .
"On the discovery of gold on the ade, which had been erected around travel faster than men on horse- exhibit from the different communit­
They informed ' back. Therefore. Bill was ordered ies around Rogue lUver will be dis- know that they are located perma­
Yreka flat in March of that year Johnson’s house.
General Lane and Mr. Steele left him that the murder had been com­ I to dismount and follow him on foot, played. The I-tidies of the Civic 1 in­ nently at .Medford and that we will
get a chance to see more of them.
Scott river and located at the new mitted by an Indian from Rogue and if he could uot overtake and de­ provement Club were given sole
diggings. This transferred the im­
tain him until the rest of the party
promptu Indian department to that I : that they had no desire for war. came up, to shoot him. Bill follow- Ladies Aid Society of the Presbyter­
| They proposed to go with him and I ed him for about half a mile, and ian Church is to have charge of the
Tlie friends of .Mr... A. Hamath will
“When Gen. Lane-arrived in l'tika deliver up the guilty parties if found , seeing he was about to make his es- evening entertainment, the School
Faculty to conduit the sporti ami regret to hear that they have sold
the Indians who were congregated on in the camp of tbe Shastas, and if t ■ cape, shot him.
the flat, received him in a most not to follow them as long as he
After passing the summit of the athletic program for the afternoon I their big ranch ou Deck Creek and
friendly manner.
These Indians j would go with them, whereupon Mr. r' Siskiyous they fell in with a son of and the Executive Committee of the , will be leaving tile neighborhood
> services of < a Topsie's, who was out reconnoiter- Community Club to have charge of about October first. They »111 prob-
spoke a language in common with .. ^teel
obtained the
the Rogue River and Scotts River ¡small company, consisting of John , ing. and took him prisoner. After the exhibits, speaking and dleeusafon bly make tlielr horn - lu Crescent (Tty
tribe, and were formerly under the McNeal, James Bruce, < rafterwards i defending into Rogue river valley of local topics interesting to the for the winter. Mr. Frank Lima and
------ ’¡they were met by Dr. C. Hillman people of the community, It is ex-' family have purchased the Han«eth
control of one chief.
This head Major Bruce), James White, Peter
j a„d anoih'er ¿entieman who ’lnform- petted that a large crowd will lie ■ place aud will take possession Octo­
chief, who was the father of John
of Scotts valley, had accidentally man remembered as Harry. These ed them that large numbers of Old present and the proceeds will be used ber 1. They will be gladly received
into this community.
been killed some years previously
Joe's tribe were gathered in arms
Cecil Harmon returned to Grants
and John, being young, a strife for his son, whom they christened "Phil-j on Big Bar, near Table Rock, and ity Hall building.
Miss Martha Brown, Vice Princi­ Pass Saturday night after a vis>lt to
the supremacy had been carried on ' ip,” and one of John’s brothers ’ that the citizens under Captain Lam-
for some time between him and “Old whom they called "Jim,” and started erick were also under arms on the pal and Dean of Girls of the I'nlon his grand parents at Deer Park
river. opposite side of the river, and wish­ High School of Thermol, Coachella Rancho.
Joe.” and "Sam” of Rogue River, I for the canyon on Shasta
■Mrs. C. .Me-enger and sons Har­
and "Scar Face” of Shasta. When When Mr. Steel and his party ar­ ed to hasten to render their assist- Valley. California, accompanied by
tbe whites came among them their rived at Yreka great excitement was ante. Dr. Hillman and companion Rev. David P, .Martin, Miss Isabel old Messenger anil Clarence Scherer
strife eeased, each assuming supreme prevailing on account of suspicious proceeded to Yreka to procure am­ Martin and her chauffeur, Jack Bro- ’and .Mrs. Mae Hutchins visited the
control over his own people,
At movements of the Indians of that munition. and Steel and party push­ bach, left here Wednesday morning Oregon Caves Friday.
Mr. and M ts . Charles Harmon nd
this time the Indians had no stock vicinity, who had moved with their ed on with all possible speed for the of last week destined for tbe Santa
(Hara Valley,
These little son. Clifford.
spent Sunday
and knew no use for horses and
___ families Into the mountains. Some scene of the trouble.
mules except for food, only as they of the more excitable of the citizens
“About one mile from the bar they persons had a very pleasant visit with with Carlos Harmon at his attrac­
had seen them used by the whites, on learning that some Indians had met Judge A. A. Skinner, who relatives and friends in this vicinity tive ranch home near Murphy.
as they passed through the country, been brought into town called a pub­ urged them forward, as he said for about three weeks, Ou the 23rd I Mrs. A. Hanseth, Mrs. JI. N. Par
on when war parties of "strange peo­ lic meeting for the purpose of tak­ "matters looked desperate.”
Mr. of this month Rev. David Martin ker and .Marion Crizoks were shop-
ple” (Modocs) came among them. ing them away and hanging them. Steel made known the object of his left San Francisco on the Pacific .Mail1 ping in Grants Pass Friday.
Lincoln” for
■Mr. aud Mrs. John Baird »¡•ent
These Indians (The Shastas» were Mr. Steel addressed the meeting and visit, and asked him in case an ar­ Steamer "President
naked during the warm season and explained his arrangement with the rangement were made with the in­ Tokio, Japan, where he wil take up Tuesday in Grants Puss .
■Martin (Williams and daughter,
lived an indolent life, living on roots Indians. Judge William A. Robert­ dians, that provision be made for ole work as a missionary.
The City Council, at ita last reg- ICillan and R. L. Tolin returned on
and fish, which were abundant and son and Associate Judges Strow-I return of the murderers of which
easily obtained. As a consequence bridge and Patterson, officially au-I they were in pursuit. The agent a- ular meeting, accepted the bid of Samj Tuesday from a visit to Crater latke,
of the inattention ot the miners to thorized Steel to obtain and deliver ' greed and they arrived at sundown Sandry tor the sinking of a shaft ami Klamath Falls, .Medford and Grants
are guests of their brother Marlon Hollon, of Merlin were visiting Mrs.
their animals they frequently strayed I up the murderers and agreed to pay i ’n(1 camped f„r the nlglll. On the fol- the running of a tunnel, the purpose I’ass.
Chan. Dorn Friday.
off a long distance, and when want­ the expenses out of the county treas-' iowing morning Judge Skinner ar- being to increase the water supply
Harmon returned to hi« Crooks.
•Mrs. C. .Messinger nd family weto
Mrs. Tims. Young, of Grants Pas«,
ed. could not be found by their own­ ury. supposing they would be found j ¡-{ved, and after a short consultation, for the city. This work, when com­ home in town Saturday night, after
Is spending several day« nt the homo
ers, and had it not been for General within the county. Steel's party was I they sent Tom across the river, who, pleted, will cost in the neighborhood having spent several weeks In Deer »hoppling In town Monday.
Lane much trouble might have re­ joined by Dr. Jo S. Thompson (late ' after a short time succeeded in in­ of |1500, but It Is hoped sufficient Creek In the einpfoy of the IL rmaii-
of her grandmother, Mrs. Alic«
sulted. While the general command­ of Jackson county, Oregon), F. W. I ducing Sam, Joe, and a number of water will be availa'ble to care for al! Krausse lumber company.
ed the highest respect from the min­ .Merritt and Capt. Ben Wright, the ! their warriors to come over and have the present needs and make extension
Fernand Ijirfmore spent Sunday
R. E. Stephenson commenced
ers he had won the most implicit latter being interpreter The Indians ' a talk. While over there Tom saw <rf the water system.
with his mother in Grants Pass.
Mrs. Howard, of Denver, Colo., picking hops on tin? 25th.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Freed left here
confidence of the Indians, and at a having fled to the mountains, two I and talked with the fugitives. After
ilxm Banks has 'been visiting who lias been visiting her daughter, [
Mrs. lleevus and Mrs. Turnboc, of
word from him, “Old Tolo" would days were spent in hunting them up these Indians had been with them a last week for Oregon Oily, at which friend« near Dryden.
Mrs. Dan Fnlvcy, for sumo timo, left Merlin wore calling on Mrs. Dora on
send his young men to look up any and getting them together, when it | Bhort time, others began to come place they win make their home.
.Mr. and Mrs. II. N, Parker bavo re­ last week to visit a daughter at Los Wednesday.
lost animals desired.
This duty, was learned that the two they were " f ' over, all well armed, many having Mr. Freed has bought a mercantile turned from a trip to the coast.
Mrs. J. F. Van Doiah and Mrs.
by common
consent was in pursuit of had fled to Rogue i guns and revolvers, until there were business in that place and reports
Allegra Ausland lias been visiting
MT. Van Dolali ha« friends Visit- Rufes Woodruff were dinner guests
awarded to him, was a heavy draw, river to Join Lipsie Ti-ee, inhabiting j nearly 200 mixed with the men. Sam are that he is doing well and they .Miss Flora Tolin.
of .Mrs. M. E. Hunt on Sunday.
Ing him from Columbia (Tty, Ore.
both upon his time and his means, ; the Siskiyou mountains and upper I then demanded that the two prison- like their new location. Mr. and Mrs.
Tiic Herman Krauss lumber mil)
Clarence . Emrlc, of Aberdeen,
M E. Hunt was calling on Will
but lie performed it with a cheerfull- I portion of the Rogue river valley, era captured on the mountain be set Paul Freed were prominent in all the is shutting down this week after a Anderson Wednesday evening.
Wash., Is visiting relatives hero at
ness which endeared the name of and the Rogue Rivers, whom they at lilierty as a preliminary step to city actiivities anil we are sorry that fairly successful season. Difficulty
( liarley Thompkins and suns, of the present.
said were in arras and intended to; the "talk.”
General Jo Lane to all the miners.
I has. Whittorff sold his peara to a
Judge they Bound it necessary to leave- and hi drying lumber 'is the cause of the the Applegate were In Ferrydale
After General Lane left his home kill all the whites if Dr. Ambrose Skinner ordered Mr. Steel to restore their many friends wish them success early closing.
Thtimdtry after peaches.
Medford men and is busy harvest Ilia
v. C. Brown of Sacker creek vls-
in Oregon, the Indians having so would not give his little daughter to their guns and pistols and let them In the new field.
Ferrydale escaped the rnln that them now.
frequently xteen .Mr. E. Steel in the Sam's son for a wife. Before start­ go.
Rcv. \Villtam lx»e Gray and family lied Dryden Morality. •
fell the first of the week, leaving us
Jack Henras, of Grants Pass, is
Steel, knowing full well the
Mrs. Will .Mastin und children dry and dusty.
general's company, "Tise Joe Lane's ing in pursuit for the fugitives "Old bad policy of such a course, and ad­ returned last Friday from their vac-1
visiting the Hussey boy«.
codawa,” meaning Chief Joe Lane's Tolo” and his son and "Jim” pro­ vantage the retention of the prison­ ation which they spent in the Wiliam- Robert and Joyce »pent Tuesday In
.Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Neely spent
Delbert McCTure. of Medford,
brother, and would go to him for ad- posed to substitute two others in ers would be to him, refused to com­ cite Valley, principally around Carl- Grants Pas«,
.Monday nt Grunts Pass.
visiting at tile homu of Mr. and Mrs.
vice and to relate their troubles. their stead—two active young war- ply with the demand, unless the mur­ ton and Y.imhill. Mrs. Gray's mother
‘Charles Walton is expcitcd out
Mrs. Joule Nickerson and Dougins Helm.
owns a walnut grove in that vicinity, soon for a visit to retail vee, before
der» be given up in their stead.”
They all report having a good time leaving for Oakland,
vrnaiiuii rui'i*
’ilIV nice'whore she will make her borne,
on muu
their vacation
and OUT»
saw nv
Location of Bushes.
places, but
say they
they are
Mrs. W.
but ray
are glad
glad to
to get
get | ,
W. N.
N. Tolin
Tolin and children,
ft makes n great deni of differnnet ¡places,
where the currant or gooseberry bii'hes back to Rogue River again. Mr. Gray and Fritz Krauss, made the climb to
ere to be located when one considers will occupy his pulpit at Hope d'res-, Kerby Peak Hiin<4oy.
Guaranteed auto repairing by
tlielr treatment.
(Also figura urn! ConfiM'llons)
hytirian Olrnreh neat Smrihiy morn-.' Clarenco IHutchlns is spending a:
expert mechanics
Ing and services will be held as usual. few days in town.
Tops of Bushes.
Mr. anil Mm. Edwin C. Browne will
Miss Hazel Barr anil Miss Susan
The tops of the gooseberry bURllPS
or currants should be cut back •o I hut ,eavo hern for Yreka whera Mr. Tolin were in town Tuesday.
Marion Crooks amd Anione llan-
they extend only about eight or ten Browne will take up hl» school work!
for the year. «Browne in addition to »nth spent Tuesday in low n.
Incites above the soil when set.
510 South Sixth SI.
L. A. Illngiirtte
his other achievements, has proven j C. A. Hoxlo spent a short time at
riiono 121-11
that he is a real bear hunter. This Drydea Wednesday.
Dusting with powdered sulphur Ifl last week he made two trips to town
Mrs. Zerah Poole and son 'law
suggested for tbe strawberry weevil. and each time brought with him a reno«, Mrs. Gothard and sou, Roscoe,
Hj W. W. Fidler
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