Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, June 23, 1919, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    FAtiB TITO
MONDAY, JINK ifcl, 1010.
FubUsned DU7 Except Sunday
a. I. VOORHIES. Pub. and Propr.
rfatared at postotftos. Grant Pass, I
Or., as seoong ciaaa mm oww.
Display apace, per Inch. "15C
Local-personal column, per ltne..lOe
fteaders, par Una Be
y mall or carrier, per year..IM0
9j mall or carrier, per month .60
By mall, per year H 0
The Associated Preen la exclnatrely
Hild r ilia na fnr ranabtleatloa
of all news dispatches credited to tt
or all otherwise credited in uua
paper and alao the local news pub
lished herein.
All rights ot republication of ape
elal dispatches herein are ale
reaef fed x
MOXMY, JUNE 23, 1910.
f Tonight, fair; ooler east por-
tlon. Tuesday fair. Gentle
4 southwesterly freezes. 4
Some People
othkks iu y Arimxrrs NOW i
spectacular plays that kept the
crowd cheering.
Jud Pernoll, captain ot the Grants
Pass team has proven that he knows
a ball player when he sees one.
If you have anything to sell try
a classified ad.
There Is nothing worse than bad,
foul smelling breath; get rid ot It
for your friend's sake anyway. Hoi
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea wtll
clean and purity your stomach and
J bowels: your breath will be tweet.
your disposition improvea, your
friends Increased. 35c. Tea or Tab
lets. Sab ln'i Drug Store. Adv.
What promised to e a very close
and interesting "baseball game be
tween Ashland and Grants Pass yes
terday on the home grounds was
a wild stampede in the third inning
when Ashland went Into the air and
stayed there until Grants Pass scor
ed seven tallies .before the umpire
called "three out."
The grand stand was about half
filled with people while many were
present in automdbiles to 'witness
the contest. The Ashland -team was
accompanied iby a number of "roo
ters" who, after the third inning, ap
peared to lose heart.
Ashland's only score was made In
the first half of the second, when
a' runner succeeded in eliding home.
The umpire called the runner out,
but immediately the Ashland rooters
and a few' of their players ran onto
the diamond and disputed the de
cision. After several weeks of ar
guing it was decided to tlip a coin
to decide the case and Ashlatad ;
this one interruption the game was
a clean and orderly one, and some
"star" plays were executed.
The score was as follows:
Ashland . 0 10000000
Grants Pass .l 1 7 0 5 1 0 0
Ashland used three pitchers in a
Tain attempt to stave off defeat,
while Trye twirled the entire nine.
Innings for Grants Pass. Eddlngs,
catcher Tor Grants Pass, injured his
fingers on one of Frye's swift ones
aid was relieved Ty Gale Smrth.
But that man Frye he had no
business in the game. He had his
opponents at his mercy at all times.
Whenever a score was threatened he
"tightened up" and the result was
Invariably a goose egg. He not only
had "plenty on the pill," but his
speed was marvelous, taxing the
catcher's best efforts to stop the
Ashland had some good players
aid had they not "gone In the air"
in the third and fifth the game
would not have been so one-sided, j
They staged some Individual plays,
that brought forth cheers even from j
the Grants Pass rooters. Aside from
those two fatal innings tout few er
rors were made by either side.
- Rlggs, the one-armed man, smash
ed the oajl for a two-bagger, while
levins traveled to third on a smash-!
ing drive to right. iRlggs twice made :
the first sack on bunts by his su-j
perlor speed, beating the ball by a
narrow margin. Bearss, .who heldj
down first for Grants Pass,' was;
found right at home whenever called
in itlia ffmt tiolf r,l tlia CM, t.m.,o.l,t '
a snout ot applause rrom the grand
stand. These "were but a few of the
I ilpi 1 ' Be to Get " i
A l O ! L L aI:
. 8miJM 8! A ; j
mmm in RJ I
i . I t:ill I 11
1 N a Jr
Horse Shoeing and General
Wood repairing on all kinds of
Vehlciea . i
'liave one of the best of horse
rfioers (hat the ' country af
fords. 315 South 6th St
t ill i l
HE wax -wrapped
sealed package
upon it is a guar
antee of quality.
The largest chewing
sum factories in the
world the larfiest
selling um in the
world: that is what
The Flavor Lasts
Surpassing lu Importam-e any pre-a
vlous moving picture event 'Will 'be
Ihe engaKviaent of "The I'nimrilou
able Stu," ixry Carson's vxlraordl
nary epic jtliotoiilay. starring Mini
Blanche tiweet, under the personal
direction of 'Marshall Nnllan, at the
Joy Thetare, lieglnnlnK Tuesday;
there will be S iprenpntutlons dally,
the matinees a) 3:15 o'clock, and
the night presentation at 8.
"The ITnpurdonable Bin" is one of
the most pretentious screen plays
that has ever been atompted, and
has been completed after months of
painstaking effort and with the ex
penditure ot more real monoy than
has been enlisted In the aid of any
photoplay produced within the fast
five years. It Is a brand-new pro
duction, and just now is having Its
initial runs in the important theatres
in the east.
The story has been spoken of as
one of the most powerful tales or
love and adventure which has. ever
been written and .reviews of the pic
ture made by Important critics
throughout the country pay high
tribute to Director Marshall Nellan
when they say that here 1 one ot
the rare instances when the photo
play version is even more powerful
and gripping than the original nar
When they see "The Vnpardonuble j
3ln" moving picture devotees will
be particularly interested in the!
work of the star, for the reason j
that In 'Ml9 Blanche Sweet it brings j
b&rk to the screen a favorite who,
had thoroughly established herself,
before retiring for a long and much-j
needed rest. Miss Sweet won her
spurs In some ot the biggest and best
pictures ever produced by David ;
Wark Griffith, who has since given!
to the public such big things as "The'
Birth of a Jtiitlon," "Intolerance"
and "Hearts of the World."
Oregon Agricultural Oollego, Cor
vallls, June 23. ProNts ot $1,300
were netted by a I4banon, Ore.,
poultrymon who uses O. A. C. stock.
His 600 hens, hulf ot which were
pullets, averaged ir0 egs a year.
Another with 35 leghorns sold 214
dozen eggs, set 24 dozen, anil
used 83V4 dozen on the table. Ills
feed cost was $52. BO, leaving his
j net gains $102.07.
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ream; 500 sheets for $1. Courier
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Studebaker and Overland-Cars
Fashion Garage and Machine Shops
J. F. Burke & Son '
Are You
ibao is recog
nized do middle-
sged-men and women mistake kidney
trouble for on-coming eld age.
Tirntl, weak or deranged k idneys
do not niter waste matter out of the
M'K,d as they Bhould 'and backache,
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m;.": joints, rheumatic palm, irritation of
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gym)toia or ailment appears.
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the bladder and tone up the liver. They
help the kidneys: remove the accumo.
luting poisons' and soothe and heal the
passages. AV.hcn the kidneys and
urinary tract are doing their work per-
fbrtrl,, ttia avtitltrtl Ifl tiPtieflLUtd
i and restored to health and strength.
Louis Buckner, JI. V. D. l. -Box
1,8, Sornersot, Vs., writes: "I was foeling
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ack. After taking Foley Kldney'Pills
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praise anywhere 'I go
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all to you." ,
w i ...
TUB Im01B nBANU. ,
I.dlil Amk yar Brmmmlt Hit I
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yam known m Oct. 8(t. Al wr ReliibM
It yon only have
A Dollar Bill
v. .
In your pocket you need something t carry H In.
('old In ho scarce and m "tond skin' gKit away sn mwiy, It us
show you an AMKKICAN 4JK'TIKIAM III !.!. Jti-ol leather
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BARNES, The Jeweler
8. P, Time Inspector
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tmftruAU lhavc,
Sabin The Druggist
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Mvj(' tun-.