Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, August 09, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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HATI IU1Y, Al OlST 9, I01.
Tomorrow Never Comes
for the man or woman who intends to SAVE but
always puts if off. TODAY is the day to do it
SAVE today and all of the tomorrows of your
life and old age will be the happiest time of vour
Sheet Music
For the teachers and Piano
First grade pieces, printed in
extra large notes,- for the
young beginner. First grade
pieces with ordinary size notes.
Second, third, fourth, fifth and
sixth grade pieces.
A large selection, all cata
logued, and selling at
10c Per Copy
Stanton Rowell
Music and Photo House
507 509 G St.
FOR SALE At a bargain one 3 4
horse power gasoline engine and
' wood saw, all ready to run. Box
! 54. Merlin, Ore. 41
ance, plate glass liability Insur
ance. 204 Vi Sixth Btreet. tf
! WANTED Saw mandrel and saw,
small one Dreferred. Address Pe-
' ter Tanger, (R. F. it. No. 2, Box
! 106. Grants Pass, Ore. 45
FOR SALE Two small chicken
houses. Inquire of Miss Russell,
Corner Manzanlta Are., and Mer
lin road. 40tt
LOST Four mouths old male Air-
dale puppy, from Ardencraig farm
'Liberal reward for return. K. M,
O. Nelll. 40tf
Return to Grants Pass
Howard II. DeGrasse. ex -chemist
and gas plant operator of Central,
Cal., has returned from Gravel
Creek where he is employed by the
Warren Construction company. He
has charge of the fire-ton Packard
trucks that haul the "hot stuff" for
bithulftic paring. The cause of his
return was sudden illness that over
came him Thursday erenlng, but he
is fast recovering under the care of
his mother and expects to soon re
turn to his position.
FOR S.VL.E House Bargains 6-
rooni house, 2 lots, West D street,
$400. "-room house, large lots,
Jsh&in street, $450. 7-room house,
two acres. Rogue River Ave.,
1600. 5-room house. 1 lot, $400,
Xorth Second street. See owner
of property. Stag Cigar Store. Otto
J. Knips. 43
lAgents Authority to Sell" book
of 50 blanks. 50c. Courier office.
LOST Saturday morning, a bunch
of cancelled checks. Finder
please leave at Courier office, or
phone 365-J. 41
FORTSALE Two gasoline doiiBle
drum hoists. One Velie truck and
trailer, logging blocks, cable, etc.
One two-third yard rerovllng
shovel. M. C. Ament. 45
Washington, Aug. 9. The docu
ments used 'by the American peace
delegation iParis will be transmit
ted to the United States senate Mon
day by President Wilson.
Bargains in White Wash Skirts. Piqua, Duck
and Poplin
Take it from us that the Two-Piece
Suit is the ideal suit for summer
comfort. Get into one of these cool,
two-piece propositions and let the
murcury sizzle.
Palm Beach cloth, mohair and light
weight crash cloth some half lined,
some quarter lined all of them have
the shape and fit and the comfort
you desire, and yet very reasonably
$15 & $18.50
See Our Window Display
Peerless Clothing Co.
Cash Clothiers
"If Men Wear It We Hare It"
Joe Schmitt. of Gaielle, Cal., Is
registered at the Oxford.
For boys: Coaster Wagons at Hel;
T. .M. Stott made a' business trip
to Waters Creek today. '
Willard storage battery service
station, 314 North Sixth St. 17tf
Happl-Tyme nursery furniture at
I lei mer's. 40
Attorney J. J. Chlnnock was a
business visitor in Medford yester
day. Needles to fit all makes of sewing
machines at llelmer's. 40'
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Thorn paon, ac
companied by Miss Horning, left this
morning for the Marble Caves.
Cump cots, tables and stools at
Helmer's. 40
T. Johnson, of Klamuth Falls,
stopped In the city today on his way
to Holland.
Boost Oregon by using Oregon
Made furniture bought at Helmer's.
Willard storage battery service
station. S 14 North Sixth 8t. lTtf
The editors will pass through here
at about 5 o'clock .Monday morning
on their way to Crater take. Will
you be up to meet them?
"Woodbury's Kiiclal Soap." Sabin
has it.
For baibies: Baby Ko-rals, Sho
Flys. Roik-a-liye Swings, at Hel
mer's. 40
A Freak F-g
A Sllver-.Lace Wyundotte hen egg
from the Walter Tallmage home on
Rogue River avenue was brought to
the Courier office today. It Is al
most two eggs in one, the Inner egg
being a perfect, large one, while- be
ing covered with another egg Imper
fectly formed and with a paper-like,
flexible shell.
Buy Sheep
Wlnetrout Bros, have purchased
ISO head of sheep from ranchers on
the Applegale, in Josephine county.
Heston to Crete r Iake -
IA. M. Heston and family loft Fri
day afternoon for a trip to Crater
take. They expect to return iMon
day or Tuesday.
Leave for Michigan
Rev. and Mrs. Chaa. It. Drake will
reave Sunday evening for a month's
trip to Michigan, to visit Mr. brake's
people. They will make stops at
Salt Tjike and Kansas City.
l.ufVst .Miiiiguin. Married
A late press dispatch states that
James JAMar Beebe, of Provo. t'tah,
and Miss IjiCosta Mangum were
married at Burloy. Idaho, on July
27. Miss iMangum lived In this city
for a number of years, having left
for Seattle about three years ago.
Birthday Party
Alary Catherine Meude celebrated
her sixth birthday anniversary at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Ktr-
ker, on Friday, August 8. A. de
lightful time was spent In the after
noon, and light refreshments were
served to the following guests: Mr.
and Mrs. Wire, Mr. and Mrs. Klrker,
Mrs. Meade, Pauline and James
Will 0K-n New ItiMid
The iVt mile stretch of clearing
and grading on Waldo Flat will be
finished by the first of next week.
The state engineer's estimate of the
cost for this piece of road work was
$1,600 per mile, but W. D. Hunt,
supervisor of that. district, working
under orders from the county court.
will finish the job at a total expense
of less than $3,500. A neat little
saving, whleh speaks well for the ef
ficient management of road construc
tion by our county court.
Vada Bailey, eldest daughter of
Mr. and iMrs. ieore Bailey, died at
Portland Wednesday evening at !
o'clock, August 6, 1919. at the ane
of 17 years and four months.
Vada Bailey was born at Missouri
Flat in this county, but moved to
Grants Paiis with her parents when
quite young, where she resided until
about a year ago when the family
moved to Corvallis and from there
to Portland. She suffered an attack
of influenza from which she never
She possessed a loving and kind
disposition which made her loved bv
all who knew 1ier. Besides her par
ents she leaves two brothers and one
sister to 'mourn her loss, besides a
host .of loving friends arid relatives
in Josephine county.
Foot Troubles
- Vanish If yon use
these comfort
sprinkled in the shoe absorbs
perspiration tearing (he loot
cool and free from all pain, 25c
Tablets used in a foot bath at
night relieve tired burning
feet. 25c.
Retail Corn Solvent An effi
cient remedy for corns, cal
lonses and honey sldn 28c.
Sells Drugs and Books
35b ftlaJL
OuitriiiK arty
Waldorf Hall Saturday night. 40
Buys Out Part ur
1. J. Manuel
interest of A. Al.
of Manuel & lies
and second-hand
and will continue
Iness by himself,
yet undecided as
in the future.
has purchased the
Heston in the firm
ton, dealers Ju new
goods and (bicycles,
to conduct the bus
Mr. Heston Is as
to whut he will do
Kdltor ICu Home
The National Kdllorlal Association
members touring the. Northwest are
scheduled, to arrive at Medford Mon
duy morning at 6:30. Thus tbey
will pass through this city on their
way south at an hour when most
citizens are on the last lap of their
Excursion Bates to Coast
Grants Pass to Crescent City, by
easy riding cars, for $7.50. Grants
Pass and Crescent City Stag com
pany. Phone 26. 74tf
l.leutemtm Allen Coming
l.leut. Neil AUeu. sou of Mr. and
Mrs. Wllford Allen of this city, who
served with the 'Eighth United
States infantry, stationed since the
armistice at Brest, France, was re
leased from the service Thursday at
the 'Presidio, San Francisco. After a
visit of a few days at Palo Alto,
Ueut. Allen with bis wife will come
toGrants Pass where they will visit
for the summer.
At Winona Ranch Tomorrow
If you are Interested in Sunday
school work and the furtherance of
the gospel, do not fail to attend the
all-day meeting of the rural union
Sunday school tomorrow at the
. . i . . ....
aieeiu rancn, ai winona. lane your
lunch end enjoy the fine program
that has been prepared. " There will
be music by several local musicians,
as welt as a quartette 'by the Misses
Hillls. of Medford. Rev. Wire will
speak at 2 p. m. V.. C. Griffin, mis
sionary of A. 8. 8. f.
Office ieii
I will lie In my office ready for
work Monday morning. August 11.
Dr. M. R. Brtiten. 40
Visit the av
Mr. and .Mrs. Carl Williams are
among those who recently made a
trip to the Oregon Caves. They
oarne bade very enthusiastic about
what they saw and say Craiits Pass
people do not fully appreciate this
scenic wonder. They chaperoned
the, following party of young people
to the caves: eo. iRIddle Jr., Remo
Tryer, Florence Riddle, Roy Heston,
VeOna fWllliams, Harold Isham, Ce
dric Fields, Margaret Hair and 'Mary
Reld. iProf .Parks was at the caves
and made the statement that the
Oregon Cares were the only marble
cares In the world.
Fine Shotgun Hunting
A number of Medford and Jaelc-
sonrllle young men -who work with
threshing crews In the daytime and
sometimes spend their nights at pur
loining water melons oarne to grief
Wednesday night and last night In
the water melon patch bf Leo Potter,
a rancher in the Central iPoInt dis
trict. Mr. Potter with his shotgun
Wednesday night caught fire of them
in hi patch, turned them over 4n
Sheriff Terrlll, and Justice . Taylor
fined each $5 and costs on their Bless
of guilty. Mr. iPotter with the same
old shotgun Thursday night caught
one culprit, whose companions m.
caped, whom he brought to Medford
and turned orer to the sheriff.
Medford Tribune,
woolen samples have arrived direct from our
The assortment of hundreds of woolens
would be considered unusually attractive and
eomprchensivo under normal conditions, and un
der the prevailing unusual conditions is truly a
remarkable line in every particular. '
Cassimers bid fair to be decidedly popular,
fancy, smooth faced,, silk-decorated and flannel
effects being well represented. Kjne unfinished
worsteds, mixtures, twists and fancy silk-decorations;
clear finished worsteds, plain or silk
decorated; also bright Cheviots offer a wido
range of assortment.
Pfilnre Browns lii vurluus new Hliudon; Greens In
VUlfJlS plain and fancy mixture: Irrldimeiit or two
toned cffei'ts; (Jr.ijh of all shadus; mid an exten
sive assortment of the ever-popular Mine Serges.
PaffertK ' Include stripes In a variety of widths, neat
I dllCIUd cheoka, and subdued plaids. Whatever your
choice, thero will be a fabric of superior quality,
exrttllont service and utmost value, fur your pre
ferment. TODAY'S THE DAY
for vou to come in and select - vour choice of
entire line of new and exclusive Autumn and
Winter woolens; leave your order and delivery
will be arranged to suit your own convenience.
Prices to Suit Your Purse
Geo. S. Calhoun
Mi:t (i Hirer t
Fifteen Year In-iiI lleu'er
Bargains In Porch Furniture
, See Our Window
Holman's Furniture Store
60S Q street, opposite Band Stand
Sunday and Monday
Joy Theater
Admission 15c and 25c
'The Marriage Price
Directed by Emile Chautard
She "married for money" aud she expected to
be unhappy Nothing could convince her that her
wealthy husband really loved her. It took a great
crisis to make her realize the fact it's that great
crisis that makes "The Marriage Price" such a won
derful picture. Today ? Certainly ! Come on !
Other Attractions
. An Okeh Comedy
A Burton Holmes Travelogue