Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, December 06, 1918, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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ritinvv, mxicMnKH n, ibis.
Published Daily Except Saturday
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Entered at post office. Grants Pass,
Ore., as second class mail matter.
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atitied to toe use tor republication
of all fcws dlspatcfiN credited i It
or all" otHerartsi credited In this
paper and also thf Jo Pub,'
. . . n of republication i
elal dispatches herein
res erred.
quality niurr
gjde the federal prisons.
are alsoi
Is right; many pf them live around I an armistice could save bis
Milwaukee and ether e still out-jiroru complete aisaster.
I in aii iv enemy divisions had
been' used against us In the Meuse
Artnnns battle. Hntwpcn Snnlomlw,
a4 j.-'.11' Off find VnvAmhAf A v.- tnrtlp OA n.-.ft
Brisbane has -bought V flprisoners and 468 guns on this
Ot h J0 strength of thfl E
as v-
IvniikAA newspapers. Ana
that he is true blue to his gang. he(
has never said a word censuring
those pro-Germans tor electing Ber-
Iger to' congress. But Berger has
I been Indicted, on several counts,
I nevertheless, . 1
r rO rr erst, i
The greatest advertisement mis
I city can have Is the big gravity ditch
flowing under Sixth street so that
I all tourists passing along the Pacific
. . . . . A .a..... I hleh wav may see It and make In-
qulry as to our resources.
The rain which began last night is
much more welcome than the fog
and frost, which has been with us
fof several days. '
f Rain west, rain or snow In
-a. ' Moderate. southerly
f winds. ,
Optimism hat Is, or ought to be
the big word in our vocabulary Just J
haw. ian the Telegram. In the psy
chology of ' conditions and ' circum
stances which constitute the prob- does, went through the successive
, , w,t.wr readiustment there bands of barbed wire that protected
... ..... i the enemy's front line and support
are considerations of significant lm- . ,,,m,hm
dlUonary fWv General trailing
reports: ' 1
"There are in EurAip altogether
including a regimen arf jotue san
itary units with the KAllaji army and
the organizations Murmansk, also
Including those tmroute from the
States. approximately 2,053,347
men, less, our losses. Of this total
there are In France 1,333.169 com
batant troops. Forty divisions have
arrived, of which the infantry per
sonnel of 10 have been used m re
placements, leaving 30 divisions
now in France organized Into three
armies of three corps each."
Ljfit' r: y . j
r"-"mTi i1""'
l : -
H H1 Hf
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Your grocer vflll refund,
th fullprico you piu'd for
MJ.B. CofftMi if it doc
not pleaso your tasto, no
matter - how rnuch you
lwv used out of tho can.
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and Savo 25c
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Aviators Believe That Flying la Bound
to Have Great Influence en the
Mlnda of Men.
Flying, In the opinion of British
aviators, la going to change the char
acter ot the world's thought It wul
have a ' broadening Influence and It
will bring a fresher, cleaner flow of
Ideas Into the brains of men.
' A man, the flyers argue, who baa
seen before biuret the same time the
cliffs of England, the long fiat fields ot
trenches, in irresistible waves on
port. It is the light we need and not 8Cnedule tlme breaking down all de-
T n H KIUUIU iniiuuiBui m ' a icua, vi w cucuj i ucuiuisimu vj ' , . . . ; - .
v " ' .. .1 i TtAllanfl rA ,, amilllnfif MUintrvmdA 1 a I k. n Mt. . 1M
the great -volume-of our artillery i "" Z. .ZT CT-U . ?u "I'l'"""'"" iv
Many refuiievs from Morguu, N. 1H
Where their homes were destroyed by
the exploHlou ot the munition plant In
that town, were fed and taken cure of
by United States sailors and soldiers,
and also by the American Red Cross,
Hun 70-Mi!e Rifle Is the Only
Bigger Weapon at
Announcement from France that
American 16-Inch naval guns, manned
by navnl gun crews, have come to the
front, disclosed that throngh efforts of
the ordnance official of the navy, Gen
eral Pershing's forces are now
equipped with the most powerful ami
hnrdent-hlttlng weapons yet nued III
the present war, ashore or afloat, to
far as Is known.
The lG-lnrh rifles are similar to
those designed for use aboard the new
est American dreadnaughts. They are
50 caliber, more than 65 feet In length
simlsm Is the other.
To change the
Ism means activity and the malnten-
ance if not the increase oi speeu, aiues, mostly light.
epim in WHK.U Mighed our lines in a position
tractive readjustment. Pessimism threaten MeU
v.. Krt ,.. , ,r Belgium and France U bound to tnHr carriers.
metaphor opum- '" uuucu -' mtk ,n a different way than a man , without qnestlon they are the long-
whose horizon has always been bound- , Mt-range guns In use, except the Ger-
ed by bricks and mortar, or even Dy man super-guns, which are regarded
we had taken , hill and dale. ' merely as a mechanical freak,
means ezDanslon Instead of con trac- i$ ooo prisoners and 443 guns, a Traveling may have made him think The projectile weighs close to ton
inn more oower instead of the ap- great quantity of material, released' nationally, but flying: will make Mm and Its bursting charge of the most
UOU, lllUrO V 1 . . .... ... ; .v I k. I.maI- TTa Will iAa Mninrfn1 r .in Irnnmn I m m ao m-
.. ., . v in. thA univ "8 mnaouanis ot many vn ages u"" r mum
plication of the brakes; it is the only ,., ' ! Enriand and France lying close to
eacn omer, aeyarnieu wu uj
I lng strip of water. He will see the
i iMun anil ktanWlt ' rtlAslttIf tit Rltftlim.
lias little to recommeno u i ine report snows tor tne nrst hlph lfJ1 mmea mto the dls-
time, and the present situation is time officially, that with this "brll-1 tant shsdow of Hollsnd. while, still
...v . .a f re. Hantly executed coup, General Per-; farther on. across the wide Scheldt
wnouv wjiuvuv .hln,'. ni k.n .1.l iv. ... (.,! i. r, ji.,..t i,l.n4. nun Tho ' thonrv thx thplr smwf elffht
tarding and iniujrlous effect. , f .. ... . d v th ,, 0, wprld. would not permit their use. except In
The foregoing is not merely tne . , force, to win a eonclu-' ' How will he regard petty spites be-
.in f awidemic abstractions. I give victorv. The American urmv tween Individuals and cliques tnenT
-?aKbw.wU I J ,. : 1 ....) n Tin n mva, with
w f. 'tatement of facts In which moved at once toward its crowning ? "t.: . ""
- -a
powerful explosive known Is meas
ured In hundreds of pounds against
the' few pounds In the German super
gun shell. The destructive effect is
Plans for using big rifles for the
army are understood to have been"
worked out entirely by naval officers.
OOD roasts of choioa bocf.
" veal, etc, are as rare at some
butcher shops as a cup race with
out a Shutnrock.
' But tint here.
W haven't been handling meat
forysnr with our eye shut.
Wo know moat. We've studied
and talked and dreamed meat un
til wc can see u iido of beef ten
mflca awny with, our eyca ut.
We (fiiurnntfe' rhoi"", tendrr
roasts, the kind that tnnkes your
mpnls a joy instead of fl dirge.
&fie Temple Market
business men Individually and' col- enlevement, the battle of the
lecUvely are urged to Uke a person- general dramat,c gtory
al and pracUcal interest. It Is the of 'the mignty battle In tnree distinct
time for faith in the future, and not phases, beginning on the night of
merely the professed faith, but an September 27, when Americans
active enterprising confidence that 1i'ly took the places of the
active, emerprmius French on the thinly held line of
seeks to do more things instead ot
less. In the ultimate conditions that opened on September 2g and the
shall prevail, when the world Is set- Americans drove through entangle-
tied in peace, there is warrant for ments, across Xo Man's Land to take !
. all the enemy's firat line positions. 1
that taltn. Closing the chapter. General Per-
. We are apprised ot one good ex- gnlng gayg.
ample in this respect. The Swift 0n N-ovemner 6 a dvlsion 0f the
people, with their huge interests in First corps reached a point on the
Meug'j opposite Sedan, 2a miles from
our line of departure. The strate
gical goal which was our highest
hope was gained. We had cut the
enemy's main line of communica
tions, and nothing but surrender or
his thumb from the helchts a fever
ish city swarming with a million pro
pie. What will he think of those who
live next to each other and will not
speakt How mean and petty their
quarrels and Jealousies and hntes will
The true meaning of human Inter
course and friendship will come home
to him. lie will guln an almost divine
outlook upon the world. Dishonesty,
civil strife, all will socm to him
contemptible. Perhaps, any the avia
tors, this is the new view which v.lll
bring the millennium.
fixed concrete and steel emplacements,
furnished the chief obstacles to be
These are not the only great naval
guns employed by the American army.
American naval gun crews have played
an Important part on several sectors
of the' battle front for months, band
ling weapons of 12-Inch bore.
The story of their enterprises has
never been made public, however, for
military reasons.
Blatchford's Calf Meal
Dairy Food Mill Feed
Egg Producer
Poultry Supplies
202 Sixth Street
this city, -have announced tneir in
tention to engage actively In a cam
paign of industrial encouragement
In this section. There should be oth
ers many others. Europe Is to be
fed. Europe Is to be rebuilt. There
is to be social and polltlcal'reorgan
ization over a large part of the civi
lized world; and the new order
which will be UBhered in as that pro
gresses, will mark an era of greater
material progress than has . been
known within the memory of living
men. The present problem Is one of
getting straightened in the traces
and the way to do that Is to pull. To
tang back and to kick Is only to in
vite trouble.
It is no time for hedging and loot
lng backward. The period, ahead is
one of restoration, of new building,
rt greater achievement than we
have ever known. It demands cour
age and optimism and the energy
nil entemrlse that are horn of
The crown prince says he has a
lew friends In the United States. He
Been Separated foe Years, but
Both Joined the 8ervlce.
Sepnrnted for five years, Billy and
HerschWI Iliiywood met In France the
. i , rther day, according to news received
Physical Exertion and Heart Trouble. b tne ffltnw' J- D- H""! of Scar
The only woy of surely detcrmlnlne erwell. who was living In
whether a sufferer from an Irritable i riorum,
heart con bear extensive exertion Is
to put him through a series of gradu
ally Increasing ext-rclses, stntes Brit
ish Medical Joarnnl, with careful ex
amination after cserclse.
Somewhere in the U. S. A.
was on board the California when It
was sunk several months ago.
Be was picked up by another vessel
and taken to France. Happening to
be In a French port when a transport
arrived with American soldiers, he
went to the wharf In hopes 'of seeing
3ome friend from the stntes.
Billy nywoud hod enlisted In the
irmy and was on the transport. When
the soldiers disembarked, Billy spied
flerschell and the two brothers were
I soon together, and 'pre In camps within
a few minutes' walk of each other.
War Relief 8hop Open.
A wor relief shop, believed to be
one of the first of Its kind In the state
and one of the few In. the country, hns
been opened at Shcboygnn, Wis. All
articles In It are donated and the re
ceipts from the sales are used for war
relief purposes. The shop Is oppn two i
days a week and lttt patronage hus In-1
creased to such nn extent that larger
guarters recently became necessary.
Has Wedded 1,133 Couples.
Itev. Dr. Calvin S. Blackwell, who!
for years was pastor of Freemason
Street Baptist church, Norfolk", Vs., '
jvhlle supplying-First Baptist church of ;
Lynchburg, V., for September, pel-'
formed his one thousand one hundred
ind thirty-third marriage ceremony.
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clean in the combus
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goes out with ex
fills these require
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cauae it is correctly
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California atphalt
bate crude.
ccvcal conttencii to
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