Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, October 06, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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1' 17
Hi North With Htroet
4X 1
Repatriating Priionerg.
Crfttik your r, plume lr. 8ark lit 17 nnl let hint put a service bat
'ery In your car. and OH IM)V, li sure hit them full of Jhk. Noth
ing to It If you hnve lilm look affr your electric trouble. And say
lit hlin tt your ri-trlrl system fur you and am what it In doing
for you. lie will tin It KI(i:iC If you ihm n tin, Ih-. luix the ood
yiwr line I1HHT JIV TKHT.
c a package
before the war
Iletiinmber the Place
Grants Pass Service Station
Viiv Kliiili'bukrr Hix for sale cheep
"Plrt In thn Itottcry iluluc" '
FOR 8AUC Vetch, gray oat, cheat,
rye. baled hey, rollod barley. ra
seed. Ralph Waldo Widen. Mad
ford. Ore. ' 6Stf
,yOH 8ALK-5 year old mare, black;
sound and true. One John Deere
plow nearly new. Apply I-eotiard
ft Trimble blacksmith (hop or
phone 204 -H. H8
Foil 8AI;H lood black team. See
ttabnr llros, 226 Went 0, or phone
&0D-J. 88
FUR HAl-K About 10 ton of first
cuuinx alfalfa hay In stack must
be aold at onre; also wood saw
and mandrel on truck. Apply W.
8. Tucker, 3 4 mile from town on
upper river road. 0
MITOHKMr-IJKht alx. kooJ me
chanical condition, jcood Urea; for
ale at a liaritiiln. Call at 704 D
treet. 90
POR BALK 4 milk 2 hHfera;
2 heifer calvea, and 1 Kood Dur
ham bull. H. A. Gllmnre. Mur
phy. Oregon. 91
FOR SA1X Muldwln cull apples.
Come and pick rhem at- 2He per
sack. II. Wood, R. F. D. No 2. 8
FOR SAKE Child' lartte Ue bod.
drop sides, A-l condition. Call at
414 North Becond street. S9
WANTKD Alon to work In lumber
ramp or up-to-dute sawmill.
Transportation furnished. I-or
particular Inquire at nri-cn's
Orescent City Unite office, Grants
1'ass, Ore., near S. I'. R. R. depot,
und express office. Phone 26. 4 s tf
V ANTKD - Four-foot wood to" " ciit
up, $1 a ronl. AddresB. stating
amount. F. 0. Gamble, lit. 1.
Rokud River, Ore. 11
WANTKD .Party to cut Home pole
and 30 conlg of wood Into 4-foot
lciiKths. Write or telephone Tlos
con Howard, Dixie Ranch, 610-
WANTKD nutn, 84 a day with
tlmo and one-half for overtime.
OreRon !Insso.nPavlnu Co., W. T.
Wilkinson, superintendent, Dll
lard, 'Ore. , 91
M KN VA NTlCDFor the Pacific
Telephone and Telegraph company
. at Olendale. Will pay 83.50 per
day of elKht hour, 'board and
blanket furnlaried. Apply nt lo
cai? office, or at Glendnle. 89
work. 212 Foundry street, phone
817. 90
WANTKJ Parties to dry fruit for
half. A good drier, wood and
home furnished. J. H, Robinson,
Grants Pass, ftt. 4, phone Wllder
vllle. 92
G. L. GALBRAITH Insurance, any
kind. Rentals. Building and
Ixan. Plata Glass Liability. 609
O street. 84tf
HKMST1T0IIIN0,'. Pkotlng. , Satlsfuc
' tlon guuranteed. Write to us for
HUKKoatlons for Christmas gifts.
The Vanity Shop, Medford, Orc-
MDIKS' TAIU)R"l(f .Fall und wln
tcr Hulls rumodelod and broimht
up to the minute In Rtyle and
workmanship, firing your Fl'RS,
Plushes and volvets to ho remade.
Prices reasonable. Mrs. W. R.
Swonpa, phono 253. old Klocker
resldonJ'o 1H24 Kh'st A strent. ob
DA.N'lEI, McFARbAND, civil engl
neer and surveyor. Residence
740 Tonth street, phone 211-Y.
FWH HUNT 7-room houae, $6;
fi-rooiu home, $5; good well at
both places, and tarn to go with
either. Inquire except Saturday.
Mr. W. II. Qiialf, 832 North
Seventh Atreet. 90
STRAY Kl) from 817 Jackson at rent,
milk cow about 2 year old;, red,
dark around head and stub horn.
Lave word with "W. U Schroeder.
E. C. MACY, D. M. D. Flrst-elae
dedtlstry. 199 tt South Sixth
treet, OranU Paa. Oregon.
electrical work, repairing, home
wiring. C. C. Harper, 105 South
Sixth atreet, phone 47.
MRS. W.'R. 8WOA.PE Dressmaker,
ladle' tailor, furrlst. Expert al
terations on ladles' garment. Es
timates cheerfully given; prices
" reaaonn'ble;- satisfaction guaran
teed. Phone 258. Old Klocker
residence. East A street. 99
DRESSMAKING Tailor made skirts
a specialty. Prices reasonable.
Mrs. Sanders, 220 E street. 92
DR. R. J. nESTtl. Veterinarian.
Residence 838 Washington boule
vard, phone 398-R.
TUB WORLD MOVES; so do we.
Hunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
F. G. ISM AM, drayoKO and transfer.
Safes, pianos and furnitiiro
moved, packed, shipped and stor
ed. Office phone 124-Y. Resi
dence phone 124-R.
prompt service. City and country
trips. Safety first Call Grant
Pass Hotel, phone 39b. Residence
phone 368-Y. W. G. White. 790
TAXI 'Phone Roses Confectionery,
No. 160. for taxi. Hurry calls at
any time. C. E. -Ollkson. 35tf
PHONE 202-R for JltneyLuke or
Cuflcr. Headquarters changed to
Spa. 50tf
SOONER TAXI Phone 262-R for
Jitney Luke or Cutlw. Calls an
swered anywhere, anytime. 86tf
L. O. CLEMENT, M. D., PraBUce
limited to diseases of the eye, ear,
nose and throat. Glasses fitted.
Office hours 9-12, 2-6, or on ap
pointment. Phones, office 62; resi
dence 359-J.
3. IX) UQTI RIDGE, M. D. Physician
and surgeon. City or country calls
attended day or night. Phones,
residence, 369; office, 182. Sixth
and H streets. .
X7jrWtmmSFW internal
medicine and , nervous diseases,
024 Medical Bids.. J'ortland, Ore.
Hours, 2 to 5 p. m morning and
evening by appolntntent.
DR;rwr t7 TO.MPKI NS8. f i
Rooms 1 1 and 2 Schmidt Bldg.
Treats all d! seises. Hours 9-12
u. m.; 1-5 p. m. Phone 304-R.
E. .1. BILIJCK. M. D.. PhviM
and surgpon; . office Schnllhom
block, phone 64-J; residence,
1004 Lawnrldge, phone 54-U
Grants Pas.
y i
Ulien hmtnirle ceased there were In the hands of their Teuton captors
million 4f prisoner of wur of all Allied countries, the terrible pllslit of
wuuiu 1 well known to all the world. Red Cross workers, carrylng"rellef
supplies of clotlilri?, medMnes and supplVini-niary fiMMlKiulTi, penetruicil the
4iurnl l'ower an xoon nfti-r the annlmlce us the military autliorltles would
permit, and the work of geitlng the prisoners started back to their own coun-
- nn m.uii iii-ituu. in nun piiiiuicrHpii a group of lliese men are wen 1
pnt-aeu up na resioreii to sometliliig
Uutt will cun tl.Biu out of kouiluge.
m ia;kmknt. t nu i u
tiox, m
Required by Act of August 24, 1913.
Of the Grants Pass Dally Courier,
pu1l)hed dally at Grants J'ass, Ore
gon, for October 1, 1919.
Publisher, A. E. Voorhle.
(ltor, eo. L. Drummond.
Managing Editor, A. K. Voorhies..
Riislnees 'Manager, A. E. Voorhies.
Owner, A. E. Voorhies.
.Bondholder. mortgagees and
other security holders, holding 1 per
cent or more of total amount of
bonds. None.
Average number of copies of earh
Issue of this publication sold or dis
tributed through the mails or other
wise, to field subscribers, during the
six months .preceding the date shown
above. 1016.
(Signed) A. K. VOORHIES.
Subscribed and sworn to before
me this 1st day of October. 1919.
Notary Public.
(My commission expires
September 9. 1923.)
Thousands of -mothers say Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound Is the
best remedy for croup they know. It
cuts the thick choking mucus, clears
away the phlegm, opens air passages
and oases hoarseness. The gasping,
strangling fight for breoth gives way
to quiet breathing and peaceful sleep.
T. J. McCall. Athens. O.. writes: "We
have used Foley's Honey and Tar In
our home for years and find it In
valuable for roughs and colds es
pecially for croup for our children.
We are never without It nd ennuot
too .highly recommend It." Sold
Placer location notices at Courier
n mW mm
A.k ni. in H.TFB m
Ttu kaon u Bat. tflot. Alnri KaltobH
II. D. NORTON, Attorney-at-law.
Practices in all State and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
0. W. COLVIO. Attorney-at-law
Grants Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
E. S. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Prac
tices In all courts. First National
Bank Bldg.
O. S. BLANCHARD, Attorney-at-law.
Golden Rule Bldg. Phone 270.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
C. A. SIOLER, Attorney-at-law. Ma
sonic Temple. Grant Pass, Ore.
JEO. H. DURHAM, Attorney-at-law,
referee In bankruptcy, Masonic
Temple, Grants Pass, Oregon.
Phone 135-J.
First National Bank Bldg., Grants
Pass. Oregon.
The California and. Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
t'ffectivc Nov. 19, 1918.
Train will run Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday
Leave Grant Pass ..l p. m
Arrive Water Creek .2 P. M.
Leave Water Creek .8. P. M
Arrive Grant Pass ..4 P. M.
For Jnformatlo'n regarding freight
and passenger rates call at the offtec
of the company. Ltindbnrr building
or telephone III.
rrs.r imii ami unniN a
f HUV IklM-UriDlamd Bra4A
T-V il !.". MM Mlk BliN Slliot. W
4H TmkM ,lW. Bar mt rmmr V
I - blAliO!
I I IT l'rt rial
like normal health, awuitiug the train
Or Else It Was First Time Th' Man
Had Ever Gone After For-
Ootten Umbrella.
Oh. ye of little faith, listen. fr I
would a tale unfold. A man came fly
ing down the street the other day. He
lookoil like Atlas with the world on hi
shoulders. He seemed bent on go
ing somewhere and getting th-re
quickly. A friend met him and sold:
"Why this haste? There musi uave
been a still alarm. n I didn't hear any
whistle. Where goewt t hnu T"
The Marathon pedestrian sulci: "Yes,
I am In a little hurry. I was down
street shopping a iiuple of days co
and went Into a department store, and
when I gut home I found I hud lift
my umbrella. I know Just where I
left It. on the smith side of the xtire,
standing up against the counter. I
thouKht I would run down and get It
before iinnther shou t r came up."
Just think of It. Why. If I hud Hint
mini's f ti 1 1 It I could not only turn n
mole hill' Int.. a mountain ami sell
the gravel to the gT-fm:nent to mn' e
concrete shiiis. Imr I conlil i t..v
'liii.iiniiiln with a broom handle.
After parting with that eld niln sVd
drr he hud lillnd faith tli!if hp would
ftust his eyes i.n it !",..:v.. i-i,t
hours ef colden luiuiients i:k flitted
l.y. mi. I he lind the idea that nil lie !rd
to do was to stand in front of h..
More und whistle, an. I that iiintae'l i
vwuild ec.iiie tn meet him. hrlnuiir: a
tlui k of little umbrellas with it. 1 .1. n't
wonder the iMld-hrlek factories arc
runnlt:'.' ov.-niiiie. Why that Inner-:
iimrtul :::u-t have nt 'Ills vrlt
enough nlie. shiny 'ri.-!;s i.n l.-m.! ro
t"l t II i h':ii.!ie.v. KMii:i,i- Ju.iriu;!.
The Lucky Hcrccthce.
It was a!., ut the middle t the i'V- i
entct nth !! itry that thi su.'rrsi!titt i
use of li.irM-!i es as einlIeis of K...,i!
lui'k nrlg'nuti d in Knviutid. Ti,. v vv. r j
III first del tni'd a t'l-'.tc-ttoif !;ist j
niM-nex auo evu siiirits, i ini wen.
liiilled nn doors i f houses, v't'i !!
cuive upliermost. It was i):e li-.'..
That tm wlteh r evil spirit iM en-
ter :i house thus en: :'l"d. TV- i ts
tout of nailing horseshoes to sli'ps nn. I
other sailing craft is still In votrue !n
nil Engllsh-speiikliii; counlrles. To ',,i,l
a horseshoe with an odd iiutnher of
nulls nttnehed to It Is cotis'ibv d 'he
forerunner of good luck, and the mure
nails the greater the good fortnti: that
Is likely to attend the finder. A per
son about to lie tmtrrleitt w ho (Inils a
horseshoe believes that a liaopy mat
rlmnnlul career invuits him.
Joy in Conquest.
Life's niiister-key does fur Its pos
sessor what Is Impossible to these who
do not have It. No future Is too for
bidding for men of the right mental
fiber to fear. Weaklings falter and
turn back. Men of talent , turned to
right channels delight In meeting whut
hns brought failure to the many. . It
offers to them a chance to try the real
ly hard things. They alone test the
skill and prove the mettle. Such men
bring wealth out of defeat, and re
joice In the strusle. Tt's no won
der they step forward and try what
has brought failure to others. It's the
mental sense of conquest thnt cTuwne
effort with success and mnkes. man
king In the world. Jt'e your right.
Rapid Heat Changes in Leaves. '
Some recent Investigations of the
temperature of leaves made In the
deserts and mountains of Arizona
and In the Santa Lucia mountains of
California have resulted In the dis
covery that leaves show a very rapid
change of temperature at times. These
fluctuations are almost cotisti.ntly go
ing on. Changes of from one to three
degree' Centigrade were observed In
from 20 to 0 seconds, and If a moder
ately strong wind Is bloving the cliiin re
way amount to Ave degrees In 30 seconds.
c a package
'c a package
The kitchen where a large proportion of the work
is done by simple, efficient labor saving machinery
driven by
is an asset to any home. If servants are employed, they are
easier to keep owing to the elimination of drudgery. Where it
is faithfully employed, electricity greatly reduces the. actual
need for servants in the small family. .
Electricity will help with all of these tasks.
Cooking Mixing Cake or Bread
Dishwashing Grinding Coffee .
Knife Sharpening Freezing Ice Cream
Polishing Silverware Whipping Cream
Grinding Food Beating Eggs or Batter
May we show you some of the most practical of these new. aids to ease
ind tcuriumy in the household? ,.
California-Oregon Power Co.
B r ris- s . ,i . -wv ue i w
k .QtooJsSfyJfj . (fern
during the war