Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, January 09, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Don IIimhI (ion Over Seven Times
October 24. 191S.
Dear Mother:
I received your letter yesterday.
Hare been getting your letters about
15 days apart, but have been on the
move so much that I have not been
able to write. Have been getting
the papers you sent. Will you send
me some magazines? We don't get
much to read over here. Don't send
any packages for I will not get them
as they have a strange way of dis
appearing back In the 3. O. S. some
where. . I have been over the top seven
times and am ready to go over again.
We go over the first wave and have
a hot time of It. The last time
was the worst of all lots of cannon
and machine guns were on the line
night and day. We hiked about 40
miles In the last two days and we
are some tired and sore. We have
been on the go ever since February
zo. ere in the trenches of B
interesting 'In many ways, and edu
cational. I've been all through the
famous Walker Museum and Art
Collection. ' It is wonderful. I also
made a trip to Chester ana sur
rour.Jlug country. It is the oldest
town in Englaud, built by the Ro
mans; also to Manchester, Sdinburg.
Scotland, etc. Wish I could get off
and come home now. Love. HEKM."
juinieis sixty days and put ten. On
xne lines at Chateau-Thierry forty
days. Over the top at Soissons
In the trenches at Toul Sector. Over
the top at St Mihlels and last and
worst of all was the battle of Blanc
Mon Ridge near Argonne Forest on
the Champagne front We were
there for eight days and nights fight
ing all the time. We carry tele
phones and string out lines as we
advance. T. P. S. and visual sig
nals is the best wav of communica
tion. They raise lots of sugar beets in
this country, but they haven't any
Dan Kelley is in the hospital over
here but I will not be able to see
him, as he is In the southern part
of France and we are in the north
ern part. "Sunshine" Benedict was
in this regiment but I didn't know
it nntil he was wounded and went
to the hospital. He was in O Co.
We have some marines in this di
vision but I have not run across
Clare yet I saw Dwight Jewell the
other day. He is with the 37th en
gineers. Had eupper with him. We
can hear the big guns from here.
About 30 kilometers 5-8 of a mile.
I would sure love to see you and
I will have lots to tell yon when I
get home. Hope it will be soon.
Don't forget to send magazines.
Will write again soon.
Tour Loving son,
Corporal Don Hood, 1st Field Signal
Bn. Detached 9th Infantry, A.E. F.
Loren Basler Visits Old Ireland
7th Inf., Camp Lewis, Wash.
January 2, 1919.
Rogue River Courier,-.
Grants Pass, -Ore.
I am enclosing soMe extracts of
letters from my. , brother, Loren,
"December 15, 1918.
Dearest Home Folks:
'This is another Sunday evening.
We are lying in the channel Just out
side New York. We ousht to have
gone in this morning but It was so
foirirv we couldn't make It, but we
expect to get In In the morning.
-We've been going around, nearly
two months. It teems like a year.
We were in dry dock at Liverpool
Eng. They certainly have some won
derful dry docks and shipping docks
I have made a trip up to
Chester where I saw lots of old his
tnrtrai thin IS. , I also got tO
make a nice trip across to uurjiin,
Ireland. I didn't think so much of
it. It is much the same as Liver
pool, only they hold we Yanks up
a much higher price for everything
than thev do In England. I also
made a short trip up into Scotland,
more to see the country. Out through
the country it is very pretty and nice
and gTeen and nice trees etc. It cer
tainly looked good to me after so
much water.
"The girls over there are very
different from our girls. They an
have very rosy cheeks and are not a
bit witty, as are onr American gins.
They all smoke cigarettes, even oi
the best families and think nothing
of .it. The ladies and all use the
public bars and go in for their lunch
and their staut, which Is a una oi
beer which contains a very small
amount of intoxicant. They call us
all Yanks; everyone, especially the
weaker sex, Bpeak to us and call out.
'Cherrio, Yank" or "Hou'r You
Yank." They use such peculiar
phrases to express themselves.
At Liverpool, we loaded on 5,000
wounded, some of -them In bad con
dition, and about 5,000 sailors com
ing home. From England, we went
to Brest, France, and coaled Bhlp
and took on about 5.000 more
troops. We were there for nearly
four days. Then we started for
home and the good old V. S. A. From
seeing other countries we learn to
appreciate our own. We had a very
rongh.trlp back. I was seasick for
several days. One day I was obliged
to turn in bed, I was so bad.
I was in England at the time the
German navy was surrendered but
you know we wern't up at the scene
of action in the North sea, but they
brought some of them to Liverpool
and I saw them bring them in. ' As
you know, I'd seen some of their
subs in deadly action and they sure
did look like a more peaceable
bunch being brought into Liverpool
harbor than they did in the war zone
Bneaking up trying to get in range
1 KLKorNflL iiMQCdL j
which might .prove of interest to
Courier readers. Lore'h is on the't0 deliver us a broadsider."
transport Leviathan, formerly the I " The Leviathan was to leave
T. l Cramer is contlued to hi
home with a bad cold.
Hemstitching and picotlng at 10
cents a yard All work guaranteed
The Vanity Shop, Medford. Ore. 7tf
O. P. Harvey is in Gleml.ilo man
aging the hardware store conducted
at that plui'o by his son, C. L, llur
voy, who Is Hi with Influenza.
Tnnlac. Sabln has it. 61
A. E. Voorhles, who has been con
fined to his home for several days.
Is reported to bo much Improved today.
Electric work Paul's Electric
store, pnoue 90 Medford. 62
J. T. Ixive, of Molla. Ore., arrived
last night, enronte to Crescent Cl'y
on a business trip. Mr. l.ove !s
well known in this vicinity. .
Mr. and Mrs, ,.lvln Wheeler, o!
Wapota, Wash., who have been vis
iting with the latter's parents Mr.
and Mrs. Ora Smith, of Kerby, went
to Phoenix today to spend a few
days before returning home.
C. C. Thompson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. D. Thompson, was In the city
today. Mr. Thompson Is on his way
from Seattle to San Francisco, and
will again stop off at Grants Pass
on Ids return.
Helen Booth Dies
T. C. Booth of this city re cited
a message today statin that his
sister. Miss Helen Booth, of Port
land, died In that city at 6:43 this
morning of pneumonia. The mess
age also stated that his mother. Mrs.
Chas. Booth, and his sister. Mrs. J.
M. Booth, were very 111 with the
disease. Miss Booth was well known
in this city, having lived here for
a number of years.
Marriage Utensc
County Clork Coburn today Issued
a marriage license to Alfred A.
Wlnkleman, of Ulondalo, and Miss
Juunlta Lindsay, of Murphy,
To Appear Tomorrow
Donald Oirins, a young boy of this
city, has boon summoned to appear
before the. Juvenile court tomorrow.
Young Oft I ns is chargod with being
a delinquent.
In Now Ouarte
Tho local Western Tnlou office
lias been moved to Its new quarters
near the First National bank. It
will be several weeks yet before the
repenting station Is removed to this
city from Ashland.
Kanily PnMca lnsMrtlon
The state Inspector of hotels and
restaurants has Just examined the
Panama Cafe and pronounces every
thing there In a sanitary and excel
lent condition. Most centally lo
cated eating place In town. Meals
3ic and up. t!0
Cocoa and Chocolate
Hci-mIicy Otcoa, Hi. llim iir
llerln)N Cm, I lb. Una .
Qultanb Cocoa, ft l. tins UHc
.ultiriN Cixtm, I Hi. tins nr
Ha . i Wo, 4 lb. this '. iiile
(ultnnbi (irrtiutlHttMl ( liiKolt, I lit, (Inn ....
(JmiiiKl 1iH4lnt In Hulk, xr Hi ...Hoc
Cocoa In Hulk, per lb II.V
Itcturulng With IttHfy
L. D. Hull today received a tele
gram from Moore, Nov., from Mr.
and Mrs. W. K. McIIrldo, stating
that they would arrive here tonight
or tomorrow with the body of their
son, Marvin, who died at Moore on
Installation of Pout and Corps
(leneral Ixigan W. R. C. will hold
their regular meeting Saturday af
ternoon. There will be Initiation and
Installation of post and corps offi
cers. At the close a 5 o clock sup
per will be served. All visiting
members of both orders who may be
In the city, and the returning sail
ors, soldiers and marines are cor
dially Invited.
YORK At , Provolt, Wednesday,
January 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Q. York, a son. '
German liner Vaterland, and the ' France again New Years day. I am
largest ship afloat. He returned . sure Loren would be very glad to
from his eighth trip across on De-'hear from any of his friends In
cember 17.' They were in Liver-southern Oregon. His address is V.
pool in dry dock for several weeks S. S. Leviathan, Care Postmaster,
and during that time he had a good New York City.
deal of liberty. The following ex- Father and Ulda are still, busily
tract Is from a letter dated Liver- engaged at their work In the Brem
pool, England, Dec. 4, 1918: Urton navy yard and all enjoy the
"Well, tomorrow we leave for J life tWe very much..
Brest, France, where we will stay for
nwhlle. Then we will likely hit for
tha states and expect to arrive there
on or about the 20th of this month.
I'm working in the M. O. D. office
now, doing clerical work; have been
here for some time and like the work
O. K. We are loaded to the gun-
Wishing you a Happy New Year,
75th U. S. Infantry,
Camp Lewis, Washington.
Juvenile. Cases
Trie parents of Conner Eenner and
Boyd McClunz. of Wlldervllle. have
whales with wounded, most of them:heen served with a citation to bring
are fresh and several thousand of the boys before the Juvenile court
them certainly does weigh heavlly'0f nelt Saturday. The
on the M. depot. We are dressing a youngsters are alleged to be delin
contlnual line of wounds in two op-'qUents
eratlng rooms night and day. .They I ,
certainly do have one bunch of var-
lous and awful wounds. I had myl
fibyje of that kind of work a couple I Jan. 11, Saturday Civil service
of trips ago. Now it is the clerical examination for postmaster, vacancy
work that I am up against and there at Leland.
is certainly a lot of it too. ,
"I've had quite a stay of it here . All klndB of Commercial Printing
in England. And It has been quite at the Courier Office.
Richard James, youngest son of
Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Cramer, was
born in Grants Pass. Ore., on the
first . day of June, 1901, and passed
from this life on the eighth day of
January, 1919, at the family home
where he had spent his entire life.
He was the youngest of four chil
dren, all of whom have been reared
'n this city.
As a boy and a young man he has
srrown ud to be loved by all that
knew him. He was a young man
of sterling character, with a Bmilc
and a kind word for all he met.
At the time of his death, he was
a senior in the Grants Pass High
school, being .president of his class,
and cadet commander of the military
unit In the school. He was Master
Scout of the local troop of the Boy
Scouts, and during the last . war
work camplgn, headed the county
camDalun of the Victory Boys and
During the past summer he was
employed by P. T. Birchard, and
drove one of the Ice wagons. All
who met him knew him as a perfect
gentleman at all times and sincerely
mourn his loss.
He is survived by his parents, and
two older brothers, Ted and Arthur,
the former on the faculty and the
latter a student at the Oregon Agrl-
cultural college, and an older sister,
Jeanrrette, teacher In the local Jun
ior High school. '
The funeral will be held from the
Presbyterian church, of which Dick
was one of the most faithful younii j
men, and a memner since cnuuiiuim,
at 2:30 Friday afternoon. Inter-1
mert will be In the family burial !
plot In the I. O. O. F. cemetery.
The funeral service will be con-'
ducted by Rev. L. Myron Boozer,'
and members of the Boy Scouts wlll(
be ushers and pall bearers. i
Crescent Baking Powder
Omoat Mfg. Oa, IWUIa Wish.
'The Doctor and The Woman"
Mildred Harris
An absorbing story Unit keeps you
gu owing
Spring Will Soon Be Here
We have a carload of FORDS coming
Get your order in
Ford Worm-Gear Trucks
William Farnum
LOST Between Medford and
Grants Pass, roll of scrim house
curtains with brown border; also
goat skin rug, unmounted; also
an umbrella without handle. Re
ward. Write Mrs. A. Bursell,
1211 E. Main street, Medford,
Ore., or call 666 M. 61
WANTED Light 2-borse wagon;
also light double harness. Chas.
Hively, ill. F. D. No. -4, Box 2,
across bridge South Sixth St. 61
WANTED Want to buy at once:
Gentle team plow horses; good
milch cow; three or four brood
sows, Poland Chinas preferred;
also about two dozen chickens of
a good breed. J. L. Daws, 713'
North Fifth street, Grants'. Pass,
Ore. . , 61
One of the biggest pictures ever shown in Grants Pass.
Has received the highest praise from rich and poor,
old and young, highbrow and the regular
movie fan A picture of universal
"LKS MISKKABLMS," the greatest epic
and dramatic work of fiction ever created or
conceived; the epic of a soul transfigured mid
redeemed, purified by heroism and glorified
through suffering; the tragedy nod comedy of
life at its darkest mid Its brightest, of human
ity at Its best and at Its worst Kiicyclopueditt
hVH MISEUAI1LK8 as produced by Mr. Vox
whm so perfect that tho National Hoard of lie.
view made a special report upon It, endorsing
it In no uncertain terms... This is an extract
from tho special report;
"Entertainment value excellent; " cducu-
tiimiil value excellent; colieroiun of narrative
strong; uetliig ndmlrulde; pliotogrupliy good;
U:hnlcal handling expert; costuming excellent;
, atmospheric quality of wenlc selling couvlno
lng; lilHturlcnl value a real controliutlon;
.moral cd'ect excellent."
t nder tho heading "(Jeneral Comment,"
the National Hoard of Itevleiv wild:
"In tlie opinion of those present this pic
ture Is an adequate representation of the great
book and a fine example of the Justice the mo.
tlon picture can render the classics. The Jean
Valjoan of William Farmim is a wonderful crew
tlve effort."