Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, July 23, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    A TI't''l'Wmgf'm'mmmm'mtm "m inn wmi ilni tMH !,!,
WKDNKHDAY, Jl LY an, 1010.
Foley's Honey and Tar
F m Ym. b- SuitJ Fmk CmA kUUm
To. No Sukllltmlj tot FcUy '. Hofy 4Tw
i 11
Dr. Spark
Classified Advertising
buy a I). M. A 0. K. welder for
future hid. Boo Mr. Ootcher, the
tire mn nt Crania Pas hotel. It
li ACRKS oak, madron, fir and
ilne. on railroad In Jerome
Prairie. Will take wood In pay
ment tuuioiKe. 1'hono 270. 88tf
eun-ACUE STOCK RANCH for tale;
about 12G aerea In cultivation:
considerable Irrigation; 2 mile
from R. R. eUttlon; 1 V4 mllee
from two school; half cash, bal
nee low Interest. Address No
1052 rare Courier. S6lf
FOR BALK Sluger sewing machine
on eaay term. Machine rented
and old machine taken In part
payment. C. A. Chapman, 245 8.
Central avenue, Medford. Local
, headquarter QranU Pea Hard
ware. IHf
ANOEL CAKB8 75 cent each; or
der by phone. No. 190-J. 92tf
acra near Kerfcy, moatly pine.
or RB'A. BWVi ot 8K'4 and
I SEJU of SW'Ar Sei-. 14. T. 19 8.,
R. 8 WeM. Price ti,2M. Ad-
drms owner. Mm. Muttle K. Pal
mer, 574 Nehalem, Ave.. Portland,
Oregon. 87
Oll ,yi,K Furniture, love, our.
pets, dishes, cooking utensils slid
other household article. Call at
SIS North Fifth street. B. R.
Lewis. 2
FOR 8ALK Chevrolet touring par.
nl Hn). $4 35 If taken thin week.
Geo. W. Ijoum, Palace Hotel. 29
FOR SALH -We con eave yon money
on the following: Onlvanlned
end black pipe, nil sixes, new and
used; -11 Mt fittings of all alien;
Holler tithes; llollertt'and Knglneit.
In fine condition: email saw mills;
awn, circular; Pinner of all
kinds; Chain conveyor complete,
dlffereiit sites, riveted; New and
used Pulllcs of all sizes; lined
ahuftlnK: New and used Hell Inn;
Mill eupplle of nil kinds. l-t n
figure with you on your require'
nienta. We huy, sell und exchange
all kind of machinery. ORBGON
MIACHINBRY CO, 4th end Uncoln,
Eugene, Ore. SS
DO YOU want to buy any sited acre-
axe of the beet of noil at $7 to 125
per acre? I cart aupply three good
relinquishments. Borne very good
huy In both residence and 'bus
iness property. Buy now, later
you will pay more. E: T. MeKIn
atry. 25
.IFOR SiAiIjB Young saddle home
and new saddle.
Merlin, Ore.
Address Box 74,
FOR iRBNT 4 -room bungalow, 421
Went I,, shade trees, good well,
electric lights, 2 acre, barn, 'poul
try house and park. Address Mrs.
W. Ihll. Taylor, 1114 Pine St. 38
DAILY JITNEY to Belma, Kef by and
Waldo. Leaves Clrants Pass dally
at : :) 0 a. in, Everett Hague,
phono 817. 317
prompt service. City and oountry
' trips. Safety first. Call QranU
Pass Hotel, phone 39b. Residence
phone 320-R. W. 0. White. 790
iV xpii" want' to " oet theke,
Trnli .22-J. Two common old Fords.
We are ,pn the'Job anywhere and
anytime. Palace Taxi Co. Wyatt
jn.d CiitW .JUney Luke. COtf
VVANTICU Mun aud wife want one
or two rooms with bath. North
side preferred. Address No. 1230
cure Courier. lOtt
WANTMIJ Men Tor concrete road
work. ' Wage S4.G0 and up.
Hoard $1.00 also wen for rock
quarry same wages. Perham,
Brown, Dean A Hague, Manbfleld,
Oregon. 32
WANTED 1100 reward will be
paid to anyone for authentic infor
mation a to present whereabout
of Mrs. Flora Hill Page, formerly
Flora Hill, who'wlth ber husband
moved to Grants Pass, Orogon
sometime Jn 1902 or 1903, from
San Fram-leco. It will he to this
lady' advantage to comasunlcate
at once with Mitchell ft Cahtt, At
torney. Alliance, Nebraska. 30
WANTBI .Km ployment by middle
aged . widow, unincumbered, s
housekeeper for a bachelor or
widower where I ran have full
charge. 'Am neat housekeeper
and good cook, Box 145 Grants
Paw, Oregon. 27
WANTBfK Kdgerman for sawmill.
16 day. T. C La Frenlere, Bray,
Col. 38
WANTBIJ A competent girl or
woman to do general housework.
Mr. Horace Pelton. Cold 11111
Oregon. 28
Buuch Bros
MOVES; so do w
Transfer C Phoo
P 0. ISH AM, drayage aud transrei
Safe, llanos sod fitrnltnr
moved, packed, shipped and ""
ed. Office phone 124-Y. Rnd
rtence pbnne, 124-R.
B. U GALBRAITH Insurance, any
kind. Rental. Building . and
Loan. Plate Glaus Liability. 609
O street. 84tf
ATTENTION A ftwycr of the Med
ford Junk Co. will We In Grants
Paee from July 16th to 31st. Bring
your rags, metal, rubber, sack
hkles and pelts. 403 South Sixth
street, Grant Pass, Ore. 29
DANIKL M0FAUUA.ND, civil engi
neer and surveyor. Residence
740 Tenth street, phone 211-Y.
E. C. -MACY, . M. D. Flret-clae
dentistry. 109 M South Sixth
- street, Grant Pas, Oregon.
L. O. OLBMBNT, M. iD., Pral-tlce
limited to disease of the eye, ear,
nose and throat. Glasses fitted.
Office hour 9-12, 2-R, or on ap
pointment. Phones, office 62; resi
dence 359-J.
3. iIjOIHJHRIDHE, M. D. Physician
and surgeon. City or country calls
attended day or nltflit. Phones,
rettldonce, 36 office, 182. Sixth
and 'II streets.
A." "aT wfTli.V.M, m". d7 dntefnal
iiKMlli'lne and nervous diseases,
. 903 CorheU ,Bld., Poitlnnd, Ore.
Hours 10 to 12 a. in.; 2 to 4 p. 111.
'Rooms 1 and 2 Schmidt Bldg.
TreaU all dlHc.-.iies. ' llivirs 9-12
11. 111.; 1-5 p. m, phnno 304-R.
OIL' H. J. Ill-JOTUL, Veterlnnrlan.
' Office nt. residence. Phone 305-R,
9 L.
h rfSTi. J0
i.i..... 1..
'y .a Htvptyrt lvs
A late photograph of Roumania's be
loved queen, who, it Is reported, will
shortly psy a visit to the United
States. Queen Mary's work during
the great conflict ha won for her the
admiration and respect of the entire
Hr I lie Testimony uf (irants Pass
i-eopie ami imciue ine ase
Da,n'e Kiduey Pills are on trial-
are being tried every day for weak
kidneys for exhaiiNtlng kidney
backaches. What Is the verdict?
Read Grant Paas testimony person
al experience of Grants Pass wit
nesses. There can be only one ver
dict a chorus of approval.
Mr. J. R. Gunning, 406 S. Fourth
St., says: "My back 4-aused me a
great deal of ni leery at times and
there were dull, bearing-down pains
acrosa my kidneys. During these at
tacks, oiy kidneys have acted too
freely and then again, have been
congested. Doan's Kidney Pills al
ways regulate my kidneys and stop
that misery in my back after I have
taken a box or two."
Prlre B0c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Gunning hnd. KostpT-Mllbnrn
Co., MfgT., Buffalo, N. Y.
"The &iihw Man" which will be
shown at the Joy theatre tonight and
tomorrow night promlmm fine en
tertainment for the picture-going
public. The picture 1 an adaptation'
of Kdwin Milton lloylns play of the
unit name which was produced on
the speak In stage In New York in
1906. OrtI 11. De.Mille ha matfe
the motion picture version and It I
as great a success as the original
stage version. v
"Wilds" the Uradstreet ot fllin
dom write:
In the opening reels we get some
moonlight and garden scenes in
whloh the lighting and photographic
effects are remarkably picturesque
and pleaelng to the eye. Any class
and type of audience Is bound to
recognize the artistic excellence of
composition In these. Uid It helps In
creating right from the start the Im
pression of finesse and riuaey dis
tinction. But most worthy of mention is
the Intelligent selection of the cast.
Each individual role portrayed reg
istered conviction and s4nrerlty. M
liott Dexter particularly stood out In
hi interpretation of a real honest-to-goodnees
he-man white to the core,
and he made you believe it. Ann Lit
tle gave an honeot portrayal of the
role of the Indian girl, and abandon
ed any attempts at registering beauty
In her chief concern of genuine char
acterization. Certainly, this latest production
of Cecil B. DeMille is a winner.
Taken as a whole, this offering is
decMedly worth "while from every
angle. The most crUI'nl of audiences
will find It rich in entertainment
value &nd heart interest.
is vacuum packed by special
process which preserves its
strength and rich flavor
The most economical
coffee you can buy.
Remember Our Guarantee
f 1
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective Nov. 19, 1918.
Trains will run Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday
Leave Grants Pass .l P. H
Arrive Waters Creek 2 P. M.
Leave Water Creek i P. M
Arrive Grants Pass 4 P. M.
For information regarding freight
aud passenger rale call at the office
of the company, Lundburf bnlldlng.
or telephone 111.
electrical work, repairing, houae
wiring. C. C. Harper, SIS North
Sixth street, phone 47. ', tf
Notice is hereby given to owners
and holders of FIRE AUTO BONDS
of the city of Grants Pass that at
the semi-annual Interest payment
period on the 17th day of August,
iviv, toe city or urants rass, Jose
phine county, Oregon, will redeem
the following outstanding FIREl
AUTO iBOXDS. vis; Bonds numbered
1, 2, S, 4. 6, 6, 7. 8, 9. 10 and 11.
said bonds were Issued and dated
Aolruet 17th. 191.1.
Said bonds will be redeemed at
the office of the city treasurer of
the city of Grants Pass, Josephine
County, Oregon, on the 17th day of
August. 1919, which is the time
fixed for such redemption, and the
time at which Interest shall be taken
up and cancelled hy virtue or the
laws and arts providing for Issuing
of such bonds. Dated at Grants
Pass. Oregon, this 21st day of July,
1919. G. P. JESTHR.
25 City Treasurer
We are fully equipped for all kinds of battery
work al reasonable prices consistent with first
class work.
When in needof a new battery huy the still-better
- Willard. with threaded rubber insulation.
Ihe Battery Shop
A' V- Hazelton. Propr.
Constipation causes headaches.
sallow color, dull, sickly eyes you r
feel out of aorts all over. Holllster'g I
Rocky Mountain Tea will banish,
constipation, regulate your bowels, i
purify your stomach. You'll feel bet-i.
ler all over. Sabin's Drug Store. Adv.
H. D. NORTON, Attorney-at-law.
Practices In all State and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
0. W. COL VIQ,, Attorney-at-law,
Graut Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
- Grants Tass, Oregon.
R. S. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Prac
tices In all courts. First National
Bank Bldg.
0. S. BLANCHARD, Attorney-at-law.
Golden Rule Bids. Phone 270.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
C. A. SIDLER, Attorney-at-law. Ma
sonic Temple, Grants Pass, Ore.
GEO.. H. DURHAM,' Attorney-at-law,
referee in bankruptcy, Masonic
Temple, Grants Pass, Oregon.
Phone 13B-J. . ; . ,
First National Bank Bldg., Grants
Pass. Oregon.
Swiss Cantons.
SwIUerlnml hi a-cniifeilerHtton of
22 Ctintnti. three of which, Itiisel. Ap
penzell and VnterWHlileii, are politi
cally divided Into hair rontons eneh.
Four ere culled rorest cmitOHs, namely,
R.hwyi. VrU rmerwtilden and Lu
cerne. They were grouped about Lake
Lucerne. As Schwy whs the most
prominent In the war for freedom, and
members ef the eonfedeoK-y for Inde
pendence were known In the out wide
world as "Swltzer, this enntnn ulti
mately gsre Its name to the entire
league. Kneh rsnton has Its own con
stitution and local government and li
divided for administrative purpose
Into district. The districts are In
turn divided into commune. In near
ly all of the Clintons ihe principle of
the Initiative and referendum Is suc
cessfully applied. The Swiss cantotis
are republics In miniature, having ex
tensive power In local affairs.
" '
Preserved Health By Walking.
Sir Hermann Webber, the doyen of
European physicians, who died nt the
age of ninety-seven, had a prescription
for longevity that was extremely sim
ple, and It possessed the additional ad
vantage of being quite Inexpensive.
"WalktWBlk, walk, every day," he said,
"iind vhllst walking give the arms full
play.' By so lining the bones, blood,
IIIIIHcles. nerves unit hmln will ha L-aoi
In healthy, activity. And never mind
Ihe weather.- Take your exerclso, be
Ihe du vot or fine, liot er cold ! Above
nil, avoid silting over a fire. Nothing
Is more conducive to senility." At the
ripe old age of ninety-seven Sir Web
ber might be '"seen tHkltig-exerclxe
dully In Hyde pnrk, i-overlnp from
ten to flirty miles n week. His hubby
whs the cullecllnn of old ftrcck cmIih
iiihI iim'OiiIs. llc .was knighted by
Queen Victoria. In 18!.
Greatest Namt
In Goody-Land
Placer location notices nt Courier
. I HI ,1 II lei" m -"-"i '.uiiiu .01 in
8 Pacfcaae worthy '
of Its contents. '
-coX f So look for
If) I 51 sea,e1 Mckatt that 1
Oil 1 Tbafs why l
Jik ': 4krf .The Flavor Lasts! 22 m
office. 1 1