Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, January 23, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Till IWDAV, JANUAIlt 28, 1010.
Mrs. A. C. Ford has been at
CranU Pass with her daughter. Myr
tle, tor the last tea da)- nursing
the flu. So tar Myrtle is the only
one ot the five persons In the bouse
contracting the disease.
Marion Griffin's children commenc
ed school agalnVhis week, after be
ing out three weeks on account of
Ben Jones is convaleslng from the
A. I. Hussey had to give up and bed last Saturday with the flu.
At last reports his little daughter,
Dania, is down with the same plague.
8ome ot the potato growers in this
section lost heavily during the last
freezing weather.
The Flanagan mine is working
full head since the rains and the
giant is moving Iota ot earth and
gravel under the supervision of Les
ter Briggs.
Charles Dora is digging up the
last of the peach trees from the
noted Every orchard. He is of the
opinion that the ground Is worth
more tor farming, although Mr. Dora
Intends setting out more peach trees
on ground .less productive to peach
wood growth.
- A. I. Hussey received a telegram
from Portland that his brother, Mar-
Ion, was very sick with acute pneu
monia and his wife and two children
were down with the flu at Washou
. gal. Wash. He received a wire the
next day that his brother was better.
"We are having mail now only
every other day, the high water pre
vents crossing the ferry.
Mrs. Edith Cavell AmenW 658
North Eighth street, send the
Courier a clipping from a Chli-ago
paper telling of the return of her
nephew, Lawrence Roosevelt Cavell
as follows:
"Corporal Lawrence Theodore
Roosevelt Cavell, a third cousin of
Edith Cavell, the British Red Cross
nurse who was executed as n spy by
the Germans in Belgium, has return
ed from France, where he did his
share in taking venpance.
"Corporal Cavell has been a mem
ber of the Twenty-third Signal bat
tallon and saw service in the Argon
ne forest. For 11 days and nights
he and several comrades slept In
mud and water and nnder a murder
ous shell fire. Here Cavell, who Is
barely 19 years, was wounded.
"Cavell, after repeated attempts
to enlist and each time rejected on
account of weight and youth, was
finally accepted In October. 1917.
Feb.- 3, Monday Annual meeting
stockholders of the Grants Pass
Fruit association at 2 p. m.
Legal Blanks at the Courier.
Money Saved
Is Money Made
Get onr cash prices on your
flour and mill feeds, Vheat,
Oats, Rolled Barley and Cream
Oats best on the market, and
our G. P. Egg Food the Ewe
Maker, $3.30 per 100 lbs. All
other feeds at like bottom
You will find the .
Third and G streets
Salem, Jan. 23. Wilford Allen
was elected chairman of the Indus
trial Accident Commission associa
tion today for the next biennium and
the commission submitted an annual
report on accidents and its work
during 1918.
The following statement rn this
regard was issued by the commis
sion: During the year 1918 a total of
25.2S8 accidents were reported to
the Industrial Accident Commission.
In the adjustment of these claims
of employes Injured In the course
of their service In Oregon Industry,
the commission disbursed In medical
and surgical aid and In compensa
tion for time loss, or set aside for
pensions for maimed workmen and
the widows and orphans of work
men, $1,635,144.99.
The number of widows now re
ceiving a monthly pension from the
funds Is 180, while 305 orphaned
children are also on the roll.
Of the accidents occurring during
the year and coming within the Jur
isdiction of the commission, 182
were fatal. The' lumbering Industry
led for toll of llfe. with 85 fatalities.
Printing that pleases We do it!
Courier Job Department.
Science says that old age begins with
weakened, kidneys and digestive organs,
This being true, it is easy to believe
that by keeping the kidneys and diges
tive organs cleansed and in proper work
ing order old age can be deferred and
life prolonged far beyond that enjoyed
by the average person.
For over 200 years GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil has been relieving the
weaknesses and disability due to advanc
ing years. It is a standard oid-tiiue
home remedy and needs no introduction.
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil is inclosed
in odorless, tasteless capsules contain
ing about drops each. Take tbem as
you would a pill, with a swallow of
water, lit oil bOmulatts the kidney
action and enables the organs to throw
off the poisons which cause premature
old age. ew life and strength increase
AS Vnti MnHnn. l. . t. II I
completely restored continue taking a
v-uj'ouic or iwv cnu uay. UUL.JL ai&ls
AL Haarlem Oil Capsules will keep you
in health and vigor and prevent return
of the disease.
Do not wait until old age or disease
have settled down for good. At the first
sign that your kidneys are not working
properly go to your druggist and get a
bpx of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules, Money refunded if they do
not help you. Three sizes. But re-
GOLD MEDAL brand, hx sealed packages.
1 nil i a . 'ww
"We have with us to-night-
As welcome at the midnight spread" as at the break
fast table the
meets the approval of the discriminating. It is not only attrac-'
tive in appearance and easy to use, but it produces toast the
superior of that prepared by any other method. For toast for
Welsh rarebits, creamed chicken or similar light dishes at any
time, the G-E toaster means instant, easily controlled heat.
No need of "bringing up" the fire.
Calif ornia - Oregon Power Co.
Jo Selmiltt left this uttemoon tor
Sua Franciseo ou a business trip.
C. R. Flfleld.mnde a trip to Ash
land this morning.
"Hugela Nurslua Bottle." Sab In
has it. 73
S. S. Schell came In from Oakland
lust night for a short stay.
J. ". Sherwood, state commander
of the Maccabees of Oregon, is In
the city today and will 'meet with
the local organisation tonight.
Hemstitching and plcotlng at 10
cents a ynrd All work guaranteed!
The Vanity Shop, Medford. Ore. 37tf j
Mrs. I. J. Dowdy and two children
arrived this morning to visit ' th'
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. j
Hathaway. They we're accompanied!
by M. T. Dowdy. i
Mrs. C. E. Smith arrived this'
morning from Portland to Join her
husband who has been here somo
months on account of Ms health, and
to visit her mother, Mrs. Theresa
For one week, not over 12 yards
to customer. Sprlnk Water Bleached
Long Cloth. 36-lnch, 25 cents yard.
Kinney & Truax. 72
Heavy Wliul ami I lit In I
The It kiio Mvur valley was vls-j
Ited Inst night by a heavy wind, no-!
compnnled by some rain, According I
to reports received no. serious ilum-j
age wus done, although the electric '
light wires suffered slight damage. I
Ituy Home linking- j
Always fresh; Moore Halting Co. !
To SH-nk nt Mettfonl . 1
F. 9. nrnmwell of this city will;
speak at a commercial club banquet ':
to be hold in tho Holland hotel nt 1
Medford Frldny night. Mr. Ilrnm
well will take for his subject the
new "Oregon State Chamber of Com-
Klectrlc Work
Phone 90 Medford. Pauls Electric
Store. C3tf
Douglas Itwul lloiul
A complete statement ot the pres
ent status ot the Douglas county
road bonding fund has been pre
sented by County Clerk Ienox. This
shows that just one-half ot the
$555,000 worth of road bonds have
been sold, and that from these sales
there still remains $65,593.39 un
expended. Roseburg Review.
To Make Million lto
The Ongnon Timber and Box Man
ufacturing company, it was announc
ed today by Joe Oagnon, Is greatly
Increasing Its capacity for box man
ufacturing and expects to produce an
output of 1,000.000 boxes this year.
Medford Tribune. j
HnrrV Wi-rtrlc Sho
For all kinds of electric repairing
and wiring phone 47, B07 E street.
Chicago, Jan. 23. The late Col.
Roosevelt's love for athletics is
clearly set forth by Robert J. Moo
ney, formerly associate publisher ot
a Chicago newspaper.
"I was' In. Washington on August
IS, 1904, working on the editorial
staff ,of the New York Tribune dur
ing the presidential campaign," said
Mr. Mooney. -A boyhood chum of
mine who was in government ser
vice asked if I knew President
Roosevelt and If I could obtain an
Interview tor him.
"I replied that I knew William
Loeb, the president's secretary and
would do my best. I called Mr.
Loeb on the telephone and be told
mo to bring my friend to the White
House. On arriving there 100 peo
ple were waiting In line. I sent my
card to Mr. Loeb who appeared
shortly and beckoned us to come In.
"In his private office the president
greeted us, saying to my friend, who
was an aWtuer boxing and wrest
ling champion of the District of Co
lumbia. '
"You are the finest looking man
in boxing togs I ever saw. Now tell
me how did you knock out Dlank
that nlsht I saw you at the club?"
"Why, Mr. President, it was a
punch like this," he replied, illus
trating the punch In the air.
"Show it to me! Hit me on the
chin as you hit him.
"My friend did It, but gently.
"No, no, that won't do; hit me
hard; hit me the way you hit liim!
"My friend did. He gave the
president a sharp punch in the Jaw. j
"That's It, that's It, I got it now,
exclaimed the colonel delightedly.
'No-.v let me try It on you.'
"With this, the president hit my
Mend and sent him reellnir.
' 'I've sure got It,' the colonel
said, 'I'm soln? to try It tomorrow
on Lodge and OarfleM, won't they
squirm?' and the president laugh
ed." Mr. Mooney added that President
Roosevelt, was so enthusiastic over
the lesson that he Immediately pro
moted the hoy.
Director Hold Meeting
The board of directors of tho local
Chamber of Commerce hold a meet
ing at the chamber Wednesday
night, for the purpose of appointing
a committee to look after tho high
way Interests of this part of th
Rogue River valley, and to discuss
other matters of Importance. Those
appointed on the highway commit
tee are O. S. Blanchnrd, E. A. Mur
phy, Judge C. O. Gillette. F, S.
Pramwell, Clyde E. Nlles and A.
Wylburg. Committees on advertis
ing and membership were also appointed.
Cattle Wanted
Will bo at lintel JnMpliln five tlu) from lut (Jun. i!l) i
Five Dollars Reward
Five dollars reward will be paid
for the arrest and conviction of any
one stealing the Dally Couriers from
residences or mall boxes.
1918 Ford, motor perfect, new tires
1918 Ford in fine shape ...
Nearly new Ford with new Amesbilt
Ford Bug
Quarantined Jnnimry 2.1
Jos Wolke.
Relented .Jannnry 2.1
E. H. Balslger.
J. V. Schmidt.
Ivegal Blanks at the Courier.
FOR SALE Ford worm drive truck,
bran new. Cost complete, $775,
will take $650 cash. Roy Talt,
403 O street. 77
FOR 8 ALB CHEAP 100-egg Mandy
Lee Incubator. Call 811 D street,
phone 884-Y. . 73
Joy Therter
Matinee Sunday at 2:30, Admission 25c ard 15c plus the War Tax
i Chas.
In liis second million dollar
r ... 7
Jt m Arms' m
Your Money Back
Your Picture Taken
if you don't