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cat dispaicnes nerein are
FRIDAY. JULY 23, 10t.
t -
f Fair In west, fair and cooler
east portion tonight; Saturday
fair: gentle westerly winds.
Saturday Special
In this issue of the Courier will
be found an epistle from one of our
dear subscribers. Read it; it Is a
message from ai genuine Simon-pure,
unadulterated, honest-to-goodness
"solid South" Wilson-worshiping
democrat, "wot keeps his unerring
finger on the throbbing pulse of Am
erican politics," and whose "Wllson-lan-Americanism
is unquestioned.
As per Mr. Lamond's request we
are publishing Senator Pomerene's
statement in regard to the proposed
league, since they reflect the senti
ments of the fire-eater from Wolf
Creek and "all clear-thinking people
In America" besides leaving noth
ing further to e said. As Mr. La
mond Is quite able to "pick all wheat
from the char he is badly needed in
Washington at the present time, as
the president and senate seem un
able to do so thus far, although they
re giving the matter their earnest
and sincere efforts we give them
credit for that.
Mr. Lamond is perfectly willing to
blindly follow the great leader at the
"White House, for he knows Wood
row "kept us out of war," that h
"subdued" the Mexicans so they no
longer respect us, and that he suc
ceeded In getting the voters to re
turn a "good old democratic con
gress. " But that's only three of the
great stunts that Mr. Lamond's idol
has "pulled off."
As to Mr. Wilson's appeal to the
Toters, Courier readers know that
the substance of that appeal was
published in these columns. In re
gard to the delinquent tax list, only
time will tell whether the people
made a mistake in deciding not to
give the delinquent rolls publicity.
As for the Courier, it had not -published
the delinquent tax list for
many years and did not expect to do
so in the future. In spite of this,'
the wild man from Wolf Creek says
the Courier editor Is "rotten, unfair,
a grafter, and has no Americanism.'
Really, to properly meet his argu
ments we would have to call In one
of the inmates from the state Insti-
tutlon at Salem then he would un
We have met Mr. Lamond; he is
not a bad looking man, but he should
take something for that Wilsonltls
most anything to check that rapid
ly-accumulating pan of tone-dust.
Then, and not until then, will he Te
able to understand that all people
who do not agree with him who do
not see national questions as he sees
them are not dishonest and unpa
triotic. The Courier is not adverse to a
league of nations In fact -we favor
one, If such an agreement between
the nations can be drawn up so the
United States will not sacrifice the
Monroe Doctrine, will not become
embroiled In endless disputes In Eu
rope; one In which the English will
not have eight or ten votes to our
one; one In which we can regulate
foreign Immigration, in short one
which will not place America on a
The present league as drawn up
may be all of that, "but statesmen
and people In general are very much
divided on the covenant, and the
United States senate would appear
to be the proper place to thresh It
out. Let it have a good airing be
fore we adopt It, not afterwards.
The war must 'be fought over
again unless the allied nations pro
vide some means for making Ger
many keop the peace, Senator Pom-
erene, Ohio, democratic member of
the foreign relations committee, de
clared In a three-hour speech in ad
vocacy of the league of nations.
"If the treaty is rejected what ts
to take its place?" asked Pomerene.
"To quit now Is as if, after the
flames of a' great conflagration had
been checked, the fire department
were to quit Its work while burning
embers were lying around, to be
again fanned Into fury by the first
winds that blow. That the treaty Is
not perfect, all concede. That it
would have been drafted differently
by the American nation there can
be no doubt; ibut many of those who
criticize 'have no remedy to pro
pose. In view of the unrest now
prevailing, and the immediate ne
cessity for the preservation of the
worlds peace at all hazards. I be
lieve it tetter to accept the' treaty
as it now stands and trust to the fu
ure to make such changes as ex
perience may suggest."
Pomerene charged that the repub
licans have made the league a party
"I owe my allegiance to the demo
cratic party," he said. "I believe In
its principles and hope for its suc
cess, but I would rather have my
party lose and the league of nations
win than to have my party win and
a league of nations lose."
Urging that the senate ratify the
treaty without delay, Pomerene said:
A war sick world demands the
early ratification of the treaty. That
demand must not be ignored."
Alius Irene Pranks, of Medford,
spent the early part of the week
with hernunt. (Mrs. t. W. Bates.
J. HI. Harris was In town Satur
day nlsrht and Sunday with his son.
Robert, and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Alonio Jones and
lieona, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Roper and
Mr. and Mrs. A. MeCarthy, of Grants
Pass, went to the Applegnte for a
picnic dinner Sunday.
Billlo Carl, wife and little" boy
visited the Williams ramily Sunday
and enjoyed an Ice cream feast.
R. iB. Stlliaman. of Medford, and
his mother and sister, Mrs. Flora
and 'Miss Florence Sllllaman, of Se
attle, and Sherman Welch, of Med
ford. visited the Nellsona Snnrtnv
The Grangers with a number of
guests met at the grange hall Tues
day evening and while the men
cleaned the grounds the ladles filled
the tables with good eats and made
ice cream.
Mrs. Hamilton has Just received
the commission which makes Worth
a full fleged sergeant. He is sta
tioned at Camp San Sulplce which
Is the largest supply camp In France
The government Is disposing of the
foods and other supplies to the
French before breaking up the camp.
The Hagen, Redding, Nellson and
Hamilton families had a pionlc din
ner with ice cream desert at the
mouth of the creek Sunday.
The following program will
given tonight by the Grants
band at the railroad park:
March "Inspiration"
Serenade "Mooning"
March "Camp Sheridan"
W'nltz "Alpine Sunset"
March "Spirit of Peace"
Overture "The Enchantress"
March "The Drill ..Master"
Waltz i. "Belle Isle"
March "The Centour"
"Star Spangled Banner"
In Canada's Barren Lands.
The harren lands of Cunndn com
prise nil tlint enormous stretch , of
country which lies north of clvlllza
Hon, rlnlit up to rhe Arctic ocean. Over
the whole of it graze vast herds of
caribou, or reindeer, which are esi.
nmled to nuii'lie anywhere from 20
fMKl.000 to fio.ntKl.noo. Tlionirli a rather
small iinlinul. a caribou weighs about
WO pounds and lis flesh Is very mud.
better limn Hie best' Scotch venison. A
number nre killed for meat by trappers
"id Indians, hut not one Is shot to a
hundred pulled down l,v wolves and
wild dogs.
Miss Ilene Farmer returned home
Thursday for a visit. She has been
In Astoria for the nasi auroral
George Hritton spent Friday night
with George McCalllster.
L. F. lazier, of Medford. was
calling at the home of A. C. Ford
Thursday evening on business.
Miss Queen Every spent Saturday
with Mrs. George Jones.
Misses Wllda and I.eona Griffin
were visiting Miss Hazel King, of
I-ouse reek Saturday.
D. D. Adams, of Grants Pass, is
spending several days visiting with
friends in Ferrydale.
Bro. Schlatter, of Fresno, Cal., is
holding services in the Ferrydale
school house this week.
I.Mr, and 'Mrs. P. T. Everton.
Grandma Masterson and Grandma
York, of Grants Pass were attending
the preaching services Monday night.
Little Lois and Dama Hussey spent
Monday with Mrs. Lefeld.
Little Mllden and tMlden Bilder
back, of Merlin, have ibeen spending
several days with little Kenneth
Jones. Mrs. Bllderback. their moth
er, spending Thursday with Mrs.
'Mrs. Overton and daughter, Mrs.
Xelata Wallace, returned from
Grafts 'Pass Sunday evening where
they have been spending several
Miss Olive Stfbers, of Ashland, is
visiting Miss Audrey Griffin, a few
days this week.
E. J. Brown and family of upper
Applegate were at 15. C. Neely's on
business Monday.
Charley Grey and family, of Grants
Pass, were In this vicinity Sunday,
visiting friends..
'Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Hussey, Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Ford and Mrs. Lefeld
were calling on Mr. and Airs. Wilson
Sunday evening.
J. C. Cochran and family were vis
iting at E. C. Neely's Thursday.
Miss Myrtle Ford returned from
Woodburn Monday where she had
been attending the Church of God
camp meeting. Misses Martha Green
and 'Bulah Hussey came with her to
Merlin. ;
Ferrydale has been bavin a for
est fire on the mountain the nasi
week. It Is a grand afirht ri-
night. .
The Courier has Just received the
following spasm from ono of It'
readers. .Mr. T, M. Ijunoml, of 'Wolf
Creek The lulter Is published in
fiill, whllo a few words lu rovly may
be found In the editorial column:
Wolf Creek, Oregon,
July 2S, 1019.
Editor Courier.
Grants Puss, Ore.
Dear Sir: lAat week you printed
on your editorial page a speech made
by a senator from 'Connecticut -In
regard to the league of nations. From
the tone of your comment on this
speech I am' Justified In assuming
that thla speech reflected your own
sentiments. Therefore you selected
this particular specimen of bull dur-
hara to haud out to your renders as
the simon-pure double extract of
genuine he Americanism. All rUht
that's your privilege. I am enclos
ing a couplo of clippings of speeches
by two senators as they were given
In yesterdays news. They reflect my
aeutlments and Ideas and I firmly bo-1
Hove, of the groat majority of clear'
thinking people In lAmerlca. I
I challenge yon to print the speech
of Senators Pomerene or Harrison!
side by side with that of Senator!
Brandagee that you gave editorial!
space last week. We people are fuM
ly competent to -pick the wheat'
from the chaff. i
You are quite a hand to hsnd nick !
and doctor up the news of (he day to
suit your partisan prejudices. I can
assure you that you don't get very
far with any thinking man or wom
an in that way.
Yon did not dare print President
Wilson's appeal to the people to
elect a congress that would work In
harmony last fall. Instead yon nrlnt.
ed a garbled view. The fruit of your
own Ignorant iietty, two-by-four, par
ty Ideas and tried to put It over the
same as you tried to tut over mar
bunk about your special graft In the
delinquent tax affair. As lonir .
have men of your hide bound ten-
irfenetM In
: simper game, so
long will this rotten old party game
be played.
Do you call that Americanism? I
don't. I call It by another name.
Now if you nave got any guts to
give the readers of the Courier real
Americanism. Just print either of
these speeches along side of the one
you printed last week. I dare vnn
to do It. Yours truly.
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COMI.VO m i:ts
July 30. Wednesday Tha i.ii..
- .... IHUir, U
the Xowman M. K. church wfll
Rive an lee cream social on the
Bartlett lawn, 64 S North Fourth
Aug. 11-29 Josephine
teachers' training school.
Aug. 23, Saturday Civil service ex
amination for clerk-car
rier postponed from July 12.
Trade Acceptances, book of 50, Jl
Courier offl.-e.
Octogenarian Has Delivered Letters 24
Years and "Is Good for 24 More."
"Uncle Carl" Miller of Tuoniasvllle,
Mo., eighty-three years old, hns been
awarded a four-year contract to curry
the United States mall between Alton
and Thomasvllle. The octngenurlnn
has carried the mall over this routo
continuously for 24 years, and be as
serts that he Is good for 24 more years.
During thnt time Miller has wit
nessed many changes In his route.
Much of the forest thnt skirted the
road on both sides when he first took
up bis duties has been cleared and
given over to farms. The roads have
changed from mere trails to graded
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