Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, June 09, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    MONDAY.. JI XH 0, 101D.
.' . , F, OFV HOLDS ..'
(Continued from page It .r, f
Harness and Saddlery
Auto Top and '.Canvas Work
With Grants Pass
Classified Advertising
IKAM and 10 year old, also bar
ntui and wKon for sale. Sell all
or part. Cull T1S North KWlitli
or phone 13-L. 5 8tl
PKESE : Nt"6 WN E KSH IP tow n ship
plats of JOHuplilD county, 60c
each. For wile by Jonophlne Coun
ty Abalwt Co. Blue printing at
reasonable rates. 89tf
ix)K BAIJ'H'AT"AVN:AP-Vln 290
acre atock ranch. SO acres In cul
tivation, balance in timber and
pusture, H miles down the Rogue
from 0 runts Pass. (!ood terms,
mid If a quick deal cuu ba made,
you can get ft real bargain. Ad
drew 11. P. D. No. 2, Box 7. C.
P. Cardwell. 9
IK YOU WANT to got an Al atock
runi'h, or dairy farm, I have thorn.
If yoti want to buy it aplcndld fur-
nlshed home, at n bargain, see me.
If you want a free homestead, I
have a k"oI oii loft. tf you want
nn O. & C. homestead, I have iiev
eral.' If you want Information
ftlniiii tli country, call In ati.1 talk
It oer. K. T. McKlnatry. the
realty man. fii3 f' stieet. 7Mf
MOItE C.XK.'KKRKLS Present lot
mil gone. n'W lot ready June IK,
$1.50 pur doi.
Order now.
(JET VOf it TIRE3 MENIiFJ) and
buy a D. M. & C. K. welder fjr
future use. 8o Mr. Ootcher, the
lire man at Orants ai'ss hotel, tf
FOR SALE 1,000 lb. horse, buggy,
slnglo harness and saddle. Ad
dreaa No. 1022 care Courier. 88
FOR SALE Reasonable. Timber
claim, 100 acres. Location: Sec.
34, Twp. 40, Range' 4 W.. Jack
son county Oregon. Write to Mrs.
M. E. Herrlngton, 116 West In-j
. dlana Avo Spokane, Wash. . 08 ,
12 ACRES ouk. madrone, fir and
pine, on railroad in Jerome
Vmli-ln Will tnka wood in nav-'
ment stumpago. Phone 270. 83tf
ISIS MAXWELL for sale. 1375. Cnll
Mrs. Hell Wmmlck. C09-F-14. 89
FOR SALB--H bend of good Joraey
, cows, located East of town on
Anient place. ' 89
FOR SALE Four Shetland ponies;
one Iowa cream separator; one
yount! heifer and one two-year old
colt. Inquire Mrs. It. E. Gordon
R. F. JJ. No. 2. 90
FOR 8.VLE 1917 Mnxwell Al
shape. Inquire 201, Corner Sec
ond and E streets, Grants Pass,
Oregon. 81
600-ACRE STOCK RANCH for sale;
about 125 acres, in cultivation;
considerable irrigation; 2 miles
from R. R. station; 1 V4 - miles
from two schools; half cash, bal
ance low Interest. Address No.
10S2 care Courier. 86tf
FOR SALE CHEAP--One National
vacuum washer, one bread mixer,
both practically new. Inquire at
Grants Pass iRocbdale store. 92
FOR SALE Spruce Production,
1-lnch black pine, fine condition,
12o per foot; lii -Inch pipe 14c
per foot. Peevles, $1.50. Amerl
' can four eide planer, 8x16, with
Phllbrlck heads, fine condition,
1500. Three large logging don
keys. We supply saw mill rolls
made from hardwood. - Oregon
Machinery Co., Eugene, Ore. 92
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, close
In, modern, reasonable. 616 B
street, write or call after , :80
p. m. s 88
FOUND Two lots of keys, one on
ring and one on string, the latter
found at I. 0. O. F. cemetery. 88
Rnnoh Bro. Transfer CO. Phn
!?- ' ''
F. (3. ISH AM, drayage and transfer
"Sr-, i tanoa and " furnltiir
MiiU'Mi' .nicurd, ihli)iH(i niiii 4U
.ed. Otflee. iihone .l i4-V. K.iw
(knee- phomy U'4-R.:' . '
Hardware Co.
Wil,L lA.y PASH for medium
wiilKht car, not older .than 1917.
Wlllluuus Ourago and Oyclery. 85
WANTPM TO UUY Ford " touring
car. Cash If price la right and
car in good condition. Phone
146-J. 88
WANTISli 10 toif 0 fTuTtHthhwers,
2&o per hour. Elsmann Orchards,
Rogue River, Ore. . 88
W A NTEbGooIl housekeeper for
one gentleman. Call at 800 Foun
dry street 89
WANTED 'Married man to do farm
work; good position for good man.
C. N. Culy. Phone 612-F-3. 91
wwdoI'tteTis- WANTED 1. 000
tlors of wood to cut on level
ground; mostly pine. Will pay In
cash or cows for work. Betweon
S and 8 miles from town. H. 8.
Wynunt, Rt. 4, Dox 49. 88
1'IUES Csud Urea boftght and sola
Auto Service Co. Phone 324-J, op
poslte Oxford hotel. 20tf
rrt.S18flfCHINOaird"pl7oTlLg at 10
cents a yard All work guaran
teed. The Vanity Shop, Medford,
Ore. 15a
E. L. GALURAITII Insurance, any
kind. Rentals. Building and
Loan. Plate Glass Liability. 609
O street. 84tf
DA Ni EIJ1cFARLAND7" "clvlie"ngW
neor and surveyor. Residence
740 Tenth street, phone 211-Y. hh
KNIGHTd ami UiUius of Security
Council meets second and fourth
Friday's in W. O. W. hall. 4Stf
DAILY JITNEY to Sclinu. Kerby and ,
Waldo, leaves Grants Pass daily I
at 9:30 a.
phone 317.
HoKue. 1
prompt service, city ana country
trips. Safety first. Call Grants
Pass Hotel, phone 396. Residence
phone 320-R. W. G. White. 790'
Two machines at your
service nt any hour. Phoue 62-R
when in a hurry for a car. 4Xtf
PAlLvCE T.VXI CO.," Wyatt & 'Cutler, j
proprs., only 2-car tax! company I
In city. Phones: Day 22-J: j
night 234-J for prompt service. It;
B. C. MACY.'O'. M' l "Wri-i
deptlstrv 1H South Slti'
street. Grants Pass. Oreaon
C. E. JACKSbSC I7M. D.; successor
to Dr. Bert Elliott. Over Golden
Rule Store. Phone 6. Residence
phone 153-J.
L. O. CLEMENT. M. D PraVti"
limited to diseases of the ye,
nose and throat. Glasses fltir
Offlre hours 9-12, 2-5. or on at
polntment. Otllce phone 62, re'
. denoe pbnne SK9-J.
and surgeon. City or country cs'l
attended da or night. Resident
phone 869; office phone m;
Sixth and H,' Tufts Bldg
A. A.
WTTHAMTT4. 15-intern
and nervous dlsesset
90S Corbett Bids , Portland. Or
Hours 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 p. m
Rooms 6 and 7 Masonic Building.
Office hours, 9-12 a. m.; 2-5 p. m.
Phones: Office 1S-R; Res. 1S-Y.
DXW7"TT0 M PKIN3, S."'
Rooms 1 and 2 ' Schmidt Bldg.
Treats nil diseases. Hours 9-12
a. m.: 1-5 p. m. Phone 304-R. tf
On. K, J. RK3TUU Vterlnar .
OWi. " residence. . Phnn StrtH.s-
Ef.RCTRIC""WlRINO and'"geiienn
elpctrlcal work,, repalrtnc, , honsf
wiring. C. C. Harper, 815 North
, 8lxth street, phone 47. , ', tf
Motors installed and repaired,
house wiring and electric Irons re
, paired. Phono 38 orcall at 60(1 H
street. Joe A.. Polley. .,.. '. S9
" -
Satisfaction for the
sweet tooth.
Aid to appetite and
digestion benefit
and enjoyment (n
And only 5 cents
a package.
. Ifi inn I
July 3-4-5
The Greatest Show In the West .
Bigger .and Better than Ever
Batteries and Magnetos
Generators mid Storting Motors Itcpnired and Cleaned
Vr any electrical trouble see .
Auto and Electrical llenalrliifr "
' ' . .5ofl South Sixth Street
developed during the war must not
be allowed to wane during the period
of reconstruction." The executive
council recommended that the en
tire matter be taken up by the con
vention for its conalderatlon and ac
tion. The report of the council ' con
cludes as follows: '
"Satisfying es h& been the pro
gress made in the year just closed,
a vast amount of work in this direc
tion remains to be done. The greater
our strength, the better -will our
movement be equipped to accomplish
the great work that Is at hand. Now,
more than ever, the thought of the
world is directed toward the achieve
ment of progress and the establish
ment of high ideals.
"The inspiration for this. trend of
events has 1een the product of the
la1or movement and the labor move
ment must continue to lead in this
Fall pown 'barley has proven an
excellent crop this year. Many farm-j
ere have tried it put this year for the
first time. The excellent results ob
tained will warrant planting it more
extensively in the future.
il,. A. Hollowell, Just east of the
city limits, has one of the test pieces
in the county.
There is a reason; barley grows
early and fast and matures a crop
before the dry season comes on. so
that there is plenty of moisture in
the soil, up to the time of harvest.
Another farm practice that has
been used considerable, to advantage
this year is the sowing of barley In
the alfalfa field early in the spring.
Splendid results come from this
practice where the alfalfa is rattier
thin. In addition to making an in
crease in the hay crop it serves to
keep down the weeds.
County Agent.
Yon can't cover blackheads
pimples, red spots on the face with
powder; they're bound to be seen
don't worry or spoil your temper,
take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
each week 'twill banish them thru
the blood, the only sure way. 35c.
Sahln's Drrt? Store. Adv. -'
Why Not Drive
Poison Out?
DO you realize that the kidneys
never have a moment' rat? They
work all the time, day and night.
year in and year out, fil
tering poisonooi watte
product from the blood.
J it aiy wonder (he kid
ney get out of order,
weak, or too tired to keep
the blood stream clear
of impurities ?
When the kidneys
(alter, trouble begin.
The waste matter accum
ulate in different part
of the yitem, and back
ache, awollen ioints.
aching mucles, pains inside, bilioutne, '
blurred vuion, puffy pouches under eye,
or rheumatic pains result.
Help weak, tired, disordered kidney to
do tacit work They ttrenftbea and heal rtm
kidneys, soothe and rcjulata the bladder and ban
t0 tpteodid tonic action oa the liver.
Mr. Louis Flint. 182 8. Jcfferaoa Are. Battle
Crack Mich., writes;
"For years I suffered in
tense peia. The doctors
told ne it was say kid
neys and fa medi
cino which did ae HtUe
good. A friend induced
me to tlve Foley Kidney
PUla a trial. In a lew
weeks I was reeling orach
better; inside of a year 1
found out 1 had a perma
nent cure 1 an now 76
ear old. a veteran of
the Civil War. oa say
feet tea hours a day.
sal days a week.
You can help your kidneys keep your system bear
of poisons by takiod Foley Kidney Fills.
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective Nov. 19, 1918.
Trains will run Tuesday, .Thursday
nd Saturday
Leave Grants Pass................! P. M
Arrive ;Vaters Creek ...i P. SL
Leave Waters Creek ........8 P, M
Arrive Grants Pass.....t 4. P. At.
Far information regarding treii;ht
and pafsengor rates call at the oiTice
of the company, Lundburg bulldlns.
or telophone 131.
I lie iviitjauniF uunu
r x juauifsi abk your wmvsyiai tor
U G'Vl '''cli-ril'rttd Bi-si.d,
fiirBelrB J4niite hpihW'
fMleii with Itlue Klbhoa,
t.l ... .tk.. rt . . v
miaiii in i i.v.f aLb.n. tui -l
Wi rt J- f
To IMamond I'sers and
Diamond Dealers Here's
big news. . '
From Wdy all IM-"
niond Tires shall be ad
justed at higlicr milonge
Fabrics 6,000 mile;
Cord constructions 8,000
v mile. .-' 1 - '
' Furthermore the new
adjustment applies :' to
' enery Diamond Tire of
future or pust sale, in-,-
cludinjic tires In ' the
hands of user or dealer.
'. Diamond users," and
Diamond dealers have
King known the bige mi'e-
ao in Diamond tires
the users own tires. ;
' J We mark up our ad
, jiuttment to 0,000 and
K.OOO nules for Fabric
and Cords respectively,
; merelj- to measure out a
definite slutre of the su
. perb mileage that we
knt-w the ' wonderful
' s:r iijjh and endurance
lamond tires have la
." them.' ' . ,", .;
, The Diamond ,
t '.V
Rubber Company
, J (Jncrio rated) .
Fai toi-ics, AKRON, OHIO
f !
4 wtoiiM 'te I
WaJiMllon. iVT
O.C ,i
; ry
' t
' Vsnt
i. ' m.
7 ii