Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, August 09, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    s.m iti),v. Aim ht , iio.
A good valley flour at
$2.80 per Sack
49 pounds
AN'OBl OAKE8 75 cool each; or
dor by phone, No. 190-J. 2tf
VYousTtires" MENDED and
buy a D. M. A C. K. welder for
future use. Bee" Mr. Ootcher, the
tlrs man at Oranta Paas hotel, tf
12 ACRK9 oak, madrono, (Ir and
pine, od railroad In Jerome
Prairie. Will take wood in pay
ment atumpage. l'bone 270. 83tf,
about 126 acre In cultivation;
considerable Irrigation; 2 mile
from R.' R. elation; Vt mllee
from two achoola; half caah, bal
anee low Intereat. AddreM No.
10S 2 -xe Courier. . 8tf
FOR 8AL.E Binger sewing machlnea
on aay terms. Machlnea rented
and old machlnea taken in part
payment C. A. Chapman, 245 8.
Central avenue, Medford. Local
headquartnr Grand Pane Hard
ware. ltt
8trlln sepsrator -with a 10 h. p.
gas engine, both mounted on
trucks ready for work. Ii75.
Will trade fof auto, livestock or
wood. Alao have SJ-lnch separa-
(or and engine for sale. Pacific
Highway garngn, Medford, Ore
gon. 40
FOR 8ALK Two good burrow
with park saddles and harness.
Inqnlro Rymer, 1107 1, i street.
Grant Pass, Ore. 4 2
FCR RAlK Jlnlck touring rar. six
cylinder, 1917 model, good me
chanical condition and good tires.
Trice $1000. For further partlc
'iilnm callT. Nf. Siott, phono 1S1
or IU-J. 30
FOR 8A1JC One Rood all-purpose
mare, 14 head of goal, cheap. A.
, K. Burha'rt, iRogue River, Ore. 4 4
FOR SVI.B-rine stoik ranch. al
falfa hay and stock, 15 ml I on
from Orauts tPass. Situated in
the test part of Applegale valley.
Phone lite Vinnent, .Provolt. 4 4
, JXR RENT "Two or more house
keenlnc rooms with nrlvate bath.
on North S-,wiith and A streets.
-Sultablo for ntutlenta, teachers,
business wonmn, r Just plnln.
married folks. ,5tr. Ulerbert Avery.
Worth Sevenfh tihtl A. 43
IE. L. OALBRA1TH Insurance, any
tkiod. Rentals. Bvlldln and
Lon. Plate Gkua LdafaUlty. 609
street. -Stf
J. ft. Mnc.MURRiAY Teacher ut tag
lag. Write or apply at 714 ILee
.DAILY JITNEY to Selma, Kerby and
Waldo. Leaves Grants Paa dally
at 9:30 a. m. Everett Hogue,
phone 317. 817
prompt service. City and country
trip. Safety firt. Call Granta
Pass Hotel, phone 39 k. Residence
phone 320-R. W. 0. White. 790
call 22-J. Two common old Fords.
We are on the Job anywhere and
any time. Palace Taxi Qp. Wyatt
and Cutler. Jitney Luke. SOtf
XAXI 'Phone Roses .Confectionery.
No. 160, for' taxi. Hurry cMls ot
ny time, C, JJ, Gk)D. ' . Stif
WANTKIJ Men to work lu lumber
camp or up-to-date sawmill.
TrniiaKrtnllui furnished. For
purtlculars Inquire at Dreen's
Crescent City sUiks office, Granla
Pas. Ore., inar fl. i R. It depot
and xpr office. I'libne 26. 3 tf
WANTKIX-Housekeeper. Must be
a woman of refinement, not over
40 year a of age. Add rem Solus
care Courier. SJtf
K. C. MACY. O. M. D. Ki rat-clan
dentistry. 109 H South Sixth
street, Granta Iaas. Oregon.
U O. OIJSMBNT. U. D.. PraitJoe
limited to dlseasne of the eye, ear,
nose and threat. Giaaee fitted.
Office hours 9-12, 2-5, or n ap
pointment. Phones, office. (2; resi
dence 35-J.
8. MHTflHRiDGE. M. U. PhysteJaa
and surgeon. City or country call
attended day or night. . Phones,
residence, JS; office. 182. Sixth
and H street. ,
A. A. WIT1IAM. M. D. Internal
medicine and nervous dlaesAes,
90S Corbett Bldg, Portland, Ore.
Honrs 10 to lit. m.; 2 to 4 p. a.
Rooms 1 and 2 Schmidt Bldg.
Troaia all diseases. Hours 9-12
a. in.; 1-5 v. m. Phone 204-R.
electrical work, repairing, house
wiring. C. C. Harper. 215 North
Sixth street, phone 47. . tf
VKTKItlXAIty 8lllGtxx
DR. R. J. BB8TIJ1. Veterinarian.
Office at residence. Phone 30S-R.
Bunch Bros Transfer Co. Phoo-197-R.
r. Q. I8BAM, drayage and traaafef
Safes, - .i.lanos and furnltur
moved, packed, shipped and stor
ed. Office phone 124-Y. Resi
dence phone, 114-R.
DANIEL MoPARLAND. civil engt
neer and surveyor. Residence
740 Tenth etreet, phone 211-Y.
H. D. . NORTON, Attorney-At-law.
, Practice in all State and Federal
, Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
0. W. COLVIG,, Attorney-at-law.
Grants Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
Qranta Pass, Oregon.
IE. 8. VAN'DYKE, Attorney. Prao-
(tlces In all courts. First National
Bank: Bldg.
Q. . BLANCHARD. Attorney-at-law.
tMOden Rule Bldg. Phone 270.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
C. A. RIDLER, Attorney-at-law. Ma
, sonic Temple, Grants Pass, Ore.
JEO. H. DURHAM, Attorney-at-law,
referee in bankruptcy, , Masonic
Temple, Grants'. Pass, Oregon.
Phone 135-J.
First National Bank Bldg., Grants
' Paaa. Oregon.
IIoikI Letter Paper' - ,
Oofld quality bond pa'per, 8Hxil
,jnnt0R, unruled, at 1 ,per 500 sheets.
Cooler offlcf." Jtf
m tl)jhurcl)
, ItotliMiiy J'reoiliyUqan tliiirch
Bunduy aoliool 10 a. m. Morning
worahlp, 11 o'clock, "The Church
Will He Vitally 'Affected 1y the
World of Today," second sermon In
a series on the -theme, 'The Church
and the World."
The evening jnentlng will be a
union enrvlce with the -other
churchtm on the 'lawn of the Central
Monday, Auguxt 1 1 --ftHaloo
mooting to lay plans for the wmter
,Thurday evening, 8 o'clock Mid--week
senice, "Spiritual PauperlHm,"
from Luke 12:13-21.
Henry O. Hanson, minister'
Nnw-nuin M. E. (Iiurch '
Preartilng by the pastor at the 11
o'clock service. Topic, "A lilesalng
Disguised as a: Curse." Anthem by
the choir. I'nlorr evening service at
Central school grounds.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. Bp
worth League at 7 p. in.
A hearty welcome for nil.
Melville T. Wire, pastor.
Bible erhool at 10 a. m. with
clanses for all Kie. .Morning service
at 11 with sermon by the pastor on
'Speaking With Tongues." Special
music hy the iolr. n. Y. P. r. at
7 o'clock.
At 8 o'clock there will be the
union service on the Central school
lawn, sermon 'by the Baptist pastor
on 'tlod Spoke." At this service
there will be seats provided so peo
ple will not have to stand up or sit
on the around.
C. M. Cllne. preacher.
Salvation Army J f,trect
.Meetings at 11 a. in., "Self Exami
nation." At 2 p. in. Bible school. At
3 n m "Interdenominational Praise
Meeting." At 6 p. in. Y. P. L. At
s p. m., "'In Jesus Christ's Service
lla thut serves best, profits most."
Y1 jo. StranKers are welcome.
J. E. Strautin, ensign.
Cliurch of Clirint
iBfble school at 10 a. m. Morning
worsnlpia 11. Subject of discourse.
The Highway of Happiness." Even
ing woinhlp at Central school. '
'Chas. R. Drake, minister.
Ktnrt Church of Christ 8 lenlBl
Christian Science services are held
every Sunday, in the W. O. W. hail,
at 11 s. m. Wednesday evening meet
Ings at 8 o'clock. The subject for
nnay in, "Christian Science."
--'Reeding room Is open from -2 to
4 p. m. dally except Sundays and
holidays. The public Is cordially In
vited to attend the services and to
visit the reading room.
Botanists Intensely 'Interested In Na
, ture's Work -on Volcano Island
in Bortibon Lake, 'Luzon.
The OcmrsK'ttinn of vegetntlon In Is
oiitted regions Is s mutter of grest
hiterost 1 Imtmilsn, who ure milking
iiicresslttg efforts to -olmerve the cre
ation of tlie new fioru inking the -place
of tlw old. Volcano Inland, in Hotn'ion
Iske. Luzon, ws chiefly covered by
im.iwcN and small trees hefore the
eniptlon of the Taal Tnilcnno iu 111.
but the eruption destroyed ail plnnt
life except some rhnut! ef bnniboos
and a few foinnnns In the northern
pnrt of the Island. In a report on rte
Ifvegetntlim W. If. Rraw, E. X. Ver
rlll and H. S. Yates note that is six
years ! vascular plants had heea re
coiled, the chief lHctes lielng a few
grasses. Of 'the total. .54 per rent
were prolmlily Introduced hy birds,
alMint 2(1 per wit by the wind snd
fihont 10 per cent hy the water a dif
ferent showing from that of the more
expimetl Inland of Krnkntnn. In the
Strnlt of Sundn. where the chief work
of hirds was sinsll. The growth of
tepetiitlnn ,lll Vnlcnnn Islnnd l still
spnrst' a condition nttrllmted to Inck
of proper soli and the cround' sinnll
amount of water and high proportion
of anlphntes.
Wideawake Mexicans. .
; A Mexican citizen of Mazntlan re
cently hn been granted a concession
of 100, hectures (about 247 acres), and
so much more as may be necessary, at
the railway station of Oso, state of
Slnnloa, for the purpose of establish
ing an experimental farm to demon
strate the economic value which would
result from the proper use of modern
American agricultural machinery In
the production of crops. It Is the In
tention of the concessionaire- to rent
portions of the lands at a nominal cost
to American manufacturers of agricul
tural, machinery and Implements, who
nifty send experts to demonstrate the
HUM-hinei-y with the, view both t pro
mottois sales of the American goods
tnd ) educating the people In the
inni jMwlerik (ur.mlng nMhods. " , . .
' vJTf.' Jn Swrt ;
Jt Is Just becoming known anion it
the business men and residents of
Medford that right at our door there
has arrived a new 'business and a
steady payroll. What makes this
most interesting la the fact that all
has ibecn done so quietly, no 4rass
band effect, no bonuses asked from
the city, ho demand made -on the
business men to buy stock In order
to create the much needed payroll
nor la there any stock for sale. This
is the property of the Southern Ore
gon Coal company.
Some time ago W. T. Estep atarted
on a prospect which to the layman
appears to be a small streak of Mack
sticky In a gravel bank but being a
practical miner of many years exper
ience he knew that it should develop
into a good vein' of coal. We worked
nard, spent considerable money al
ways following the vein which from
the beginning grew better w.Ith every
foot until at the end of a 450 foot
tunnel there la a face of coal eoual
to any on the coast and an analysis
ehowa ft stands well at the top of
the list f all western coals in oual-
The most important thing from a
miners point of view Is the fact that
there is now a true cap rock and
floor, necessary to successful mining
and marketable coal. Coal mines
have come and gone about Medford
In tlie past several years, the Simny
slde, the Cascade, the Medford, all
delivering a little coal and quanti
ties of dirt, unavoidable perhaps for
lack of proper geological conditions,
mainly, cap rock. The present com
pany have the cap rock for 1 00 feet
back of the present face. iMedford
Business Man's Pleasant Evening
Nothing at All Like What He
PUnned It Should Be.
"Go!!." exclaimed the nuxluess mnn.
"I had the disappointment of my life
Inst -night. Even this sunny morn log
can't take awuy the stlug. For the past
monrli I don't believe I have had one
nice, quiet, peaceful night at home
80 evening of perfect -relaxation. It
M-emeo longer than that
"YeMenluy mom Inc. with the
thought 'Unit at the cixl of the dny I
would lie free, my to the office
was more spriiiKj- thai tiRtial. Not a
business nor Koclal encngement did I
have. If HiivlKMiy had attempted to
start anything iu either line I would
have Mild, '.Nothing doing, I am go
ing to lie busy.' and I would have
finished the sentence to myself with
at Home.
"I felt like a lark all day. 'Nothlug
io uo tonight,' I kept repeating to my
self, 'midline at nil: Hlixolnre free.
dom. I will ditch up on the mugnzlnes
that have lieen accumulating. I will
ttiKe up the 'bonk that I tiaven't looked
Into for so long that I have forgotten
who the characters are. 1 will sit in
uiy favorite suft, easy, sunkdown
deep chair under the remHno-
1 will don my -drewtitig gown and slip
pers, i win luxuriate all evening a
nice, quiet, long evening.'
"I could hardly wait for dinner to be
over. When It was. I Immediately set
about doing all that I had planned. 1
reluxed, groaning with comfort Into
my chair. My dog curled up at my
feet, something he hnd not done for a
month, too. i went to my reading, I
nead for an 'hour. And then, dnni It
all I got so blamed sleepy that I
-couldn't hold my eyes open. I Jest
hnd to go to bed. I hated to do rt
nd 1 ,wu thoroughly disgusted. But
there wns no help for It. And there
you are; .uiy glorious evening com
pletely ruined hecniixe ,1 was too
sleepy to enjoy It." Providence Jour
nal. . - . . ,
Fsr tSe Baby.
The tnng motor la an air pump which
to good to start the breathing process
In newly bora babies.
Optimistic Thought
Observe thyself as thy greatest en
emy would do; bo ahalt thou be thy
greatest friend. . .
Placer location notices at Courier
office. ',
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective Nov. 19. 1918.
Trains will run Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday
Leave Granta Pass.........;......l P. M
Arrive Waters Creek 2 P. M.
Leave Waters Creeks.,.. ..;..8 P. M
Arrive Grants Pass.' ..4 P. M.
For Information regarding freight
and passenger rates call at the office
of the company, Lundburr building,
or telephone 1 9 1. .
We have just received a fresh shipment of
Giant Explosives
and are now in a position to fill your orders
as needed in any quantity.
If you have never used
Giant Powders
feel free to ask as we are here to assist you.
Don't buy without first getting a price
Jewell Hardware Company
We are fully equipped for all kinds of battery
work ax reasonable prices consistent with first
class work.
When In needof a new battery buy the still-better
Wlllard, with threaded rubber insulation.
The Battery Shop
A. V. Hazelton, Propr.
For Those Extra Meals
Have a Supply of Carnation
There's one trouble you needn't have at all in
the busiest time of your year on the fruit farm.
You can settle the milk trouble for that time
as for all times by stocking up with sever
al cases of '
Camatition is sweet, fresh, pure milk evaporated to
consistency of cream, and canned. It keeps perfectly
in a cool dry place until used on the table.
Dilute Carnation with an equal volume of water, and
you have milk of standard consistency for drinking or
for any use to which you formerly put ordinary milk.
Carnation should be used in tea and coffee or on
fruits and cereals just as it comes from the can.
Carnation makes everything
you cook taste better." "The
Story of Carnation Milk," a book
that we will be glad to send
you free, gives 100 tested reci
pes. Mail us your address for it
Better make a memorandum
and get several cases (48 cans
per case) of Carnation the next
time anybody goes to the store.
Your Grocer.
Has Carnation .
Carnation Milk Products
liHLp.. rt TT-T- i mill,,, iiiipwm i - ,Jj
..'ri- Zi- -0Ci
Company, Seattle, Wash.
..,.-v t